Ways in Improving Communication in the Workplace by anamaulida


									There are so many ways in improving communication in the workplace.
However, there are at least four (4) most essential ways that can be
explored in doing this thrust. These are about improving the technical
skills of the teammates, enhancing the level of interpersonal
communication as well as introducing innovations and, finally, making the
workplace more conducive. This article will explain why these four ways
are essential in improving communication in the workplace.Improve
technical skillsOn the one hand, the most basics and important part of
improving communication in the workplace is to know first the technical
side of communication. This has something to do with improving both the
oral and written skills of your team members. Of course, all of you in
the organization or institution have a background already on the basic
and intermediary learning on grammar as well as writing skills. However,
these skills must be contextualized to the specific needs and nature of
the business you are engaged into. For example, there is a proper way of
engaging into a conversation over the phone. There is also a proper way
in crafting electronic mails, most especially when communication to your
clients and other people outside your specific group. Aside from that,
there is also a specific way of drafting letters that will represent your
organization or group.Enhance interpersonal communicationOn the other
hand, when you have already contextualized the basic and intermediary
communication skills of the team members within your group, the next
thing that you can focus on has something to do with enhancing the
interpersonal communication skills among your constituents. What this
means is that your team members must be able to interact and communicate
with each other when it comes to the goals of improving communication in
the workplace. A team is a team, which means members must work together
in order to achieve a common goal. Without a good and proper
interpersonal relationship with each other, the boat can never travel the
sea. Hence, coordination with each other is really very important in
improving communication in the workplace.Introduce InnovationsImproving
communication in the workplace does not only concern the people working
in the group or team. This is because there must be appropriate
application of technologies in order to have effective communication in
the workplace. What this means is that you must also invest on specific
devices, equipment and innovations in order to fulfill your goal of
improving communication in the workplace. This can be done by investing
on several innovations like Skype, facsimile, computers, mobile phones,
photocopying machine and the like.Make the Workplace ConduciveFourthly,
which is also very vital in improving communication in the workplace, is
making the workplace conducive in executing the daily tasks of each and
every member of the team. This is important because even if your staff
and constituents have the appropriate technical skills, enhanced
interpersonal relationships and advanced technologies, it can never
productive if you do not have a workplace that is conducive. It is
impossible to work effectively if the office is not comfortable in the
first place.

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