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Issue 7


									  Issue No. 7                                                                                    20th May 2011
  ADDRESS                     PHONE           FAX                   STUDENT ABSENCE     WEBSITES
  P.O. Box 58                 49667111        49667100              49667160  
  MIRANI QLD 4754                                                             

  EMAIL                                       PRINCIPAL             DEPUTY PRINCIPAL    ACTING DEPUTY PRINCIPAL           Mr Scott Cage         Mr Matthew Horton   Ms Mari Simmonds

Artists and Art students in team effort
Lanterns for the River Rock to Mountain Top lantern parade
have been a big hit for the last 3 years and this year’s parade
would have to have been the best parade yet. However, just how
much preparation really goes into making and showing off these
fantastic lanterns?
Planning for this year’s parade started as early as December
2010, with the Regional Arts Development Fund providing
financial support in January. With the theme in mind -
underwater and environmental - Mirani High students designed
and created two feature lanterns that were made from recycled
materials. These lanterns were built on bike frames that were
cleverly constructed by Laz Sandilands. Using his inventive
engineering skills, and recycled bike parts and frames from
Chances R Recycling Plant, Laz custom-made the bikes to suit
their very specific purpose.

Artists, Wanda Bennett, Rosemary Payne and Tracy Johnson
have also been helping the students at Mirani High for the last
two Thursdays before the River Rock to Mountain Top Festival.
Their focus has been guiding students as they have created the
two giant, solar powered glowing fish, the centre-piece of the
school’s contribution to the parade.

Other than the two feature lanterns and the inventive crocodile
lantern designed and constructed by the indigenous students,
there were many smaller creative fish designs that the year 8, 9
and 10 students developed. These students left in groups of four
during lesson time to add their own personality to each lantern,
some of which Circus Pandemonium students wore over their
helmets for the parade.

Art teacher Mrs Larsen said that this year they were determined
to challenge themselves in creating bigger and more meaningful
lanterns, which she believes the students have successfully

To all the people who have worked on these lanterns, the artists,
teachers, the Year 8, 9 and 10 Art students, the indigenous
students and circus troupe, well done, because your hard work
has paid off.
Sian Lewer
                                                                  then now’s the time to get involved with the Pioneer Valley
School News                                                       Local Chaplaincy Committee, (Mirani) and gear up to apply
                                                                  for Chaplains at Mirani State, Marian, Gargett, Pinnacle and
Calendar of Events                                                Finch Hatton. Why can’t Eungella State School have their
                                                                  own Chappie 1 or 2 days a week supporting, encouraging
20/05             Free Dress Day – Relay For Life
                                                                  and challenging students to do their best at school, at home
20/05             Social                                          and with their friends? How good would it be for teachers to
24/05             McDonald’s Maths Team Challenge                 have a Chappie to help out in difficult circumstances or
24/05 – 27/05     Qld Parliament                                  when they just don’t have the time to spend 1-on-1 with a
24/05 – 27/05     HPE Trip                                        distressed or anxious & upset child? Mark the 31st May,
25/05             Year 8/10 Vaccinations                          Tuesday afternoon on your calendar. That’s our NEXT
30/05 – 03/06     Year 11 MAP/MST – Hook Island Camp              Meeting, 3:15 for a 3:30pm start in the A Block Meeting
30/05 – 03/06     Year 10 Work Experience                         Room; I’ll shout bikkies and drinks!
30/05 – 10/06     Year 11 MEC Work Experience                               Term 2 sees a group of Year 9 boys going from
01/06             Rio Tinto Big Science Competition               ‘Strength-to-Strength’ as each week they tackle an area of
01/06 – 02/06     Year 8D SOSE Excursion Townsville               growing up that can be difficult. This week it’s WORK, last
02/06             Newsletter                                      week it was Resilience. The plan is to have them “give it
                                                                  their best”and be better young men as a result. Pray for the
                                                                  facilitator, (that’s me) and the guest speakers as the Strength
Locker Hire                                                       Program continues.
Are you tired of lugging your books around all day?                         Brekky Club is cruising along on Monday mornings
Have you considered hiring a locker for the school year?          and thanks to the wonderful generosity of Walkerston State
Lockers are now available to hire for the rest of 2011 or for     school and Vicki their Chappie we’ve got a good supply of
the 2012 school year.                                             Kelloggs cereals to energise sleepy bodies at the start of the
                                                                  week. At the other end of the week on Thursdays, Chappie
Please talk to your year level co-ordinator if you wish to hire   Games is stimulating minds and a regular crew shows up for
one.                                                              the challenge. Only a few have taken on the Proverbs
                                                                  Challenge though and it’s been slow going but good fun.
Attention Parents/Caregivers                                                Just two weeks to go before Winter Camp Eagle
Mirani State High School does not have a pager system for         begins on Thursday evening, 2nd of June. Forms have been
students. Could parents please arrange with your child prior      available but none returned. Ask if your child has one
to school any changes to their day? Only urgent messages          scrunched in their bag. It’s a cool camp and lots of fun with
will be forwarded on to students as the school office is very     kids from all Mackay region High schools attending. King
busy and does not have the time or extra staff to find a          Solomon wrote, “wisdom is better than strength” and raising
student in their class and deliver unnecessary messages.          teenagers certainly calls for wisdom! They are tough years
Students will only be allowed to have use of the school’s         full of ‘craziness’. I found some helpful updates:
phone for urgent requests at a cost of 50 cents.                  1. Some of your old ways won’t work as well anymore.
                                                                  Hormones change kids and they “tick” differently now.
Thankyou for your assistance and understanding in this
                                                                  2. Learning is life-long, You can get better, Don’t quit. You
                                                                  learn to do it well by first doing it poorly. Persist, get better
                                                                  and pray it happens sooner rather than later!
                                                                  3. Admit your mistakes; your kid’s capacity to forgive you is
                                                                  ENORMOUS. They already know you’re not flawless.
                            A Word from
                                                                  4. Parent, your influence is powerful – “but they never
                            The Chaplin                           listen…”
                                                                  Yes, it appears that way but that’s part of the ‘juggling’
                                                                  between parents and peers as your child establishes their own
Hi,                                                               set of opinions and grows towards that goal of independence.
          Get excited! How good is God? The High Court            Help them prepare to leave; like fishing, work with them so
Challenge has been postponed till August and there was an         as not to break the line. Redirect them into constructive uses
EXTRA $52 million in the Budget to maintain and expand            for their developing autonomy and remain rational, loving,
the National School Chaplaincy Program!               Despite     affirming, prayerful and patient. From these you’ll reap co-
opposition from forces outside our school communities,            operation rather than confrontation and in Gods timing
politicians, principals, parents and teachers have spoken out     they’ll embrace your values, beliefs and attitudes. Amazing
in support of their chaplains and the government has listened.    but true!
That’s something to be very thankful for on May 28th at the
National Day of Thanksgiving Community Festival in                (modified from Nov’10 The Word for Today)
Mackay’s Civic Precinct, (Gordon Street); get on into the
city that day for a wonderful family day out.
          Now that you’re excited, you need to consider           See U on the 31st?
getting BUSY! Extra money is targeting regional, rural and        Cheers in Christ,
remote schools = PIONEER VALLEY schools! If you’ve                Rx the Chappie
got students in Primary schools as well as at Mirani High,
                        Youth Health                                                         From the
                           Nurse                                                          Guidance Officer

Healthy Eating Guidelines Part Three                              Apply to TASTE – The Agricultural Skills and Technology
Softdrinks – Hard to Handle                                       Experience 2011
Recent research suggests a number of health problems may
be caused by excess soft drink consumption. These may             Year 10, 11 and 12 students are encouraged to apply. The
include:                                                          TASTE program is designed for both males and females who
     1) Overweight or obesity because of the extra energy         are considering training options and/or a career path in
         consumed;                                                agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management.
     2) Tooth decay and enamel erosion, even with diet
         softdrinks;                                              Cost: - $295 per student including accommodation and meals.
     3) Reduced milk consumption, resulting in calcium            How are students selected: - Selection for TASTE is based
         deficiency and an increased risk of osteoporosis         on a submission of 50 – 100 words
         later in life.                                           Supervision: - Students will be fully supervised.
                                                                  There is still room in the September program. You must
So, even though you may believe your child does enough            apply by July 1. Go to the GO for more information
physical activity to have soft drink it is important to
encourage the consumption of water and milk (preferably           UMAT – UMAT exams must be taken by year 12 students
low fat). Limit softdrink consumption to special occasions.       wanting to apply to medicine and dentistry at UQ and other
                                                                  interstate Universities. You do not need to do a UMAT exam
A 600mL softdrink can contain 12 teaspoons of sugar! A            if you wish to do medicine or allied health programs at JCU.
1.25 L bottle of softdrink can have 25 teaspoons of sugar!        You must register for this exam by June 3rd. If you want
Imagine putting that amount of sugar in a cup of tea! In          more information please see you friendly G.O.
addition it provides no nutrients or thirst quenching ability.

                                                                  Careers Talk
                                                                  Any years 10, 11 or 12 students who would like to hear a
                                                                  careers talk on Tuesday May 24th in lesson 3, by a
Alcohol Tips – Part Two                                           representative from James Cook University are invited to put
Alcohol Tip 4                                                     their names down with the GO or at the office by Monday
While statistics show that most teenagers drink alcohol and       afternoon.
many drink at levels that put them at risk of harm, often their
parents do not seem to realise this. A Commonwealth
National Alcohol Campaign survey in 1999 indicated that
only four out of ten parents thought their teenagers drank        James Cook University Information Evening
alcohol, while more than seven out of ten 15 – 17 year olds       University study can open doors to a brighter future.
claimed to have drunk alcohol in the past twelve months.          Come along to the JCU Information Evening to find out
                                                                  more about applying to university, eligibility,
Alcohol Tip 5
                                                                  accommodation, costs, courses and careers.
Public understanding is at odds with the reality of the harm
caused by certain drugs. Most people are not aware that
                                                                  Tuesday 24 May 2011
alcohol leads to more deaths and hospital admissions of           5.30pm - 7.30pm
young people than illicit drugs do.
                                                                  Mackay Education and Research Centre (MERC)
                                                                  Level 1, Building K
Alcohol Tip 6
                                                                  Mackay Base Hospital
Drinking small amounts of alcohol that are within the low
                                                                  Bridge Road, Mackay
risk guidelines, particularly with meals, can have some           For more information call 4885 7127
protective benefits for men from age 40 years and females
from age 50 years. This benefit does not apply to younger
people. Not smoking, increasing exercise and improving diet
                                                                  Julie Vanderveen
all have the same protective benefits without the risks
associated with drinking alcohol.

Rosanne Houley
School Based Youth Health Nurse 49667112
                         Out & About
                          with Val                                                      Lan Arts Update

                                                                 This last couple of weeks, our students have been in
                                                                 overdrive, participating in and also leading, a number of
Students explore Northern Beaches of Mackay                      events. For a behind-the-scenes picture of what it was like in
Ms O’Donnell and Mr Jenkins braved the elements and took         the Art department, as they prepared for the RiverRock to
the year 10 geography students to the northern beaches of        Mountaintop Lantern parade recently, read the article
Mackay to examine the coastal processes at work and              submitted by Platypus Press reporter, Sian Lewer. This is
understand that they play a huge part in how the coastline       just one of the extracurricular activities keeping our students
develops.                                                        busy though. Thank Mrs Larsen, for your co-ordination of
Ms O’Donnell has been very impressed by the standard of          the lantern-making activity which involved artists and
work that students have prepared as a result of the excursion.   community members in a massive effort.
Well done.                                                       Circus teacher, Mr Richards has also been busy, firstly
                                                                 preparing Circus Pandemonium for the Lantern Parade and
                                                                 the performance afterwards, and now training students in
                                                                 more skills that we will be able to appreciate in
                                                                 performances to come this year. Thank you Mr Richards for
                                                                 your contribution to the school’s efforts in supporting the
                                                                 Valley’s premier event, the RiverRock to Mountaintop
                                                                 Additionally, our debaters have been busy, with the Senior
                                                                 team advancing to the semi-finals on the 31st May and the
                                                                 Junior team, Mirani Blue, winning their impromptu this
                                                                 week, making them contenders for the semi-finals in their
                                                                 part of the competition. Mirani White debates next week and
                                                                 after that, a decision will be made as to who in the district
                                                                 advances to the next level. Congratulations to all teams on
Senior Geography students become farmers for a day               your successes to date and best wishes in the next round.
A visit to a barra farm, hydroponic lettuce, lychee orchard      Mrs Mackenzie has also been co-ordinating the school’s
and macadamia plantation filled the day for our senior           involvement in the Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature
geography students on Friday 13th May. Students were             Festival, with a number of students entering the short story
amazed at the capital, knowledge and understanding that is       competition which closes this week, and many more
required by these farmers to run a successful business.          participating in a range of workshops during the festival in
The Haplins who own the lettuce farm sent an email               July. Well done to those students who have been working
congratulating all the students on their behaviour,              hard to polish their stories for the competition and thank you
enthusiasm and questions raised. Well done students.             to Mrs Mackenzie for hard work in organising these
                                                                 Finally, we have our Year 12 English Communication
                                                                 students working hard this week to complete a major piece
                                                                 of assessment which required them to plan, advertise and
                                                                 supervise a major event in the school. Mrs Klarenbeck’s
                                                                 class has organised a lunchtime Dodgeball competition over
                                                                 four days this week. After only two days, the class has raised
                                                                 $110 – a fantastic effort. Miss Glynn’s Year 12 English
                                                                 Communication students are no slouches either, with their
                                                                 event, a free dress day where students across the school are
                                                                 being asked to dress in the attire of the profession they would
                                                                 like to be a part of in their future, being held on Friday this
                                                                 week. The ‘fine’ for dressing up is a gold coin donation.
Tutankhamen beckons                                              Rumour has it, that one student is seriously considering
A large group of excited students from                           coming dressed as Superman, while Miss Glynn always
year 10, 11 and 12 are preparing for a                           thought she would be a hairdresser. I guess we’ll find out on
visit to Melbourne at the end of term to                         Friday if the rumours are true, although I won’t be asking
see the Tutankhamen exhibit and the                              Miss Glynn for a haircut any time soon. All money raised is
sights of Melbourne. It will be cold but                         being added to the school’s Relay for Life fundraising effort.
worth seeing.                                                    Congratulations to Mrs Klarenbeck, Miss Glynn and your
                                                                 respective classes for supporting such a worthy charitable
Val Clark                                                        event in the Valley.
HoD SOSE/Music/Dance                                             Ms Sievers
                                                                 LanArts HoD
                                                                 Community Notices
                   Mathematics Update                            Volunteers Wanted
                                                                 We are always on the lookout for local experts! Why not ask
                                                                 about our volunteers program. Share your knowledge with
                                                                 the rest of the world!

                                                                 Melba House Visitor Information Centre
                                                                 Mackay-Eungella Road, Marian. Phone 49544299 or
We have registered all of our students to use the fabulous       Email:
teaching/learning resource at .
You may have seen the recent TV advertisements by their
sponsors McDonalds Australia, and it is through this             Pioneer Valley Launch of Variety Bash Car 158
sponsorship that the program which previously cost its many      Sunday 29/05/2011 - Mirani Hotel starting at 1pm.
thousands of satisfied clients $40 per month for access, is      The car will be on display at the hotel that afternoon.
now FREE to our students.
                                                                 Raffles will be held throughout the afternoon with proceeds
Some of the features that this program has are as follows:       going to the Variety Club of Queensland.
   • Full lessons for each concept with a voice-over and         Valley sponsors for the car so far are:
        numerous examples of varying difficulty. Every               • Mirani Hotel
        lesson has a pause and rewind facility to help               • Pioneer Valley Classic Car Club
        students grasp concepts at their own pace.                   • Dixon Homes
   • Every lesson has an accompanying printable                      • ABC Heavy Engineering
        summary and worksheet to consolidate the concept,            • Pioneer Lakes
        with full worked solutions provided also.                    • Bryans Engineering
   • A student’s ongoing use and progress in the                     • Marks Mechanical
        program is stored for their and their teacher’s
        perusal at any time.
   • The program can be accessed from any internet-              Social Tennis
        ready site, not just at school.                          Social tennis is held every Thursday afternoon on the tennis
   • The entire Year 7 to 12 program is available to             courts at Mirani High School at 3.00 pm. Ladies and men
        every student, not just their particular year group or   are invited to come along and enjoy a fun and casual game of
        course.                                                  tennis. Contact: Elaine 49591260 or Grace 49543348 for
   • Parents may register to get weekly updates on their         further information or just turn up on the day.
        child’s program use and progress, by clicking on the
        ‘Parents area’ tab within their child’s account.         Pirate Splash Aqua Class Fundraiser
   • Many more features will also be made available on-          Come N walk the plank! for Bec and Reef
        line over coming months.                                 Reef was born with Downs Syndrome and has now been
                                                                 diagnosed with Leukaemia
Given that the program covers most of the concepts that we       Saturday 21st May 12:00pm to 1:00pm - $15
teach, and as good as this resource is, the school wishes to     Pat Wright Indoor Swim Centre, Lawson St, Mackay
make it clear that it was never intended by its creators to
replace the wonderful work that our mathematics teaching         Do the class dressed as a pirate and go into the draw to win
staff already do. This program is best used as a                 prizes including massages, hairstyle, movie tickets, etc.
support/supplement to the classroom teaching/learning            Proudly sponsored by
experience.                                                           • Queensland Keep Fit Association Inc,
                                                                      • Pat Wright Swim School,
All students will be issued with their unique logins and              • Bay Massage Natural Therapies,
passwords over the next few days by their maths teacher, and          • Amanda B Hair Nail Beauty,
are encouraged to use this resource as directed by their own     Barb Whitfield 49575178
                                                                 For Sale
                                                                 Waratah 10WA standard galvanised barbed fence wire
Lyn Keehn                                                        tension to 1.3kn (300 lb) 400m. Weight approx 45kg per
HoD Mathematics / LOTE                                           roll. 53 rolls available – will separate $100.00 each.

                                                                 Kubota mower widecut canopy & spare parts -$500.00

                                                                 Fisher and Pykel 212L fridge/freezer - $300.00

                                                                 Antique cane pram - $300.00.
                                                                 Phone 49 585440.

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