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acknowledging sources--answer key


									                                          Acknowledging Sources
1. What is the right way to organize sources in a bibliography or works cited page?

    A. by type of source
    B. by date written
    C. in the order they were published
    D. alphabetically

    Kyra wrote a report about her family’s vacation in Maui, one of Hawaii’s islands. She uses several sources
to help her tell about the places she and her family visited and the wildlife they saw. Use the bibliography
entries (works cited) to answer the following questions.

Au, Guy. "Adventures in Maui." Getaways Magazine Oct. 2010: 23-25. Print.

Cruise, Gilbert. Guide to Maui. New York: Travel Books Publishing, 2007. Print.

Haraguchi, Rosabela. The Nature of Hawaii. Honolulu: Tidal Press, 2011. Print.

Kaku, Ipo. Waterfalls of Maui. Honolulu: Beautiful Books, 2009. Print.

Masimoto, Arica. "See the Sea Turtles." Ocean Wonders Monthly May 2010: 40-45.


Moku, Kaheka. “Island Destinations.” Hawaii Unlocked Jan. 2011: 80-92. Print.

Okinaga, Alana. “Family Fun.” Maui Daily News 31 Dec. 2010: C5. Print.

2. When was "Island Destinations" published?

    A. December 2010
    B. January 2011
    C. 2009
    D. 2007

3. Which page or pages of Ocean Wonders Monthly did Kyra read to find information for her

    A. C5
    B. 40-45
    C. 23
    D. 80-92
4. Which of the following sources is an article from a newspaper?

    A. "Family Fun"
    B. The Nature of Hawaii
    C. "Island Destinations"
    D. Guide to Maui

5. Which magazine published an article written by Kaheka Moku?

    A. Hawaii Unlocked
    B. "Island Destinations"
    C. Waterfalls of Maui
    D. "See the Sea Turtles"

1. D
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. A


1. Sources should be organized alphabetically by the authors' last names. If you are using two
   passages from one author, use the first word of the title to alphabetize.

2. The publication date listed in the citation for "Island Destinations" is January 2011.

3. The citation that includes Ocean Wonders Monthly lists pages 40-45 as the pages that Kyra read to
   help her find information for her report.

4. "Family Fun" is an article from Maui Daily News. The name of the newspaper is listed in the citation
   with the name of the article.

5. The citation that lists Kaheka Moku as the author shows that the article is found in the magazine
   titled Hawaii Unlocked.

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