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Winning Customer Service…
   Tools, Tips & More!
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Feature films
are the result
of years of
research and of
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Feature films
are the result
of years of
research and of
       Four Cornerstones of
        Readership Growth
• Improving editorial and advertising content
• Building recognition and loyalty through
  stronger brand promotion
• Reforming management and culture
• Providing superior customer service
    5 Reasons Subscribers and Single
    Copy Readers Continue To Read
           Your Newspaper?
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    Something to Think About…
• A typical business hears from only 4% of
  its dissatisfied customers. The other 96%
  just quietly go away and 91% will NEVER
  come back!

 This represents a serious financial loss for
 those companies whose employees do not
 know how to treat customers, and a
 tremendous gain for those companies that do.
    A survey on why customers never
    come back found the following…

•   3% move away
•   5% develop other loyalties
•   9% leave for competitive reasons
•   14% are dissatisfied with the product

• 68% quit because of an attitude of
indifference toward the customer by the
owner, manager or an employee.
• Only 5 years ago, a typical dissatisfied
  customer would tell eight to 10 people
  about his or her problem.
• One in 5 would tell 20.
• Now, with the internet, a dissatisfied
  customer can tell the world about their
  interaction with your newspaper!
Yours is a Very Bad Hotel
  A graphic complaint prepared for:
         Joseph Crosby
         General Manager
          Lisa Rinker
        Front Desk Manager
    DoubleTree Club Hotel
      2828 Southwest Freeway
          Houston, Texas
        In the Early Morning Hours of
  November 15, 2001, at the DoubleTree Club
 Houston, We Were Treated Very Badly Indeed.

• We are Tom Farmer and Shane Atchison of Seattle,
• We held guaranteed, confirmed reservations at the
  DoubleTree Club for the night of November 14-15.
• These rooms were held for late arrival with a major
  credit card.
• Tom is a card-carrying Hilton HHonors Gold VIP…
• Yet when we arrived at 2:00am… we were refused
Refused Rooms… Even When We’re
  “Confirmed” and “Guaranteed”?
• Mike, your Night Clerk, said the only rooms left
  were off-limits because their plumbing and air-
  conditioning had broken!
• He’d given away the last good rooms three hours
• He’d done nothing about finding us
  accommodation elsewhere!
• And he was deeply unapologetic!
Quotations from Night Clerk Mike

      “Most of our guests don’t arrive
      at two o’clock in the morning.”

                  -- 2:08 am, November 15, 2001
                                           Explaining why it was
                             OUR fault that the DoubleTree Club
                      could not honor our guaranteed reservation
   We Discussed With Mike the
 Meaning of the Term “Guarantee.”

guar·an·tee (g r n-t ), n.
  1. Something that assures a particular outcome or
     condition: Lack of interest is a guarantee of failure.
     a. A promise or an assurance, especially one given in writing,
        that attests to the quality or durability of a product or
     b. A pledge that something will be performed in a specified

            (Save this for your future reference.)
Quotations from Night Clerk Mike

 “I have nothing to apologize to you for.”

               -- 2:10 am, November 15, 2001
                            Explaining why we were wrong
                         to be upset that our “guaranteed”
                                rooms weren’t saved for us
       The Career Path of Night Clerk Mike
                    (He peaked last week.)

                     November 15, 2001:
                     Rude Hotel Clerk

  Subway Sandwich
  Maker                                      2004:
                                             Sandwich Maker

Paper Boy
                                                    Septic Tank
Mike Wasn’t Too Optimistic About
   Finding Us a Place to Sleep.

• 2:15 in the morning is a heck of a time to
  start looking for two spare hotel rooms!

• Mike slowly started dialing around town.
Quotations from Night Clerk Mike

    “I don’t know if there ARE any
  hotel rooms around here… all these
            hotels are full.”

                -- 2:12 am, November 15, 2001
                             Just starting to look for alternate
                  accommodation for us, even though he’d filled
                                his own house up by 11:00pm
  Mapped Against Other Hospitality Providers, Your
  DoubleTree Club Fared Badly on November 15, 2001.


DESPISES &                                              TREATS
MISTREATS                                             CUSTOMERS
CUSTOMERS                                                WELL

                              HEADING FOR COLLAPSE
Mike Finally Found Us Rooms Here.

• Shoney’s Inn & Suites is a dump.
• It is six miles further away from downtown
  Houston, which makes a difference in morning
  rush-hour traffic.
• Had we wanted to stay at Shoney’s, we would
  have called them in the first place.
• We could only get smoking rooms.
 Even After We Left the DoubleTree Club, Our
 Troubles Weren’t Over, as This Timeline Shows.

Jon, a colleague, was arriving in Houston on an overnight
                           flight …
 and coming to join us at the DoubleTree Club first thing
in the morning. As we had to go stay elsewhere, we wrote
  Jon a note and left it in care of Mike the Night Clerk.
We Are Very Unlikely to Return to the
    DoubleTree Club Houston.

 Lifetime chances of dying in a bathtub: 1 in 10,455
                                                     (National Safety Council)

 Chance of Earth being ejected from the solar system by
   the gravitational pull of a passing star: 1 in 2,200,000
                                                      (University of Michigan)

 Chance of winning the UK Lottery: 1 in 13,983,816
                                                                 (UK Lottery)

 Chance of us returning to the DoubleTree Club
   Houston: worse than any of those
                    (And what are the chances you’d save rooms for us anyway?)
The average business spends six times
more to attract new customers than it does
to keep old ones.

Yet customer loyalty is, in most cases,
worth ten times the price of a single
     Revenue Lost to the DoubleTree Club
Houston as a Result of our November 15 Incident

                                  Our firm's total
                                  expenditures on
12,000                            Houston-area lodging
 8,000                            Dollars we'll be
 6,000                            spending at the
 4,000                            DoubleTree Club
         Calendar     Calendar         Shown in U.S. dollars
           2001         2002
   We’ll Be Sending This Presentation
          to Promus Properties.
• And to some friends.
• We hope they’ll share it with their friends!
• If you’d like a hard copy, email us at:
• Good luck!
• And give our best to Mike!
        Then there are…
• Don’t Buy a Kia -
      5 Reasons Customers Stop
     Subscribing/Purchasing Your
•   ________________________
•   ________________________
•   ________________________
•   ________________________
•   ________________________
Increase Ad Revenue
• Recruitment
• Automotive
• Real Estate
• Private Party
Gain and Retain Readers
• Reduce Churn
• Grow E-Z Pay
• Cost-Effective Marketing
• Added-value programs

• How easy is it to do business with us?
• What methods do we use to follow-up with
  our readers?
• Do we measure reader satisfaction?
• What are we doing to position our brand
  and image in our markets?
Customer service does
not begin and end in our
call centers!
 A successful
newspaper is a
  We don’t get a second chance
  to make a first impression.

When customers feel good about that
first interaction with your newspaper,
they’ll come back for more - they will
become loyal customers and will tell
others about their satisfaction!
    Circulation departments that
    focus on their customers -
•   Ask questions          • Are creative
•   Solve problems         • Communicate
•   Offer solutions        • Plan ahead - work
•   Don’t assume             their plan
•   Up sell Partial Subs   • Know that actions
                             speak louder than
•   Seek feedback
Let’s first define what superior
customer service means...
  Dealing with any customer situation
  efficiently, professionally and in a
  manner that leaves customers
  committed to your newspaper
  and/or purchasing your products –
  including your on-line and niche
There is a vast difference between
guessing and knowing what our
readers want.

We know what our readers want and,
moreover, we know what is
important to them!
• Our readers want:
     - Excellent Content
     - Timely Delivery
     - Great Value

A genuine commitment to
providing what is truly important
to them!
For us to really listen and
communicate with them.
And, for us to do everything we
can to provide the level of
service they expect and deserve!
Keeping loyal readers who are
already familiar with our product
requires something as basic and
affordable as providing superior
customer service.
Some companies that get it…
They have a...

  Workplace Culture
Staff members understand the
importance of their jobs in
contributing to the success of
their department and the
Communication is wide
open between all levels of
management, their staff and
among other departments.
Do your newspaper's various divisions
operate independently of one another?



                                                                   INFO SYSTEMS
     The ”silo effect”…
• Lost revenue
• Duplicated efforts
• Missed promotional
• Morale issues
• Employee turnover
It is critical that members from
different departments work on
problem-solving teams with one
another, thereby learning an
appreciation for the jobs or
responsibilities of others.
Lack of Motivation?
Is the newspaper’s mission
is clearly communicated to
employees at all levels and
their commitment secured?
   Tell me and I’ll forget...

 Show me and I'll remember...

Involve me and I'll understand.
    VISION                        VALUES
         An image of our
                                 How we expect to travel to
          desired future.
                                   where we want to go.

                            PURPOSE                    or

                            What our newspaper is here to do.

Milestones we expect to
reach before too long.
  Possible Attitudes Toward a Vision

• Genuine Compliance: Sees the benefits of the
  vision. Does everything expected and more!

• Formal Compliance: On the whole, sees the
  benefits of the vision. Does what is expected and
  no more.
• Grudging Compliance: Does not see the
  benefits of the vision. But also, does not want to
  lose job. Does what he or she has to do, but also
  lets it be known that he is not really on board.
Possible Attitudes Toward a Vision

  • Non-Compliance: Does not see the
    benefits of the vision and will not do what
    is expected. “I won’t do it and you can’t
    make me”.
  • Apathy: Neither for nor against vision. No
    interest. No energy. “Is it five o’clock
What Are The Top 10 Attributes of
Successful Circulation Employee?
 • Organization
 • Flexibility
 • Excellent Customer
   Service Skills
 • Accountability
 • Follow Through
 • Thoroughness
Top 10 Continued...
• An general understanding of other team
  members’ duties.
• Excellent Communication Skills - Verbal
  & Written
• Knowledge of accounts and key people
• The ability to partner with other team
  members to increase their account base,
  bring in additional revenue and build
Empowered people have the necessary information
to make the right decisions and act; they don’t have to
wait for multiple levels of approval.

Empowered people identify problems and fix them.
They do what it takes to keep customers happy. These
people don’t have time for turf battles because when
everyone shares power and a common goal, turf
becomes irrelevant and teamwork becomes
                                                                                           I will.

                                                            I prefer.
                                                                                          I choose.

                                       I will choose an appropriate
                                                                                          I can create an effective
                                                    I can choose a
                                                    different approach.
                 There’s nothing I can do.                                                            I control my own

That’s just the way I am.                                               Let’s look at our alternatives.
                                       He makes me so mad.

They won’t allow that.
                                       I have to do that.

                I can’t.
                                       I must.

                            If only.
Continual Training Is Imperative

• Telephone Techniques • Building Your
• How to Multi-Task      Interpersonal Skills
• Prioritization/Time  • Projecting a Positive
  Management             Attitude in a High Stress
• Working Proactively
                       • Maximize Your
• Maximizing
                         Contribution to the
                         newspaper and co-
       The more you know…

• …the more valuable to the organization you
• …the more advancement opportunities
  present themselves.
• …the more assistance you can provide to
  your internal and external customers!
 First Impressions Are
  Lasting Impressions

5 seconds!
             The clock is ticking…

• Do we look professional and
  interested and engaged?
• Do we greet customers and
  acknowledge their presence whether
  on the phone or in person?
• Do we make customers feel welcome
  and appreciated?
• Do we treat customers like they are just
  another inconvenience… interrupting your
  conversation, thoughts, etc.
• Do we treat customers like they are just a
• Are we desensitized to the customers’
  needs...not willing to give them the level of
  service they expect and deserve?
   People don’t have to do
     business with you!

Where else can they find news and ads?
    Emotions Play a Role
• Readers want to feel welcome.
• Readers want to feel appreciated.
• Readers want to feel good about you and
  the products and services your newspaper
      Often overlooked!!!

• Our customers hear and see how we
  interact with each other!
 How much revenue has your
newspaper lost because of poor
    telephone techniques?
                                          Halllo… Oliver??

                   Would you believe…

                                        One ringy dingy…two ringy
                                        dingies…three ringy dingies.
                                        Have I reached the party to whom
Yes, Commissioner Gordon.               I am speaking?
Answer Promptly!
If a caller has been waiting, THANK THEM for waiting. Answer
cheerfully. Use the caller’s name during the course of the
conversation to personalize the call.

Be Prepared.
Know your product. Be thoroughly informed, particularly about
any complaint procedures. If you don’t know the answers, ask

Personalize your voice.
Your personality IS NOT eliminated when you answer the
telephone. Smile, putting a natural smile in your voice is

Really listen.
Actively listen to what your caller is saying. Avoid making a
customer repeat himself/herself. DO NOT interrupt the caller in
mid-sentence. Avoid using industry terms. The caller does not
know what they mean.

Use salesmanship.
Everybody sells. Give the customer all the facts. Anticipate
possible objections or concerns. Be of service to the customer.
Show an interest in the customer’s needs. Be enthusiastic and
• You want to cancel your subscription? Sure…I
  can take care of that…
• Starting delivery? We’ve got a deal on Sunday
  only for 13 weeks. Why don’t you start with
• Would you like us to bill you?
• We’ve got 30 people waiting, I’m taking my
  lunch. They’ll call back. They always do.
I Don’t Know.
   Find out.
       “I’ll find someone who can help.”

                          We Can’t Do That.
                               Tell people what you can do.

 You’ll Have To.
           Use “you’ll need to” instead.

                   The word “NO” should never begin a
                   sentence. Offer a positive alternative.
     Positive Trigger Words
•   Important     •   Confidence
•   Effective     •   Right Now
•   Exclusive     •   Benefits
•   Immediate     •   Exclusive
•   Easy          •   Dependable
•   The Latest    •   Economical
•   Advantages    •   Available
•   Affordable    •   Valuable
•YES, I CAN...
                                  •HERE’S WHAT WE CAN DO.
                                  •LET ME DO THIS.
                                  •LET’S DO THIS.
How to Transfer a Telephone Call
 Explain to the caller that you would be happy to connect them to the
 appropriate department/person they are trying to reach.

 Identify the party or department to whom you are transferring the caller to
 before you attempt the transfer.


 I will connect you with the classified inside sales department. In case we are
 disconnected and for your convenience, the number is 216-999-5555. One
 moment please while I connect your call.


 I will connect you to Ms. Maxwell's office. In case we are disconnected and
 for your convenience, Ms. Maxwell's number is 216-999-1234. One moment
 please while I connect your call.

Connect the call. Stay on the line if at all possible until the customer has
reached the appropriate party/department. If you have the caller's name
and/or reason for the transfer, give that information to the party/department
to whom you are connecting the call.

When the person/department you are connecting the caller to answers the

Identify yourself and announce the call.


Hello. This is Mary from Editorial. I am transferring Mrs. Smith to you. She
wants to place a classified ad. Go ahead Mrs. Smith. You have the Classified
Advertising department on the line.


Hello. This is Susan from Promotions. I have Mr. Rogers on the line for Ms.
Maxwell. One moment while I connect the call. Go ahead Mr. Rogers. You
have Ms. Maxwell's office.
Rephrase the caller’s
words to let them know that
YOU understand what the
call is about. If there is a
need to call the customer
back, make sure you have a
number where they can be
reached during the day!
Ideally, all customer
concerns should be
addressed within 24 hours.
A caller’s perception of a
problem is their reality.
No matter how small their
concern might seem to you,
it is important. Show the
caller that you appreciate
the fact that they cared
enough about your product
to call. After all, if it were
not for them, you would not
be in business.
Avoid making excuses
such as, the computer was
down, it’s not my
department’s fault, he/she
didn’t follow through, etc.
Excuses exasperate any
situation and are a
tremendous waste of
everyone’s time.
Ask questions to insure
that you have the necessary
information to resolve the
caller’s concern(s).
It’s too late after you
disconnect the call!
Be thorough and accurate
when writing messages and
conveying a customer’s
wants and needs to other
Take ownership. Once
you hear the caller’s
concern, it becomes...

Resolve it! You’ll feel
great about your efforts
and the customer will feel
great about you and your
How to Calm the Upset Customer

Customers, in general, are not angry at
They are angry or upset about a
situation or an event.
Sorry…seems to be the hardest word.
•   Apologize
•   Empathize
•   Reassure
•   Ask the customer what will satisfy them.
•   Tell them that you VALUE them and the
Internal Customer Service

External Customer Service

   Why does improving internal
   customer service matter?
• when employees think of customers they usually
  think external customers – readers,
  advertisers…the community at large.
• the quality of service provided by staff dealing
  directly with external customers is, to a large
  extent, dependent on the quality of support
  provided to them internally
• for internal customer service to thrive in an
  organization it must be demonstrated by
  everyone… in every aspect of there work whether
  they deal with external customers or not.
            Internal Customers

• Our Co-workers      • How do you treat co-
• Other Departments
                      • Do you share
                        successes and
                      • Do you try to make
                        others look bad…
                        thinking you’ll get
  How do we treat each other?
• You do it…that’s not my job.
• Who do they think they are… asking me
  for help?
• That’s their problem…not mine.
• I’m not getting paid for that…why should I
 Leaders Care About the Team!
• They ask if anyone needs helps and will
  accept assistance from others.
• Work well with others to accomplish set
  goals and objectives.
• Have no time for turf battles and gossip
  …they are irrelevant.
• Leaders are often the first to be promoted!
  For internal customer service to
  thrive in an organization it must be
  demonstrated by everyone… in every
  aspect of there work whether they
  deal with external customers or not.
• Acknowledgment. Excellence in internal customer
  service delivery by individuals and teams should be
  acknowledged and rewarded.
• Long-term commitment. Internal service delivery
  improvements will not happen overnight and requires a
  continuous effort by all departments and employees.
Ask Yourself These Questions…
            (from a Governmental task force on internal customer service.)

• When you answer the phone, do you identify
  yourself and your department?
• Do you apply the same levels of urgency and
  service to internal vs. external e-mails, phone
  calls, correspondence?
• When other departments contact you for help,
  do you regard it as a worthwhile and important
  use of your time?
• Do you enjoy working with other departments at
  the newspaper?
• Can you see the greater good that comes
  from helping other departments solve their
  problems or fulfill their needs?
• Do you provide information or advice to other
  departments on time?
• Do you arrive on time for internal meetings?
• Do you provide regular updates and briefings
  on your work to the rest of your department/
How can we incorporate superior
  internal customer service in
   our day-to-day operation?

People you
work with...
        …and there is always ego -
•   The Chronic Complainer
•   The Rule-Breaker
•   The Annoying Braggart
•   The Lone-Wolf
The Greedy Employee
The Joker
The Leader
The Loud Mouth
The Busy Body
The Happy Employee
The Disgruntled Employee
The Information Specialist
Keeper of the Nuts
The New Guy
The Expert
The Supervisor
The Mole
The Frustrated Employee
Da BOSS !!!!
Da Boss’ Wife
The Boss’ Kid
the best time
of the year…
           Are you in sales?

A solid grasp of product and company knowledge,
along with continual training, will give you and
your team the tools necessary to increase revenue
by gaining and retaining advertisers!
 The Importance of Product and
      Company Knowledge

You can’t sell and service
what you don’t know!

•   Features and Benefits
•   Overcoming Objections
•   What’s New
•   Role Playing
•   Scavenger Hunts
•   Daily Challenge
•   Morning Snapshot
•   Operation Smile
•   Mystery Callers
•   Monitoring
What is your Product or Products?

•   _______________________________
•   _______________________________
•   _______________________________
•   _______________________________
•   _______________________________
 Who is your audience/market?
• __________________________________
    List 10 things you KNOW about
              your product?

•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
    List 10 things you KNOW about
             your company?

•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
•   ________________   •   ________________
What obstacles do you face in providing superior
customer service to the internal and external
What are some of the positive steps YOU can
take to overcome some of these obstacles?
  Maslow’s Levels of Competency

#4 Unconscious Competency

  You no longer need to think on a conscious
  level how to perform a specific action. At the
  point of unconscious competency a habit is
  formed. We can get good at things that serve us
  or good at things that don’t.
Creating Raving Fans
Creating Raving Fans
 - Blanchard and Bowles

Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is
doing better.

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business,
you have to create “raving fans.”

                                                                                 Harvey Mackay

                            When a customer complains,
                            you know you are hearing the
                            truth ... their perception is
                            their reality.
                            When a customer is silent or
                            says “fine” with a slight smile,
                            perk up your ears--you’ve got
                            a real problem.
                 Customers who have been burned
Credibility      before don’t trust easily.

                 You are trying to pull them in and
                 they are trying to resist.
                 Consistency will overcome

                                Those who believe that the
_________________               newspaper can succeed are
_________________               instrumental to that success. It only
_________________               takes one negative person to destroy
_________________               part of your customer base and chip
_________________               away at any continued growth.

 You can make a difference! There is much more to customer
 service than meets the eye. Dedication, commitment, goals and
 emotions play an important role in the level of customer
 service you and your organization
 provides to your customers!
                              Raving Fan

1. __________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________

5. ___________________________________________________________________
The Lifetime Value
  of a Customer
     Revenue Lost to the DoubleTree Club
Houston as a Result of our November 15 Incident

                                  Our firm's total
                                  expenditures on
12,000                            Houston-area lodging
 8,000                            Dollars we'll be
 6,000                            spending at the
 4,000                            DoubleTree Club
         Calendar     Calendar         Shown in U.S. dollars
           2001         2002
Understanding the Lifetime
  Value of the Customer
     Retail Advertising…
If a customer runs a full page
b/w ad in your newspaper once
a year for 10 years, how much
will they have spent with the
newspaper ?
 Friday-Sunday Home Delivery
A home delivered subscriber (based on current Friday
thru Sunday home delivery rates) takes the newspaper
for 20 years.

How much money will that customer pay the
         Single Copy Sunday
• Mrs. Smith purchases a Sunday newspaper
  from her local store every Sunday. She has
  been doing so for the past three years.
  How much money has she spent?
26 seven-day subscribers cancelled
   today because of poor service

• How much revenue is will be lost annually?
      My Top 10 Learns As An
Advertising and Circulation Manager

  1. Training should be continual and
     mandatory. While some organizations
     will tell they have neither the budget nor
     the ability to spare the time to train their
     employees, my message to them is you
     can’t afford not to!
2. Product and Company Knowledge.
   Simply put, you can’t sell and service
   what you don’t know.
3. Communication must be wide open between
   all levels of management, their staff and
   among other departments.
   Call center staffs are often the last to know
   about important changes in the product or
   Because these folks are a vital link between
   readers/advertisers and the company it is
   imperative that they be informed and trained
   immediately on any pending product
   enhancements, changes, etc.
4. Recognition means more than money.
   The staff wants to be recognized and
   appreciated for the effort put forth day-in
   and day-out.
   Working in a newspaper’s advertising or
   circulation department can be very
   intense. Every customer must be treated
   as if they are your only customer.
   When a representative is on their 30th
   call of the day, the ability to make a
   reader/advertiser feel appreciated and
   valued requires dedication, commitment
   and talent!
5. Challenge. Implement programs such as “the
    daily challenge” or form teams to help achieve
    certain goals. Everyday should be as exciting
    as the previous day. The staff will look
    forward to coming to work because they won’t
    want to miss out on the excitement!

6. Competition is healthy. Share with the staff
   information about other like-size newspapers
   …answered call percentages, ad revenue
   gains/losses, benchmarking studies. Let them
   know where they stand.
    Involve them in developing the road map to
    becoming #1.
7.   Everybody Sells! There is a huge difference between
     an operator and a well-trained customer service
     representative. An operator answers the telephone
     and transfers the call. A customer service
     representative is employed to sell –gain and retain!

     Gone are the days of the “phone boards”. Skilled call
     center reps have a tremendous impact on our ability
     to gain and retain advertisers and readers as well as
     bring in revenue.

8.   Avoid Burnout. It is a manager’s DUTY to make
     sure his/her staff does not burn out. Burn out creates
     employee turnover, morale issues and customer
9.   Work the Floor. You can’t manage your operation
     sitting in your office. Walk the floor…listen to
     calls…take calls. Talk to your staff! You’ll be
     surprised at the difference it will make and how much
     more engaged they will become.

10. Have Fun! When conducting on-site training
    throughout the country, the one thing that I hear
    continually is that “work is not fun anymore”.
    Why? Because we are often consumed with the
    “bottom-line”, we fail to realize that our staffs
    are not smiling…not happy. Simple solutions
    are easy to implement. You and your staff will
    be glad you did!
                      A Customer Is...
The most important person to come into              Someone who has biases
      this organization whether                   and prejudices just like I do.
       in person, on the phone,                      He may not like my hair;
              or by mail.                           I may not like his clothes.
                                                 Yet he is a special human being
  The person who ultimately pays my                     and my customer.
         I really work for her.                 Someone I take care not to offend.
                                              Even when she is wrong, I point out the
Not someone with whom I should argue.             mistake indirectly and politely.
          Dale Carnegie said:
  “The only way to get the best of an        Someone who is sometimes a challenge.
       argument is to avoid it”--              I embrace the challenge and am glad
      especially with customers.               when I can turn a frown into a smile.

         Someone with whom                        Someone who is very special.
          I will learn patience,                She is my customer for a few short
         even though he is not                        minutes and I focus on
        always patient with me.                      serving her needs 100%
                                                      when I am helping her.
Someone who can make or break my day,
     depending upon how I react                   Someone with whom I will go
           to her comments.                              the “extra mile.”
      I can easily control my life               He may not realize it, but I realize
          by controlling how I                     that the difference between
         respond to situations.                 mediocre and excellent is just 10%.

                                   Rebecca L. Morgan
 Winners make things

losers let things happen.

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