1980s Flashback “The Time of Your Life”

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“The Time of
 Your Life”
By Brandi Stengel, Dina McCaffery and Mimi Porsia
                         Top Stories
                         of the 80s’
    Iraq invades Iran * Afghans invade Russia * Voyager 2 explores *
 Khomeini holds American hostages * Mt. Saint Helens erupts; killing 22
  * John Lennon shot and killed in NY * Discovery becomes third space
  shuttle * President Reagan shot * Challenger Explodes on takeoff *
First Woman in Space * First Test Tube Baby * Attempted Assassination
  on Pope * Live Aid viewed by Millions * 7 die from poisoned Tylenol *
   Baby M custody awarded to father * Marines arrive in Beirut * U.S.
 Embassy is bombed in Beirut * First artificial heart implanted * Boeing
     747 introduced * Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer marry *
 Mysterious Disease reported that kills 40 percent of its victims-AIDS *
     Walter Cronkite retires as CBS anchor; replaced by Dan Rather *
    Scientists: Cancer can be caused by single gene mutation * Soviets
withdraw troops from Afghanistan * Exxon Valdez spills 200,000 barrels
   of oil in Alaska * U.S. invades Panama * Hundreds die in Tiananmem
Square as troops open fire on demonstrators * Oliver North convicted in
Iran “Contra” Affair * Libertarian party formed * Supreme Court rules
  that flag burning is protected free speech * Tax Reform Act passes *
   Berlin Wall comes down * Sandra Day O’Connor becomes first female
  Supreme Court Justice * Reagan fires striking Air Traffic Controllers
The Age of Technology
                 PacMan fever hits the nation.
                        Atari and Nintendo debut.

More Firsts
Apple began producing a superior small computer that could be used
in homes & small businesses (1981)
International Business Machines (IBM) introduced personal computers
RCA VCR sells for up to $899 and Sony Walkman costs $250 (1983)
Megabit Memory Chip introduced (1984)
Apple Macintosh hits the shelves (1984)
Photos of missing children are put on milk cartons (1985)
Disposable cameras are new (1987)
Microwave pizza makes a first appearance (1986)
Faxphones are $1,295 and a Compaq 286 laptop sells for $5,399
        1980                                                               1989
                                                                 Median Household Income:
Median Household Income:
                                                                 Cost of a new home:
Cost of a new home:                                                          $148,800
                                        Tidbits                  First-class stamp:     $.25
First-class stamp:     $.15   Federal Reserve Chairman Paul
                                   Volcker is replaced by        Gallon of gas:       $1.12
Gallon of gas:        $1.25        Alan Greenspan (1987)

A dozen eggs:         $.91    Dow suffers worst one day fall     A dozen eggs:          $.96
                                  in history, 508 points
Gallon of milk:       $2.16       (1987)                         Gallon of milk:      $2.34

Unemployment rate:     5.8%   Oil falls to $11 a barrel (1989)   Unemployment rate:     5.5%
                                          Other Favorites
                                             Ghostbusters
           Top Grossing Movies                Gremlins
                                          Driving Miss Daisy
1980: The Empire Strikes Back $290M+       Fatal Attraction
1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark $242M+         Moonstruck
1982: E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial $399M+        9 to 5
1983: Return of the Jedi $309M+              Karate Kid
1984: Beverly Hills Cop $234M+            Crocodile Dundee
                                             Blue Lagoon
1985: Back to the Future $210M+              Color Purple
1986: Top Gun $176M+                        Out of Africa
1987: Three Men and a Baby $167M+           Officer and a
1988: Rain Man $172M+                         Gentlemen
1989: Batman $251M+                            Tootsie
 1980s TV               Other Favorites
                        •Dukes of Hazzard
                        •The A Team
                        •Cagney and Lacey
                        •Magnum PI
                        •Knots Landing
                        •Falcon Crest

Top TV Shows            •Newhart
Dallas (’80,’81,’83)   •Love Boat

60 Minutes (’82)       •The Jeffersons
Dynasty (’84)          •Golden Girls

The Cosby Show         •Family Ties

(’85,’86,’87)           •Growing Pains
                        •Who’s the Boss
Roseanne (’88,’89)     •Cheers
                        •Murder She Wrote
                                                Pulitzer Prize Winners
             Best Sellers                      The Executioner’s Song by Norman
   The Covenant by James A. Michener          Mailer (1980)
    (1980)                                     • A Confederacy of Dunces by John
   Nobel House by James Clavell (1981)        Kennedy Toole (1981)
   Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon       • The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy
    (1982)                                     Kidder (1982)
   In Search of Excellence by Thomas J.       • The Color Purple by Alice Walker
    Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr. (1983)   (1983)
   The Sicilian by Mario Puzo (1984)          • Ironweed by William Kennedy (1984)
   Iacocca: An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca   • The Good War: An Oral History of
    with William Novack (1985)
                                               World War II by Studs Terkle (1985)
   Fatherhood by Bill Cosby (1986)
                                               • Lonesome Dove by Larry McMerty
   The Tommyknockers by Stephen King
    (1987)                                     (1986)
   The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe   • A Summons to Memphis by Peter
    (1988)                                     Taylor (1987)
   The Joy Luck Club by Amy tan (1989)        • The Making of an Atomic Bomb by
                                               Richard Rhodes (1988)
                                               • Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler
•   The Corning Museum of Glass opens in New York in
•   The National Museum of Women in the Arts is
    incorporated in December 1981
•   The Arts Council of the African Studies Association
    is established in 1982
•   The Joy of Painting television series first airs in 1983
•   Crayola creates “Dream-Makers”- an art education
    program for elementary school children in 1984
•   Keith Haring and David Wojnarowicz were two artists
    with AIDS who spent most of their careers in a
    creative response to the AIDS crisis
•   Pop artist Andy Warhol dies in 1987 at the age of 58

                   MAJOR WORKS
•   Julian Schnaebel’s “Self-Portrait in Andy’s Shadow”
•   Jeff Koons’ “Three Ball 50/50 Tank”
•   Ross Bleckner’s “Brother’s Sword”
•   Keith Haring’s “Red Boom”
•   David Salle’s “Pound Note”
        Sounds of the
Michael Jackson
   Culture Club
  Cyndi Lauper
Flock of Seagulls
    Air Supply
Rick Springfield
  Men At Work         Tears for Fears
     Journey             Mr. Mister
    Foreigner        Bruce Springsteen
     Go-Go’s               Bangles
  J. Geils Band
                       Kenny Loggins
     Loverboy            Van Halen
      Prince                 U2
    The Police         Janet Jackson
      WHAM!             Beastie Boys
                        Paula Abdul
                    New Kids on the Block
                                                               • Sixers win NBA
                                                               Championship (’83)
                                                               • Lakers win in ’80,
                                                               ’82. ’85, ’87 & ’88
                                        Superbowl winners
                                      ’80: Oakland
                 1981: LA Dodgers    ’81, ’84, ’88 & ’89: San Francisco
                 1982: Cardinals     ’82 & ’87: Washington
                 1983: Baltimore     ’83: LA Raiders
                 1984: Detroit       ’85: Chicago

                 1985: Kansas City   ’86: NY Giants
                1986: NY Mets
  Phillies win
                1987: Minnesota                           U.S. Olympic Hockey Team
 World Series                                              has upset victory over
 ( and haven’t 1988: LA Dodgers                           Soviet team. The recent
                                                           movie “Miracle” is based on
won one since!) 1989: Oakland A’s                         the 1980 win.
            Rubik’s cubes
          Cordless phones
            Compact cars
  Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong
         Calvin Klein jeans
           Compact discs
Valley Girls- “Grody to the max!” –          1986-1989
        “Gag me with a spoon!”              Halley’s Comet
                                          My Pet Monsters
           1983-1985                      Spuds Mackenzie
         Break dancing                   Disposable cameras
      Cabbage Patch dolls                    Suction cats
         Trivial Pursuit              “Elvis Lives” phenomenon
          Guess jeans                  Honey Teddy Grahams
      Ray-Ban sunglasses                    Frozen yogurt
          Leg warmers                  Teenage Mutant Ninja
Androgynous rock singers (Michael               Turtles
    Jackson, Prince, Boy George             Stirrup pants
          Barbie dolls
       Coca-cola Classic
    My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today
    ,that I have signed legislation that will outlaw Russia
    forever, we begin bombing in five minutes.”…Ronald
    Regan jokes into a microphone he thinks is off. (?)
•   “Honey, I forgot to duck.” …Ronald Reagan to Nancy
    after being shot in 1981.
•   “Now you can get a smarter kid than Mom did.”
    …Mattel toys commercial (1982)
•   “Someone told me it was a round thing that gobbles up
    money, I thought it was Tip O’Neill.”
    …Ronald Reagan on Pac Man (1982).
•   “Over a thousand officials to choose from, and I get a
    moron like you.” …John McEnroe to a British umpire
    at the British Open (1984).
•   “Where’s the Beef?” …Clara Peller on a Wendy’s
    commercial (1985)
•   “It’s not the most intellectual job in the world, but I do
    have to know the letters.” …Vanna White on her job on
    Wheel of Fortune (1986).
•   “I came here to tell the truth-the good, the bad, and
    the ugly.” …Oliver North during Iran-Contra hearings
•   “He (Osama bin Laden) is the most evil person alive
    that I know of” and “an assassin team should be
    formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of
    the earth.” …Oliver North during Iran-Contra hearings
•   “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” …From a
    General Motors commercial (1988).
•   “We don’t pay taxes. The little people pay taxes.”
    …Real Estate heiress Leona Helmsley after tax evasion
    charges were brought against her (1989).

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