Literacy_5_Abdul_Gazasi_story_setting by huanghengdong


									5th Grade

The Garden of Abdul Gazasi
LEQ: How do I analyze story elements in various genres?

    The Garden of Abdul Gazasi
    Venn Diagram/any comparison chart will do
    Computer-Drawing Tools

*I use Chris Van Allsburg’s books in 5th grade to study story elements. We
begin with The Sweetest Fig (character), The Garden of Abdul Gazasi
(setting), and The Wretched Stone (plot).

   1. Review Chris Van Allsburg as a fiction author/illustrator.
   2. Read aloud today’s LEQ. Brainstorm story elements. Use picture
      clues to help struggling students.
   3. Introduce today’s story element-setting.
   4. Have students identify that the setting of the story includes both the
      time and place.
   5. Introduce The Garden of Abdul Gazasi and build background.
   6. Explain to the students that today they will identify the setting of
      today’s story (Gazasi’s mansion) and compare it to their own home.
   7. Read aloud story. Focus on Gazasi’s mansion. Brainstorm words to
      describe setting.
   8. Hand out Venn Diagram. Model how to complete by comparing
      Gazasi’s home to school.
   9. Give the students time to complete diagrams in groups.
   10.Share results.
   11.Review LEQ. Discuss why it is important to analyze a story’s setting.
   12.Introduce lesson wrap-up by placing a picture of Gazasi’s mansion on
      the overhead screen.
   13.Model how students will use drawing tools to recreate Gazasi’s story
   14.Give students time to complete while having book checkout.
   15.Take a computer walk when students are ready to line up to leave.

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