Agriscience_Dairy Test Question Bank by wuzhengqin


									               Chapter 1 History Questions                                         Answer
The dairy cooperative was in the U.S. was founded in Goshen, CT. What       1810
year did this happen?
When was the first commercial cheese factory founded in New York?           1851

When was the Hoard’s Dairyman Magazine published?                           1885

When was the Federal Milk Marketing Act passed?                             1937

When was the PDCA (Purbred Dairy Cattle Association) Unified Dairy          1943
Cattle Scorecard first copyrighted?
When was the National Dairy Shrine founded?                                 1949

When was bovine somatotrophin (BST), the first product for                  1993
biotechnology in animals, was approved?
When was the most recent version of the PDCA’s Unified Dairy Cattle         2009
scorecard published?

         Chapter 2 Matching Terms                                            Answer
ADA                                                          American Dairy Association

ADSA                                                         American Dairy Science Association

DHIA                                                         Dairy Health Improvement Association

DHIR                                                         Dairy Health Improvement Registry

PDCA                                                         Purebred Dairy Cattle Association

Developed the butterfat test that was the basis for DHIA     S.M. Babcock
Received the first patent for condensed milk                 Gil

Largest Dairy Cooperative in the US                          DFA (Dairy Farmers of America)

            Chapter 3 Questions: Breeds                                            Answer
Aryshire origin                                                       Scotland
Holstein origin                                                       Netherland and Germany
Brown Swiss origin                                                    Switzerland
Milking Shorthorn origin                                              England
Which breed is known for its golden color?                            Guernsey
Which breed produces milk with the highest protein and fat            Jersey
Holsteins make up _______% of the U.S. dairy population.                90%
Which breed produces the most milk per cow?                             Holstein

      Chapter 4: Fitting and Showing                                          Answer
PDCA Scorecard Value: Udder                                  40%
PDCA Scorecard Value: Frame                                  15%
PDCA Scorecard Value: Feet and Legs                          20%
PDCA Scorecard Value: Dairy Strength                         25%
The three main udder supports are:                           Skin, Median Suspensory Ligament, and
                                                             Lateral Suspensory Ligament

        Chapter 5: Calf and Heifer Management                                            Answer
Heifers account for _____% of the total farm expenses                         15-20
____________ accounts for 55-60% of the total cost of raising replacement     Feed costs
dairy heifers
_____________ is a milk that is secreted during the first 2-3 days after      Colostrum
What is the milk that contains antibodies and a higher amount of protein      Colostrum
that a calf should have for the first 3 days of its life?

     Chapter 6: Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding                                         Answer
A manture cow has ______ teeth, but no _______________ teeth.            32, upper lip
Chewing is also known as ___________________.                            Mastication
________________ is the belching of gas by ruminant animals as a         Eructation
natural way for releasing gases produced during the fermentation
A mature cow produces ______________ quarts of saliva per day.           50-80
True or False: The cow has 4 stomachs.                                   False, it was 1 stomach with 4
What are the names of the four parts of the ruminant stomach?            Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum,
Largest part of the cow’s stomach
_____________ is the stomach compartment located closest to the          Reticulum
The primary function of the _____________is dehydration of feed.         Omasum
The primary process in the rumen is                                      Fermentation

The tiny, finger-like projections that line the wall of the rumen are    Papillae
called ____________________.
Hardware disease occurs in which part of the ruminant stomach?           Reticulum
The ______________ is the enzyme and acid secreting portion of the       Abomasum
ruminant stomach.
The average dairy cow drinks __________ gallons of water each day.   30-50
__________________ is the portion of a feed that remains after       Dry Matter
water has been removed by drying in an oven.

Chapter 7: Lactation and Milking Management                                      Answer
The hormone that causes milk let-down                                Oxytocin
The pituitary hormone that is critical in the initiation and         Prolactin
maintenance of lactation
__________ and _________ are the ovarian hormones that are           Estrogen and Progesterone
involved in the development of the mammary gland.
____________ can interfere with milk ejection when a cow becomes     Adrenaline
frightened or upset.
Cows will normally produce _________% more milk when milked 3        8-15
times a day to those milked twice a day.
______________ is the most costly disease in dairy cattle            Mastitis
An inflammation of the udder                                         Mastitis

                        Chapter 9: Misc.                                         Answer
State with the most milk production                                  California
State with the most dairy cows                                       California
State that produces with the most milk per cow                       New Mexico
The number of dairy cows peaked in _____________.                    1945
Approximately _________ lbs or blood are pumped through the          400
udder to produce one pound of milk.

                Chapter 10: Reproduction                                         Answer
The period of heat in dairy cattle                                   Estrus
The estrus cycle in dairy cattle is _____ days                       21 days
A _________ is a sterile heifer born as a twin to a bull.            Freemartin

                      Chapter 11: Health                                         Answer
Temperature of a cow                                                 101.5 degrees F
A disease that is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium              Johne’s disease
A deficiency of blood calcium related to an imbalance of calcium     Milk Fever
phosphorous and Vitamin D.
A disease caused by diarrhea and dehydration                         Scours

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