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   Guiding Eyes for the Blind
                                w w w. g u i d i n g e y e s . o r g
Our Mission
Guiding Eyes for the Blind is dedicated to enriching the lives of blind and visually
impaired men and women by providing them with the freedom to travel safely,
thereby assuring greater independence, dignity and new horizons of opportunity.

Our Core Values
There is nothing more important than recognizing the individual needs and
aspirations of our students and graduates. We are committed to supporting and
encouraging every effort in their pursuit to achieve success.

A Guiding Eyes dog is bred for its higher calling, possessing superior confidence
and strength, and raised and trained with patience and affection. Recognizing this,
we are committed to assuring a lifetime of well-being for every one of our dogs.
Educating the sighted public about guide dog usage is an important part of this
commitment.                                                                            Guiding Eyes for the
                                                                                       Blind is proud to be a
                                                                                       member of the Better
OUR PUPPY RAISERS                                                                      Business Bureau’s Wise
                                                                                       Giving Alliance, which
The heart and soul of Guiding Eyes is the generosity and selflessness of our
                                                                                       evaluates national
puppy-raising families. Without their extraordinary dedication, our program would      charities based on
                                                                                       its comprehensive
not exist. As a result of their unique relationship with the puppies these special
                                                                                       Standards for Charity
volunteers raise, they share a very special common bond with our graduates.            Accountability. This
                                                                                       information helps
                                                                                       donors make informed
OUR VOLUNTEERS                                                                         giving decisions
                                                                                       and advances
Our volunteers are truly the unsung heroes of Guiding Eyes. They give so much          high standards
of themselves without seeking recognition. Their dedication and tireless support,      of management
                                                                                       among nonprofit
for which we can never show enough gratitude, is a profound gift to our students
and graduates.

We are bonded by a common goal. . . our mission. To that end, each and every
Guiding Eyes staff member performs an essential role. We recognize that the quality
of our program is inextricably linked to the collective spirit we bring to our work.   Cover photo –
                                                                                       Guiding Eyes Maddox (7M09)
                                                                                       with puppy raiser Cara Antonacci
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
                                                            Guiding the Way

Nothing ever really stays the same here. During the past three years, and in the five
years to come, we will focus on cutting edge innovations that will change the guide
dog movement in ways that could not have been imagined just a few years ago.
                                In the 2009 Annual Report, we reflect on the year’s accomplishments,
                                many of which are leading to the roll-out of a major initiative resulting
                                from extensive research conducted at the Canine Development Center
                                (CDC) in Patterson, New York.
                                       The Canine Development Center is where the Guiding Eyes
                                        story begins. It has an outstanding reputation in the field, and
                                          guide dog professionals from all over the world visit the Center to
                                            be trained in our breeding and puppy raising techniques.
                                              The Canine Development Center’s work is essential to
                                           our ability to produce some of the world’s best guide dogs.
                                         We continue to invest intellectual capital and financial resources
                                        in every component of our work. Notably, we are steadfast in
                                        our dedication to supporting our graduate teams. More than
                                         1,000 graduates use Guiding Eyes as a resource even after they
                                           have completed training and returned home. We are proud to
                                             provide our graduates with instructional support and
                                              veterinary stipends for as long as they are partnered with
                                                 Guiding Eyes dogs.
                                                 Every member of the Guiding Eyes family, represented
                                                 by the “voices” in this report, has had a hand in making
                                                  our school a dynamic, professional, and caring institution.
                                                  Thousands of blind and visually impaired people have
                                                  called Guiding Eyes their “home away from home”
                                                  for over five decades.                                     1
                                     THE CANINE DEVELOPMENT CENTER

    On the Cutting Edge
    of Breeding and Training Advances
    Beginning in 2007, the Canine Development Center staff
    engaged in extensive research in puppy training. The
    program that evolved from their work will be unveiled
    during the next five years and will be clearly evidenced by
    the new ways in which we raise our puppies, from birth to
    guide dog training.
    Our cutting edge advancements bring the Guiding Eyes
    family to a pivotal time in our 55-year history. It is truly a
    unique moment, a time to rally our collective energies to
    ensure that our full vision becomes a reality.

The pilot implementation of STEP (Successive Training and          Puppies are introduced to human socialization within a few
Enrichment Program) has profoundly changed the way                 days of their birth, and continue building confidence and
Guiding Eyes for the Blind approaches puppy training. Two          core skills through small progressive steps that are integrated
years of research and study has resulted in a program that         from the whelping kennel through to puppy-raising, with
markedly enhances the development, responsiveness, and             phenomenal results:
sociability of our puppies, the Guiding Eyes dogs of the future.
                                                                   For example, our guide dog instructors will be able to spend
In short, STEP focuses on building healthy, mutual one-on-one      more time training dogs for guide work, and less time working
relationships between puppies and people. This is critical and     to ameliorate remedial behavior such as harness sensitivity.
provides a foundation for the many human interactions our
                                                                   Since the introduction of STEP, the percentage of dogs with
puppies experience on their way to becoming guide dogs.
                                                                   harness sensitivity decreased from 30% to 10%.

    STEP improves our dogs’ success ratios
    • Early socialization and training develops the potential of pups during the critical first
      sixteen weeks of life.

    • STEP focuses on building puppies’ confidence and thus their ability to learn new skills.
      We compare the early months of a puppy’s life to that of a newborn infant; for both
      baby and pup, their earliest weeks represent a critical period in their brain
      development. They have the ability to absorb a myriad of new skills and
      accept senses, sights, and sounds without fear. For this reason, we
      added several socialization activities for our puppies during their
      first weeks of life.

    Pups in STEP are happy, confident dogs that are eager to learn
    and want to work with and for people.


During 2009, we worked with staff and design               STEP’s successful implementation requires that we integrate
consultants to explore how to effectively develop          the design and development of the CDC’s terrain and
                                                           physical facilities so that the optimal training and enrichment
the CDC’s 30-acre property into a one-of-a-kind,           environments are created.
state-of-the-art breeding and puppy raising facility.
                                                           When completed, the new Canine Development Center will
We know that there is not a facility in the world on       be a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, increasing it from its current size
which we can model the new CDC. Therefore, we              of 16,000 sq. ft.
are thinking creatively in undertaking a facility design   Construction is planned in three phases to allow program
that will ensure our continued success.                    operations to continue and to provide ample time for
                                                           fundraising. The first phase of construction is scheduled
                                                           for spring 2010.

                                                           To support all of the CDC’s most recent initiatives, we are
                                                           launching a new fundraising effort entitled “Guiding the
                                                           Way.” Our goal is to raise $8 million, the proceeds of which
                                                           to be used for:

                                                           • The puppy training advances of STEP. This new training
                                                             approach will ultimately improve the already-superior
                                                             quality of our Guiding Eyes dogs.

                                                           • The redesign and construction of a new CDC facility. The
                                                             new facility will be designed to facilitate each component of
                                                             STEP, providing ample and appropriate spaces for whelping
                                                             and training, as well as better facilities for our breeding
                                                             dogs. Buildings will nearly double in functionality, and the
                                                             CDC’s beautiful grounds will be better utilized to allow our
                                                             dogs to train in safe, natural environments.

                                                           For further information on “Guiding the Way,” please
                                                           contact Lisa Deutsch, Vice President for Marketing and
                                                           Development, at 914 243-4340 or

                                                                                     STAFF voice

I started volunteering
for Guiding Eyes for the
Blind seven years ago.
I read an article in the local paper
that told the story of a successful
young puppy raiser and realized
this would be a wonderful way
for my children to learn about
helping others. It didn’t hurt that
I absolutely love dogs.

It began with home socialization. Very quickly         The pups are not only students; they frequently
afterwards, I began raising puppies. I’ve now been     become teachers as well. Often they grasp the
working at the Canine Development Center for           lessons so fast that I feel like I am working with
more than five years.                                  an accelerated class.
My job is to work with the puppies before they         One of the projects I am working on is how to
go to volunteer raisers. The groundwork we do          maximize crate time for the pups; the goal is to
provides a leg up for the pup and the raiser. During   have a pup settled and relaxed in his or her crate
our training sessions, we challenge the pups and       for three hours at a time by nine weeks of age.
build their confidence and problem solving skills.     The crate training we are doing at the Canine
They walk over metal and moving objects, curiously     Development Center teaches the pup how to
approach animated toys, run down the hallways          be confident while being alone, eliminating any
with their make-shift harnesses, and readily explore   separation anxiety.
a dark room.                                           One of the highlights of the STEP program is
Our puppies are eager students; they are always        watching the pups grow and learn. It is a great
excited about the lessons of the day. When I           feeling to know that the pups I train are on the
approach a pen, they all seem to be saying “pick       path to giving independence and companionship,
me, pick me; I want to be next.” My goal is to have    and most importantly – to becoming someone’s
the pup equate training with fun. This way they’ll     guiding eyes.
understand that people are a pleasure to be
around, and they’ll always enjoy their work.
Volunteer Puppy Raisers:
Guiding Eyes’ Heart and Soul
Volunteer puppy raisers represent the heart of
Guiding Eyes for the Blind. They perform the
essential task of caring for and training puppies
between the ages of three months and 14-16
months. Collectively, Guiding Eyes’ 450 puppy
raisers donate thousands of man hours, not to
mention abundant loving care, and these dedicated
individuals are not easily replaced.
We keep careful records documenting the percentage of those      After introducing STEP, the average rate of returning raisers
raisers who return to raise additional puppies. We invest many   increased from 48% to 75%.
resources in our raisers, and cannot put a price tag on their
                                                                 This remarkable improvement is a testament to the innovative
considerable donations, thus we have worked hard to make
                                                                 and rewarding raiser experience resulting from STEP.
them feel appreciated and successful.
                                                                                                     PUPPY RAISER voice

Our family began puppy raising because
our two girls, Meghan (12) and Shannon (9), longed
for a puppy. We were so excited when we found out we were
getting eight-week-old Roxanne.

Meghan and Roxanne quickly bonded and wouldn't                   was hard to see
leave each other's side. We were absolutely amazed               her go.
at how much she knew at such a young age; she                    On the ride to
could sit, she would indicate when she needed to                 New York for
go out, and she loved to play “touch.”                           graduation, we
Meghan learned that dogs treasure the small things               wondered if
in life - a little piece of food or a short ear rub              Roxanne would
would send Roxanne's tail wagging at often                       remember us.
dangerous speeds. We, too, found ourselves                       Throughout the ceremony, Roxanne was quiet and
enjoying the small things Roxanne did: the way she               well behaved, and the joy of her accomplishment
would lie on her back and have her feet sticking up              overwhelmed us. Then it was time to meet Joe and
in the air when she slept, or when she would rest                see Roxanne; she showed her excitement by shower-
her head on our laps and look at us. She always                  ing us with kisses. At that moment, we knew
brightened our day.                                              Roxanne was doing what made her happy and we
At eighteen months, Roxanne was scheduled to                     were so very proud to know that we had helped her
return to New York to finish her training. It was                reach her goal. I am not sure who was luckier: Joe to
a time of mixed emotions; we were happy for                      have Roxanne or Roxanne to have Joe. But I do know
Roxanne and the adventures ahead for her, but it                 that they are lucky to have each other.
                                                                                       GRADUATE voice

    Roxanne and I graduated from Guiding Eyes in June 2009.
    Since then, Roxanne has become my guide and guardian angel. She has become that
    constant presence in my life that helps me through the most difficult times.

    Last August, Roxanne and I prepared to                I heard someone recently say that a guide dog
    head out for our evening walk. I noticed              would be too much of a hassle, a job and an

    her behavior was much exaggerated this                inconvenience in his life. I had thought the same
                                                          thing myself, before coming to Guiding Eyes.
    evening – she was licking, stomping, huffing
                                                          But now, I think about what he is missing by
    and puffing. She did not want me to put
                                                          not experiencing the difference these incredible
    the harness on and kept turning her head
                                                          creatures can make
    and tucking her chin. As we left the house            in your life.
    and started up the sidewalk, Roxanne kept
    protesting; she even tried to turn around
    and head back home.

    We made it about 200 yards up the street when
    I started to feel very dizzy and weak. Roxanne
    bunched up at my feet, vocalizing with an urgency
    I hadn’t heard before. I realized I was having
    a diabetes-related hypoglycemic reaction and
    needed to return home immediately. Fighting
    unconsciousness, we turned towards home. The
    walk to the front door felt like forever. Upon
    entering the house, I administered my glucose
    and spent the night on the kitchen floor. Roxanne
    never left my side.

    I’m fully aware that Roxanne wasn’t taught to
    react to my diabetes; she has figured all this out
    on her own. I’ve never felt safer since the loss of
    my sight. I never expected that she would have this
    much of a positive impact on my life.

Time and time again, our students tell us that they           The Residential Training Program offers blind and
                                                              visually impaired men and women an intensive, 26-day
chose Guiding Eyes because “the staff is so professional
                                                              instructional program. Small classes enable our instructors to
and everyone cares about us so much.” We strive to            give students all the skills they need to bond with their dog as
                                                              a team. We train students and their new guides to be able to
live up to such high praise and expectations.
                                                              navigate many types of places, including rural, suburban and
Our instructors are indeed caring, dedicated, and creative.   urban settings. Students are also offered the opportunity to
Every student has his or her own challenges, and our          train in New York City – the “Mount Everest” of guide dog
instructors have the experience and persistence to make       training. There, they learn how to handle crowded sidewalks,
sure students reach new heights of independence with          heavy traffic, intersections, buses and subways.
their Guiding Eyes dogs.
                                                              During summer months, many high school students populate
We offer several instructional programs, each designed        the Training Center for the Sights on College Program.
to produce successful Guiding Eyes teams.                     This program was developed to encourage blind adolescents
                                                              to pursue higher education. In addition to the Residential
                                                              Training venues, students practice their skills on local college
                                                              campuses. Students are introduced to assistive technology
                                                              during their four weeks at the Training Center. Mastering
                                                                                computer-based resources will level the
                                                                                      playing field between them and their
                                                                                           sighted peers.


    The Accelerated Training Option (ACTION) is a 15-day
    training program for those blind and visually impaired students
    who are experienced guide dog handlers. Students begin the
    bonding process at the Training Center, meeting their new guide
    dogs in a supervised setting. After students conclude their Training
    Center instruction, Guiding Eyes trainers provide them with
    additional training in their hometowns.

    The program for which there is the most increased demand is
    the Home Training Program. Many blind people are single
    parents who cannot leave their children or are employed in
    positions from which they cannot be excused for extended
    periods of time.

    Guiding Eyes for the Blind was the first guide dog school in the
    United States to establish a Special Needs Program. This
    program provides dogs specifically trained to accommodate each
    student’s particular challenges, which might include cerebral palsy,
    muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and balance
    problems. Those who are Deaf-Blind are also served by this
    program. It is not unusual for Guiding Eyes to accept a student
    who other guide dog schools have turned away or have been
    unable to help.

                     To accommodate his handler’s support
                    cane, Guiding Eyes Lipton was specially
                        trained to guide from the right side.

                                                                                          STAFF voice

I have been in guide dog work for nearly 21 years.
From the very beginning, I loved the excitement of training dogs, learning new skills,
and developing close and strong connections with students and graduates.

But then came the real learning – through               The graduate knew the route, and his dog picked
                                                        up familiar scents that were buried beneath the
the powerful connections I make working
                                                        snow. They had to walk in the street, but eventually
with our courageous blind and visually                  the team found their way home. Even I couldn’t
impaired people. Every dog and every stu-               believe that they did not get lost. The graduate’s
                                                        courage and confidence and his guide’s persistence
dent teaches me something. Sometimes I
                                                        taught me another lesson.
have to pull back and allow the process to
happen, for it’s only when student and dog
learn to understand each other that the
team can soar.
I’m still in awe when I see a team effortlessly
navigate a busy street. Graduates have expressed
their sensation of walking with a dog in a variety
of ways. One young woman told me she felt like
she was flying. Another graduate walked one block
and thanked me for his Cadillac.
It’s difficult to describe the value of these dogs to
their blind partners. Stories abound. A graduate
worked in a busy office building around which
construction had begun. A co-worker remarked,
“How have you been getting through all                                     Graham Buck
                                                                      Assistant Director of Training
the construction - it’s been a mess!?” “What
construction?” the graduate replied. Her Guiding
Eyes dog handled the jack hammers and hard
hats with ease.                                            I knew that the best teams have
An upstate New York graduate told me an amazing            a strong bond, but I will never
story about a night in a blizzard. He had returned         again question the power of that
home from the city and his bus was extremely late.         bond and the priceless gift that is a
There were no cabs, so he decided to attempt the           Guiding Eyes dog.
trip home on foot. It was just a two-mile walk from
the terminal to his home, but the sidewalks and
landmarks were covered with snow.

 Department of Veterinary Services
 In 2009, Guiding Eyes acquired an
 in-house Veterinary Magnetic
 Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine,
 making us the first and only guide dog
 school in the world equipped with
 this technology.
 The addition of the Vet-MRI unit gives us
 the ability to diagnose various conditions in
 working guides, as well as retired guide
 dogs and even puppies being raised in our
 program. As we move into 2010, we will
 begin utilizing the Vet-MRI as a “routine”
 procedure in much the same the way we
 use x-rays to track our dogs’ health.

 Veterinary Care Support                                               BOISE FUND
 Although Guiding Eyes provides guide dogs and training at no          The Boise Fund provides graduates with financial assistance for
 cost to its students, the inevitable rise in veterinary fees can be   medical care in the rare instance that a dog is involved in an
 a hardship for graduates.                                             accident. The Boise Fund was established by Sally Rosenthal, a
                                                                       Guiding Eyes graduate, in honor of her guide, Boise.
 Guiding Eyes’ veterinary stipend funds are unique in the field.
 Three funds provide financial assistance for the veterinary care
 of our graduates’ guide dogs.                                         Kennel Enrichment
 H O C K M E Y E R V E T E R I N A RY C A R E F U N D                  In 2009, we constructed an enclosed outdoor recreation area in
 The newest veterinary assistance fund was established in              which dogs can be trained or play and exercise. This 115-foot
 2009 to provide financial support to graduates whose dogs             long grassy area can accommodate several dogs at a time. We
 require the services of veterinary specialists, such as those in      make it available for our blind and visually impaired students
 orthopedics, ophthalmology, and gastroenterology. The fund            to use when they have time off from training; the space is an
 was established with a generous donation from Mary and                ideal, safe environment for this purpose. The Outdoor
 Wayne Hockmeyer.                                                      Recreation Area was made possible by a grant from The Planet
                                                                       Dog Foundation.
 A S S I S TA N C E F U N D                                            The addition of the new outdoor kennel run supports the
 This fund was established to assist Guiding Eyes graduates with       expansion of our multi-faceted Kennel Enrichment Program.
 the routine expenses associated with owning and caring for            This program ensures that our dogs receive ample exercise, play
 their dogs. These expenses may include vaccinations and annual        time, and socialization opportunities. A strong team of volun-
 medical examinations. It was established with a bequest from          teers spends time playing and “relaxing” with our dogs in their
 the estate of Wanda Toscanini Horowitz, daughter of the famed         kennels. This socialization time helps our dogs think of kennels
 New York Philharmonic conductor, Arturo Toscanini, and wife           as safe, comforting places.
 of piano virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz.

                                                                                 PUPPY RAISER voice

When I started puppy raising, family and friends questioned me
about how I could give away a dog after bonding with him for over a year. From day one, I
never really thought of Rocky as “my” dog. I told myself that Rocky was on loan to me and I
was determined to enjoy every minute with him.

Rocky absolutely loved working. He                 community service hours than to raise an adorable
                                                   puppy? However, by the end of my journey with
went shopping and camping. He went
                                                   Rocky, I grasped the larger picture.
to restaurants, the bank, the dentist, the
                                                   I never thought that I had the ability to help
library, the post office, and the llama farm.
                                                   transform a silly, energetic puppy into an intelligent
He came with me to piano lessons and               guide dog that could greatly impact someone’s life.
accompanied me on cross country meets              Throughout the time I had Rocky, I told anyone
and college visits. There wasn’t much that         who asked that I was training him to be a guide
                                                   dog, but I never really stopped to think about what
Rocky and I didn’t do together.
                                                   the words meant. When I saw Rocky guide Allan
Speaking with a visually impaired individual one   into the room at their graduation, I was incredible
day about his experiences with a guide dog, I      proud of him. Suddenly, the words “training to be a
understood how much freedom Rocky would one        guide dog” had a deeper, greater meaning.
day provide. This made giving Rocky away
more exciting than difficult.
Despite this, the first few weeks without
Rocky were hard. The house was so quiet
and even a little boring. So we got another
puppy about one month later. Chad taught
me that each dog will choose his own
career. Chad was not destined to be a
Guiding Eyes dog, nor a service dog of any
type. He decided that he wanted to be a
family pet. Chad was matched with a very
lucky family, and then little Lang entered
my life. Lang shares the same work ethic
and enthusiasm as Rocky, and my dream is
to attend Lang's graduation with his blind
or visually impaired partner.
Raising Rocky was truly a life-changing
experience for me. I learned that some-
thing I did, as just a 16-year-old student,
could really make a difference. When I
first became involved with puppy raising, I
thought only of the good that would come
of it for me personally. How better to get
 Fundraising and Events
 Guiding Eyes for the Blind Golf Classic 2009
 For a third straight year, New York Giants quarterback
 Eli Manning hosted our major fundraising event. Two
 hundred forty golfers met Eli on our perennial golf
 courses – the Whippoorwill Club and Mount Kisco
 Country Club – and also joined him for dinner after
 the day’s play concluded.
 The Sponsor Recognition Reception leading up to the Golf Classic is a powerful
 incentive to bolster community support. The exclusive reception at Mulino’s
 of Westchester provides sponsors with the opportunity to rub elbows with Eli
 and his wife, Abby. We express our gratitude to Mulino’s for generously hosting
 the reception.

 The Golf Classic Committee worked tirelessly to ensure two sold-out courses.
 They also managed the logistics of the Corcoran Cup – the “Masters” of blind
 golf, which is held the Sunday before the sponsor-support event. The fourteen
 United States Blind Golfer Association qualifiers managed the bunkers, hazards,
 and undulating greens of Mount Kisco Country Club like the champions we
 know they are, demonstrating courage, talent, and grace under pressure.

      2009 GoLF SPoNSoR LiST

     Diamond    Entergy                                               Gold     Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sidley Austin LLP,
                                                                               Eukanuba, John Donnelly, Charles Scharf
     Presenting The Journal News &
                                                                      Silver   Aero Hardware and Parts, Inc., Avant Business
     Platinum   The Canine Fence Company,
                                                                               Services, Citibank, DeVito Builders, DIRECTV,
                Kinloch Insurance Services
                                                                               Dr. Pepper, Emblem, Skanska USA Civil, Inc.,
                                                                               TBS Shipping, Wilson & Son Jewelers, Paul Holland,
                                                                               Donald Matthews, Kenneth Nilsen

                                                                                   Donation Dogs
                                                                                   Thanks to the vision and generosity of a
                                                                                   special friend of Guiding Eyes, in 2009 we
                                                                                   launched a community-based fundraising
                                                                                   program entitled “Donation Dogs.” The
                                                                                   concept is a longstanding tradition of guide
                                                                                   dog schools in Great Britain, Australia, and
                                                                                   New Zealand, but this is the first time the
                                                                                   life-sized, yellow Labrador coin banks have
                                                                                   appeared in the United States.
                                                                                   We place Guiding Eyes Donation Dogs in high
                                                                                   traffic stores throughout Westchester County
                                                                                   and Connecticut. All proceeds support our
                                                                                   Training Center Kennel Enrichment Program.
    GRADUATE voice

Guiding Eyes graduate Dick Pomo participates in the Guiding Eyes
Golf Classic; he is one of the country’s best blind golfers.

“For the past ten years I have had the
 privilege – along with Sharon, my wife and
 coach – to compete in the Corcoran Cup,
 sponsored by Guiding Eyes for members of
 the United States Blind Golf Association.
 Playing the next day in Guiding Eyes’
 fundraising scramble is one of the
 highlights of our year.

 I have a dual relationship with Guiding
 Eyes. In 2008, I became a student there,
 and a little yellow Lab named Tanya came
 into my life. After 26 days of intensive
 training and a moving graduation
 ceremony, Tanya and I boarded a
 plane bound for home in Arizona.
 My understanding wife Sharon forgave me
 for falling in love with a blonde.

 Guiding Eyes has given me more than
 a guide dog; it has brought to my life a
 partner who will allow me to travel
 independently and share a kind of love
 that only those who love animals can
 understand. For this, I thank you from
 the bottom of my heart.

 P.S. No, Tanya has not improved my
 golf game. In fact, I am told she covers her
 eyes when I swing. Hmm…

                                                                                  FOUNDATION coNTRiBUToR

 Arthur L. “Bud” Johnson owned
 and adored German Shepherds
 his entire life.
 He loved dogs and understood the strength and
 benefits of the human-animal bond. Caring deeply
 about people, too, in 1990 he established The
 Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation to
 support organizations which provided for the care,
 benefit, support and preservation of guide dogs
 or other animals trained to assist sight-impaired
 or otherwise handicapped individuals. Since his
 passing in 1997, trustees continue his good work.

 Sally Mode, co-trustee of the Foundation, whose           inspiring and palpable across both Guiding Eyes’
 family members were life-long friends of Johnson,         Training and Canine Centers…whether it’s a quick
 said: “It is the Foundation’s desire to be a catalyst     hello in a hallway, or a lengthy discussion with a
 for change, as such we look to assist organizations       department head, one gets the sense that everyone
 that are forward thinking, committed and excited          has a “can do” attitude. The staff is undeterred
 about their work for long-term change. We are             by challenges. One never hears “we can’t do it;”
 also supportive of collaborations – partnerships          instead it’s “how can we do it?”
 and sharing that lead to the greater good. It is          “There’s not a sense that folks are just doing their
 these qualities that attracted us to Guiding Eyes for      job. My impression is that staff cares deeply about
 the Blind. The school not only shares its genetics,        work that brings change to peoples live and
 breeding and training methods, breeding colony             everyone wants to do their job as best they can.”
 and pups with other assistance animal agencies, it
                                                           “The professional standards upheld at Guiding Eyes
 empowers other schools with knowledge and tools
                                                            inspired our confidence and enthusiasm for their
 they’ve acquired. Helping people is not contained in
                                                            work. We are particularly impressed with their
 a small circle; instead it is widespread, far reaching,
                                                            forward-thinking attention to detail, follow-up
 to better serve so many. Guiding Eyes is clearly the
                                                            and professionalism.”
 best example of collaboration, cooperation and
 sharing than any other organization we deal with          Over the next several months, trustees of the
 at the Johnson Foundation.”                               Foundation are enthusiastically and closely
                                                           following the Canine Development Center’s
 Ms. Mode visited Guiding Eyes and has observed
                                                           new puppy training methods and evaluations,
 our work, first-hand, on many occasions spanning
                                                           the Center’s renovation plans, and other projects
 several years. She consistently remarks about the
                                                           shared or in collaboration with other assistance
 staff’s tireless dedication and enthusiasm. “It is
                                                           animal agencies.
Donors                                                                 Curtis O'Hara Foundation
                                                                       Robert F. Dall
                                                                       John Devito
                                                                                                           Marie Horhota
                                                                                                           The Inge Foundation
                                                                                                           Interoceanic Corporation
We salute these special people and organizations for their             Lynn R. and John Dillon             Knox Family Foundation
support of Guiding Eyes between October 1, 2008 and                    DIRECTV, Inc.                       Robert Labriola
                                                                       Maggie and Theodore Duncan          Caryn and James Magid
September 30, 2009.                                                    EmblemHealth Services LLC           Gail and Peter Malnati
                                                                       Hank Freeman                        Manhattan Beer Distributors
Every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy in the                  Janet Hecken                        E. Manocherian Foundation
following list. However, in compiling such an extensive                Heisman Trophy Trust                Kathleen W. and Philip McAllister
number of names, omissions and misspellings sometimes                  The Katzenberger Foundation, Inc.   John McIntyre
                                                                       Marie-France and Rene Kern          Charlotte Newton
occur. We thank you for your understanding, and appreciate             Faith & James Knight                Pepsico
the opportunity to correct our records. Please advise us by              Foundation, Inc.                  Jane Rex
                                                                       Ralph G. and Wilma J.               Robert and Anne Reznick
calling 914-243-4346.                                                    Maibaum Foundation                  Family Foundation
$100,000 and Up                     The Thomas & Agnes                 Donald Manocherian                  Rochester Corvette Club
                                      Carvel Foundation                MBIA Foundation                     The Benjamin M. Rosen
Leona and Harry B. Helmsley         Citibank                           Sarah and Robert Meyerhoff            Family Foundation
 Foundation, Inc.                   The Creek Bed Foundation           Kenneth Nilsen                      Sanford and Sally Rosenthal
The Arthur L. & Elaine V.           Nancy and John Donnelly            Dr. Pepper                          Peter Scherrer
 Johnson Foundation                 Helen G., Henry F. & Louise T.     Donald A. Perry Foundation          Beverly Schline
Ruth Keeler Charitable Trust          Dornette Foundation              The Petco Foundation                Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation
The Marble Fund                     The Max and Victoria Dreyfus       Ridge Clearing & Outsourcing        Skyline Quilters
The Arthur & Phyllis Milton           Foundation, Inc.                   Solutions, Inc.                   Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
 Foundation                         Ulla Dydo                          Gennie and John Roberts             TD Bank
Reader's Digest Partners For        Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield      Rohauer Collection                  Milton Tenenbaum
 Sight Foundation                   The Fain Family Fund of The          Foundation, Inc.                    Charitable Foundation
$50,000 - $99,999                     Virginia Beach Foundation        Alice Shaver Foundation             The Von Damm Family Evergreen
Bannerot-Lappe Foundation           The Flatley Foundation             Sidley Austin                         Foundation
Entergy Nuclear Northeast           Foundation for Supporters of       Skanska                             Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust
Wayne and Mary Hockmeyer              the Disabled                     The Helen M. Snyder                 Xerox Foundation
IBM Employee Services               The Gettinger Foundation             Foundation, Inc.                  Anonymous Donors
Norman M. Morris Foundation, Inc.   Barbara Gomez                      Jane Stamper Fund
                                    The Helen G. Hauben Foundation     Martha Washington Straus &
                                                                                                           $1,000 - $2,499
$25,000 - $49,999                   Hieronymus Family Fund, Inc.         Harry H. Straus Foundation        Helen Adair Foundation of the
Achelis Foundation                  Emma Clyde Hodge                   TBS Shipping                         St. Paul Foundation
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation,       Memorial Fund                    Elizabeth and Andrew Ward           Advanced Management Systems, Inc.
 Inc.                               Paul Holland                       Joan Young                          Joseph Alexander Foundation, Inc.
Suzanne Hatfield                    James T. Lee Foundation            Anonymous Donor                     Don Allen Foundation, Inc.
The Hatfield Family Foundation      The Marcled Foundation                                                 The American Kennel Club
Kinloch Holdings, Inc.              Ann and Donald Matthews            $2,500 - $4,999                     Aramark
Laurence W. Levine Foundation       Merial                             Jane Adams and William              Joseph Armbrust
Nancy McDonald                      Sylvan and Ann Oestreicher           L. McNulty                        Gail Ann and Jack Aulthouse
Minnesota Guide Dog Breeding          Foundation, Inc.                 Anchor/Russell Capital              Inez Benjamin Foundation
 Center, Ltd.                       P & G Pet Care                       Advisors, LLC                     Bernard J. & Charlotte E.
Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc.     P.B.O. Fund                        Bauer Family Foundation, Inc.        Blommer Foundation
P & G Fund of The Greater           Park Foundation, Inc.              Mary Baumgardner                    The Bloomberg Sisters Foundation
 Cincinnati Foundation              The Peninsula Charities            Ellen Bermel                        Marjorie Blum
Planet Dog Foundation                 Foundation II                    Frank Bisignano                     Edith C. Blum Foundation, Inc.
The Generoso Pope Foundation        Linus Raring                       The John N. Blackman, Sr.           Nicholas Boraski
The Portmann Family                 Amy and Charles Scharf               Foundation                        Gilberte L. Breslin
 Charitable Fund                    Susan Stearns                      The Braeside Foundation             Marjorie Brooks
Praxair Foundation, Inc.            Louise and Michael Stein           The Henry W. Bull Foundation        Broughton Foundation
Harriet and Andrew Rockefeller      Verizon Foundation                 Mildred and Randy Burke             Christopher Brown
SAP Global Marketing, Inc.          George Weiss                       Michael Carlisle                    Shirley Brownrigg Charitable Trust
The Seth Sprague Educational        Kate Stamper Wilhite Charitable    CBS Sports                           & Alice Shaver
 and Charitable Foundation            Foundation                       Ted Civetta                         Carosella Family Foundation
The David P. Tenberg Charitable     The Winston Foundation, Inc.       The Harry Cobey Foundation          Chevron Humankind
 Foundation                                                            Coca-Cola                           Citigroup
Anonymous Donors                    $5,000 - $9,999                    Lucy C. and Michael Danziger        Citrin Cooperman &
                                    Aero Hardware and Parts Co.        Michael Day                          Company, LLP
$10,000 - $24,999                   America's Charities                Elaine Ellenbogen                   Club Fit Jefferson Valley
H. A. & J. W. Alburger              The Anschutz Foundation            Audrey and Arnold Fisher            Con Edison Public Affairs
 Charitable Trust                   Assistance Dog Fund                Fraternal Order Of Eagles           Ann Cope
Allegheny Foundation                Avant Services Corporation           Ladies Auxiliary                  Marshall B. Coyne Foundation
Assent LLC                          Rose M. Badgeley Residuary         Joan P. and Howard Gross            Sandra and Bruce Cummings
Stephen & Mary Birch                 Charitable Trust                  The Gumbo Foundation                Pat Curran
 Foundation, Inc.                   The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe   Holly Andersen and                  Wendy N. Zimmermann and
Elizabeth Bryan                      and Sol Atlas Fund, Inc.            Douglas Hirsch                     Stephen Cutler
Louise and Arde Bulova Fund         Michele and Agnese Cestone         The Hitachi Foundation              Margaret A. Darrin Foundation
Dana and Michael Campbell            Foundation, Inc.                  Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.        Robert de Rothschild
The Canine Fence Company            Judith M. Collord                  Mary and Philip Hogan               Michael Dean                     15
 Janet Demuth                        J & G Schwartz Family Fund          Hampton Roads Naval Aviation          Westfield Academy and
 Richard Dienst                      The Sloman Foundation, Inc.           Memorial                              Central School
 Diggins Mechanical Corp.            Alice W. and Joseph Smith           Hanover Insurance Group               Jan Wheeler
 Robert Docters                      David Sokol                         IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign       WonderFest USA Inc
 Howard A. Drescher Foundation       Catherine and Thomas                International Specialty Chemicals     Bonnie Wyatt
 Matthew Dunn                          McC. Souther                        & Pharmaceutical                    James Zanfardino
 France and Horst Duseberg           Southern Wine and Spirits           Father Justin Council Knights of      Emily Zofnass Fund at The
 Eastern Dog Club, Inc.              Thomas F. Staley Foundation           Columbus #5670                        Boston Foundation
 The Robert and Gail Edelstein       John C. Stryker & Audrey Taylor     Susan and Bruce Kaufman               Anonymous Donors
   Foundation, Inc.                    Stryker Foundation of the         Keane & Beane, P.C.
 Essex Savings Bank                    Renaissance Charitable            Killarney House
                                                                                                               In Kind Gifts
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 Catherine S. and Leslie Foldesi     TD Charitable Foundation            The Klein Family Foundation, Inc.     Kim and George Arco
 Fraydun Foundation, Inc.            TD Securities (USA) LLC             Kneaded Services Inc. Back            Avant Services Corporation
 Judith Gardiner                     Myra Votta                            to Business                         Benchmark Hospitality
  Sue Garland                        Wal-Mart Foundation                 Lehigh Valley Oral and                  International
 Jeffrey L. and Mary Giles           Westchester Bank                      Maxillofacial Surgery LLC           Jeff Borow
 The Glickenhaus Foundation          Pauline Wiese                       Jill and Jonathan Lerner              Bradford Renaissance Portraits
 The Dorothy G. Griffin Charitable   Harriet Wilt                        K.C. Delfino and Marshall             Matt Cantele Tent Rentals, Inc.
   Foundation                        Jill and Peter Wise                   Levinson                            Rodolfo Chavez
 The Griner Family Foundation        The Woman's Club of Towson, Inc.    Mary B. and Frank Lyon                DIRECTV, Inc.
 Sean and Miriam Grogan              Betty and Wayne Wyckoff             Judith Mandile                        Amy Dixon
 Donna R. and Jeffrey Guy            Hope and Simon Ziff                 Renwick Martin                        Grand Prix New York
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                                     $500 - $999                         Bryan Meade                           Jeff Kantra
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 Robert B. and Virginia Jacko        Nancy N. and Bernard Anderson         Insurance Financial Advisors        G. E. Masten Feed Store
 Cathy Hull and Neil Janovic         Robert Arnold                       New York Administrative               Narnia Farm
 Randall Keegan                      Barbara Bartlett                      Employees C.W.A Local 1180          New York Football Giants
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 Arthur Kelley                       Benevolent Patriotic Order of       Peter Nicholson                       Photo File
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 Bob Ainley and Kimberly Kelly       Arnold & Jeanne Bernstein Fund        Foundation, Inc.                    THE GYM
 Kleinow Family Foundation           Eric Blattman                       Patrick and Linda Olson               WelchAllyn
 Elaine and Gerald Klingman          Ellen Blumencranz                   PBJ Enterprises                       Charles Wenzelberg
 William Lang                        Edward and Susan Blumenfeld         Sheila Pechac                         Helen West
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 The Martin R. Lewis Charitable                                          Robert Rosania                        Miss Anne Airel
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 The Thalia and George Liberatos                                         Katherine Rysanek                     Ms. Nell M. Alger
   Foundation                          Family Foundation                 Scheuer Associates Foundation, Inc.
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                                                                         Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Marion E. Carpenter           Barbara Karpischek             Ms. Florence Sakely                    Green Valley Lions Club
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Alma Catsman                       Michael & Arlene Kelly         David & Betsy Sandstrom                  Foundation Inc.
Ruth Chase                         Patty Kelly                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schmidt             Guilderland Lions Club
Sylvia L. Clementson               Roger K. Krott                 Richard H. Schwartz                    Hadley Luzerne Lioness Club
Frances Clouse                     Kenneth Laban                  Sandra M. Simpson                      Hadley-Luzerne Lions Club
Florence Colby                     Mrs. Shirley A. Laird          Linda Slavin                           Hampden Lions Club
Mrs. John Coleman                  Jane Landenberger              Mr. & Mrs. William I. Small            Hampton Lions Club
Mrs. Pearl A. Conner               Mr. Marvin P. Langanki         Mrs. Carol P. Spisak                   Harrison Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cote              Ms. Jacqueline Lanning         Mark F. Spisak Life Insurance          Hendrick Hudson Lions Club
Mrs. Deidre H. Crofton             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lazard         Trust                                Herkimer Lions Club
Mrs. Patricia Curran               Mrs. Elizabeth Lehman          Mrs. Kate A. Springs                   Jericho Brookville Lions Club
Maria Curreri                      Ms. Beatrice Lemlein           Bill & Jeanne St. Clair                Lake Placid Lions Club
Mrs. Armand D. Daigle              Elsie Levdar                   Norbert Stegemann                      Liberty Lions Club
Mr. Paul W. Dalton                 Christine B. Lewis             Mr. Lee Stickell                       Lioness Club of Catskill
Eileen M. Curtin John D’Ambra      Mary Adams Loomba              Walter Strauss                         Lions Club of Kenmore
Ms. Barbara Jane Davis             Mr. & Mrs. John Luicci         Mr. James E. Studdiford                Lions Club of Mount Vernon
Ms. P. Kay Davies                  Peggy Nance Lyle               Mrs. Martha Sweeney                    Lions Club of Wilson
Ellen Davis                        Ms. Trudy MacGregor            Ms. Marylou Tripolino                  Lions Club of Yonkers NY, Inc.
Linda Deeter                       Ms. Arlene MacQuown            Ms. Darlene J. Turner                  Lions District 20-N
Karen Delisle                      Mrs. Lenore T. Mahowald        Charlotte L. Vernon                    Lions District 20 R-1 Charities
Mr. Michael DellaRipa              Marsha Maksymiw                Mary Beth Waldoch                      Long Island Portuguese Lions Club
Mrs. M.J. Donnelly                 Mr. Kurt Malison               J. Rachelle Walker                     Mahopac Lions Club
Jeanne K. Dregalla                 Michael Mallies                Mr. & Mrs. Edward Warsow               Middletown Lions Club
Ms. Patricia Driscoll              Mrs. Dwight (Ursula) Mamlok    Mr. & Mrs. Kurt O. Wasson              Monsey Lions Club
Joyce and Clifford Egeberg         Miranda H. Markart             Ellis C. Waxham                        Mt. Kisco Lions Club
Ms. Dianne M. Ende                 Laura Markowitz                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welt                Nanuet Lions Club
Bob and Ruth Escher                Caroline Marr                  Jim & Bobbie White                     New Rochelle Lions Club, Inc.
Mrs. Richard Ferchaud              Mrs. Rowland J. Maslin         Natalie J. Wiggins                     New York Golden Heart Lions Club
Carmen Figueroa                    Lee Mathers                    Helen C. Wilson                        New York Hunts Point Lions Club
Ms. Sally J. Fisher                Barbara and Phillip Mathiews   Mr. Charley H. Wise                    Nine Partners Lions Club
Ethan Flint                        Shirley Matthai                Mr. Fred Wolter                        North Rockland Lions Club
Mrs. Marydel C. Flint              Mr. & Mrs. Charles McNutt      Ginny A. Wright                        North Rose Lions Club
Mrs. Suzanne Ford                  Mr. John V. Meeks              Ms. Louise B. Wulff                    Northern Columbia Lions Club
Rita O’Brien Sims Franklin         Mrs. Marcia Meracle            Armen Yolian                           Northville-Sacandaga Lions Club
Ms. Irma Freudenreich              Ed & Ruby Mertz                Joy Young                              Olcott Lions Club
Ms. Dona Friedman, BSN             Mr. Larry Meyers               Lynn Young                             Ossining Lions Club
Ms. Lois F. Gaelen                 Ms. Patricia A. Morey          Alice M. Zittel                        Ovid-Willard Lioins Club
Mrs. Rose Galdenzi                 James P. Murphy                                                       Oyster Bay Lions Club
Minnie Cobey Gallman               Suzanna Erin Murphy & Brian
                                                                  Lions Clubs                            Palmyra-Macedon (Pal-Mac)
Ms. Margaret Gardner                 Sowers                       Albany and Troy Lions Club               Lions Club
Robert Garland                     Karen Naja                     Alfred Lions Club Inc.                 Pleasant Valley Lions Club, Inc.
Dr. Joel Gavriele -Gold            Marie Nee                      Apalachin Lions Club, Inc.             Pleasantville Lions Club
Franklin Duke Gillespie            Skippy Newberry                Avon Lions Club                        Pound Ridge Lions Club
Miss Virginia Giovinco             Charlotte Prescott Newton      Baldwinsvillle Lions Club              Putnam Valley Lions Club
Ms. Mary V. Gloss                  Ms. Viola Nisbet               Ballston Spa Lions Club                Rhinebeck Lions Club
Dr. Joel Robert Gavriele- Gold     Laura Oftedahl                 Bedford Village Lions Club             River Towns Lions Club
Ms. Mara Gold                      Bob Oldham                     Bethel Lions Club, Inc.                Rockville Center Lions Club
Joyce Golden                       Catherine Oszlanyi             Blauvelt Lions Charities, Inc.         Saddle Valley River Lions Club
Mr. & Mrs. James Goldman           Mrs. Margaret Osterhoudt       Brandermill Midlothian Woodlake        Saugerties Lions Clubs
Mrs. Patricia Gordon               Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ott          Lions Club                            Solvay-Geddes-Camillus Lions Club
Marsha Graves                      Mrs. Katherine T. Penney       The Bronx Lions Club                   Somers Lions Club
Christine Grimwood                 Ms. Arleen Peterson            The Brookfield Lions Charities, Inc.   South Shore Lions Club
Margaret M. Grookett               Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Peterson    Brooklyn Bay Ridge Lions Club, Inc.    Stony Point Lions Club
Ms. Connie M. Gulvas               Mr. Edgar L. Pfarre            Brooklyn Caribe Lions Club             Suffern Lions Club
Mrs. Natalie Hall                  William and Cheryl Pitz        Carmel-Kent Lions Club                 Town of Hoosick Lions Club
Mr. John Hammel                    Isabella Daigle Powell         Catskill Lions Club                    Town of Ulster Lions Club
Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Hanyak, Jr   Drs. James & Eva Powers        Central Mohawk Valley Lions Club       Town of Wright/Schoharie Valley
Miss Carole J. Higgins             Mr. & Mrs. Angelo J. & Ellen   Chittenango Lions Club                   Lions Club
Ms. Sally W. Higgins                 Purcigliotti                 Churchville Lions Club                 Tri-Valley Lions Club
Fae L. Hoffman                     Francis Rasmus Jr.             Clarence Lions Club                    Tuckahoe Eastchester Lions
Mrs. Flo Hollenbaugh               Donna Raven                    Cohocton Lions Club                    Valhalla Lions Club
Betty L. Holloway                  Patricia Reich                 Cold Spring Lions Club                 Washington Heights Inwood
Mrs. Marie Horhota                 Mr. & Mrs. William M. Rice     Cornwall Lions Club, Inc.                Lions Club
Mrs. Gail A. Hummer                Gordon & Susan Richardson      Dansville Lions Club                   Yorktown Lions Club
Mr. & Mrs. Moreland Irby, Jr.      Mrs. William Ripple            District 20-O Lions Club, Inc.
R.H. Isaacson                      Mrs. Thelma Rosenblum          East Aurora Lions Club
Jewell Jacobsen                    Ms. Edith Rosenfield           Essex Junction Lions Club              Plus the 250,000 generous
Ms. Mary Janvrin                   Mr. Betrand Rossignol          Franklin Square Lions Club             individuals who support
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Johnson         Mr. Leo E. Roy                 Fulton Lions Club                      Guiding Eyes through our
Ms. Michelle Johnston              Elizabeth Ruck                 Germantown Lions Club                  direct marketing program.
Dr. Myra Kaplan                    Terry & Carolyn Ryan           Gloversville Lions Auxiliary
                                                                  Goshen Lions Club
     Statement of Activities
                                                                                                                      TEMPORARILY      PERMANENTLY
     PUBLIC SUPPORT                                                             UNRESTRICTED                           RESTRICTED       RESTRICTED               TOTAL
     Contributions                                                               $9,551,275                            $1,198,235       $ 282,710              $11032,220
     Planned Giving                                                               3,794,004                                                                     3,794,004
     Other Income                                                                   321,801                                                                       321,801
     Net Assets Released From Restrictions                                        1,244,111                             (1,244,111)                                     -
          Total Public Support                                                  $14,911,191                            $ (45,876)       $ 282,710             $15,148,025

     Student Instruction & Dog Training                                         $ 5,180,334                                                                   $ 5,180,334
     Student Services                                                             1,071,964                                                                     1,071,964
     Veterinary Hospital                                                          2,002,291                                                                     2,002,291
     Canine Development Center                                                    3,659,565                                                                     3,659,565
     Facility & Food Service                                                      1,789,012                                                                     1,789,012
     Enrichment                                                                   1,576,082                                                                     1,576,082
           Total Program Services                                               $15,279,248                                                                   $15,279,248

     Management & General                                                       $ 1,598,257                                                                   $ 1,598,257
     Fundraising                                                                  2,753,830                                                                     2,753,830
          Total Supporting Services                                               4,352,087                                                                     4,352,087
                  TOTAL EXPENSES                                                $19,631,335                                                                   $ 19,631,335
     Excess of public support over (under) expenses                             $ (4,720,144)                          $   (45,876)     $ 282,710             $ (4,483,310)
     Investment Income (net)                                                        (152,608)                                              (9,690)                (162,298)
     Other Net Asset Adjustments                                                  (3,469,169)                                                                   (3,469,169)
           Net Assets, Beginning of Year                                        $50,141,957                            $2,255,748       $5,075,686            $ 57,473,391
                  NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                                       $41,800,036                            $2,209,872       $5,348,706            $ 49,358,614

     Statement of Financial Position
                                                                                                                      TEMPORARILY      PERMANENTLY
     ASSETS                                                                     UNRESTRICTED                           RESTRICTED       RESTRICTED               TOTAL
     Cash and Cash Equivalents                                                  $11,557,648                                                                   $11,557,648
     Investments                                                                 25,260,842                            $2,209,872       $5,348,706             32,819,420
     Contributions Receivable                                                       741,921                                                                       741,921
     Land, Buildings and Equipment, net                                          16,775,799                                                                    16,775,799
     Other Assets                                                                   940,641                                                                       940,641
           Total Assets                                                         $55,276,851                            $2,209,872       $5,348,706            $62,835,429

     Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses                                        $ 909,363                                                                     $    909,363
     Accrued Pension Obligation                                                 $ 5,131,023                                                                   $ 5,131,023
     Bonds Payable                                                                5,920,000                                                                      5,920,000
     Gift Annuity and Other Reserves                                              1,516,429                                                                      1,516,429
     Net Assets                                                                  41,800,036                             2,209,872        5,348,706              49,358,614
           Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                     $55,276,851                            $2,209,872       $5,348,706            $ 62,835,429

                                                             Management and
                            FY09 FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES

                                                               Administrative                                                  Other   Planned Giving
                                                                                                FY09 PUBLIC SUPPORT

                                                                         8%     Fundraising                                      2%    25%


Dear Friends,

In 2009, we faced unprecedented challenges, yet we creatively and proactively managed them so
that there was no reduction in the number and quality of life-enhancing services we provide.
In fact, during 2009 we continued our forward-thinking work in several strategic areas. This
Annual Report not only presents the accomplishments of the past year, but also provides you with
a glimpse of what the future holds for Guiding Eyes.

                                    The staff ’s initiatives, demonstrably supported by the Board of Directors,
                                    resulted in progress and significant success in several areas:

                                    • Canine Development Center – Over three years of research has resulted
                                      in the creation of a new puppy training program, and in a design and
                                      renovation project which will produce a unique breeding and puppy
                                      training facility;

                                    • Veterinary MRI – In 2009, Guiding Eyes became the first guide dog school
                                      in the world to own a veterinary MRI machine, which offers us new
                                      opportunities to safeguard our dogs’ health;

                                    • Heeling Autism – Our 2008 pilot program in which we train our dogs to
                                      provide safety for children with autism has yielded wonderful results. The
                                      program has become an important component in the lives of these children
                                      and their families.

                                    • Serving the Blind and Visually Impaired – Of course, we continue to dedicate
                                      ourselves to providing the blind and visually impaired with the best guide
                                      dogs in the world. Our dogs-in-training are benefiting from an expanded
                                      kennel enrichment program, which helps them to perform at their best
                                      during guide dog instruction.

                                    None of this would be possible without your support, for which we thank you
                                    most sincerely.

                                    Best wishes,

                                    William D. Badger                             Donald J. Matthews
                                    President and Chief Executive Officer         Chairman, Board of Directors

 Board of Directors
 Donald J. Matthews, Chairman
 Curt J. Landtroop, Vice Chair/Treasurer
 Mary J. Conway, Vice Chair
 Renee Abernathy
 Wendy Aglietti
 Robert F. Dall
 Wendy S. David
 John L. Donnelly
 David Fein
 Paul Holland
 Kimberly Kelly
 Susan Litwer
 Bruce Marquand
 Thomas McC. Souther
 Charles Scharf

 William D. Badger
 President and Chief Executive Officer
 Lisa Deutsch
 Vice President for Marketing and Development
 Jeremiah Attard
 Carolyn Kihm
 Director of Human Resources
 Karen McClure
 Director of Direct Marketing
 Jane Russenberger
 Senior Director, Canine
 Development Center
 Jody Sandler, DVM
 Director of Veterinary Services
 Ravi Tanikella
 Director of Information Technology
 Kathy Zubrycki
 Director of Training and Admissions

                                  For over 50 years,
Guiding Eyes has provided these outstanding services to the blind and visually impaired at no charge.
                                Thank you for your continued support.
    611 Granite Springs Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
                               w w w. g u i d i n g e y e s . o r g

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