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					                                        Cookies by Kay™
                              Homemade Cookies, Handmade Design

                                       Hand Decorated Cookies
                                          Chicago, Illinois                                    312-622-0113                        email:

                                       Decorated Cookie Price List

                                                   Price per          Price per          Price per
Cookie Description                                 cookie at          cookie at          cookie at
                                                   24-49              50-99              100 or
$3.00 Decorated Cookie                                  $3.00              $2.75            $2.50
(individually packaged)
$4.00 Decorated Cookie                                  $4.00              $3.75              $3.50
(individually packaged)

Packaging Options
Closed with Stickers                                    Selection only, no additional charge
Tied with Ribbons
Large Plastic Serving Tray(s)                                        $5.00 per tray
Without cellophane bags and closure                                Deduct $0.25 each

Other Charges
Personalization                                          $0.50 per cookie
Logo Set Up Charge                        Starts at $20.00 - One Time Charge
2% Illinois Sales Tax will be charged unless shipping outside Illinois
Shipping and Handling charges determined at shipping. Generally ship Ground.

Minimum Order - 24 Cookies
Please order at least two weeks prior to requested delivery.
Vanilla, lemon or orange flavors available. Chocolate and Gingerbread flavors available seasonally.
Each cookie is individually wrapped in cellophane package, unless specially ordered for catered events.

Visa and Mastercard accepted.
Cash or Checks payable to:            Cookies by Kay, Inc.
                                      1151 West Washington Blvd
                                      Suite 143
                                      Chicago, Illinois 60607

Note: These cookies can be frozen if put in an airtight container or bag. The cellophane bags are not
airtight. If frozen immediately after delivery, cookies will remain delicious for several months, but always
taste best when eaten within the first few days.
                                       Cookies by Kay™
                             Homemade Cookies, Handmade Design

                                           Gourmet Cookies
                                          Chicago, Illinois                                    312-622-0113                       email:

                                 Classic Gourmet Cookie Price List

                                    $6.50 per package of four
                            Minimum Order – total one dozen cookies
                         Gift Boxes of a dozen cookies available - $30.00

                                          CLASSIC VARIETIES
                      CLASSIC OATMEAL COOKIES (Raisins with or without Walnuts)
                           CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (Semi-Sweet
                                   Chocolate Chips with or without Pecans
                        FULLY LOADED COOKIES (Oatmeal, Semi-Sweet Chocolate
                         Chips, Pecans, Peanut Butter, Coconut, and a hint of Orange)

                                  CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN COOKIES!!!
                           PICK A DOUGH BASE AND ADD TWO INGREDIENTS

                            DOUGH BASES: OATMEAL or CHOCOLATE CHIP

  Pick two ingredients: Dark Raisins, Golden Raisins, Dried Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Butterscotch Chips,
                Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips,
                         M&Ms, Toffee Bits, Peanut Butter Chips, Walnuts and Pecans

                                    Classic Gourmet Cookies
                                      Available Discounts

                                            (Price per package)
                                 Minimum Order - 4 packages, one variety
                                       4 - 8 packages - $6.50 each
                                      9 - 16 packages - $6.00 each
                                      17- 24 packages - $5.50 each
                                        25 or more - $5.00 each

       $30 Gift boxes come with two varieties. Customized gift sets are available for special pricing.

                                      Unpackaged (Catering Options)
                                             (Price per dozen)
                                   One - Two Dozen - $18.00 each dozen
                                  Three - Four dozen - $16.00 each dozen
                                   5 dozen or more - $14.00 each dozen

           Available as one variety or multiple varieties with a minimum of one dozen per variety

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