Technological Advancement - Android Tablet by anamaulida


									There is no denying the fact that the amount of technological advancement
in the past couple of years has been phenomenal. In fact the arrival of
new age computers has revolutionized our way of living. A new era has
been ushered where a constant overflow of products/gadgets can be
witnessed almost every day. The best part about such a revolution is that
the shortcomings in a particular technology are instantly replaced by a
newer, better features. Such has been the case with Android Tablet PC
which addressed the defects in a tablet computer by introducing a longer
life battery, enhanced backup/memory, handwriting software, complete
wireless access and much more improved screen resolution.The Android
tablet PC is popularly referred to as a wireless personal computer which
can be described to be slightly bigger than a smart phone and a bit
smaller than a notebook. Today, Android computers are available in
various types in the market which are namely conventional, rugged,
hybrid, or slate tablet. It is truly a multi-tasking gadget by every
means. It ensures a complete all round experience by acting as a cheap
substitute to an iPad, and then allows you to perform activities like web
browsing, scrolling through e-books, enjoying movies, emails and superior
gaming experience. Apart from that the Android Operating system being
open source software it is capable of more than 70,000 applications. Not
only this but the built in WiFi system ensures quick internet browsing
and also renders a substantial compatibility to various audio formats.
Moreover, it can boast of a list of adorable features ranging from a 512
ram, to a Flash 10.1, 4 GB Hard Drive, a memory extending up to a
capacity of 32GB via micro SD card and touch screen of 8' etc. As far as
the operation is concerned, a touch screen is provided which is worked on
with the means of a stylus pen. But, anyhow the hand writing speed
acquired is lesser than typing which can certainly be improved by using
keyboard and mouse. Most importantly, the this type of computer has been
a revelation in terms of point in information technology thereby taking
computing to an altogether new level that too at unbelievable prices.
Then of course, Tech-entrepreneurs are extremely happy about the launch
of this computer as it is quite easy to assemble due to the seminal
technology. Further talking about the brands available, we can say that
the top notch brands have an added advantage in form of a high recall
value due to stiff competition and overloaded promotions on T.V,
newspapers etc. But, you should always make sure to buy Android tablet PC
from a standardized reputable dealer after thoroughly searching on the
internet. No matter what, one thing is for sure that this new series of
computers have evolved as a hot favourite personal computer since its
arrival in the market.

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