O, Penelope by lirsveacba


									From Troy, I did navigate these forbidding seas —these waves of magnitude horrific For you, the tempests I braved, Belabored tasks resisting completion in my odyssey: this search for the irrational— your approval Servant to the ideal of you, my pedestal dominated by your figure standing coyly in shroud of memory Frozen Januaries, sweltering Junes thirst unquenched, though from Keres that strumpet—her concoctions I did imbibe; wifely arrogance she assumed, her temptations ridiculing my will once wrought in brass A decade I sailed, ‘til in my senescence I came to our village Opened your door Finding you dormant in your room… Promising sweet catharsis, this elation, expectation for your touch Only to discover your fingers cold, your body impervious, your soul stone, my salvation revoked In the vineyard, your new love recumbent in wanton intoxication… Penelope— Could my lone recant of devotion, my kingly salute to you at the ten-year mast, have been lost to maritime winds?

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