All District Choir Auditions by 5Uw254


									                             All District Choir Auditions
                                Saturday, November 6
                       Sandusky Middle School - Lynchburg, VA

        Your child is interested in auditioning for the All District Choir. The Auditions
will be held on Saturday, November 6 at Sandusky Middle School in Lynchburg, VA.
Northside will be taking a school bus to the auditions. You will need to drop your child
off at NMS on that Saturday morning (departure time will be announced at a later date)
and then pick your child up at NMS that afternoon after auditions (that time will also be
announced at a later date). Auditioning for the All District Choir is not required, but I
highly encourage all choir students to take advantage of this opportunity. The cost to
audition is $8.00 (this pays for the judges) and will need to be paid by Friday, October 1st.
Checks can be written to Northside Middle School.
        Approximately 1,000 students from 38 schools in the district audition for the All
District Choir each year, and about 400 are selected to be in the Choir. If your child
auditions and makes the All District Choir, they will spend Two days, February 12 - 13,
2011, rehearsing at George Washington High School in Danville, VA with the other 400
students and complete with a concert for family and friends that Saturday, February 13,
2011. It is a HUGE honor to be selected for the All District Choir. Last year, Northside
had 6 middle school students make the Middle School District Choir and 11 High School
students make the High School District Choir! If your child is a Junior or Senior and they
are selected to sing in the All District Choir, they will have the opportunity to audition for
the All State Choir that very same weekend.
        The audition consists of singing a prepared song “Whither Must I Wander” which
we are learning in class and sight-singing which we are also working on in class. Each
student will sing individually for 2 judges and results will be released the week after
auditions. I will also hold a few after school practices for students wishing to have more
individual practice time with me!
        If you would like for your child to audition, please fill out the form below and
send the $8.00 fee to Mrs. Truxillo by October 1st. A formal Roanoke County Schools
permission form will be sent home once the departure time is established. As always,
please contact me with any questions!!!!

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 Yes, my child will audition for the High School All District Choir on Saturday,
November 6

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