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					                                                   ARLINGTON CAMERA

   ABOUT OUR LAB . . .
                                                          544 W. Randol Mill Road
                                                          Arlington, Texas 76011
                                                                                                                Photo Lab Price List
                                                 817.261.8131                                                        ARLINGTON CAMERA
Arlington Camera’s Lab Technicians represent
a combined 57 years of experience! We use
the state of the art Noritsu QSS-32 Series       Online Printing Service
System with cutting edge technology. We are      Save precious time and gasoline!
                                                 It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get your prints in a hurry with our
proud to offer many services that will enable
                                                 convenient Online Printing Service.
you to receive the most enjoyment from your      1. Choose the images you want to have printed.
photographs. These include Digital and Film      2. Upload your files to us at your convenience.
Processing, Enlargements, Custom Photo           3. Pick up your finished photos later that day at
                                                       Arlington Camera.
Products, Wide Format Printing, Fine Art
                                                 Check out
Prints, Photo Restoration, Video Transfer and    arlingtoncamera or use the form we have provided for
Memory Card Recovery. If you are interested      you on our website.
in a product or service not listed in our bro-
                                                 Additional Services
chure, simply ask! We’d like the opportunity
                                                 We offer many extra services too numerous to list in this
to assist you in any way we can.                 brochure. Please contact a sales associate for details.
                                                 • Black & White Photofinishing
                                                 • Photo Greeting Cards & Calendars
                                                 • Do you have a box of old family slides, movies or
                                                     videos sitting around that you’d love to be able to
                                                     enjoy? Let our staff assist you in preserving a part of
                                                     your family’s history to share now and with future
                                                     generations. We offer transfer of Slides to DVD as
                                                     well as transfer of many film formats to DVD including
                                                     Reel to Reel Movies, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV and even
                                                     a Personalized DVD Creation. Your DVD Creation is
                                                     essentially a personalized slide show style
           You can trust your
                                                     presentation of your images set to your own music on
         memories of a lifetime                                                                           
         to the professionals at
                                                     a DVD. What an exciting way to share your story!
           Arlington Camera!
            Digital and Film Services                                       Wide Format Printer                                     Scanning Services
               35mm Film Services                                           In Glossy, Luster or Matte                             35mm Film Scanning
      Density & color corrected 4x6 or 4.5x5 prints          Print Size           1-4             5+                Film Type                    4base              16base
Roll Size     Single Prints       Double Prints         CD    8x10              $4.99           $3.99               35mm Color or B&W          $3.00/strip        $6.00/strip
24 Exp.           $8.49            +3.00           +3.00      11x14             $7.99           $6.99                  Film must be unmounted & in strips of 3 or 6 images.
36 Exp.           $11.49           +3.00           +3.00      16x20             $16.95          $13.95                      4base = up to 5x7 & 16base = up to 12x18
            Processing also available for APS                 16x24             $18.95          $15.95                         35mm Slide Film Scanning
                                                               16xlonger than 24 is $18.95 + $1.50 per inch
              Process and CD Only                                                                                   Film Type                    4base              16base
                                                                               Canvas Prints
Roll Size       Develop Only         Process and CD                                                                 Unmounted Strips          $2.50/strip         $5.00/strip
                                                             Print Size            1-4              5+              Uncut Roll                   $6.99              $12.99
24 Exp.             $2.49                  $6.99
36 Exp.             $2.49                  $7.99              8x10                $6.99            $4.99              16base jpeg scan $12.99 & 16base tiff roll scan $19.99
      Processing only is also available for 120 & 220         11x14               $9.99            $6.99                   Mounted 35mm Slide Scanning
        Digital Prints & Enlargements                         12x18               $12.99           $9.99                       Scans include Digital ICE and ROC
                                                              16x20               $19.99           $15.99           Dpi                    File Size For           Price
       All images are density and color corrected
                                                              16x24               $21.99           $16.99           1200 Dpi               4x6                    $3.00
Print Size      1-9       10-19       10-40        50+
                                                                   Artist Stretched Canvas Prints also available    1500 Dpi               5x7                    $3.50
4x6/3.5x5       .25         .25        .25         .25
                                                                      Memory Card to DVD or CD                      2400 Dpi               8x10                   $4.00
5x7            $1.25        .99         .75        .50
                                                             Card Size                DVD              CD           3300 Dpi               11x14                  $8.00
8x10/8x12 $3.99           $2.50        $1.99       $1.99
                                                                                                                    3600Dpi                12x18                  $12.00
11x14          $8.99      $6.99        $4.99            -    700MB                 $10.00            $5.00
                                                                                                                    4800 Dpi               16x20                  $16.99
12x18          $10.99     $9.99        $7.99            -    1GB or 2GB            $10.00           $18.00(3 CDs)
                                                                                                                    5400 Dpi               18x24                  $19.99
12x24          $12.99     $10.99       $8.99            -    3GB or 4GB            $15.00           $36.00(6 CDs)
12x36        $21.99          -           -           -
                                                                                                                                 Corrected Print Scanning
                                                             8GB                   $30.00          $48.00(8 CDs)
                                                                                                                      Includes Basic Color Correction & Correct Rotation
  Wallets are 50 cents for 2 & Index Prints are $1 each
    Quantity discount not available on rush orders                         Memory Card Recovery                     Print Size                            Price

          Film Prints & Enlargements                         Card Size                  Saved to DVD Only           Up to 5x7                             $3.50
                                                             1GB                               $10.00               Larger than 5x7                       $5.00
      In Glossy or Matte — No Quantity Discounts
                                                             2GB                               $15.00                             Rapid Print Scanning
Print Size              Single Prints
                                                             3GB or 4GB                         $30.00              Prints copied to a CD or DVD. Does not include Color or
 3.5x5                      .50                                                                                      Density Correction or Correct Rotation before saving.
                                                             8GB                               $40.00
 4x6                        .50                                                                                     Print Size        Price Per Print        CD        DVD
                                                                            CD and DVD Copying
 5x7                      $1.99
                                                                          CD to CD                 $5.00            Up to 5x7/300Dpi        25 cents       $3.00     $10.00
 8x10                     $4.99
                                                                          CD to DVD                $10.00           Up to 5x7/600Dpi         $1.00          $3.00    $10.00
 11x14                    $12.99
                                                                          DVD to DVD               $10.00           8x10/300 Dpi            $1.50           $3.00    $10.00
 12x18                    $15.99
                                                                                                                    8x10/600Dpi             $2.50           $3.00    $10.00

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