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Capitol Visitors Center Pre-Visit Lesson Plan_ Kindergarten-2nd


									           Capitol Visitors Center Pre-Visit Lesson Plan,
                     Kindergarten-2nd Grade
                         The Lone Star Flag

I. Objectives:
      A. Students will identify an important state symbol, the Texas flag.
      B. Students will learn the similarities and differences between historic Texas flags.
      C. Students will design their own Texas flag incorporating the symbol of the Lone Star.

II. TEKS Covered in this Lesson
      A. Identify and explain state patriotic symbols including the Texas flag (K.10A, 1.14A &
      B. Identify how selected symbols reflect an American love of freedom (2.14D).
      C. Create and interpret visuals, including pictures (K.15B & 1.18B).
      D. Obtain information about a topic using a variety of valid visual sources, such as
         pictures (2.18B).

III. Materials:
      A. Pictures of four Texas flags (print below pages 5-8)
      B. Markers/Crayons
      C. “My Lone Star Flag” handout (print below page 4)

IV. Procedures and Activities
      A. Warm Up Activity
            1. Place the pictures of the four flags at the front of the classroom.
            2. Ask the students to look at the flags and find the ways that they
                are the same and different from each other.
            3. Go around the room and have students name the similarities and
                differences between the four flags.
            4. The similarities to emphasize: all are Texas flags and feature the
                Lone Star.

       B. The four Texas flags
             1. Explain that Texas had once been a part of Mexico. During the
                1830s Texans decided to break away and form their own country
                called the Republic of Texas.
             2. As Texans established the Republic, several people designed and
                made Texas flags.
             3. Identifying the flags:
                     a. Write the title on the line underneath the picture of the flag.
                     b. Provide the students with a fact about each flag.

              c. Flag #1, The Dodson Flag
                      i. It was flown at Washington-on-the-Brazos where
                          Texans signed the Declaration of Independence from
                      ii. It was made by Sarah Dodson for a group of Texas
                      iii. It has all the elements of the current flag (prominent
                           star, with blue, red and white sections).
              d. Flag #2, Flag of the Texas Navy
                      i. Texas had its own Navy that patrolled the Gulf of
                      ii. The flag was designed by David Burnet, who served
                          as President of the Republic of Texas in 1836.
                      iii. It looks exactly like the United States flag except it
                          only has one star.
              e. Flag #3, the First Official Flag of the Republic
                      i. This was the first flag adopted by the Republic
                      ii. David Burnet suggested the design.
              f. Flag #4, the Second Flag of the Republic
                      i. It was adopted by the Congress in 1839.
                      ii. It is also known as the “Lone Star” flag.
                      iii. Became the state flag when Texas joined the United
       7. Ask the students the following questions:
              a. Have you ever seen Flag #4?
              b. Where have you seen the Texas flag displayed?
              c. Why do you think the Texans made these flags?
              d. Why do countries and states have flags?
       8. Explain that flags are symbols, something that stands for or suggests
          something else. It can be a visible sign of something invisible such
          as an idea or belief that people have. The Texas flag is a patriotic
          symbol that stands for a love for and defense of our state. The flag
          reminds people that they are members of a larger group (Texans).
          The flags symbolize ideas that the group believes in.

C. The Lone Star
      1. Point out to the students that all of the Texas flags have used a single
         star, called the Lone Star. Ask students the following questions:
              a. Why did the designers place a star on the flag?
              b. Why do the flags only have one star?
      2. According to tradition, the designers featured the star as a symbol of
         Texas as the only rising star of liberty in the Mexican provinces.
         The Texans who broke away from Mexico wanted to be free to

          choose their own leaders and laws. Therefore, the Lone Star stands
          for (symbolizes) freedom and is supposed to remind Texans of their
      3. The Lone Star has become associated with Texas (the Lone Star
          state). This symbol of freedom can be seen in many places other
          than just the flag (monuments, buildings, books, paintings etc.).
D. Activity: Creating a Lone Star Flag
      1. Distribute the handout, “My Lone Star Flag” (print below).
      2. Ask the students to create their own flag. Have them place a Lone
          Star somewhere in the design.
      3. Encourage the students to use a variety of colors and shapes.

My Lone Star Flag. . . .

                Flag #1


         Flag #2

            Flag #3

            Flag #4


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