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         to the Palace                           WIN
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                                       Issue 38 - Spring / Summer 2010

                            John Toner
receives Lifetime Achievement Award
John D. Toner, General Manager of the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa and Director of Hastings
Hotels, has received the great honour of a special Lifetime Achievement Award, at one of the most
prestigious ceremonies in the hospitality industry, the Irish Hospitality Institute Founders’
Banquet and Hospitality Awards. The Institute was established in 1966, and only ten such
awards have been made, making John the eleventh recipient.
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    lifetime achievement award
                                        J   ohn Toner, FIHI, has worked with
                                            Hastings Hotels for the past 37 years,
                                        spending 12 years at the renowned
                                                                                       One of the highlights of his career
                                                                                       was on the morning after winning
                                                                                       the 1998 Catey UK Manager of
                                        Europa Hotel, taking over as                   the Year Award. His picture was
                                        General Manager just after a major             spread across the front page of
                                        bomb attack in 1993. Within three              the London Times!
                                        years, Bill and Hillary Clinton
                                        and their entourage used the Europa            John Toner was the first hotel
                                        as their base on their visit to Belfast,       manager in Northern Ireland to
                                        all under John’s careful and                   obtain the NVQ Level V in Strategic
                                        meticulous eye.                                Management, and he also won a
                                                                                       Janus Award in 1997 and 1999
                                        John moved back to his native                  for Professionalism in Hospitality
                                        Newcastle, seven years ago to                  and Tourism Management.
                                        take over as General Manager at the            John was elected to the council
                                        Slieve Donard, where he oversaw                of IHCI and consequently followed
                                        the extension and redevelopment of             Michael Governey as President
John Toner being presented with the     the hotel into the leading resort and          of the Institute. A well deserved
award by Shane Cookman, President,      spa it is today.
Irish Hospitality Institute                                                            honour.

                                      Hillary Revisits!

James McGinn and his staff at the       This visit was, however, just as huge,         Over 100 staff were working in the
Europa, recently had the pleasure of    with the Clinton entourage occupying           hotel during the Clinton visit and
welcoming US Secretary of State,        over three floors of the hotel, with the       Hillary herself enjoyed the comforts
Hillary Clinton back to the hotel.      tenth floor completely sealed off. In total,   of the new Titanic Suite. The morning
Mrs Clinton has now stayed at the       110 bedrooms were used, with some              after her stay, Hillary took time to meet
hotel on three occasions – most         of her party arriving up to ten days in        and greet staff and thank them for
famously with her husband Bill          advance for planning and security!             their help with her visit. The Europa
when he was President of the                                                           looks forward to hopefully welcoming
United States in 1995.                                                                 her again in the future!

page 2   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
                   Sir william
           goes to buckingham palace
“Pussycat Pussycat where have
you been? I’ve been to London
to visit the Queen!”
On 4th December, the entire
Hastings family, including Sir William’s
nine grandchildren, all travelled to
London to visit the Queen. The cat
stayed at home! It was in fact HRH
Princess Royal who carried out the
investiture celebrations and Sir
William along with two other Knight
Bachelors and 99 recipients who
received other awards, were all
presented to Princess Anne. When
asked what HRH said to him, our
Chairman replied that she congratulated
him on his persistence in keeping
tourists coming to Northern Ireland
during the troubles, and on the fine
work he continues to do for the
province. He responded by saying
that it was always a pleasure to
welcome members of her family to
Northern Ireland, and she told him
that it was always a great pleasure
to visit us here. They chatted for at
least two minutes.
Afterwards, the family enjoyed a
sumptuous celebratory lunch in the
Dorchester Hotel. It was a marvellous
celebration for a very worthy                                      Sir William receiving the knighthood in the time honoured fashion,
recipient of the ultimate accolade.                                kneeling and having the ceremonial sword placed on his shoulders

                        Julie Maguire, Aileen Martin, Lady Hastings, Sir William Hastings and Allyson McKimm at the Palace

                                                                Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN              page 3
                    Art in the Gardens
‘Looking/Listening’, a sculpture by                   The title ‘Looking/Listening’ is directly
John Aiken, has recently taken up                     related to both appearance and
residence outside the Stormont                        implied function. It references
Hotel. It was commissioned in                         the form of early cameras and
1991 for placement in the grounds                     the function of both the eye
of the Arts Council of Northern                       seeing and the ear hearing.
Ireland but now in its new home,
the piece is highly visible not only to               Recently completed commissions
visitors to the hotel but also to the                 by John Aiken include large-scale
many people who regularly use the                     projects for Paddington Central
Upper Newtownards Road.                               in London and Wednesfield,
It is based on a number of different                  Wolverhampton.
ideas that closely relate to work which
                                                      The Culloden Estate and Spa
began when John Aiken was teaching
                                                      also boasts an eye-catching
sculpture at the University of Ulster
                                                      sculpture in the form of “Ninth Life”
in the 1970s. Architectural form and
how buildings can be perceived as                     by Barry Callaghan which is also
                                                                                                                     L-R Trevor Edwards (Trevor Edwards Garden Design),
having anthropomorphic features was                   on loan from the Arts Council.                                 Howard Hastings, Artist John Aiken and
                                                                                                                     Dr Suzanne Lyle (Arts Council for Northern Ireland)
a strong theme of Aiken’s work.

          Ballygally Wine night
The Ballygally Castle recently held a
very successful wine evening for
corporate clients, special guests and
valued suppliers. It was a great
opportunity for the chefs to flaunt
their culinary skills and the diners were
not disappointed with their gourmet
dinner! Accompanying wine was
supplied by Woodford Bourne and
Dennis Broderick (Woodford Bourne)
entertained the audience with the
background and history of each wine
and related interesting tales!                                           Barry and Cynthia Smyth, Naomi Patrick, Rosemary Wilson, Jill and John Davidson

               Enjoying the evening are Andrew Schnell (Woodford Bourne), Gareth Bradley (Woodford Bourne), Lynne Bryce (Diageo – Bushmills Distillery),
                   Norman McBride (General Manager, Ballygally Castle), Dennis Broderick (Woodford Bourne), Howard Hastings (MD, Hastings Hotels)

page 4   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010             
    “THE Slieve DONARD sits majestically
           at the top of the town”

It was my first visit to the east coast of Ulster and while I was heading into
unknown territories, it was only a matter of minutes before I was suitably
impressed by the surroundings.
The Slieve Donard Resort and Spa           The beds in the relaxation room were    Speaking to the club professional
sits majestically at the top of the town   of the recliner variety, complete       afterwards, my spirits were lifted to
of Newcastle looking out over the          with remote control for elevation       hear that Tiger Woods hit a score in the
endless strand and the Irish Sea beyond.   purposes and headphones with            80s when he first played the course.
                                           several chill-out music selections.     Mind you, he did manage to go around
The Victorian era hotel stands in six
                                           The most energetic thing that I could   in 64 on his third attempt – the current
acres of private grounds and was
                                           manage was to sip a glass of iced       course record. Maybe I’ll see a similar
originally built by the Belfast and
                                           water and a Granny Smith apple.         improvement on my next visit?
County Down Railway as an ‘end
of line’ luxury holiday destination.       The evening was spent in the            Back to the hotel and to the swimming
It was one of the most majestic                                                    pool and Jacuzzi to soothe the aching
                                           hotel’s fantastic Oak Restaurant.
hotels of its time and is still up there                                           bones and repair the damaged
                                           I was back in the restaurant the next
today as one of the finest hotels in                                               self-esteem. It didn’t take long;
                                           morning for a monster breakfast,
Ireland. There are a wide range of                                                 wandering from pool to sauna to
activities on offer, tennis, yoga,         which was a necessity ahead of          steam room and pausing to marvel
swimming, cycling, jogging and             what was planned for the rest of the    at the amazing views outside.
even archery... not to mention a           morning, and as it turned out, a
                                           large part of the afternoon.            For dinner, we plumped for the
good old-fashioned hike up and
                                                                                   more informal but equally tasty
down the adjacent mountains.               So complete with Callaways and          Percy French Inn, located at the
I was staying in the Slieve Martin         appropriate garb, I set out for the     main entrance of the resort.
Suite on the fourth floor. The views       next stage of my healthy holiday.
                                                                                   The menu seemed like it was
were spectacular looking out across        Royal County Down Golf Club is
                                                                                   designed for guests who have been
the town where the Mountains of            widely regarded as one of the
                                                                                   keeping active and building up an
Mourne sweep down to the sea - I           greatest golf courses in the world      appetite. We were well fed. With
had to get that line in somewhere or       and is consistently recognised as       the town of Newcastle still
a certain Mr Percy French would be         the best in Ireland. And as if by       unexplored, we then ventured down
very upset, I’m sure. I knew there         coincidence, it backs onto the          the street and found Quinn’s Bar
was even more comfort waiting at           grounds of the Slieve Donard            giving away the Guinness for a
The Spa downstairs.                        Resort. The course really does live     mere £2 a pint.
I was soon floating in a sea of            up to its name as not only are the
                                                                                   It’s true. No matter where you go in
tranquillity, and after my treatment       surroundings immaculate but the
                                                                                   Ireland, there’ll always be a bit of
I was ushered into the relaxation          fairways and the greens are first
                                                                                   craic guaranteed.
room where I would stay as                 class. Beware the bunkers.
I ‘recovered’ from my massage.                                                     Courtesy of Ed Leahy, RTE Travel

                                                 Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN          page 5
In the Hot Seat
Janine McMaster
Senior Therapist at The Spa at Culloden

                                                                                 What’s the biggest beauty
                                                                                 mistake you’ve made?
                                                                                 I used to use a lot of silver and
                                                                                 cool colours in my make-up but
                                                                                 since having my colour analysis
                                                                                 done I’ve realised I suit warm
                                                                                 colours browns and golds.
                                                                                 What’s in your make-up bag?
                                                                                 My daytime make-up essentials
                                                                                 would have to be:
                                                                                 Bare Minerals Foundation
                                                                                 Lancôme Juicy Tube in Melon
                                                                                 Karaja Mineral Gold & Bronze
                                                                                 Rimmel Glam Eye Lash Flirt Mascara
                                                                                 What do you never leave the
                                                                                 house without?
                                                                                 My lip gloss.
                                                                                 What’s the last beauty product
                                                                                 you bought?
                                                                                 A new mascara as you should replace
                                                                                 your mascara every three months
                                                                                 to prevent bacterial eye infections.
                                                                                 It also gives you a chance to try out
                                                                                 the new mascaras that are always
                                                                                 being launched.
                                                                                 What are the most expensive
                                                                                 products you’ve bought and
Crown caught up with Janine McMaster,                                            the cheapest?
                                                                                 I don’t believe that just because
Senior Therapist at The Spa at Culloden                                          something costs a fortune that it is
for some beauty tips and advice.                                                 necessarily suitable for everyone’s
                                                                                 skin. I think that if you’ve found
                                                                                 something that works for you then
What’s the hottest trend at the        What’s your own biggest health/           stick with it. There are great products
moment in beauty?                      beauty indulgence?                        out there for every budget.
I believe that more and more           I love the new ESPA Super Active
                                                                                 My best budget buy is Barbara Daly
people are realising the long term     Cellular Hydration Concentrate.
                                                                                 for Tesco concealer. It comes in three
benefits of using a natural range of   It gives an instant boost of vitality
                                                                                 different shades and you only need
beauty products as well as mineral     to my skin which can sometimes            a small amount so it lasts for ages.
based make-up as the skin is not       become dehydrated when working
                                       in an air conditioned environment.        It’s not necessarily the most expensive
damaged by chemical additives.                                                   product, but my most luxurious
                                       What key items do you have for            product would be the ESPA Deeply
What’s your best beauty tip?                                                     Nourishing Body Cream.
                                       DIY pampering at home?
Exfoliate lightly twice weekly,        I use ESPA Relaxing Salt Scrub; it’s
to remove dead skin, allowing the                                                What’s your ultimate
                                       a fantastic exfoliation for the skin as   beauty no-no?
skin to breath and to absorb the       well as containing essential oils of
products you apply. Also moisturise                                              Going to bed with your make-up on.
                                       rosemary, bay and cinnamon to
daily and drink two litres of water    ease my aching muscles and                For expert beauty tips or a first
per day.                               tension after a long day at work.         class spa treatment, visit The Spa
                                                                                 at Culloden, tel: 028 9042 1135.

page 6   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
 Marketing Students
    Recognised                                                          Dr B’s Kitchen

Six outstanding Marketing students from the                   Baroness May Blood MBE (Barnardo’s Committee
University of Ulster were recognised in a special             Member) and James McGinn (General Manager,
ceremony at Jordanstown in January.                           Europa Hotel) are pictured with trainee Susan
                                                              McKee, as parts of an awards presentation held at
Hastings Hotels’ sponsored the Category of Best
                                                              Dr B’s Kitchen in Belfast City Centre for 27 young
Overall Second Year Student, and pictured here is
                                                              trainees who are moving on to a career in the
Hastings Hotels’ Marketing Director, Julie Maguire,
                                                              catering industry.
presenting Catherine Robinson from Ballymena
with her award.

                 Eddie Iz
                running                                               James’ Jailbreak

Last summer, Eddie Izzard, one of the UK’s most               In November, James McGinn, General Manager
popular comedians, went on a very, very, very, long           of the Europa Hotel, was involved in a celebrity
run – he completed an amazing 43 marathons in 51              jailbreak event. James had to go to be locked up in
days, covering more than 1,110 miles of England,              Crumlin Road Gaol until he had managed to raise
Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The aim - to            £1000 for the Northern Ireland Children to
raise what he calls, in classic whimsical Izzard style,       Lapland Trust. Luckily his prison stay was short
“billions” for charity Sport Relief. He stopped over          lived as he managed to make his £1000 bail within
in the Everglades Hotel, after running from Belfast           a few hours.
and tackling the daunting Glenshane pass.
Above, Eddie is pictured with James Caldwell from
the Everglades Hotel.

                                               Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN      page 7
  Slieve Donard - Still tops for golf

T  he focus of the Irish and international golf industry’s
   attention will turn towards County Down this year as
the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa will the host the 13th
Annual IGTOA Networking Event, Golf Classic and 2010
Gala Irish Golf Awards in October.

This, the largest and most prestigious        The award categories include Golf
event in the Irish golf tourism industry      Course of the Year and Small Golf
calendar, will attract representatives        Hotel of the Year, the Slieve Donard
from across the world of golf including       Resort and Spa having won the
guests from the European Tour,                former in 2006. Also included in the
Ryder Cup Travel Services and                 awards is the annual ‘Jerry Donworth
the International Greenkeepers                Outstanding Contribution to Golf’
                                              accolade which has been collected
Association. Delegates will engage
                                              by some of the most illustrious
in two days of consultation,
                                              names in Irish golf such as
networking and recognition around             Padraig Harrington.
the best of what the industry offers.
                                              This year’s event at the Slieve Donard
The gala black tie awards ceremony            will be hosted by local television and
is the pinnacle of the two day event          radio presenter, Gerry Kelly and will be
and allows the industry to appropriately      televised on a number of terrestrial
recognise excellence.                         and digital stations across the UK
                                              and Ireland.

                       Tom Cotter (Sales Manager, Hastings Hotels), Sir William Hastings (Chairman, Hastings Hotels)
                               receiving the IGTOA Golf Hotel of the Year award from Pierce Walls in 2006

page 8   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010    
     Get Online at Hastings
    Hotels with BT Openzone
BT Openzone, the leading provider for wireless                                         what the
internet access in the UK and Hastings Hotels,
continue to develop their successful partnership                                       papers say
of providing internet access to guests.

Hastings Hotels was one of the first      A BT Openzone connection                   Irish Times – January 2010
hotel partners in Northern Ireland to     enables users to:                          “The Spa at Slieve Donard soothed
provide the BT Openzone wireless                                                     me and the lapping of the ocean
                                          •	Send	and	receive	emails
broadband service over three years                                                   waves on the shoreline practically
                                          •	Securely	access	your	
ago and the service continues to                                                     hypnotised me”
                                            office network
develop as the demand for wireless        •	Browse	the	web
internet access increases.
                                          Prices to use the BT Openzone     – September 2009
At Hastings Hotels, the BT Openzone       service start at just £5 per month         Where the stars stay in the UK is
wireless broadband service is easy to     with BT Openzone subscriptions.            a well-kept secret. The only choice
access in the public areas such as the    Vouchers start from £5.99 and              for many stars who play Northern
bar or reception and in all bedrooms.     come in denominations of 90                Ireland is the Culloden; they like
                                          minute, 24 hour, 5 day and 30 day.         being able to fit in a full Irish and
It can be used to access the internet
on your laptop, PDA and iPhone.           Next time you are at a Hastings            a “specially for men” massage or
O2, Vodafone and Orange UK iPhone         Hotel and need to get online,              manicure before jetting off to the
customers (plus O2 mobile broadband       simply ask for a BT Openzone               next gig. This old bishops’ palace
users) also have BT Openzone minutes      voucher from reception for easy            has played host to everyone from
bundled in with their tariffs, once you   internet access.                           Bono to Robbie Williams, Coldplay
                                                                                     to Westlife on the music scene,
have registered, the device it            For more information about                 while David Beckham tops the list
automatically connects to a BT            BT Openzone, please visit                  of sporting stars…
Openzone hotspot next time you  
are in range.
                                                                                     September 2009
90th Birthday Celebration                                                            The Culloden is a VIP mecca of silk
                                                                                     and crystal opulence...a dream-
                                                                                     weaver for sealing business deals
                                                                                     and a bride’s fantasy!

                                                                                     Holiday Reviews Ireland –
                                                                                     December 2009
                                                                                     When it comes to Belfast city hotels,
                                                                                     Europa Hotel is probably our
                                                                                     favourite. With a unique history and
                                                                                     heritage – it is the most friendly,
                                                                                     convenient and comfortable hotel
                                                                                     you could wish for. Don’t just take
                                                                                     our word for it – Terry Wogan
                                                                                     always stays there, top sport’s
                                                                                     people choose it, and Bill and
                                                                                     Hillary Clinton loved it!

Archdeacon and Mrs Macourt,               Archdeacon Macourt, formerly
have been very loyal customers of         Church of Ireland Minister of              Newsletter – July 2009
the Stormont Hotel for over               St Patrick’s Church on the                 Mourne town lives up to its
twenty years. Twice weekly                Newtownards Road and his wife,             reputation – I come up whenever
customers of La Scala Bistro and          Esmie, are very well known and             I can and bring all the visitors here...
guests of the Grand Buffet Lunch          liked by all the staff at the Stormont     the people are friendly and Slieve
every Sunday, Archdeacon Macourt          Hotel. They are pictured here              Donard is fabulous!
celebrated his 90th birthday in           with Gerry Carty, the Hotel
style recently at the hotel.              General Manager on the day
                                          of his birthday celebration.

                                                   Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN           page 9
                                                                                     Crown has teamed up with
Paradis Hotel & Golf Club                                                            Paradis Hotel & Golf Club
                                                                                     to offer one lucky reader
Paradis Hotel & Golf Club                  Paradis Hotel & Golf Club is great        the chance to win 5 nights
oozes luxury and is the perfect            for both sporty-types and families        at the hotel for 2 adults on a
location for an exotic break.              alike. Surrounded by seven                complimentary half board basis.
                                           kilometres of beach that stretches        For your chance to win this fabulous prize,
Being one of the best leisure hotels       along the lagoon, Paradis Hotel &         simply send an email to
in Mauritius, this resort is truly a       Golf Club offers outstanding     with
playground for pleasure seekers.                                                     the title ‘Mauritius Competition’.
                                           standards of accommodation
Fine gastronomy takes centre stage                                                   Closing date for entries:
                                           ranging from Superior rooms to
at the four restaurants, each with their                                             31st August 2010.
                                           private villas on the water’s edge
own individual atmosphere and sharing
                                           amongst the lush grounds of the
dining and sporting facilities with                                                  Courtesy of Chaka Travel, winners will also
                                           150 hectare property.
the adjacent Dinarobin Hotel Golf &                                                  receive a voucher for £100 per person off
                                                                                     their Air Mauritius flights to accompany this
Spa, (totaling eight restaurants)          Watersports and land activities are       amazing prize.
French, Italian, and Creole cuisines       also available, and the Bob Marlin        Chaka Travel are Northern Ireland’s leading
are available. Its 18-hole Par 72 golf     mini-club is a perfect place for          Mauritius holiday specialist and have an
course is the only course in Mauritius     parents to leave their children
                                                                                     excellent relationship with Beachcomber Hotels
                                                                                     having arranged many holidays, honeymoons
to be built within the grounds of a
                                           whilst they take advantage of these       and weddings at their superb resorts.
resort, and the fantastic Golf Academy
                                           facilities, or if they just want give     Call Chaka Travel 028 9023 2112
provides personalised training and                                                   to discuss your holiday in paradise!
                                           themselves a break in the Clarins
tailor-made coaching complemented
                                           Spa for a treatment or two!               Terms and conditions
by computer software and
                                                                                     The prize is valid for travel until 31st March 2011.
technology. Guests staying at this         For more information, visit               The prize must not be taken during Easter,
property can enjoy reduced rates at                     Christmas or any school or public holiday periods
                                                                                     and is subject to availability. The prize is non
two neighbouring courses, making                                                     negotiable and cannot be transferred. The prize does
it the perfect option for golf-lovers!                                               not include flights, transfers, taxes or insurance.

                                                                                   Paul Weir, Beachcomber Hotels, Julie Maguire, Annabel Griffin,
                                                                                   MD Beachcomber Hotels, and Mark Marais, Chaka Travel

page 10   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
  Spring Awakening Spa experience
                                                 Prepare for Spring by rejuvenating your skin, body and senses!
                                                 Our luxurious Spring Awakening Spa Experience
                                                 has been carefully tailored to ease your face and body
                                                 out of “hibernation” and refresh and revive your skin in.
                                                 The experience includes:
                                                       Welcome Foot Ritual
                                                       ESPA Body Exfoliation (25mins)
                                                       ESPA Full Body Massage (55mins)
                                                       ESPA Boutique Facial or Men’s Facial (30mins)
                                                       Use of robe, slippers and towels
                                                       Delicious light lunch in our Juice Bar
                                                       Full use of all the Spa facilities, including swimming pool, sauna and steam
                                                       rooms, hot vitality pools, gymnasium and relaxation suites

                                                                         To book, please call the Spa of your choice.

                                                                    This Spa Experience is £110pp at Culloden / £120 at Slieve Donard,
                                                                           Sunday – Thursday (£25 supplement for weekends).
                                                                  Or why not bring a friend – purchase two Spring Spa Experiences
                                                                        and save a further £5 per person Sunday – Thursday!
                                                             Overnight stays are available from only £55pps, including full Irish Breakfast!

T. 028 4372 6166         T. 028 9042 1135            Offer subject to availability. Other seasonal offers available. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

  Exclusive Corporate Membership
 Privilege Packages
      the Spa at Culloden and Spa at Slieve Donard
   There’s never been a better time to enjoy getting fit and getting in shape for summer! Save over £600 per person at both of our private
     health clubs and enjoy a range of additional benefits with a corporate membership privilege package. Available for groups of 4 or more
         employees from the same organisation, there are real savings to be made and the best incentive ever to get you into the gym!
                                                         Offers valid until end of August.

    - Gold Membership privilege cost reduced from                                   - Full membership privilege cost reduced from
      £1200 to £800 per person (saving £400 each)                                     £1235 to £875 per person (saving £360 each)
    - Waive Joining fee for the group (saving £200 per person)                      - Waive joining fee for the group (saving £250 per person)
    - 1 x 55 minute spa treatment per person (worth £70)                            - Personal nutritional and fitness consultation with a 6 week
    - 1 x 55 minute Personal Training session per person (worth £30)                  tailored fitness plan
                                                                                    - ESPA gift
                           Tel 028 9042 5315                                                                 Tel 028 4372 6166

                                                                            Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN                                  page 11
Duck tales

 Mr Duck visits Yellowstone National Park –        Barry Greene and Lauren Montgomery        Ducky admires the Leaning Tower of Pisa
       Wyoming with Andy Smith                    took their Hastings Duck to Manchester       whilst on holiday with Anita Kissane
                                                 Fire Department in New Hampshire, close
                                                                  to Boston

                                                  It’s a long way down! Ducky gets jelly
                                                     legs at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
                                                           Courtesy of Oran Kane

  Stephanie Shires stops with her duck at                                                        Maurica Lavery - National Trust and
   quayside in Barcelona next to Cunards                                                       Joanne Harvey - Hastings Hotels enjoy
  Queen Victoria. Courtesy of Steve Shires                                                  a day at the races with their special guests -
                                                                                                           Hastings duck!

                                                  Dare devil duck begs Derrick Courtney
                                                               to let him fly!

 A special box of Hastings Ducks made their         Dave McHaffey catches two duckies       Mr Duck on the Bridge on board The Equinox
 way to visit the Irish Guards in Afghanistan       having a romantic moment while on             vessel. Courtesy of W Jackson
   and arrived just in time for Christmas!                holiday in the Red Sea

page 12   CROWN - spring 2010  
Thank you to all contributors. Please keep sending your duck pictures to or post to us at the Hastings Corporate
                                    Head Office, ‘1066’ House, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 3LP

       Marnette Lyons took Hastings Ducks to India             Ann Scott’s duck hides from            Dona Blackmore (second left) took her duck
       as part of Rotary End Polio Now and as each                  the noisy birds!                  home to California. She is pictured here with
        baby was inoculated they were cheered up                                                       friends (l-r Betty, Betty and Jan) at an Irish
                       with a ducky!                                                                             pub in Dublin, California!

        Josselyn Tanico from Orlando, Florida aged       Chloe and Sarah play with their Hastings      Mr Duck visits Beatle location in Liverpool
       10 months loves bath time with her Hastings         Duck. Courtesy of Zelma Robinson.                   with Emily & Sam Hide
        Duck given to her by her Grandmother Pat
            Hayden after a stay at the Europa.

         Hastings Duck does the great north swim          Lynsey Stewart took her ducky to play         Jennifer McKeown gives out duckies to
                   with Kerry Buckley!                     with some geese – we think he was            orphans she is working with in Lesotho
                                                                    slightly scared!

         Frances Catney gave her Hastings Ducks         Courtney Scott and Evie Dullaghan play with   Ducky fancies his chances at Down Races!
        pride of place at the Christmas dinner table!     their new duckies at the Slieve Donard

                                                                            spring 2010 - CROWN             page 13
          celebritIes & VIPS

Paul McKnight, Head Chef at the Culloden    Comedian Russell Brand keeps Receptionist   The Nolans are all smiles at the Culloden   Sir James Galway pictured with
has the pleasure of cooking with renowned   Tina Kershaw amused whilst checking         with Receptionist Madalena Afonso           Madalena Afonso at the Culloden
chef, Jason Atherton                        in to the Culloden

American footballer Jason Bell makes        Carolyn Matthews, Reception Manager,        Tina Kershaw met David Davies of the        Eddie Izzard with Lee Stewart,
friends with a big Hastings Duck            welcomes football legend Ron Atkinson       Football Association at the Culloden        Head Concierge at the Culloden
                                            to the Culloden

Martin Skirtel who plays for Liverpool      Footballer Sol Campbell at the Culloden     Carolyn Matthews welcomes                   Management Trainee at the Culloden,
signs autographs for fans outside           with General Manager Kem Akkari             Sir Cliff Richard to the Culloden           Ciara McCartney, joins The Shadows
the Culloden                                                                                                                        after their sell out concert

Lauren Douglas, Hastings Hotels’            Laura Spears, Receptionist at the           Concierge at the Culloden, Jonathan Cain    The team at the Ballygally welcome actor
Marketing Executive with Nadine Coyle       Culloden welcomes Andy Flower,              and England cricketer Stuart Broad          Damien Lewis to the castle
from Girls Aloud and Hastings Duck!         England Cricket Manager

Thanks to Carolyn Stalker for her continued supply of Europa and Culloden celebrity VIP photos.

          page 14     CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010         
                                                                                         celebritIes & VIPS

Actress Zoe Lucker, at the Culloden           Dancing partners Ali Bastian and Brian      Strictly judge Bruno Tolioni is greeted at the   Carolyn Stalker, Culloden Guest Relations
before performing at the Strictly Come        Fortuna with Culloden Events Coordinator    Culloden by Carolyn Matthews, Reception          Manager with Strictly judge Craig Revel-
Dancing Show                                  Michelle Press                              Manager                                          Horwood

Strictly’s Darren Bennett at the Culloden     Hayley Ferguson, Receptionist at the        Strictly dancer James Jordan and Strictly        Professional dancer and star of Strictly
                                              Culloden is all smiles with former          judge Len Goodman with Receptionist              Come Dancing, Matthew Cutler is greeted
                                              EastEnders actor Ricky Groves               Tina Kershaw                                     by Clifford Flemming, Commissionaire at
                                                                                                                                           the Culloden

Strictly Come Dancing star Lilia Kopylrova,   Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing       Former EastEnders actress and Strictly star      2010 Strictly champion Chris Hollins with
checks into the Culloden                      checks into the Culloden ahead of their     Natalie Cassidy checking into the Culloden       Culloden Revenue Controller Joanne Dixon
                                              show in Belfast

Model and TV presenter Kelly Brook            Restaurant Manager Gareth Fowles            TV presenter Amanda Byram at the                 The whole Iceland Football Team pose
at the Culloden Estate and Spa                welcomes Mika to the Culloden before        Culloden with Concierge Jonathan Cain            for their photo at the Stormont Hotel
                                              his concert in Belfast

                                                                                Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN                      page 15

   The Westin Hotel,
        Dublin                                                               Simply answer the following question:
                                                                             What is the Westin’s
                                                                             restaurant called?
C  rown is offering readers the opportunity to win a luxury two night
   break for two in the Westin Dublin Hotel. Occupying one of the
best locations in the city, overlooking Trinity College,
                                                                             Send your answer by email to
                                                                             the title ‘Westin Competition’.
The Westin Dublin is in the centre of the main shopping,
                                                                             Closing date for entries: 31st August 2010.
entertainment and business areas.
                                                                             If you are not lucky enough to win this
                                                                             time, visit
The hotel has 163 bedrooms including    A tranquil haven, The Atrium for
17 suites, along with the three food    Lounge Bar is housed in the former   details of the hotel’s special offers.
and beverage facilities. The Exchange   bank building.                       The Westin Dublin is the perfect place
Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is one      We are offering you the chance to    to stay in the capital for business or leisure.
of the premier dining experiences       win a 5 star two night break stay    The Westin Dublin, College Green,
on offer in the city centre and The     in The Westin Dublin, including a    Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2
Mint bar is loved for its fantastic     delicious breakfast each morning
cocktails and great entertainment.      and dinner on one evening.           Phone: +353 (0) 1 645 1000
                                                                             Fax:   +353 (0) 1 645 1403

page 16   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
A Short History of...Neil Shawcross
N    eil Shawcross is one of
     Ireland’s most famous
contemporary artists. He regularly
                                           have put together a “Shawcross
                                           Signature Tasting Menu”, which
                                           features dishes such as locally caught
exhibits his new works in Belfast,         fresh Scallops and Wicklow Venison
Dublin, and throughout Ireland. This       which Neil himself has selected, and
year marks his 70th birthday, and to       has been put together to showcase
celebrate he has agreed to exhibit         the very finest of local produce.
over 20 works from his own private         This tasting menu can be selected
collection in the Culloden Estate          with your own wine selection, or
and Spa during the month of April.         alternatively the hotel has selected
                                           a wine pairing for each course,
The paintings range from a portrait
                                           including of course a glass of Mumm
of Tom Carr’s wife, (which he painted
                                           Champagne with the first course.
in the 1970s), to an oversized bottle
of Mumm Champagne, on which                Culloden General Manager, Kem
the paint is barely dry. They are Neil’s   Akkari told Crown; “I always admired
own choice of works which trace            the painting of “The Red Chair”
the evolution of his characteristic        which we have exhibited in the
style, and include paintings from          Mitre Restaurant for many years.
his most celebrated genres, such           I must confess that until recently I
as his love of North American retail       had not realised that Neil Shawcross
packaged foodstuffs, or his Penguin        had painted it. I am excited to think
book cover series.                         that our guests will be able to
                                           combine a feast for their eyes,
They will be on display in the             along with this new Signature Menu
Drawing Room and in the Mitre              during April, and am sure it will
Restaurant, and have never been            create a lot of interest.”
previously available to view by the
public. They are, sadly, not for sale,     A commemorative brochure
merely for the enjoyment of those          for this unique show has been
                                           designed by leading local designer
wining and dining in the Culloden
                                           Leslie Stannage of LSD Design.
during April.
In celebration of this, Head Chef          For reservations, please contact
Paul McKnight and his team                 028 9042 1066.

            Martin is Northern Ireland’s
                  First President!!
                                           M      artin Mulholland, Head
                                                  Concierge for the last 28 years
                                           at the Europa Hotel (almost since
                                                                                     Ireland has currently 67 members
                                                                                     and growing. But so prestigious is
                                                                                     the organisation that it is essential
                                           it’s inception), has just been voted      to have 3 years’ experience in your
                                           President of the Clefs d’Or in            position before being considered
                                           Ireland.                                  for membership.
                                           This is the first time the Presidency     Hastings Hotels has 3 members
                                           of this prestigious association has       on its staff; David Lee from the
                                           come to Northern Ireland, and Martin      Stormont Hotel, Hugh Phillips
                                           deservedly got the majority of votes      from the Europa, and Jamie
                                           from the membership at the Clarion        Downie from the Slieve Donard
                                           Hotel Dublin, in February. He has         Resort and Spa, who was also
                                           taken over from Brendan Spence            nominated ‘provincial delegate’
                                           of the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley.      at the recent meeting for
                                                                                     Northern Ireland.
                                           The Clefs d’Or was formed in 1952
                                           in France, to allow Concierges and Hall   Congratulations
                                           Porters to meet and communicate
                                                                                     Martin and Jamie!
                                           with each other, and so successful
                                           was the organisation, it has now
                                           spread around the world.

                                                 Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN         page 17
“FOOD, glorious northern irish food”
At the Hastings Hotels Group, we are passionate                                       Dairy Products
about food and believe that eating is one of life’s
greatest pleasures. We embrace the use of carefully
selected local and seasonal quality foods to enable
our chefs to prepare and create the most delicious
dishes in our kitchens.
                                                                                      Ireland’s temperate climate and rainfall
The island of Ireland has a proud heritage of farming and fishing, resulting in an
                                                                                      produce lush pastures, ensuring
abundance of sensational produce and we at Hastings Hotels are striving to give all
                                                                                      superb quality dairy produce. All
our guests a true taste of this in everything we serve. When sourcing our food, we
                                                                                      Hastings Hotels’ milk, butter and
look for produce which stands out from the rest – from where it originates, to the
                                                                                      cream is sourced from Farmview
way it is produced and for its flavour. We are proud to share this story with you…    Dairies, in the Castlereagh Hills,
                                                                                      where the McDowell family have
Breakfast                                  Lamb                                       been selling fresh wholesome dairy
                                           When sourcing Lamb, Hastings Hotels
                                           are careful to only use the freshest       produce for over 100 years.
                                           local lambs or hoggets in season from      Northern Ireland’s premier cheese
                                           approved local farms. Lambs are            supplier, Fivemiletown Creamery, supply
                                           grass-fed and matured to enhance           Hastings Hotels with a range of finest
                                           tenderness and natural flavour.            local cheeses including goat’s cheese
                                                                                      and Ballybrie, whilst other local cheeses
                                           Pork                                       include Gubbeen, Cashel Blue and
                                           All our pork is fresh, and from local      Hegarty’s famous farmhouse cheddar.
                                           Irish pigs, reared to the highest
We at Hastings Hotels believe that         welfare standards in quality assured       Fresh local produce
breakfast is the most important meal       farms. We also source outdoor reared
of the day. We have gone further to        and rare breed pigs when available.
find locally sourced fresh produce,
with as many items as possible free        Poultry
from additives and preservatives,
to give you a real Irish breakfast
experience. Our delicious breakfasts
include a range of quality Irish pork
                                                                                      Hastings Hotels are dedicated to using
products including Moyallon dry cured
                                                                                      local suppliers for fresh seasonal fruit
back bacon, delicious breakfast
                                                                                      and vegetables wherever possible.
sausages and Staunton’s black and
                                                                                      For example, local tomatoes from
white pudding, and our eggs are all
                                           We serve the finest grain-fed chicken,     Drumbeg, pak choi and salad leaves
free range from Crossgar. We are           turkey and duck. Sourced locally           from Ballymena, root vegetables from
also proud of our muesli and granola,      from County Down, these are birds          Ballydrain, salad, vegetables and
handmade in County Down, using the         which have been reared to the              potatoes from Willowbrook Farm on
finest Irish oats and cereals. And our     highest standards.                         the banks of Strangford Lough and
porridge with a touch of Tyrconnell
                                                                                      Wilson’s Potatoes from County
Whiskey is not to be missed!               Bread                                      Armagh to name but a few.
                                           We only use fresh Irwin’s bread. The
Beef                                       Irwin family have been at the heart        Deli Produce and Patisserie
                                           of local bakery for three generations,
                                           producing the finest range of Irish        In Northern Ireland, we are very proud
                                           Breads. Our Guinness wholemeal             of our long history of baking traditional
                                           bread is a real specialty and captures     bread, scones, tarts, cakes and the
                                           perfectly the authentic taste              ubiquitous “wee buns” of which we
                                           of the black stuff!                        are all so fond! At Hastings Hotels,
                                                                                      we also use small, artisan producers
                                                                                      who are passionate about keeping
Hastings Hotels use only prime Irish
                                                                                      these traditions alive by preparing our
beef across all their menus. We
                                                                                      baked goods and patisserie using only
select only the best local traditional
beef breeds, including Dexter, Irish                                                  the best Irish eggs, oats, flour, milk,
Moiled and Organic Shorthorn from                                                     butter and buttermilk, delivered fresh
Northern Ireland breeders, renowned                                                   to us every morning.
for their exceptional flavour and                                                     So the next time you dine in one of
matured to perfection.                                                                our hotels we really hope you can
                                                                                      taste the difference.

page 18   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010 
   Gastronomic Delights at the Culloden

                                                                   Sample Tasti
                                                                                ng Menu
                                                                                         Amuse Gueule
                                                                     Warm Clandebo
                                                                                   ye            Pigeon
                                                                                                    and Noodle Sala
                                                                         Toasted Sesame                              d
                                                                                          and Black Bean Dr
                                                                        “Sancerre, Les Ce                     essing
                                                                                          lliers De La Pauline
The Mitre Restaurant at the Culloden recently                                     Seared Irish Sea
launched an exciting new six course gourmet                               Staunton’s Black        Scallop
                                                                                           Pudding, Apple Cr
tasting menu. Designed by Executive Head Chef,                            Green Apple Pure                   isp,
                                                                                           e and Curried Ap
Paul McKnight and Restaurant Manager,                                        “Hugel Gewurztr                ple
                                                                                             aminer 2007”
Gareth Fowles, it is certain to delight the taste                         Culloden Signat
buds! With fine wines selected to perfectly                                                       ure Small Soup
complement each course, this new addition                             Iced Cantaloupe
                                                                                             Melon and Parm
promises to be a dining experience to remember.                                   Wild Wicklow Ve
                                                                  Gratin Potatoes,                 nison
The menu is seasonal and based on fine local                                       Beetroot Essenc
                                                                       “Rioja, Marques             e and Shallot Pure
                                                                                        De Riscal Reserv              e
produce such as Portavogie Sea-Scallops,                                                                 a 2004”
Staunton Black Pudding, Armagh Apple Crisp,                       M  adagascar Vanilla
                                                                                             and Pepper Pann
Green Apple Puree and Curried Armagh Apple.                                          “Torres Moscate             acotta
The Tasting Menu is available on Saturday evenings,                    Continental Coffe
                                                                                                 e and Petit Four
and can be booked for private parties of up to 20.
                                                                               £100 per person
For reservations, please call 028 9042 1066.                                                   including Wines
                                                                               £75 per person ex
                                                                                                 cluding Wines

A journalist recently visited the
Mitre Restaurant and commented:
“Sliced Clandeboye Pigeon Breast is something of a timeless opener to a meal, while the addition of golden
beetroot reminds diners how far we have come in recent years in terms of availability of ingredients... as we
sat afterwards by the fireside, it was clear that the five star Culloden scores high enough on the old school
pampering quotient to make it both popular for local diners and attractive to visitors”
Aoife Carrigy, Food and Wine Magazine, Dublin

                                                 Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN             page 19
          Cosmetic and Culinary Makeover for Cultra Inn

                                                                       The Cultra Inn set in the                      to create the exciting new dishes
Cultra Inn Sample Menu                                                 grounds of the Culloden                        on offer. So join us at the new
                       Starters                                        Estate, is well established                    Cultra Inn – a guaranteed feast
              Signature Lentil and Bacon Sou e
                                                p £5                   as one of North Down’s                         for the eyes and the stomach!
   Cultra Inn
                     iletown Cheese and Onion Scon
     Served with a Fivem                                               most loved restaurants.
                                                                                                                      Open daily from 12pm – 9.30pm.
              Portavogie Prawn Cocktail £7                             Having recently reopened
      Local Prawns, bound in a classic Marie
                                             Rose Sauce,                                                              Light lunch and Sunday lunch
                                                                       this spring with an updated
                 served with Wheaten Bread                                                                            menus also available.
                                                                        food concept and new open
                  Strangford Mussels £7
                                 a White Wine, Garlic and Shallot       plan kitchen, the Cultra Inn                  Telephone 028 9042 5840
Freshly steamed Irish Mussels in
            Cream Sauce, served with House
                                             Bread                      now creates a much more                       for reservations.
                             Mains                                      stimulating and interactive
                                         d Sirloin 10oz £18             dining environment for
  Dexter Rare Irish Breed Dry Age
                                       aged to help tenderise           customers.
    This popular choice is 21 days dry
                    and enhance the flavour
                                       nd Sausage £9                    The menu items and content
    Slemish Hills Hand-tied Cumberla , Crispy Onions
         d with Creamy Spring Onion Mash
     Serve                                                              has also had a revamp with
                       and a Red Wine Jus
                                                  ken £11
                                                                        many new dishes along with
          Roast Irish Free Range Half Chic                              some old favourites, all with
                                           Rosemary Mash
        Marinated and grilled, served with                              the support of local suppliers
                                                                        such as Crossgar and
                   Sticky Toffee Pudding £5                             Moyallan Foods. Working
                   Served with Vanilla Ice Cream
                           Lemon Tart £5
                                                                         closely with local suppliers
          Served with Crème Fraîche and Rasp
                                              berry Coulis               ensures that all customers
                                  Down Cake £5                           can be assured that only the
      Armagh Bramley Apple Upside
                    Served with Vanilla Custard                          freshest and where possible,
                                                                         home-grown produce is used

  New look for La Scala bistro                                                                                  Sample Menu
                                                                                                  Classic Caesar Sa
                                                                                                                         lad with Roast Iri
                                                                                                     Roast Chicken, Ba
                                                                                                                         by Ge
                                                                                                                                              sh Chicken £7
                                                                                                        with Caesar Dressi m, Crispy Bacon, Croûtons,
                                                                                                                            ng and Parmesan
The contemporary La Scala Bistro at the Stormont Hotel                                            Homemade Coun                                Shavings
                                                                                                                        try Style Chicken
has recently undergone a redesign, and now boasts an                                            Served with Garlic
                                                                                                                   Soda Bread Croûto          Liver Pâté £5
                                                                                                                                    ns and a Wild Berry
open plan kitchen, so guests can enjoy watching the chefs                                                           Platte
at work! The restaurant is an attractive setting for a meal,                                        Homemade Humm r to Share £8
                                                                                                                        us, Aubergine Ca
                                                                                                        Aioli and Feta Ch                viar, Red Pepper
with its bright airy interior and relaxed atmosphere.                                                                     eese with warm
                                                                                                                                           Pitta Chips
Executive Head Chef, Jay Eisenstadt has extensive                                                                          Mains
international experience and his menu focuses on                                              Local Prawns in a
                                                                                                                    Kilkeel Scampi £1
                                                                                                                  Guinness Batter
a range of new dishes, using the finest local fresh produce,                                                  Tartar Sauce and
                                                                                                                                  served with Hand
                                                                                                                                                   Cut Chips,
                                                                                                                               a Lemon Wedge
offering diners an array of exquisite tastes and flavours.                                                  La Scala Seafo
The stylish surroundings and the warmth of the welcome                                                Creamy Cod and         od Chowder £8
                                                                                                                       Smoked Haddock
are the perfect complement to any menu, and Operations                                                   served in a fresh
                                                                                                                           ly baked Belfast Ba
Manager, Jim McCanny and his team will be in attendance                                                      Thai Green Ch   icken Curry £9
                                                                                             Chicken Breast, On
to welcome you and to ensure every moment of your meal                                                           ions, Pak Choi, Sp
                                                                                                  in a fragrant spicy               inach and Green
                                                                                                                      sauce, served wit
is a delight.                                                                                                                           h Basmati Rice
A light bite menu is available daily from 11am – 5pm,                                    Selection of Loca
                                                                                                               lly Produced Ice
                                                                                                                                   Creams and Sorb
and the main menu is available from 11am – 10pm.                                                            Served with a sw
                                                                                                                             eet Tuille Biscuit         ets £4
                                                                                                        Dark Chocolate
For reservations, please phone 028 9065 1066.                                                                             Truffle Torte £4
                                                                                                           Served with a Re
                                                                                                                            d Berry Coulis
                                                                                         Hastings Hotels’
                                                                                                           Signature Irish Ch
                                                                                          Fivemiletown Ba                      eese Slate £5, to
                                                                                                          llyb  rie, Hegarty’s Farm              share £8
                                                                                         and Cashel Blue,                           house Cheddar, Gu
                                                                                                            served with Ditty’s                        bbeen
                                                                                                                                Oat Biscuits and
                                                                                                                                                 Pear Chutney

page 20    CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010                 
Couple’s Massage Lessons at The Culloden

T   he Spa at Culloden is now offering
    Couple’s Massage Lessons, the
perfect way for you and your partner
                                              The Manager of The Spa at the Culloden,
                                              Margaret McCallum, explains that,
                                              “People are more educated now
to learn the art of massage and               about Spa treatments; they want as
refresh the bonds of devotion!                much variety as possible. The Couple’s
The one hour Couple’s Massage lesson          Massage Lesson is a great way to
has been designed to be insightful,           reap the restorative benefits of
relaxing and fun. Your personal               massage and have fun. It offers
masseuse will start the lesson by             something totally different to do
explaining the benefits of massage            together – already the positive
and will introduce you both to a selection    feedback has been overwhelming.”
of oils from which you can choose             The Spa at the Culloden is offering
your favourites and blend one that            Couple’s Massage Lessons throughout
appeals – what’s more you can take            the year – a perfect birthday, Valentine’s
the bespoke ESPA oil away with you            Day or anniversary gift for that
to perfect your technique at home!            special someone!
You will also be given the opportunity
to choose which part of the body you          The Couple’s Massage package
would like to focus on – full body,           costs from £110 per person and
back, hands, feet or head – the               includes one night’s accommodation
choice is up to you! Your masseuse            on a B&B basis and the Couple’s
will show you various techniques              Massage Lesson.
before you and your partner each              The lesson itself is £105 per couple.             To book,
spend 20 minutes practising what you                                                                      1066 or visit
                                                                                                call 028 9042
have learnt and massaging each other.                                                 

              Slieve Donard is Top Wedding
                      Venue in Ulster!
C   ongratulations to the
    Slieve Donard Resort
and Spa which was recently
named ‘Ulster Wedding
Venue of the Year’ at the
Awards in Dublin.
The Slieve Donard faced
some stiff competition
including the Slieve Russell
in Cavan and Harvey’s Point
in Donegal. Claire Edkins,
Business Development
Manager, was in attendance
to collect the award on
behalf of the Slieve Donard
and commented, “It’s
lovely to be regarded as
the ultimate destination
for couples to spend their
wedding day, the whole
team is extremely dedicated
and this makes the hard
work really worthwhile”.

                                     Claire Edkins accepting the award with Ken Fitzpatrick and Jane Lavin

                                                          Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN   page 21
  Facebook-ing                             tripadvisor
Are you a fan of Hastings                    ripadvisor represents citizen     is popular within their hotel and
Hotels on Facebook?                          journalism at its best. Instead   areas where there may be room
                                             of glossy brochures and           for improvement. Each review is
If not, you should be!                guidebook reviews, potential guests      read by the General Manager and
The Hastings Hotels’ Facebook         now have access to real accounts         responded to where appropriate.
                                      of hotels they wish to stay in.          We greatly encourage guests to log
fanpage was launched a few
                                      Hastings Hotels have welcomed            on to Tripadvisor and write about their
months ago and so far the
                                      this type of transparency. An outlet     stay with us, passing on your experience
feedback has been astounding!         where past guests can give their
Fans are able to log on to the                                                 to help someone else plan theirs.
                                      opinions on their experience can
page, ask questions, give their       only be a good thing.                    Why not visit the site for yourself to
opinions, access photos of the                                                 read what our guests have to say
                                      Tripadvisor allows each of the hotels    about us.
hotels, get special last minute       in the group to better understand what
offers and be spoilt with                                                      Visit
competitions – no wonder
it is proving so popular!

The page is maintained and updated
by the Hastings Marketing Team
and acts as an informal way to
reinforce with the brand and engage
with guests, helping us understand
their needs and also allowing them
to email to book offers and receive
more information.

We love it when we get photos
and comments about the hotels,
so log on and become a Hastings
facebook fan today!

Can I just congratulate you on
your facebook page? You manage
it really well, with just the right
balance of postings and
information being distributed,
you have got it just right.
Well done!
Kerry Woods
Love your facebook page! Just
booked a spa treatment at the
Slieve Donard as you have raised
the awareness so much of the
Brian McStea
Think your page on facebook is a
brill way to keep up with all your
offers. Well done!
Alison Coyle

page 22   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
  Charity starts at Hastings
                                                   •	 Complimentary room hire
H   astings Hotels offer special
    discounts for registered                          after 6pm
                                                                                             If you are thinking about hosting a
                                                                                             fundraising event, whether it be a
charity and fundraising events,                    •	 Raffle prize or bedroom                Gala Dinner, Coffee Morning or
helping you add £££s to your                          for organiser                          XFactor Party, contact us and we
funds.                                             •	 Menus to match your                    will be happy to discuss your idea
                                                      requirements                           and requirements. Contact Events
A charity ball or dinner is a great                                                          Director, Allyson McKimm.
way of raising money for a good                    •	 Reduced overnight rates
cause and offers an opportunity to                    for guests                             Call: 028 9047 1066
mix business with the pleasure of                  •	 Personal Events Manager to
a memorable evening.                                  assist in the smooth running           Email:
                                                      of your event                
It’s become even more challenging
for charity fundraisers, due to the
                                                   •	 “Oscar style” red carpet for           All offers subject to availability.
                                                      a grand entrance                       Discounts available to recognised
current recession, but Hastings can
help you raise as much as possible                 •	 Additional offers are also available   organisations and registered
by offering a wide range of benefits                  for events held Sunday to              charities only. Minimum numbers
including:                                            Wednesday.                             apply and a minimum four course
                                                                                             meal must be taken to avail of offer.

                                                   A huge well done to Aileen Martin (Sales Director) and Allyson McKimm
                                                   (Events Director) who, along with their husbands and friend, completed the
                                                   New York Marathon in December. Before they headed to New York, the
                                                   team held a fundraising “Coffee and Cupcake Morning” at the Stormont
                                                   Hotel. This was attended by 350 ladies and proved extremely successful
                                                   for their fundraising, raising a staggering £4,000 for NI Children’s Hospice
                                                   and Downpatrick Cathedral.

                                                   The team successfully raised £15,000 in total, which was divided between
 L-R: Sandra Starr, Aileen Martin, Scott Martin,
                                                   their charities. Aileen said, “It was the most fantastic experience to be at
 Allyson McKimm, Conor McKimm                      the start line in New York with 42,000 other competitors and the best way
                                                   to see EVERY single street of New York on foot!”

  The Sound of Music
  at Hastings Hotels

 D    uring the latter part of last year, a group of senior
      managers from Hastings Hotels embarked on
 researching the impact background music can have
                                                                          relationships. Background music can also help to
                                                                          underline and reinforce our attention to detail and
                                                                          the right music will give the Hastings Hotels brand
 on the ambience and atmosphere of hotels, bars and                       an immediate ‘stand out from the crowd’ wow factor.
 restaurants. The aim was to create a music policy for
 Hastings Hotels which would enhance each property’s                      Over the next several months, you should begin to
 sense of style, and create an emotional impact for each                  hear a considerable difference in the background
 of our guests. They undertook a huge piece of research,                  music we play in our hotels. Each hotel playlist will
 speaking to everyone from academic institutions to                       perfectly complement the Hastings brand, as well
 music specialists, as well as benchmarking various                       as fitting the hotels individual characteristics and we
 properties worldwide.                                                    believe will further enhance our guests’ experience.

 Their research, amongst many things, showed that                         So the next time you are visiting one of the
 music affects people both psychologically and                            hotels – see if you can spot the difference!
 physiologically; changing feelings, moods and brand

                                                         Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN         page 23
                  Goes Under the Knife!
                                                                                 Bluecube’s creative and design
                                                                                 teams spent the best part of four
                                                                                 months visualising and preparing for
                                                                                 the launch.

                                                                                 The result, as you can see above, is
                                                                                 an elegant and original website that
                                                                                 imaginatively allows users to feel a
                                                                                 freedom in navigation while enjoying
                                                                                 a consistency and warmth in style,
                                                                                 tone, and setting throughout.
                                                                                 There’s quite a bit of clever stuff
                                                                                 going on in the background too - a
                                                                                 new content management system
                                                                                 and improved social networking
                                                                                 integration means we will find it
When an award-winning hotel group      Bluecube’s task was to create a web       easier than ever to keep you
needs a new website designed,          presence that promotes the famous         informed of what’s going on at
where should they look? To an          Hastings Hotels brand in the              Hastings, while our e-zines have also
award-winning design agency of         prestigious and stylish manner it         enjoyed a revamp to help tie
course! The recently re-launched       deserves, while allowing each of the      everything together. website is the      six group hotels to live and breathe
result of a highly successful          by itself; attracting and informing its   We suggest you visit the website
partnership with Belfast-based         own audience. Taking this brief on to make
Bluecube Interactive, recent winners   board, and enjoying a lead from the       up your own mind on the new
of the best Design and Development     recent design and advertising work        design... although we’re so happy
Agency at the prestigious all-island   of parent company AV Browne,              with it we’re pretty sure we won’t
Digital Media Awards.                                                            have to duck any of your comments!

             Gerry’s Labour of Love
                                       H    ead Chef at the Europa Hotel,
                                            Gerry Rosato has cooked for
                                       the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton,
                                                                                 the days before. Guests enjoy mulled
                                                                                 wine before a visit from Santa and a
                                                                                 five course grand buffet feast. We have
                                       during his 25 year career at the hotel.   every age group coming to the hotel
                                       This year, he worked over one of the      which makes the atmosphere even
                                       busiest Christmas periods the hotel       better – from families with children,
                                       has ever seen.                            to couples and those on their own,
                                                                                 it’s a real mix!
                                       “It was my fifth year working on
                                       Christmas Day and this was the            This year, my family came to the hotel
                                       busiest I had ever experienced.           to sample the food and festivities –
                                       Eating out on Christmas Day is            they weren’t disappointed! In the
                                                                                 past, I have rushed home to have a
                                       getting more popular every year and
                                                                                 late dinner with them, but this way
                                       we were booked out from months
                                                                                 there was no rushing and when
                                       before – we even had to set up a
                                                                                 everyone else was served, I was
                                       waiting list!
                                                                                 able to enjoy it with them.
                                       Luckily, when my children were small      Giving up most of my Christmas Day
                                       I didn’t have to work Christmas Day       isn’t easy, but working in the hospitality
                                       but now they are all grown up, it’s not   industry you have to accept it is part
                                       so bad. I don’t start until noon which    of the job – and it’s only going to get
                                       allows me to cook breakfast at home       bigger and busier!”
                                       and be with my family to open presents.
                                                                                 Don’t miss out this year and be sure
                                       There is a group of eight chefs on the    to book your Christmas Day visit to
                                       day and lots of preparation is done in    the Europa in plenty of time!

page 24   CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010
   The Hastings’ Difference

      L–R Carolyn Matthews, Claire Young, Stuart Lockhart, Claire Edgar, Mandy McBride, Ann O’Hare, Thomas Morrow, Helen McCune, James Toal,
      Judith Hogg, Krzysia Tuszynska, Steven Williamson, Shona McAlarney, Alex McAllister, Louie Almario, Ainé Finnegan

      T  he Hastings Group’s annual ‘Making a Difference’ graduation took place at a presentation dinner at the Europa
         Hotel in November. This was the 5th cohort of employees to complete the course that focuses on the most
      important aspect of hospitality – customer service.

                        Hastings Hotels at
                   the Holywood Music Festival
                                             Hastings Hotels have once again provided         She commented,
                                             sponsorship to the Holywood Music                “Word has got round in the adjudicators’
                                             Festival, now in its seventh year. Sharon        world that Holywood is a very special
                                             Yarr, of the festival organising committee,
                                                                                              place!” For its part, the Culloden
                                             commented on the warmth of the welcome
                                                                                              describes its Spa in the festival brochure
                                             offered to adjudicator Mrs Chryssides by
                                             the management and staff of the                  as ‘a symphony for your senses’.
                                             Culloden Estate and Spa.                         We always enjoy staying there!”.

                                A Fond Farewell to jim
                                                         J   ust before Christmas, we said
                                                             goodbye to Jim Shields who
                                                         was our Management Accountant
                                                                                                   of the six hotels. His knowledge
                                                                                                   of the business, coupled with his
                                                                                                   accounting skills made him a very
                                                         at Head Office. Jim had worked with       valuable member of the team,
                                                         the Company for over 34 years and         who will be greatly missed. We all
                                                         was a well known character, not           join in wishing him a long and
                                                         only in Head Office but around each       happy retirement.
Jim Shields with Edward Carson, Financial Director

                                                                              Value Cabs Belfast’s No.1 Taxi and Chauffeur Company
                                                                              •	Over	600	drivers	at	your	service	
                                                                              •	Multiseat	and	Wheelchair	vehicles
                                                                              •	Airport	Transfers	(including	Dublin	Airport)	
                                                                               Wide range of Taxi Tours

                                                               Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN              page 25
   Hastings Staff Going the Distance
                                                                                     Head Office

      T  his year, a record number of
         Hastings Hotels’ staff members
      achieved recognition for their
      dedication and long service to the
      company. The length of service given
      ranged from five years to 32 years!

                                                                                            George Hamill, Joanne Harvey and Howard Hastings

    Ballygally Castle                                                                Europa Hotel

                                                                                      L-R: James McGinn, Dave Mellor, Gerry Rosato, Donna Linehan, Frankie Carew,
                                                                                             Neil Armstrong, Jillian Craig, Damian Mc Donald, Meta Dunn,
      L-R: Ruth Owen, Norman McBride, Norma Craig, Mary Adamson                              Alan Williamson, Leanne Waterworth also received an award.

    Slieve Donard Resort and Spa

              Back row, L-R: John Toner, Mohamed Abou Saleh, Sharon Glover,
                            Omar Chowdury, Mr Ciaran Murtagh
          Front Row L-R: Jenny Beck, Diane Erwin, Linda Douglas, Rosaleen O’Prey                            L-R: John Toner, Kevin O’Neill

    Stormont Hotel

                                                                                                   Gerry Carty, General Manager at the Stormont,
     L-R: Roy Axon, Helena Dobrotova, Marcel Michrina, Julie Roulston, Gerry Carty          got a special gift of a zimmer frame for his 32 years service!

page 26     CROWN - SPRING/Summer 2010                
                                            HOTEL News
Matches &
Despatches                                  appointments & Promotions
CENTRAL RESERVATIONS                        HEAD OFFICE                                      n	Vanessa Gould - Restaurant
                                                                                               Waiting Staff
n	Sian Yau, on her marriage                 Appointments
n	Nicola Drysdale, on her marriage          n	Laura Johnston -
                                              Reservations Manager                           n	Gareth Fowles - Restaurant Manager
n	Anne Marie Denvir, on her marriage
                                            n	Julie Whitehead -                              n	William Robertson -
BALLYGALLY                                    Accounts Assistant                               Cultra Inn Manager
n	Jonathan Mawhinney, on his marriage
                                            CULLODEN                                         EVERGLADES
CULLODEN                                                                                     Promotions
n	Tina Kershaw, Receptionist, on her
  engagement                                n	Suzanne Costley - Assistant Chancel            n	James Caldwell - Restaurant Manager
                                              Bar Manager                                    n	Margaret McPhillips - Front office
n	Justyna Janiec, Housekeeping, on her      n	John Breslin - Assistant
  marriage                                    Cultra Inn Manager
n	Krystyna Machalinska, Kitchen Porter,     n	Kerrie Adams - Chancel Bar Staff
  on her marriage                                                                            Promotions
                                            n	Tom Orr - Restaurant Supervisor
n	Gerardo Jimmez, Banqueting                                                                 n	Jody Stubbs - Sales Manager
  Manager, on the birth of his son          n	Melinda Molnar - Housekeeping
n	Arthur Morgan, Function porter, and         Room Attendant                                 SLIEVE DONARD
  Catriona Bell, Housekeeping, on the                                                        Promotions
                                            n	Torri Hayhurst - Spa Receptionist
  birth of their son
n	Andrea Nelson, Eurobusiness Centre        n	Madalena Afonso - Receptionist                 n	Claire Bloomfield - Head Spa Therapist
  Secretary, on the birth of her daughter   n	Hayley Ferguson - Receptionist                 n	Eugene McGrath - Second Chef
n	Roberta Stuka, Housekeeping, on the
  birth of her son                          n	Stephanie Mc Avoy - HR                           Leo
                                                                                             n	 Fennell - Assistant Bar Manager
                                              Co Ordinator                                   n	Catherine McLoughlin - Bar Supervisor
                                            n	Robert Herron - Restaurant
n	Kevin O’Neill, Assistant Manager, on                                                       STORMONT
                                              Waiting Staff
  his marriage
n	Maria O’Hare, Bar Person, on the birth      Eric
                                            n	 Chynoradsky - Kitchen Porter                  Promotions
  of her son                                                                                 n	Stuart Lockhart - Bar Supervisor
                                            n	Kirsty Cavan - Restaurant
n	Alyison Katua, Receptionist, on the         Waiting Staff
  birth of her son                                                                           n	Juan Carlos Almonte - Restaurant
                                            n	Igor Kovac - Kitchen Porter                      Supervisor
n	Charlotte O’Keefe, Banqueting, on the
  birth of her son                          n	Nicholas Watson - Cultra Inn                   Appointments
                                              Waiting Staff
STORMONT                                                                                     n	Elena Kubisova - Room Attendant
n	Eva West, Receptionist, on her            n	Wayne Wylie - Housekeeping                     n	David Stevenson - Night Supervisor
  marriage                                    Room Attendant
n	Franziska Staub, Receptionist, on the     n	John O’Hara - Restaurant
  birth of her daughter                       Waiting Staff
n	Zuzana Sarvasova, Waitress, on the
  birth of her son                          n	Jemma Johnston - Membership
                                              Co Ordinator

Goodbye and Good Luck to Sammy
Walker, Maintenance Manager at              Obituary
Head Office after 46 years with
                                            We are deeply saddened at the death of our colleague Chris Keenan who was the Manager of the
Hastings Hotels. May we wish
                                            Causerie Restaurant at the Europa Hotel. Chris joined the team in September 2006 and built upon
him a long and happy retirement.            the success of the restaurant following refurbishment 2008. On behalf of all his colleagues, we
                                            extend our sympathies to Chris’ family. His professionalism will be missed by staff and guests.
                                            James McGinn, General Manager, Europa Hotel

issue 37 competition                        Congratulations to
Winner                                      Gillian Arthur, winner of our Tankardstown competition.

                                                      Spring/summer 2010 - CROWN                  page 27

Here we are!
                                                                                                                                                                                  AND SPA
 Hastings Hotels are Northern Ireland’s leading hotel group, setting                                                                                          EUROPA             HOTEL
 the standard for accommodation in the Province. Each of the six
 magnificent hotels is rich in character and style, the very epitome
 of luxury and personal service. You’ll find the 4 and 5 star hotels                                                                          SLIEVE DONARD
 conveniently located throughout Northern Ireland.                                                                                           RESORT AND SPA

  Bangor Road, Holywood,             Great Victoria Street,       Upper Newtownards Road,           Downs Road, Newcastle,               Prehen Road                 Coast Road, Ballygally,
     Belfast, BT18 0EX                Belfast, BT2 7AP                Belfast, BT4 3LP              County Down, BT33 0AH               Derry, BT47 2NH             County Antrim, BT40 2QZ

    T. +44 (0) 28 9042 1066          T. +44 (0) 28 9027 1066         T. +44 (0) 28 9065 1066          T. +44 (0) 28 4372 1066         T. +44 (0) 28 7132 1066         T. +44 (0) 28 2858 1066
    F. +44 (0) 28 9042 6777          F. +44 (0) 28 9032 7800         F. +44 (0) 28 9048 0240          F. +44 (0) 28 4372 4830         F. +44 (0) 28 7134 9200         F. +44 (0) 28 2858 3681
E.   E.   E.   E.   E.   E.

       book online at:

                           summer offers for Crown readers
       As a special offer for all Crown readers we are delighted to give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a leisure break at
       a Hastings Hotel with the following tempting offers. For further information and reservations contact the individual hotel
       of your choice quoting “CROWN OFFER” or visit the Hastings Hotels website
                                                                                                                          1 Night B&B
                                                       Hotel                                                                 pps/pn
                                                       Culloden Estate and Spa                                                    £60
                                                       Europa Hotel                                                               £50
                                                       Stormont Hotel                                                             £40
                                                       Slieve Donard Resort and Spa                                               £55
                                                       Everglades Hotel                                                           £40
                                                       Ballygally Castle                                                          £40
       •	ALL	ABOVE	RATES	ARE	SUBJECT	TO	AVAILABILITY	for	Leisure	purposes	only	and	are	based	on	2	persons	sharing	a	classic	twin	or	double	room	on	a	bed	and	breakfast	basis.	
       •	They	cannot	apply	to	existing	bookings	and	are	valid	from	1st	April	2010	until	31st	August	2010.	•	Room	upgrades	and	additional	terms	and	conditions	may	apply.	

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