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                         TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                         ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                         APPLICATION FORM

Welcome to the Territory Wildlife Park Artists in the Park Program

Do you want to be a writer in residence and recite poetry at a billabong or practice your
painting en plein air, or create an ephemeral installation about climate change? If you are
interested in creating work in the Territory Wildlife Park, we are inviting you to explore the
possibilities and come and work in the Park to make it happen!

In 2012, the Territory Wildlife Park will continue the Artists in the Park program. The program
is designed to enhance community engagement with the Territory Wildlife Park by bringing
together artists who work in a range of art practices to develop new work dedicated to the
experience and expression of the Territory Wildlife Park.

Artists in the Park is a professional development opportunity for artists at any stage of their
career. The program provides dedicated time and space for an artist to make a new body of

Proposals from individuals, groups and collaborations between artists will be accepted. Artists
in the Park will have a number of artists participating in the residencies to encourage a
supportive environment for the artists. Indigenous artists, young and emerging artists are
encouraged to apply.

The Goals of Artists in the Park are to:
   Support the creation of new work that is inspired by or linked to the environments
    represented at the TWP. This includes Woodlands, Monsoon Forest and Wetlands
    including Paperbark.

   Create environmental awareness promoting to users of the park a greater understanding
    of the relationships between plants, animals and the landscapes and processes that
    shape and affect them.

The intention of Artists in the Park is to develop connections between:

       TWP and the arts community,

       The environs represented at the TWP and visitors through art, design and creative

       TWP and the local community through providing a stimulating program of artists.

       Visitors to TWP and the artists
                           TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                           ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                           APPLICATION FORM

The Territory Wildlife Park

    1. Will offer access to the Artist Hut and the Territory Wildlife Park grounds within
          agreed project parameters
    2. Will provide access to staff and exhibits within agreed parameters
    3. Will provide secure, safe and supportive working environment/s including lockable
          storage for materials for when the artist is off site.
    4. Will promote the Artist in Residence program and the artist

The Artist

   1. Will commit to developing new work that responds directly to the environments in the
        Territory Wildlife Park.
   2. Will commit to being at the Territory Wildlife Park for a minimum of 1 day or a total of 8
        hours per week for the Residency period.
   3. Will be available to the public for 1 day or a total of 8 hours per week for the
        Residency period to participate in the Artists in the Park Public Program. This may
        mean simply allowing the public see you whilst you work and answering questions that
        visitors to the park may ask. But it could also be an opportunity to give an artist talk or
        develop a program of activities with the Artists in the Park Program Manager aimed at
        visitors to the Park. This could include but is not limited to workshops, artist talks,
        studio work, working in the Park grounds and master classes.
   4. Will agree to participate in media opportunities for newspaper, radio and television
   5. Will agree to promotions through the TWP and Arts NT channels

Arts NT

    1. Will promote the Artists in the Park program and the artist
    2. Provide support to artists by assisting artists who wish to apply for funding the Arts
          NT Grant Program


The Artist in Residence is open to:
         Visual Artists and Crafts persons from a range of creative practices (see below
         Artists over the age of 18
         Artists of any nationality, who have a good level of literacy and numeracy
         Artists who are Northern Territory residents
         Emerging and Indigenous Artists are encouraged to apply
                           TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                           ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                           APPLICATION FORM

       The artist must meet the essential selection criteria and provide the necessary
        support material

This program is open to the following platforms:

       Sculpture                                             Dance

       Painting                                              Theatre

       Drawing                                               New media

       Printmaking                                           Text (writers, poets)

       Jewellery                                             Sound (musicians and sound

       Textiles & Fibre                                       artists)

       Photography and Film                                  Land art

What Are The Selection Criteria?
Applications that best demonstrate:
       A commitment to long term achievement in artistic development such as ongoing
        artistic practice and study
       Artistic merit and innovation
       Projects that consider the site/location/context
       Sound project management skills, with evidence of thorough planning, adequate
        resources and support for previous projects.
       Ability to provide your own equipment if needed
                            TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                            ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                            APPLICATION FORM

What You Should Submit?
Submissions can be emailed, mailed, delivered or faxed to
Jasmine Jan
Artistic / Narrative Officer
Territory Wildlife Park
PO Box 771
Palmerston NT 0831

PH:    89 887228
FAX:    89 887201

           A completed application
           Your current CV (no more than 2 pages)
           5 to 10 examples of your work (this can be a weblink, images on disk or hard copies
            via mail)

How Are Applications Assessed?
Please use this application to tell us what you want to do. If your application is successful, the
Territory Wildlife Park will be as supportive and responsive as possible to making your
residency successful.
Applications will be assessed by a panel drawn from the Territory Wildlife Park and Arts NT,
Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport. The panel will assess
applications against the selection criteria. Successful applicants will be notified by early June
and placements offered. A second round may take place if placements are unable to be filled.

Important Dates to Remember

             Submission closing date – Friday 30th March 2012

             Applicants notified – Monday 16th April 2012
             Orientation Day for the Program – Monday 2        July 2012
             Program ends – Monday 31 December 2012
                                         TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                                         ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                                         APPLICATION FORM

        Section 1 – Contact Details

        I am applying as an
                                                    Organisation (legally constituted)
        Do you identify as
        (Statistical information only)              Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander            Youth
                                                    Person with a disability                        Senior
                                                    Person who experiences disadvantage (specify)
                                                    Non-English speaking background (specify)

Title                                              Mr          Ms          Other (please specify)
        Given names
        Family name
        Name of organisation (if applicable)

        Address                                                                    Postcode

        Phone (day time number)                                                    Mobile

        Do you have an Australian Business
        Number (ABN)? If so please detail here
        In what name is the ABN registered?

        Are you registered for GST?                      Yes        No
                            TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                            ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                            APPLICATION FORM

Section 2 – Activity Description

   1. What do you want to do? Outline what you would like to do and how you will use the Park to do this?
                              TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                              ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                              APPLICATION FORM

2. Why do you want to do the Artists in the Park Artist in Residence Program? Give an outline of why this
program will benefit you and what you will bring to the Territory Wildlife Park?
                            TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                            ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                            APPLICATION FORM

3. Outline how do you plan to undertake the Artist in Residency? How will you use the six months? What
 resources/equipment will you use at the Park? Describe the kind of activities you might do as part of the
 Public program, including but not limited to, working in the studio, answering questions from the public,
 running workshops, artist talks, masterclasses.
                             TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK
                             ARTISTS IN THE PARK
                             APPLICATION FORM

4. What assistance do you feel you will need to do the Artist in the Park program?

  Have you identified where or how you might get this assistance?

5. Do you wish to use the Artist Hut?



6. Please check your attachments

     My CV is attached

    My support material is

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