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									                     REALTOR® INSIGHT
                                                                    July 2009

                       Design our Logo Contest

The Firelands Association of REALTORS® wanted a professional yet eye catching logo to launch
ourselves onto Facebook and Twitter to allow us to keep in touch and exchange valuable information.

We were pleased and surprised at the amount of interest we had in the contest. We had over 24 great
logos submitted. A group of members was provided a copy of the logos and asked to choose their top
three. Those choices were then submitted to the Board of Directors where it was narrowed down to
the top five entries. Those top five entries were placed on our website to view and a broadcast mes-
sage was placed on the MLS asking for your help selecting one.

The winning design was entry was No. 7 submitted by Emily Mira, Hoty Enterprises. She was
awarded two tickets to the 2009 Holiday Party to be held at the Sandusky Yacht Club. The second
place design was submitted by our own Board of Director, Tony Taylor, Executive Turn Key, Inc.
Tony was awarded gift certificates to be used for Continuing Education and/or Board dinners. The
third place entry was submitted by Elisa Rapson of Exit Homes Realty. She was awarded two tickets
for a picnic lunch at the 2009 Annual FAR Golf Outing to be held Tuesday, August, 4th at Thunder-
bird Hills South Golf Course in Huron, OH.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun event!
                                                                                               REALTOR® INSIGHT

REALTOR® Insight                    OBJECTIVE                                NEW MEMBERS

                                    FAR’s REALTOR® Insight is pub-           William Ruffing, Watson Auction & Real
The REALTOR® Insight is the offi-   lished by and for the education infor-   Estate, Tiffin, OH
cial publication of the Firelands   mation and benefit of its members
Association of REALTORS®, 2710                                               Charles DeVore, Bolte Real Estate, Port
                                    and devoted to news of the real es-      Clinton, OH
Campbell Street, Sandusky, OH       tate industry and other related and
44870.                              allied interest.                         James Dress, Howard Hanna, Port Clin-
                                                                             ton, OH
The Firelands Association serves
five counties:                      Advertisements of general interest
                                                                             Len Goodwin, Maple Tree Realty, Nor-
                                    are accepted, but in no way should be
Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky                                                walk, OH
                                    construed as an endorsement by the
and Seneca.                         Firelands Association of REAL-           Brian Donnamiller, Danhoff-
                                    TORS®. FAR makes every effort to         Donnamiller, Willard, OH
                                    ensure the accuracy of the informa-
OFFICERS                            tion published but assumes no re-        Manuel Glynias, Edmond Hoty Real Es-
                                                                             tate, Huron, OH
Leonard A. Partin, President        sponsibility for damages due to er-
                                    rors or omissions.                       Philip Pisano, Stadtmiller Realty, San-
Jeff Berquist, Vice President
                                                                             dusky, OH
Ruth DeHenning, CEO                 All copies for publication should be
                                    sent to the Editor by the 20th of each Becky Webb, RE/MAX Lakeshore Re-
                                    month, rates available upon request. alty, Port Clinton, OH
                                                                             New MLS Office
Dianne Level, 2010                  All copies submitted are subject to
                                    editing at the Editors discretion.       Mike Fanous, RE/MAX Classic Realty,
Donna Schoonmaker, 2011                                                      Broadview Hts., OH
Christine Prine, Affiliate          Executive Officer/Publisher
                                    Ruth DeHenning RCE                       Joyce Leduc, Ohio State Realty, Rocky
David Biechele, 2010                E-mail:               River, OH

Sara Wingart. 2009                                                           New MLS Salesperson
                                    MLS Administrator
Anthony Taylor, 2009                Linda James                              Peter Formica, Keller Williams Realty
Norma Schaechterle, 2009            E-mail:                   Greater Cleveland, Westlake, OH

Tammy Steinle, 2010                                                          James Weiland, Keller Williams Realty
                                    Admin. Assistant/Web Admin.
                                                                             Greater Cleveland, Westlake, OH
Scott Biechele, Past President      Connie Knerr
                                    E-mail:                  Cheryl Wiegand, RE/MAX Classic Re-
                                                                             alty, Broadview Hts., OH

                                                                             Kelly Stocker, Jim Wilson Realty, Tiffin,

                                                                             Mary Lopriore, Howard Hanna, Avon
                                                                             Lake, OH

                                                                             Audrey Jackson, Wilson Realty, Tiffin,

                                                                             New Affiliate Office

                                                                             Kelleah R. Oddo, Limelight Home Stag-
                                                                             ing LLC, Clyde, OH
        Mark Your Calendars
              July 2009
22                                     REP—Christmas in July, Peg’s Cottage
30-31                                                  CRS—Technology 201
                                                          REALTOR® Hall
                                                               8am—5 pm
                                                            $295 per Agent

             August 2009

4                            Golf Outing, Thunderbird Hills South Golf Course
                                                          11 am Shotgun Start
                                                        5:30 pm Picnic Supper
                                         Call the Board Office for registration

11                                                              Put-In-Bay CE
                                                 Ethics CE—New Case Studies
                                                          10:30 am—1:30 pm
                                          Call the Board Office for registration

12                                                              Put-In-Bay CE
                                            Civil Rights—10:30 am—1:30 pm
                                          Call the Board Office for registration

            September 2009
2                                                      Board Luncheon, Noon

17                             Directors Meeting, 9:30 am, REALTOR® Hall

20-23                                             OAR Convention, Columbus

             October 2009
7                                                        Annual Meeting, CIC
15-16                                      Resort & Second Home Conference
                                                           REALTOR® Hall
                                                             8 am—5:30 pm
                                                             $239 per Agent
22                                               Director s Meeting, 9:30 am,
                                                            REALTOR® Hall
27                                                        REP Charity Auction

            November 2009
11-16                                             NAR Convention, San Diego

25                                             Board Office will close at Noon
26-27                                                     Board Office Closed

            December 2009
3                                                  Directors Meeting, 5:30 pm,

15                                                  Rep Christmas—Deanna’s
18                                                         Holiday Party, SYC
                                                                                      REALTOR® INSIGHT

Firelands Association of Realtors
Directors Meeting
June 18, 2009, 9:30 a.m.

  The Firelands Association of Realtors board of directors met at 9:30 a.m. on June 18th at the Association of-
fices, those present were: Jeff Berquist, Scott Biechele, David Biechele, Chris Prine, Tammy Steinle, Diane
Level, Donna Schoonmaker, Norma Schaechterle, Tony Taylor, Sara Wingart, guests, Bob Miller, Columbus
Bd., Tom Williams, Youngstown Columbiana Bd., Ruth DeHenning and Pres. Len Partin presided over the

  The OAR Treasurer’s Office Candidates Bob Miller and Tom Williams were first on the agenda. After their
presentations, the candidates were on their way.

The consent agenda was approved as received.

New members accepted into membership were: Kelleah R. Oddo, Limelight Home Staging, Clyde, Affiliate;
Peter J. Formica and James Weiland Keller Williams Realty Greater Cleveland, Westlake, William Ruffing,
Watson Auction & Real Estate, Tiffin; Charles DeVore, Bolte Real Estate, Port Clinton; Len Goodwin, Maple
Tree Realty, Norwalk; Brian Donnamiller, Danhoff-Donnamiller, Willard; Manuel Glynias, Edmond Hoty
Real Estate, Huron, Philip Pisano, Stadtmiller Realty, Sandusky, all became members.
Committee Reports: MLS and Tech. Chairman David Biechele gave the MLS Committee report. A motion
was made to increase the fee for a new office to $400 for a new board office and $600 for a new MLS office.
Effective date July 1, 2009. The motion was seconded and passed. ( note, this is the first increase in these fees
for 20 years)

  The Scholarship Committee asked that their budget be adjusted to allow them to spend an additional $500.,
above their current budget amount, to be used to give 10 scholarships of $100 each, max. one per Firelands
Bd. Office to be used for the RSPS Class that we are holding on Oct. 15 and 16 for the Ohio Association and
also do the same for the July 30/31 CRS class that we are sponsoring. The motion was made, seconded and

 Chris Prine gave a report on the golf outing, Aug 4, which will be a shotgun start at Thunderbird South, 11:00
a.m. She encouraged everyone to spread the word, since we are having a shotgun start, we had to guarantee a
minimum of 120 players.

  President Partin appointed David Biechele, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, along with members
Donna Schoonmaker and Jeff Berquist. They are set with the task of finding 2 nominees for each of 3 Direc-
tors seats to be filled in the October election. They are to have their suggestions to Ruth by July 15th.

After much discussion a motion was made to endorse Tom Williams, for OAR Treasurer, the reason most sited
was that he was from a board, closer in size to ours. They were very impressed with each of the candidates.
The motion was seconded and passed.

 Diane Level gave us 4 resource guides to hand out to members, at their request.

 The next scheduled Directors Meeting will be Sept 17, 2009.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ruth E. DeHenning, RCE, CEO

                           NEW FROM ADWRITER
                           Online link for each agent or office Homes
                            Digest FREE with the purchase of every
                                printed order is now available.

                           Once the digest is approved and printed the
                         link will be emailed to the agent or office and
                                      available for 30 days.

                          Agents and offices can email this link to cli-
                           ents. The link can serve as another search
                               engine for homebuyers and sellers.

                         Call AdWriter, Inc. at 1.800.646.7323 or visit

                   Annual Election and Awards Night
                   ….is coming soon.

                     We will once again hold our Annual Election
                   and Awards Night at the CIC on Oct. 7th.

                     We will have 3 ( three) Directors seats open, if you are
                   Interested in running, please call one of the nominating
                   Committee: David Biechele, Jeff Berquist or Donna
                   Schoonmaker. Our by-laws demand that we have at least
                   2 nominees for each open seat.

                     Just in case you aren’t ask and don’t make the call to one
                   of these people, you can be nominated from the floor at the
                   September 2nd luncheon meeting.

                                                            OAR Tech Hotline
                                               866.478.TECH (8324) for free technical assistance for
                                               your operating systems, hardware, software, digital
                                               cameras and much, much more. Experts are available 7
                                               days a week: M-F 8 am—8pm, S-S 10 am—4 pm.
     Specialty Classes coming in 2009
               to Firelands
                                                        Tips for Fighting Spam
                    CRS 201
                                               Check the website’s privacy policy when you are sub-
                   July 30& 31                 mitting your e-mail address

                                               Use separate e-mail addresses for personal messages
         Resort & Second Homes                 and chat rooms and newsgroups
             October 15 & 16
                                               Choose a unique e-mail address, such as

                                               Use an e-mail filter
                   Condolences to the
                                               Forward unwanted/deceptive e-mail to the Federal
                   families of                 Trade Commission at

                                               Complain to the sender’s Internet Service Provider
                   Thomas A. Bittner,
                                               Forward spam to your Internet Service Provider’s abuse
                   Former Broker               desk.

                   Lori Berardi, Sister of
                   Joanne Berardi of Strayer
                   Group, Sandusky, OH

                               MLS Changes
                   The MLS Committee met June 12, 2009 and
                   the following changes will be implemented.

                   1   The township field will become a man-
                       datory field. A drop box will be created.

                   2. The number of pictures allowed per list-
                      ing will increase from 9 to 16. This has
                      already been implemented.

                   3. We are also checking with Rapattoni to
                      see if a feature to print photos only of a
                      listing can be created.

                   4. The New Office Fee for FAR will in-
                      crease from $200 to $400 and the New
                      Office Fee for the MLS will increase
                      from $300 to $600 effective July 1, 2009.
                                                                                           REALTOR® INSIGHT

                               Exclusion? What exclusion?

Just a few days ago while visiting with a friendly competitor a controversy came up that I believed had
been addressed a long time ago. Hard feelings between fellow Realtors was more than just evident. An-
ger was certainly present and obviously difficult to contain.

It went down like this. Broker A made an offer on Broker X’s listing. Broker X later informed Broker
A his offer was rejected and the seller of the subject property had decided to sell the property had de-
cided to sell the property to the exclusion.

“What exclusion?” Broker A exclaimed. There was no mention of an exclusion in the MLS offering.
According to Broker A Broker X then told him that he was under no obligation to inform anyone if an
exclusion existed or not.

Ding Dong! Hear the bell? Trouble wants in… We’re not talking about an exclusion such as a light
fixture or refrigerator. The exclusion we are addressing here is the exclusion of a potential buyer. Ex-
clusions are not illegal but they usually aren’t smart either. Normally the best course of action is to
avoid them. If you can’t avoid them for some reason please don’t let your fellow Realtor grope around
in the dark. Tell him right upfront and let him hear the truth. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

Remember it is our first and foremost responsibility to do all we can to prevent confusing issues that can
lead to confrontations. Co-operation is the primary reason the existence of the Board of Realtors.


                    Ohio’s housing market continued to provide positive signs of stabilization
                    in April—posting an increase in sales over the prior month for the third
                    consecutive reporting period and a renewed buzz among the industry’s pro-
                    fessionals that consumers are poised to get off the fence and into the mar-
                    ket, reports the Ohio Association of REALTORS®.

      “We’re optimistic about the long-term prospects of the Ohio real estate marketplace...the
      light at the end of the tunnel is not too far off” said OAR President Jonathan M. Hall.
      “The housing sector in the Buckeye State, like much of the nation, has begun to shake off
      the doldrums brought on by the financial crisis and global economic downturn.

      “While not reflected in our sales activity report, REALTORS® throughout the state are
      reporting increased interest among potential buyers as a result of the $8,000 non-
      repayable tax credit for the first time home buyers, the historic low interest rates, an abun-
      dance of affordable housing in all price categories and realistic expectations among both
      buyers and sellers.” Hall added.

      Statewide sales of new and existing home during the first four months of the year (January
      through April) total 26,838, 19.1 percent behind the 33, 194 sales posted during the period
      a year ago.

                                                                       Corporate Filly
                                                            The Dakota Indians of North America passed on this
                                                            piece of wisdom from generation by word of mouth - "If
                                                            you are riding a dead horse the best thing to do is dis-
                                                            mount". However in the corporate world because of the
                                                            heavy investment factor other things to be tried, (but not
                                                            limited to) are the following

                                                            * buy a stronger whip

                                                            * change riders

                                                            * threaten the horse with termination

                                                            * appoint a committee to study the horse

                                                            * arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride dead

                                                            * lower the standards so dead horses can be included

                                                            * appoint an intervention team to reanimate the horse

                                                            * create a training session to increase the riders load

                                                            * reclassify the horse as 'living impaired'

                                                            * change the form so it reads "This horse is not dead"

                                                            * hire outside contractors to ride the dead horse

                                                            * harness several dead horses together for increased
                                                            speed and efficiency

                                                            * donate the dead horse to a recognized charity therefore
                                                            deducting its full original cost.

                                                            * provide additional funding to increase horse's perform-

                                                            * do a time management study to see if lighter riders
            Have you seen our new                           would improve productivity
             “ Facebook Page”?                              * purchase an after market product that makes dead
                                                            horses run faster

                                                            * declare the dead horse has lower overheads and is
                                                            therefore more cost effective

                                                            * form a quality focus group to find profitable uses for
                                                            dead horses
 Firelands has made it with their new LOGO!
                                                            * rewrite the performance requirements for horses

  If not, you better look now, your photo might be there,   * and finally if all else fails.....promote the dead horse into
you just never know what we might find in a drawer at       a supervisory (management) position
the board office. Join now, get with the newest technol-

                                                                                            Legislative Issues
                                                                                            ( quick overview)

                                                                                      As always our #1 Goal is Private Prop-
                                                                                    erty Rights Federal Issues – Efforts are
                                                                                    being undertaken to extend
                                                                                    and expand S. 1230 – Senator Johnny
                                                                                    Isakson to make a $15,000 tax credit
                                                                                    available to all purchases, non

                                                                                    Health Care Reform must address the
                                                                                    needs of the self-employed and small
                                                                                    employers. Consumer Financial Protec-
                                                                                    tion Agency to regulate risky products.

                                                                                    Cap & Trade….green building incentives
                                                                                    for HUD Housing, limit “energy label-
                                                                                    ing) to new construction.

                                                                                    State Issues: Biennial Budget, cuts to
                                                                                    higher education, k-12 and Medicaid
                                                                                    Septic System Regulation, Foreclosures,
                                                                                    Meth Labs and increase recording fees.

                                                                                    RPAC is soooo…. Important, we need to
                                                                                    be visible when these decisions are
                                                                                    made. If you haven’t given your “fair
                                                                                    share” yet, it is

                               Erie County Real Estate Investors Association
                                                           July 8, 2009

   Last nights meeting of the Erie County Real Estate Investors Association was conducted under the banner of “well there’s good
news — and bad news.”
   The good news was that Jeff Berquist provided our members with an excellent program. His presentation as always was ener-
getic and highly informative. Jeff explained to our investor membership the obligations and ethical behavior they have the right to
expect when they employ us to sell one of their properties. His presentation was spiced with examples and completely appreciated
by the attending members.
   The bad news was that this particular meeting turned out to be the poorest attended we’ve had since we started some eight of
nine months ago. Those not in attendance certainly missed a highly informative program very professionally delivered.
   The board members of ECREIA have now planned their programs for the next six months and when they confirmed I will pass
on the agendas to our FAOR members. I can assure you they will be informative and highly interesting to all types of local real
estate entrepreneurs.
   Once again I encourage all of our members who may be landlords or those who have some landlords or other types of investors
for clients to look into membership in this organization. Their mission of cooperation and information improving the well being
of all real estate investors is indeed a crucial one. We also have excellent treats, free coffee and some laughs along the way.
                                                                                 REALTOR® INSIGHT

                        MLS REMINDERS & NEWS……….

EXCLUSIONS….. If you have a listing with exclusions, please put them in AGENT REMARKS.
You do not have to disclose the name, but be able to give information when an agent calls you.

MULTIPLE UNITS…..All units must have information regarding the individual unit including
number of bedrooms, baths, if rented/leased, amount of rent and square feet (if possible).

OWNER OF PROPERTY…The owners name must be listed, unless it is stated in the listing
agreement to withhold it. That listing agreement should then be faxed to the MLS office.

PHOTO…. The first photo must be of the outside of the home.
        You must take your own pictures; do not use other agents.
        You can now enter 16 photos.

FORECLOSURES….When listing a foreclosure/bank owned property include the words ‘as is’ in
the MARKETING REMARKS. When searching for a foreclosure, put the words ‘as is’ in the mar-
keting remarks field, and it should bring up all foreclosures.

Whenever you have a problem getting information, photos, etc, call the MLS office to avoid a fine.

             Month                      Average Sales Price                Number of Sales
    June 1, 2009—June 30, 2009               $117,880                            204

    June 1, 2008—June 30, 2008               $117,335                            213

  January 1, 2009—June 30, 2009               $99,628                            897

FAR PROFILES— Larry Engel—Envoy Mortgage
                                               Larry Engle of Envoy Mortgage was born in Lakewood, OH. His family
                                               members include his beautiful wife, Christie of 27 years and 4 children:
                                               Shannon, Nicole, Corrine, Ryan, 4 grandchildren and a one eyed dog
                                               named Cody!

                                               Larry knew he wanted to be involved with Real Estate when he met
                                               Heather Gerber at his previous job selling industrial packaging supplies
                                               and she pulled him over to The Money Source Mortgage Co. What a
                                               change for a salesman, now people are asking him for money! He thought
                                               he wanted to be a school teacher.

He became active in Real Estate in the year 2000. When Larry is not working he enjoys the outdoors—anything from
yard work (therapy) to camping, skiing or watching the sunset. He has a weakness for cookies and helping people who
no one has time for. The diversity of his skills in his background that allows him to empathize with a broad range of
customers is what surprises people most about Larry. His pet peeve is people who lack attention to detail.

The last book Larry read was The Questions of Jesus by John McLaughlin. Most people don’t know that he typically
works until 7 pm or later. His next personal goal is delegating responsibilities at home & work in order to empower oth-
ers, grow Envoy Mortgage and enjoy more free time.

Attentive, Easy Going and Caring are the three words Larry feels best describe him. If he weren’t working now, he
would be at Cedar Point with his 2 youngest kids or doing yard work.

 Larry said the benefits of Envoy Mortgage membership in FAR is getting to know other people in the same industry with
similar interests.

Firelands Association of REALTORS®
2710 Campbell Street
Sandusky, OH 44870

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