Managed Services (DOC) by huanghengdong


									            Managed Services                        Bronze     Silver        Gold      Complete
              Showing Base Price                   $175/mo    $275/mo      $375/mo     $475/mo

On-site service
Includes prescheduled technical service
hours per month dedicated for managing,
                                                     2 Hrs      4 Hrs       6 Hrs       8 Hrs
consulting, designing, building, fixing,
training, and advising on your business IT

Discounted Hourly Rate
For any additional on-site service. Over             $70        $60         $55         $50
your included monthly allowance.

Emergency Pop-Dispatch™
Guaranteed 4-hour on-site / 1-hour on-
                                                       2          4        Unlimited   Unlimited
cloud responses per month.

      Help Desk Support

24x7 Remote Help Desk Support
Includes on-demand 24/7 Help Desk Support            5 Hrs     10 Hrs      Unlimited   Unlimited
via Remote Access. Additional hours are extra.

Discounted Remote Help Desk
For additional Remote Help Desk service over         $20        $10          $0          $0
you included monthly allowance, billed per
session. No hourly charges apply.

      Per Device Pricing

Managed Workstation Service                          $25        $20         $15         $10
Price per each networked PC or server                / mo       / mo         / mo        / mo
  Remote Network Monitoring with
                                                   Included   Included     Included    Included
  Automated Alerts

  Managed Antivirus / Antispyware                  Included   Included     Included    Included

  Preventive Software Patch
                                                   Included   Included     Included    Included

  Software License Management &                     $5/mo      $5/mo
                                                                           Included    Included
  Compliance Reporting                              Per PC     Per PC

                                                    $5/mo      $5/mo
  Inventory Management Reporting                                           Included    Included
                                                    Per PC     Per PC

  Proactive Performance Tuning                     Included   Included     Included    Included

  End User Secure Remote Desktop                    $10/mo     $10/mo
                                                                           Included    Included
  Access & VPN                                      per PC     Per PC

  Stolen PC/Laptop Recovery Service                Limited to Limited to
                                                                           Unlimited   Unlimited
  Monitored and Managed by Prey                      3 PCs      3 PCs

  Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports                Included   Included     Included    Included

Remote Network Backup                               $35/mo     $25/mo      Included    Included
                                                    per PC     per PC

Printer Management Service
Price per device. Includes inkjet, laser, and
multi-function printers. Includes 1 ink or toner   $150/mo    $125/mo      $100/mo      $80/mo
refill each month during service agreement,         limit 2
printer will be maintained every 6 months or
14,000 pages whichever comes first.

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