2011 Coursework Audit � Coversheet by 9zO3Lz


									                          2011 Coursework Audit Coversheet

                    2011 Coursework Audit – Coversheet
  (For all studies except Food and Technology and Physical Education)

 The purpose of the coursework audit is to quality assure school-based assessment
 programs and to identify instances for school improvement. In addition it may
 provide an opportunity to recognise excellence in assessment design and practice.
 The coursework audit also provides feedback to the VCAA on the implementation of
 school assessed coursework and thereby may also provide feedback on the Study
 Design itself.

 The audit results for each study will be emailed to each provider. If the audit result
 is satisfactory no further action will be required by the provider for unit 3. If the audit
 result is unsatisfactory the VCAA will determine follow-up action, normally including
 contact with the VCE Coordinator and/or the Principal and relevant teaching staff.

 If the VCAA has requested an audit for a LOTE study, tapes or CDs are not needed
 as part of the submission.

 Providers selected for audit must submit material electronically to the VCAA as one
 PDF file for each study. This PDF file for each study must contain:
  The completed coversheet
  All tasks for all outcomes presented in sequential order
  Evidence of scoring practice, for example a marking guide, a criteria sheet,
    performance descriptors (page reference from Assessment Handbook is

 Each PDF file should be named using the following file convention:

 study code and unit_VCAA school number (five digits)

 For example, a submission for English Unit 3 for VCAA school number 00000 would
 be named EN013_00000.pdf


School name:

VCAA School no.

Study name:


Study teacher name:

Study teacher email:

Study teacher availability:
                          2011 Coursework Audit Coversheet


This study has   (insert number) scored School-assessed Coursework outcomes in
this unit.

Outcome 1

Assessment task type/s:

Outcome 2

Assessment task type/s:

Outcome 3

Assessment task type/s:

Assessment practice

For each task, please submit details of the scoring practice used, for example:

   VCAA assessment descriptors (page references only)
   Adapted VCAA assessment descriptors (provide details)
   Own criteria sheet or scoring method (provide details)
   Other (provide details)

Task authentication

Was the Authentication Record for School-assessed Coursework used (page 217,
VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2011)? If not, please indicate why.

What method of internal moderation did your school use to ensure consistency
across the cohort?

Task conditions

How and when were students informed of the School-assessed Coursework
completion dates, assessment method/s and conditions?

Complete the following table. If there are multiple tasks for each outcome, complete a
separate column for each task.
                           2011 Coursework Audit Coversheet

Task conditions           Outcome 1             Outcome 2     Outcome 3

What time was
allocated to the task?
Were students allowed
notes for the task?
Were students allowed
dictionaries during the
Did multiple classes
undertake the task at
the same time? If not
how did the school
ensure that no student
was advantaged or

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