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					Line Review 2009
A Strong History and Future Growth

 • Contech designs, manufactures and markets products for the
   pet, garden and pest control sectors
 • Profitable with 20 years of continuous sales growth
 • Over 800 active customers in North America, including leading
   big box, specialty retail, distribution, mail order and Internet
 • Full-time sales, marketing, and public relations team that
   represents Contech products at over 30 tradeshows per year
   and achieved over 450 media hits and 350 million media
   impressions in 2007
 • 2007 Innovation of the Year, Business Examiner Awards; 2007
   Newsmaker of the Year, VIATeC (Vancouver Island Advanced
   Technology Association); 2007 Manufacturer of the Year
   Finalist, Business Examiner; 2007 Technology Company of the
   Year Finalist, VIATeC
A Dedicated Team

       Mark Grambart                                            Allen Spigelman
         President & CEO                                       Vice President of Sales &

    Andy Conrad              Andy has more than 20 years of experience working with key
    Key Account Executive    accounts including big box, specialty retail, distribution, mail order
                             and Internet retailers.

  Charlie Greene             Charlie has more than five years of experience
                             managing corporate customer service for Contech.
Corporate Customer Service
Our Focus: Helping Drive Retail Sales

  With Public Relations Campaigns
  • Public relations focused organization – broad media penetration with
     dedicated internal staffing working hard to place samples and stories
  • High-traffic, online web-discussion forum

  With Packaging & POPs
  • Clear, crisp packaging that communicates innovation and benefits
  • Award-winning interactive point-of-purchase displays
  • Ability to design customized packaging for large customers

  With World Class Customer Service
  • Simple return policies and solid warranties
  • Phone, e-mail and web-based support for customers
  • Industry reputation for excellence in customer service
Strong Public and Media Relations
Recent media coverage includes:

                                  THE GLOBE & MAIL
Yard, Garden and Pond Protection

                               •Attractive retail
                                packaging and
Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control
Professional Products…Now Available to Consumers

     •   Technology that was previously available only for professional and
         government applications – now available to consumers
     •   Product line is significantly more effective than current leading products, with
         stronger packaging and environmental benefits
     •   Broad application and low price mean wide appeal
     •   Indoor and outdoor, year-round, and seasonal products
Yellow Jacket & Wasp Traps

                    •   Outperform competitive yellow
                         jacket and wasp traps by 2x to

                    •   Patented trap design and bait and
                        lure system create repeat
                        consumable purchases

                    •   Packaging conveys key benefits
                         •   most effective
                         •   reusable
                         •   environmentally-friendly
Patented Fruit Fly Trap
Outperforms next best competitor by 3:1

                                    Contech 3x better than the next best traps
                                                    (number of fruit flies caught)


                                     Vector 960          Vector 96              Vector 960


                                         Natural Catch

                                     •     Effectively traps and eliminates adult fruit flies
                                     •     Repeatable scientific studies prove
                                     •     100% pesticide-free
                                     •     Attractive design blends in to kitchen or other
                                           home location
                                     •     Packaging conveys key benefits
                                            •   most effective
                                            •   reusable
                                            •   environmentally-friendly
Indoor and Outdoor Fly Traps:
Reclaim kitchens and backyards

                                 • All natural, attractant technology
                                  effective against most flies

                                 • Proven, patented trap and lure system
                                  is ideal for indoor and outdoor use

                                 • Packaging conveys key benefits
                                    • most effective
                                    • reusable
                                    • environmentally-friendly
Flour & Pantry Moth:
Effectively trap the world’s top indoor pest species

                              • Effectively catches the #1 stored products
                                insect pest: the Indian meal moth (Plodia

                              • Patented trap design proven to be best of all
                                tested moth traps available for retail sale

                              • Year-round appeal for home applications
                                including pantries, bird seed, and other stored

                              • Packaging conveys key benefits
                                  •   most effective
                                  •   reusable and single-use SKUs
                                  •   environmentally-friendly
Window Fly Trap

                  • All natural attractant technology
                   effective against most flies

                  • Proven, patented trap and lure system
                   is ideal for indoor use

                  • Packaging conveys key benefits
                     •   most effective
                     •   reusable
                     •   environmentally-friendly
Strengthening the Product Line

  Item               Contech Added Value

  Wasp Trap          •   Efficacy proven 4x better than disposable; 20x better than re-usable
                     •   Sustained performance – up to 30 days without losing power
                     •   Stronger packaging
                     •   Environmentally-friendly
                     •   Easy-to-use
  Fruit Fly Trap     •   Extremely effective
                     •   Controls infestation
                     •   Appealing packaging
                     •   Environmentally-friendly
  Moth Trap          •   Catches both females and males
                     •   Effective packaging, environmentally-friendly
                     •   Year-round appeal
  Outdoor Fly Trap   •   No aerosol or chemicals
                     •   Environmentally-friendly and reusable
                     •   Highly effective
ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal
               The ScareCrow® motion-activated deterrent
               keeps animal intruders away from your pond
               or garden with a harmless blast of water.

                 • Works day and night without
                   chemicals or unsightly barriers
                 • Protects approximately 1200 square
                 • Conserves water – uses just two
                   cups per deterrence
                 • Operates for up to six months on a
                   single, nine-volt battery
                 • Mounting bracket available
Attractive POP Displays

                           Attractive POP displays to
                           grab the customer’s attention

                          • Ships packed and ready for

                          • Clear, consistent messaging

                          • Displays are available at no

                          • Optional sizes and display
                           options available
CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

                When cats come within range, the
                CatStop™ emits a sudden, startling burst
                of ultrasonic sound that teaches cats to
                stay away
                • Provides a safe and effective
                • Protects day and night without
                  chemicals or unsightly barriers
                • Monitors up to 280 square feet (26
                  square meters)
                • Operates for up to six months on a
                  single, nine-volt battery
SquirrelStop Automatic Spinning Squirrel Deterrent

                    The SquirrelStop™ safely and harmlessly
                    protects your hanging bird feeder from hungry
                    squirrels, so birds can enjoy their food

                         • Works with any hanging bird
                           feeder weighing up to 10
                         • Easy to use and requires no
                         • Safe and harmless to squirrels
                           and birds
Mountain Pine Beetle Repellent

                How does Contech’s pine beetle repellent work?
                Verbenone—the active ingredient in Contech’s Pine
                Beetle Repellent—is a synthetic version of a
                naturally occurring signal pheromone. It replicates
                the beetle’s own pheromone, sending a message
                that the tree is full of beetles and new beetles
                should look elsewhere for a more suitable host.
SlugsAway Electronic Slug and Snail Fence

                 SlugsAway® is a safe and effective alternative
                 to slug and snail baits. The electronic
                 deterrent surrounds your garden or flower bed
                 with a harmless, yet effective, barrier

                   Pesticide free--no chemicals and
                   Harmlessly repels slugs and snails

                   Safe for children and pets
                   Easy to set up and use
                   Extension fences available separately
                   to protect larger areas
Pet Training and Wellness
Established in 1987, Contech Electronics is a designer and provider of pet training
and wellness products for pet owners around the world. Safe and effective
products like the ScatMat pet training mat continue to reinforce the company’s
reputation as a leading innovator in the pet industry
ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat

               The ScatMat® automatic indoor pet training mat
               uses a mild and harmless static pulse to safely
               and effectively teach your pet to stay away from
               areas you want to protect

                • Provides an instant and memorable
                • Corrects unwanted behavior consistently,
                  day or night
                • Operates for up to six months on a single,
                  nine-volt battery
                • Uses transparent material to blend into any
                • Can be joined with extension ScatMats to
                  increase coverage (up to four in a series)
DrinkBetter Water Bowl

                The DrinkBetter bowl slows down
                your dog’s drinking to promote better
                health and reduce mess

                 •   Prevents dogs from drinking too
                 •   Helps dogs avoid soaking their
                     ears and muzzle
                 •   Minimizes the mess left by a
                     sloppy drinker
                 •   Ensures your dog’s comfort with
                     a smooth, ergonomic design
                 •   Sturdy, non-skid design
                     constructed of K-Resin® SBC – a
                     high quality, food-grade polymer
                     that does not contain Bisphenol A
EatBetter Food Bowl

                 The EatBetter bowl slows down
                 your dog’s eating for improved
                 digestion and better overall health

                 •    Slows down your dog’s eating
                 •    Reduces vomiting, bloating
                      and the risk of dangerous
                      gastric dilatation and volvulus
                      (GDV) in dogs
                 •    Improves absorption of
                      nutrients through better
                 •    Discourages overeating
StayAway Automatic Pet and Pest Deterrent

                The StayAway™ detects motion within three
                feet, and responds with a warning sound and a
                brief, harmless spray of compressed air to
                warn your pet away

                • Safely keeps cats away from protected
                • Detects motion up to three feet (one
                   meter) away
                • Combines sound with compressed air
                   for a harmless, odorless deterrent
                • Operates up to 200 times on a single,
                   replaceable canister of compressed air
WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking
                 The WaterDog® automatic outdoor pet
                 drinking fountain senses your dog’s approach
                 and automatically dispenses a cool, clean
                 stream of fresh drinking water

                  •   Operates automatically, providing
                      fresh water when your pet
                  •   Accommodates your dog day and
                      night for up to one year on just four,
                      C-cell batteries
                  •   Connects quickly and easily to any
                      outdoor faucet
                  •   Includes a flow-through Y connector
                      to accommodate your garden hose
Contech Customer Service

             Customer Service
 • All Contech products come with a
   30-day, money-back guarantee
   and a two-year warranty
 • ‘Call-us-first’ cards ensure that
   Contech is the first to respond to
   customer enquiries
 • Phone, e-mail and web-based
 • Industry reputation for excellence
   in customer service
 • Product instruction manuals and      Contech Customer Service Team:
                                           Alaina, Jessica and Charlie
   troubleshooting support available
Warranty Information

              Contech products come with a two-year
              warranty and a 30-day money back
              guarantee. If your customer should
              experience problems with a Contech
              product, we have dedicated customer
              service representatives standing by to help
              answer questions.

              Contech products contain “call us first” cards.
              If your customers have a question about a
              Contech product, we can answer it!

              Our toll free customer service number is:


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