Introduction to EAD Module by kdafernando


									Enterprise Application
Development (EAD)
   Unit Code : 425

   Yogi - Kandasamy Yogendirakumar
   Ruchitha Sahabandu
                                                    Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

Lecture Objective

   Introduces the student to cutting-edge theory and skills in
    the design and implementation of enterprise-scale

   Equips the student with a thorough understanding of the
    tools and techniques we use to develop enterprise

   Gives the student an insight into, how modern
    approaches to software and systems development can be
    used to address the needs of organisations.
                                                 Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

Course Outline

1. Introduction to the Enterprise Application Development
   Frameworks (JEE, .NET, Spring)

2. The importance of the frameworks to the Enterprise Application

3. Enterprise Resource Planning applications and the role of ERP
   applications in successful businesses.

4. Design patterns and UML, Patterns and practices for systems
   development, XML, Xpath, XSLT and related technologies.
                                                  Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

Course Outline...

6. Introduction to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with
   Web Services and SOAP.

7. Cloud Computing & Mobile Application.

8. Object/relational persistence.

9. Enterprise applications integration

10. Creating innovative GUIs, HCI
                                                       Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

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 Yogi - Kandasamy Yogendirakumar
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 Ruchitha Sahabandu
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 Buddika Kasturiarachchi (SLIIT Coordinator)
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