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									 Hybrid Collaboration
and Conversion- 2006
    National VA Council

Public law 108-170- What provisions does
    it provide for in regards to hybrid

   Representatives of employees and management
        Plan, Develop, and Implement in “collaboration”
          with employee representatives the system of
          “advancement and promotions” for hybrid

         They will also create a system of “periodic
          review” for the system of promotion and

          How can this help me as a hybrid
    The union can provide feedback to headquarters on problems
     and potential barriers in regards to “system of promotion and
     advancement” for hybrid employees.

    The union can also collaborate with management specifically

    a) Inconsistencies of interpretation of qualification standards from
     an employee perspective.
    b) Training needs of employees in regards to “the system of
     advancement and promotions.”

Does this “conversion” process mean that
 it will be easier for me to get promoted?

    No-Not necessarily.
   VHA/CO secured the hybrid authority with the
    intent to “recruit and retain” certain
    occupations in a more easier fashion.
    Under the old system, of Title 5, an employee
    job was vested “in position”.

What do you mean by “position” vested in
            the grade level?

Let’s give an example; Under Title 5, because
  an employee’s job was vested in a position,
  an employee could request a “desk audit” to
  see if their assigned duties would merit a
  higher grade.

Under Title 38 (hybrid) a grade level is based
 on the judgment of both supervisors and
 professional standard boards via the
 “qualification standards”.
          Initial Conversion Process
    Between 04/02/2006-06/30/2006, your occupations
    professional standard board (PSB) will consider
    the following, for boarding under the qualifications
    standards: (Social Workers will be boarded in the Fall 06)

      Your position description/functional statement
      Qualifications and Performance Appraisals found
       within your OPF
      Qualification Standards for your occupation
      Supervisor comments – If employee decides to
       pursue the “reconsideration process”
      The PSB will compare the above items against language
       found within your perspective occupation’s qualification

Where can I find a copy of my occupations
qualification standard?
   Employees can go to the VA’s intranet
    OHRM/LR intranet web-site at:

click under: “Qualification Standards”

Will I get downgraded when I convert to a

VHA/CO, noted during the collaboration phase
 a 99% assurance that all Bargaining unit
 employees will be “grandfathered” in at the
 same grade and step level that you hold
 currently. However, if you leave the facility
 or the occupation after the initial conversion
 occupation process, you will be boarded
 against your occupations “new qualification

    What should I do before I am boarded ?

   Talk informally to your boss about the accuracy of
    your functional statement or position description.
   Complete a self-assessment prior to the boarding
    Be familiar with your occupations qualification
    standards. Approach a Professional Board member
    of your occupation for clarification if you are unsure
    what some language means.
   Be familiar with the time frames associated
    reconsideration process ( see algorithms handouts)

     Where can I find VHA policies that deal
     with the promotion and advancement
             processes for hybrids?

    VA Handbook 5005 Part II Chapter 3 and
    Part III Chapter 4.
   VA Handbook 5017 – Part V. Employee
    Awards and Recognition-Title 38
   (Appendix) 5005 Part III J-M and P

What can I do, if I do not know the intent of
certain language found within a particular
          qualification standard ?

   Approach your supervisor or a union
    representative, to request a name of PSB
    member in order that you may ask them to
   Official clarifications will be made available to
    the union and the National Hybrid
    Collaboration Team.

What does the “full performance level” and
 “above the full performance level mean?

   The “full performance level” equates the
    journeyman grade level for that specific
    occupation. When grade levels are
    described within the qualifications standards
    to be, “above the full performance” level, they
    generally describe grade levels that vary
    depending on the complexities of the
    assignment and/or the competencies of the

      What are the steps for the Promotion
      process once the initial conversion
                process is over?
Notification of Eligibility

Promotion to Grade at or Below the Full Performance Level
Promotion to Grade above the Full Performance Level


Promotion to Grade at or Below the Full Performance Level
Promotion to Grade above the Full Performance Level

  *   Excerpt from Handbook 5005 Part III Chapter 4.

     For Promotions to Grades At or Below
           the Full Performance Level
 1. 60 days prior to the anniversary date-VA Form 97 will be sent
 to the facility indicating a “satisfactory” rating. 30 days prior, Local HR
     will notify supervisor and employee of eligibility for promotion.

 2. Employees will have 30 days to submit to their respective
supervisor a self- assessment of their qualifications for promotion.
The employee may also notify their supervisor, within 30 days prior
to the eligibility date for promotion, that they are declining to submit
a self-assessment.
       (Currently there is no self assessment form, employee to use any paper form)

3. Upon receipt of the employee’s self assessment, the
supervisor will make a recommendation to the approving official
that is to be acted upon within 30 days of receipt.
  a. Employees who have demonstrated the capability to successfully
  perform at the next higher grade level will be recommended.
b. Employees who have not demonstrated such capability will
    be informed in writing by the supervisor that they are not
    being promoted. The written notice will cite the reason (s)
    why the employee does not meet the criteria for promotion.

c. Employees who are not promoted are eligible for promotion
    reconsideration. (See Reconsideration for Grades at or
    Below the Full Performance Level)

    Promotion Reconsideration- At or Below
         the Full Performance Level
   Employees are to be advised by their supervisors in writing of any
    decision not to promote them, the reason (s) for the decision, and
    their right to request reconsideration.

    Within 30 days of being notified of the written decision not to promote, the
    employee must submit a written request through the immediate
    supervisor, to the second level supervisor and cite the specific reason (s)
    why the employee believes the decision was not proper.

    The second level supervisor is to review the employee’s request within
    30 days, and determine whether to promote the employee. If deciding
    to not promote, reason (s) must be provided in writing.

    If employee is not satisfied, they can request within 30 days, to have
    the determination reviewed by the next higher level board. The
    higher level board will have 30 days to the appropriate official, who
    will make a final decision within 30 days. If promoted- you will be
    paid the first full pay period after promotion. If not, the employee           16
    will be provided a copy of the board action.
For Promotion to Grades Above the Full
         Performance Level
Employees who warrant consideration for a higher grade can
be considered on a date other than the anniversary date.
However, they must also warrant both the qualifications and
assignment characteristics for promotion eligibility for grade
above the full performance level.

Within 30 days after reviewing the employee’s self-assessment, the
appropriate management official determines that the assignment
does or does not meet the qualification standard for the next higher
grade, that official, then documents on VA form 10-2543 and
provides a copy to employee.

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    A Board Action form is submitted to the Professional Standard Board
    from the appropriate management official for consideration within 30
    calendar days. The Professional Standard Board will in turn have 30
    calendar days to make their recommendation via the Board action form
    to the approving authority.
    The approving authority will have 30 calendar days to approve or
    disapprove the Professional Standard Board decision.

     If not promoted, employees are to be advised by their supervisors in
     writing of any decision not to promote them, the reason for the decision,
     and their right to request reconsideration.

 Promotion Reconsideration to Grades
    Above the Full Performance Level
Within 30 days of the non promotion:

The employee should have an informal conversation with

The employee may submit a written request for
reconsideration through the supervisor. The request should
note that an informal conversation with the first level
supervisor has occurred. The request must also cite the
specific reason (s) why the employee believes the decision
was not proper.

The supervisor is to review and comment on the employee’s
request in writing, and provide copies of those comments to
the employee within 30 days.

The PSB will review and make a recommendation to the
approving official within 30 days. Approving Authority will
approve or disapprove the promotion within 30 days.           19
 How will the union be involved in “periodic
     review” of the hybrid system of
      advancement and promotion?

Management and employee representatives have agreed to form a
  National Hybrid collaboration team to meet at least annually.

Among other charges; This team will analyze the number of
  employees who have stayed longer than 15 months within the
  grade levels that are “below or at the full performance” level.

    The # of employees in each occupational series by title and
    grade level, Race and national origin by % of the total

    The team will analyze the 10% Quality Assurance Review of
    the (PSB) National Chair recommendations.
What can I do if I need further help or I
have a concern that has not been
resolved about the hybrid system of
“advancement and promotion”?

         Contact – M.J. Burke,
       (317) 554-0000, ext. 2751


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