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            Taurus 60-7001 Co Gen 5000Kw/50Hz Gas Turbine Package
Asking Price: Gas Turbine with Auxiliary:               USD $3.2 MM – Ex works
               Dismantling charge.
               Waste Heat Recovery System (Boiler):     USD $2.15 MM

                 Specification Sheet of Gas Turbine Generator Set

Sr. No.            System                                       Details
A) Basic information
   1       Make / Model          Solar Turbines, USA / Taurus 60-7001, skid mounted
   2       Year of installation /1998 / 51,836 Hr. First major engine overhaul carried out at 30,000
                                 operating hour in the year 2002 /
           Total operation hours /
           Status                Unit in Excellent Operating condition
   3       Rating                ISO rating: 5000 KW, Generator Rating : Continuous duty, 3
                                 phase AC, 11 KV, 50 HZ , 0.8 pf
 B) Components / Accessories details
    1    Gas Turbine Engine      #12 stage compressor, annular combustor with #12 injectors, #3
                                 stage Turbine, self contained, completely integrated, single shaft,
                                 axial flow
    2    Generator               sleeve bearings with forced fed sump, six lead WYE connection,
                                     PMG exciter, anti condensation heaters, etc., insulation confirming
                                     to NEMA Class F. NGR,
   3       Gearbox                   star compound, epicyclic main reduction drive ( 14944/1500 rpm)
                                     directly bolted to turbine with shear coupling and accessories
                                     drive pads for lube oil pump and start motor.
   4       Start system              direct drive AC with VFD,
   5       Fuel firing system        duel: Natural Gas / Liquid (naphtha, #2 diesel, kerosene. liquid
                                     firing off skid system consisting of booster pumps, filters, skid
                                     mounted high pressure pump, presently operating on naphtha
   6       Lube oil system           pre/post lube pump, off skid lube oil cooler, lube oil tank, vent
   7       Control system            consol mounted Turbotronic microprocessor based, PLC based,
                                     electronic speed and load sensing governor with woodword EPG
                                     load sensing module, with CRT display for supervisory interface,
                                     predictive trend monitoring, printer /logger, alarms and shutdown
                                     indications, various field instrumentation, Vibration monitoring
                                     system for turbine, gearbox and generator; bearing temperature
                                     monitoring system
   8       Generator control and     electric metering panel, synchroscope, exciter field meters,
           monitoring                synchronizing system, voltage adjust, KW controller KVAR/Power
                                     factor controller, temperature monitoring system.
    9      Accessories               off crank cleaning system, 24 V battery / charger system
   10      Air inlet system          GDX suction filters, ducting, chiller, shock pulse cleaning system,
                                     silencer and bellows.
   11      Exhaust system            bellow exhaust ducting, silencer
   12      Acoustic enclosure        ventilation fan, ventilation silencer, interior lighting, dust protection
                                     system, turbine handling equipment,
   13      Fire detection,           automatic electronically controlled CO2 based
           suppression system
   14      Miscellaneous             one set of overhauling tools, one set of maintenance spares, one
                                     set of O & M manuals, drawings. Language of instruction: English

              Specification Sheet of Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Sr. No.            System                                            Details
A) Basic information
   1       Make / Model         ERI, USA, USA designed as per ASME / MFA- 4 - 99
   2                            1998
           Year of installation /
                                51,700 Hr
           Total operation hours /
           Status               Unit in Excellent Operating condition
   3       Rating               700 psig, 83800 lbs/hr, 752 deg C, installed at downstream of
                                GTG mentioned above
B) Components / Accessories details
   1    Boiler furnace          shop assembled, plane & finned water tubes, air tight water cooled
                                furnace with integral boiler structure, insulation, refractory,
                                cladding, integral support structure, inspection door
   2    Boiler drum             two water drums, one steam drum, steam separators, mountings,
                                connections, automatic blowdown control system,
   3    Superheater             shop assembled integral, finned tube coils, inlet/outlet headers,
                      mountings and connections
4    Economiser       shop assembled, finned tube, mountings, inlet/outlet headers,
                      ducting and connections, inspection doors
5    Burners          COEN USA supplied duel firing; front wall mounted #2 CPF 37.5
                      register burners for fuel oil /natural gas firing suitable for fresh air
                      or supplementary firing. Duty 114 MMBTU /Hr (LHV).
6    Sootblowers      eight sootblowers for superheater, furnace & economiser with
                      motor drives, motor starters, push buttons and control panel,
                      operation through boiler PLC.
7    Desuperheater    spray nozzle, control valve station, piping
8    Control system   free standing NEMA-12 control panel, Allen Bradley SLC-5/04 PLC
                      for boiler operation and interlocking alarm, sootblower control,
                      communication with SCL based BMS. PC based graphic operator
                      interface, field mounted COEN DB-1000 BMS system panel for
                      boiler startup, shutdown and field instrumentation.
9    Fuel rack        skid mounted complete piping and field controls, for pilot gas,
                      LSHS, atomising steam, naphtha includes various items like filters,
                      pneumatically actuated shutoff, control valves , limit switches,
                      interconnecting hoses, instrumentation, internal cabling
10   Accessories      scanner cooling blower unit, fresh air fan with isolation damper &
                      inlet damper, seal cooling fan with isolation damper, various
                      interconnecting ducting, 45 Meter high COR-TEN steel chimney,
                      diverter valve, expansion joints, blanking plate, #2 motor driven
                      boiler feed water pumps, feed water piping, feed control valve &
                      station, atomizing steam, piping, atmospheric blow down tank,
                      operating platform ladders, support structure, associated motors
                      for drives, MCC’s, control and electrical cables, cable trays etc.
11   Miscellaneous    one set of maintenance spares, one set of O & M manuals,
                      drawings. Language of instruction: English

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