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                       SEASONAL NATIVE SEEDLING LIST FOR 2012
             SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                     Soil                                                      PRICE
CODE                                         HEIGHT WB-CO               Characteristics
             NAME                     SALT                     Type                                                      CODE
                                                                        Host plant, hard durable wood. Fl. yellow Jul-
             ACACIA acuminata
1/1962                                       6-10m    Inland     L      Oct. Cut wood smells of raspberry jam.            A
             Jam Tree
                                                                        Variety of soils and habitats.
             ACACIA cochlearis                                          Bushy erect to sprawling shrub
24/1220                                      2m       WB, CO     S                                                        A
             Coastal Wattle                                             Fl. yellow balls Aug-Sep.   Sandy soils.
                                                                        Medium shrub, tolerates saline soil, drought.
             ACACIA cyclops
5/8                                          3m       WB, CO    S, Li   Fl. yellow balls Sep-Jan. Red eyed seeds are      A
             Western Coastal Wattle
                                                                        attractive to birds.
                                                                        Delicate rounded shrub Fl. long yellow
             ACACIA drummondii
9/791                                        1m                SL,C     spikes July-Oct. Prefers some shade and           A
             Drummond's Wattle
                                                                        good drainage.
                                                                        Erect slender shrub, interesting foliage and
30/1436      ACACIA extensa
                                             1.5m               SL      attractive bark Fl. yellow balls Aug-Oct.         A
             Wiry Wattle
                                                                        Prefers damp areas and sandy soils.
                                                                        Shrub spectacular in flower, full sun, drought
             ACACIA lasiocarpa                                          hardy.
28/800                                       1m       CO       S,G,C                                                      A
             Panjang or Dune Moses                                       Fl. yellow May-Oct. Winter wet areas,
                                                                        coastal dunes. Tolerates salt.
                                                                        Dense pungent shrub, triangular leaves.
             ACACIA littorea
39/2327                                      0.5-3m   WB, CO    S, Li    Fl. yellow Aug-Nov. Coastal limestone,           A
             Coastal Dune Wattle
                                                                        Bushy shrub or tree, stock fodder. Fl. yellow
             ACACIA microbotrya                       WB,
16/798                                       5m                  L      Apr-July. Clay loam or sandy loam,                A
             Manna Wattle                             Inland
                                                                        roadsides, water courses. Attractive flowers.
                                                                        Bushy shrub, hardy, tolerates coastal
             ACACIA myrtifolia
18/13                                        2.5m     WB       LC,G,S   conditions, roadside plantings                    A
             Myrtle Wattle
                                                                         Fl. cream yellow May-Jan.
                                                                        Shrub, spectacular in flower, prickly Fl.
             ACACIA pulchella
23/12                                        1.5m     CO       SL,G     yellow July-Sept. Low lying areas, swamps,        A
             Prickly Moses
                                                                        near water courses
                                                                        Dense shrub or tree, suckering, blue green
             ACACIA rostellifera
26/802                                       3m       WB, CO    S, Li   foliage   Fl. yellow July-Dec. Mainly on          A
             Summer Scented Wattle
                                                                        sand dunes.
             ACACIA saligna                                             Dense weeping shrub or tree, stock fodder
20/15        Golden Wreath Wattle            4m       WB, CO   SL, G    Fl. yellow Jul-Nov. Variety of soils and          A
             (Coojong)                                                  conditions.
                SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                      Soil                                                       PRICE
CODE                                            HEIGHT WB-CO                Characteristics
                NAME                     SALT                      Type                                                       CODE

                ACACIA urophylla                                            Erect slender open shrub Fl. yellow May-Oct.
31/1437                                         2.5m               SL,G                                                        A
                Tall Leaved Wattle                                          Along creeks and rivers, damp places.

                                                                            Round headed tree with weeping branches,
                AGONIS flexuosa
50/28                                           10m      WB, CO      SL     shade tree. Fl. white fragrant Aug-Dec. Chief      A
                WA Peppermint
                                                                            habitat of Ringtail Possums. Understorey.
                                                                            Dense shrub, tall tree. Evergreen foliage,
                TAXANDRIA juniperina                               S, CL,
53/                                      WET    5-13m    CO                 narrow leaves. Fl. white brown centres.            A
                Swamp Wattle                                        G, L
                                                                            Winter wet or permanent swamps.
                                                                            Small tree/shrub. Fl. white Mar-May/Sep-
                TAXANDRIA linearifolia                            SL, C, S,
51/30                                    WET    3m       WB                 Dec. Found near swamps and water                   A
                Swamp Peppermint                                     G
                TAXANDRIA parviceps                                Most     Erect shrub. Fl. white Jul-Oct.
52/31                                    WET    2m       WB                                                                    A
                Fine Ti-Tree                                       soils    Found in seasonally wet areas.
                ALLOCASUARINA                                               Medium sized tree, sparse foliage. Shade
100/37          fraseriana                      9m       WB         SG      tree, common on roadsides Fl. May-Jan.             A
                Sheoak                                                      Associated with drier granite soils.
                ALLOCASUARINA                                               Medium sized tree, sparse foliage. Shade
101/36          huegeliana                      8m       WB          SL     tree, common on roadsides Fl. May-Jan.             A
                Granite or Rock Sheoak                                      Associated with drier granite soils.
                ALLOCASUARINA                                               Erect spreading shrub, tolerates frost Fl.
102/1385        humilis                         0.5-2m   WB         SLG     red, orange, brown May-Nov. Sand dunes.            A
                Dwarf Casuarina                                             Dieback resistant
                                                                            Tall tree, evergreen, needle like foliage, fast
                                                                            growing Fl. conifer like cones. Nitrogen
650/125         cunninghamiana           WET    20m      WB        SL, G                                                       A
                                                                            fixing. Grows along riverbanks, tolerates dry
                River Sheoak
                                                                            Small tree, fast growing. Fl. Jan-Dec.
                CASUARINA obesa          SALT
651/126                                         8m       WB          C      Male/female plants. Excellent in saline soils      A
                Swamp Oak                WET
                                                                            and water logging.
                CALLISTEMON glauca                                          Slender erect shrub Large showy red
551/107         speciosus                WET    2m                 SL, C    bottlebrush flowers Sept-Dec. Tolerates wet        A
                Albany Bottlebrush                                          and dry, sand or clay. Swampy flats.
                CALLISTEMON                                                 Hardy shrub, brilliant red bottlebrush flowers.
552/110         phoeniceus                      4m       WB        S, LG    Sept-Jan. Sandy soils. Suitable for water          A
                Fiery Bottlebrush                                           logging.
                                                                           Small tree, attractive for street planting,
                CALLISTEMON viminalis
558/116                                         5m       WB       S, CL, C weeping habit, fast growing Bright red fl.          A
                Weeping Bottlebrush
                                                                           Sep-Jan. Excellent windbreak.
                                                                            Tree with rough bark, honky nuts, dense
850/195         CORYMBIA calophylla
                                                20m      WB         SLG     crown, fast growing. Fl. white Dec-May.            A
                Marri or Red Gum
                                                                            Prefers high rainfall areas. Common in WA

                CORYMBIA calophylla                                         Pink flowering marri. Med to tall spreading
851/            rosea                           20m                S, L,G   tree. Rough bark. Fl. pin k flowers in             A
                Pink Flowered Marri                                         Summer.

                                                                            Tall upright tree, smooth white bark, lemon
                CORYMBIA citriodora
852/611                                         30m                 SLG     scented foliage. Fl. white Jul-Sept/Nov-Dec.       A
                Lemon Scented Gum
                                                                            Fast growing, shade.
                                                                            Ornamental medium bushy tree, rough bark,
                CORYMBIA ficifolia
854/172                                         10m                 SG      stiff leaves. Fl. red orange Dec-May. Striking     A
                Red Flowering Gum
                                                                            street tree, spectacular floral display.
             SPECIES/COMMON            WET/                      Soil                                                       PRICE
CODE                                           HEIGHT WB-CO               Characteristics
             NAME                      SALT                      Type                                                       CODE

                                                                          Attractive tall timber tree, smooth mottled
             CORYMBIA maculata
855/196                                        30m               SLG      bark. Fl. white clusters May-Sept.                 A
             Spotted Gum
                                                                          Moderately drought tolerant.

                                                                          Fast growing tall tree, drought tolerant, good
             EUCALYPTUS botryoides                               Most     timber/shade tree Fl. white Dec-Jan.
5004/197                           WET         20m      WB, CO                                                               A
             Southern Mahogany                                   soils    Tolerates wet/ saline, performs well in
                                                                          coastal soil

             EUCALYPTUS caesia ssp                                        Small tree with pendulous branches, silver
5007/198     magna                             7-15m              LC      foliage, ornamental. Large red fls. May-Aug.       A
             Silver Princess                                              Drought tolerant.

             EUCALYPTUS                                                   Medium tree, timber, honey, fast growing,
5010/1143    camaldulensis                     18m                SL      smooth mottled bark Fl. small white Jul-Feb.       A
             River Red Gum                                                Tolerates flooding/saline areas.
                                                                          Tall fast growing tree, strong timber, wide
             EUCALYPTUS cladocalyx                               Most
5012/200                                       30m      WB                spreading canopy, shade, honey. Fl. white          A
             Sugar Gum                                           soils
                                                                          Jan-Apr. Drought tolerant.
             EUCALYPTUS cladocalyx                                        Compact bushy tree, fast growing, shade,
5013/201     nana                              9m       WB                hardy, glossy leaves. Small white fl. Jan-         A
             Dwarf Sugar Gum                                              April..
                                                                          Small mallee/tree, smooth bark. Fl. yellow
                                                                          green Aug-Nov. Large unusual buds.
5014/1052    conferruminata                    7m       WB,CO     SL                                                         A
                                                                          Tolerates saline soil/wind. Ornamental shade
             Bushy Yate
                                                                          Medium to tall tree, rough bark Showy
             EUCALYPTUS cornuta        WET                       Most
5074/1837                                      10-20m   WB,CO             green/yellow fls. Jan-Nov. Clusters of long        A
             Yate                      SALT                      soils
                                                                          horn shaped buds. Dry and wet conditions.
             EUCALYPTUS decipiens                                         Mallee or small tree, windbreak. Fl. white
5072/1389                                      6m       WB        SL                                                         A
             Redheart                                                     Aug-Jan. Sand plains, hills, winter moist sites
             EUCALYPTUS                                                   Tall WA timber tree. Smooth bark, fast
5016/203     diversicolor                      60m      WB        SL      growing, lots of nectar. Fl. white May/Sept-       A
             Karri                                                        Feb. Sandy loam, hillsides
                                                                          Small ornamental tree, smooth bark. Fl.
5018/204                                       4-9m     CO       SL ,Li   spectacular bright yellow, red caps Feb-Apr.       A
             Illyarrie or Red Capped
                                                                          Needs good drainage.
                                                                          Small mallee or tree, smooth bark. Fl.
             EUCALYPTUS forrestiana
5082/225                                       1-3m               S,C     yellow Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun, bright red buds.           A
             Fuschia Gum
                                                                          Sand plains, near salt lakes. Dry areas.
                                                                          Large fast growing shade tree, blue green
             EUCALYPTUS globulus
5020/1122                                      50m      WB         L      foliage, plantation pulpwood. Masses white         A
             Tasmanian Bluegum
                                                                          fls. Sept-Dec. Likes loamy damp soils
             EUCALYPTUS                                                   Large coastal tree, shade, timber, rough grey
5023/209     gomphocephala                     30m      WB, CO   S Li     bark. Fl cream Jan-Apr. Coastal sand plains.       A
             Tuart                                                        Tolerates drought.
                                                                          Large tree, fast growing, shade, honey,
             EUCALYPTUS grandis
5024/210                                       40m      WB, CO     L      shelter belt for stock Fl. cream Apr-May.          A
             Rose Gum
                                                                          Moist sites. Suitable for timber.
             EUCALYPTUS laeliae
                                                                          White trunked upright shade tree. Fl. cream
5027/224     Darling Range Ghost               10-18m            SCG                                                         A
                                                                          Dec-Feb. Granite outcrops and hills.
             EUCALYPTUS                                                   Fast growing, large shady crown, open habit.
5031/212     leucoxylon rosea                  8m       WB        SL      Fl. pink/crimson Apr-Oct. good for dry             A
             Pink Flowering Gum                                           summer climates, ornamental or windbreak
             EUCALYPTUS                                                   Ornamental sprawling mallee, blue grey
             macrocarpa                                                   leaves, white bark. Lge red/pink fls. Aug-
5068/226                              Inland   2-4m                S                                                         A
             Mottlecah or Rose of the                                     Jan/Apr-Jun, lge bowl shaped nuts, good
             West                                                         drainage
            SPECIES/COMMON          WET/                       Soil                                                      PRICE
CODE                                         HEIGHT WB-CO               Characteristics
            NAME                    SALT                       Type                                                      CODE
                                                                        Mallee or small tree, smooth bark, suits small
            EUCALYPTUS macranda
5070/1391                           Inland   3-8m              SLC      gardens. Fl. yellow green Nov-Apr. Sand           A
            Long Flowered Marlock
                                                                        plains or depressions.
                                                                        Large hard timber tree, shade canopy. Fl.
            EUCALYPTUS marginata
5035/213                                     35m     WB        SLG      cream Sept-Feb. Straight trunk, dark green        A
                                                                        foliage. Common in WA.
            EUCALYPTUS nicholii                                         Ornamental medium shade tree, short trunk,
5038/216    Narrow Leaved                    14m                        compact growth Fl. cream. Mar-May.                A
            Peppermint                                                  Tolerates limestone. Drought/frost tolerant.
                                                                        Medium tree, shady crown, quick growing.
                                    WET                                 Fl. cream white Nov-May. Drought/frost
5039/217    occidentalis                     12m                SL                                                        A
                                    SALT                                tolerant. Suitable for saline
            Flat Topped Yate
                                                                        Tree, rough bark, fast growing. Fl. cream Jul-
            EUCALYPTUS patens
5042/218                            WET      3-25m   WB         SL      Aug/Nov-Feb Tolerant of temporary flooding,       A
            WA Blackbutt
                                                                        likes moist soils.

                                                                      Ornamental flowering shrub. Large yellow fls
            EUCALYPTUS preissiana
5080/1793                                    2-3m    CO       S,G, CL Aug-Nov. followed by bell shaped nuts .Well         A
            Bell Fruited Mallee
                                                                      drained soils, Small gardens

                                                                        Medium timber tree, dense canopy, shade,
            EUCALYPTUS robusta
5049/221                            WET      20m               SLC      rough bark Fl. white May-Jul. Winter wet          A
            Swamp Mahogany
                                                                        areas, tolerates flooding.

                                                                        Medium shade tree, soil stabiliser, slightly
            EUCALYPTUS rudis        WET
5051/222                                     15m     WB         SL      salt tolerant. Fl. cream Jul-Sept. Sandy/loam     A
            WA Flooded Gum          SALT
                                                                        soil, wetter parts
                                                                        Large ornamental tree, smooth bark, fast
            EUCALYPTUS saligna
5053/223                                     35m               SL,L     growing Fl. white Jan-Mar. Poorer soils, loam     A
            Sydney Blue Gum
                                                                        or sandy loam.

            EUCALYPTUS                                                  Slow growing tree used for timber, pretty
5054/1021   salmonophoia                     25m     Inland             satiny salmon bark. Fl. cream/white Aug-          A
            Salmon Gum                                                  Dec. Poor soils, frost /drought tolerant.

                                                                        Ornamental tree, rough bark, dense foliage,
            EUCALYPTUS sargentii                     Inland
5056/228                            SALT     10m                SL      tolerates waterlogging. Fl. white/cream Aug-      A
            Salt River Gum                           WB
                                                                        Jan. Salt swamps and creek lines.
            EUCALYPTUS                                                  Hardy medium tree, brown black bark,
5057/229    sideroxylon                      20m     Inland             timber, shade, blue grey foliage. Fl.             A
            Red Iron Bark                                               white/pink Jun-Aug. Tolerates frost/drought.
                                                                        Ornamental tree, smooth reddish bark. Fl.
            EUCALYPTUS spathulata
5059/230                          SALT       8m      Inland   SL, CL    creamy white, red bud caps Oct-Apr. Fast -        A
            Swamp Mallet
                                                                        growing. Saline soils, salt depressions.

            EUCALYPTUS todtiana                                         Mallee or tree, rough fibrous bark, weeping
5081/1794   Coastal Blackbutt                15m     CO          S      habit, slow grower. Fl. cream Jan-Apr.            A
            (Pricklybark)                                               Prefers good drainage. Coastal sand plains.

                                                                        Small tree, rough bark, pretty pink/red fls
            EUCALYPTUS torquata                                         Aug-Dec, red horn like buds. Good street
5063/231                                     7m      Inland     L,C                                                       A
            Coral Gum                                                   tree, tolerates dry, frost.
                                                                         Stony loam or clay.
                                                                        Bushy to the ground tree, fast growing,
            EUCALYPTUS utilis
                                                                        excellent windbreak/shade for coastal areas.
5044/219    (platypus)                       5m      WB, CO   S, CL,L                                                     A
                                                                        Fl. tiny white Sept-Jan. Tolerates wind,
            Coastal Moort
                                                                        drought, salt.
                                                                        Small/medium tree, striking smooth white
            EUCALYPTUS victrix                                          trunk, suits small gardens. Fl. white/cream
5083/1289                                    6-8m    Inland    S,C,L                                                      A
            Snow Queen                                                  Nov-Mar.
                                                                        Drought /heat tolerant. Slow.
                                                                      Medium sized tree, powdery white smooth
            EUCALYPTUS wandoo
5066/233                                     25m     Inland   SL, G,C bark, hard timber, shade, honey. Fl. cream          A
            Wandoo or White Gum
               SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                     Soil                                                        PRICE
CODE                                           HEIGHT WB-CO               Characteristics
               NAME                     SALT                     Type                                                        CODE
               EUCALYPTUS                                                 Single trunk, smooth whitish-grey bark,
5085/          woodwardii                      8-15m    Inland     S      weeping branches. Fl. large bright lemon-           A
               Lemon-flowered Gum                                         yellow Aug-Nov. Ornamental/attracts birds.
                                                                          Medium shrub/small tree, lemon scented
1854/330                                       4m       WB,CO     SC      foliage, weeping branches, fast growth, good        A
               Lemon Scented Tea
                                                                          screen. Fl. white Sept-Feb.
               LEPTOSPERMUM                                               Medium rounded shrub/small tree, weeping
1855/331       polygalifolium                  4m       WB,CO     SC      branches, fast growth and hardy. Fl. white          A
               Tantoon Tea Tree                                           Oct-Dec. Tolerates wind/acidic soils.
               LEPTOSPERMUM                                               Rounded shrub to 2m. Fl. large pink May-
1859/          sericeum                        0.5-3m   WB,CO      S      Oct. Silvery grey foliage. Profuse flowerer,        A
               Silver Tea Tree                                            frost hardy and tolerates salt winds.
                                                                          Small densely foliaged tree, red/pink buds
               MELALEUCA armillaris                              Most
2001/358                                       5m       WB                open to white bottlebrush flowers Oct-Nov.          A
               Bracelet Honey Myrtle                             soils
                                                                          Drought/salt tolerant. Screen
                                                                          Tree or shrub, often twisted branches,
2003/360       MELALEUCA cuticularis    WET                      Most
                                               8m       WB,CO             papery white bark. Shade. Fl. cream Aug-            A
               Saltwater Paperbark      SALT                     soils
                                                                          Nov. Suits swampy saline soils.
                                                                          Bushy compact shrub, hardy in most soils. Fl
               MELALEUCA densa
2037/1393                                      1-2m              S,G ,C   cream/ lemon Oct-Nov. Seasonally wet                A
               Lemon Honey Myrtle
                                                                          areas, swamps.
                                                                          Erect shrub, bushy windbreak. Fl. yellow-
               MELALEUCA diosmifolia
2004/361                                       2m       WB         S      green Sept-Oct. Suitable for dry to wet             A
               Green Honey Myrtle
                                                                          areas. Frost hardy.
                                                                          Erect shrub, bark slightly papery and grey.
               MELALEUCA elliptica
                                                                          Fl. red bottlebrush Jun or Sept to Dec/Jan.
2005/378       Granite                         1-4m                S                                                          A
                                                                          Found in sandy soils and granite rock.
                                                                          Extremely hardy.
               MELALEUCA fulgens                                 Most     Woody erect shrub, narrow leaves Fl. showy
2033/807                                       1-3m                                                                           A
               Scarlet Honey Myrtle                              soils.   scarlet/apricot Jul-Dec. Long flowering
                                                                          Bushy, broom-like shrub Fl. white, pinky
               MELALEUCA hamulosa       WET                      Most
2007/368                                       3-4m                       mauve Sept-Jan. Most soils including                A
               Creekline Honey Myrtle   SALT                     soils
                                                                          saline/wet and dry. Frost hardy.
                                                                          Shrub or tree, good foliage, screen plant. Fl.
               MELALEUCA huegelii
2008/364                                       3m       WB,CO     S ,Li   white, pink, purple slender spikes Sept-Jan.        A
               Chenille Honey Myrtle
                                                                          Sand, coastal limestone. Frost hardy.
                                                                          Shrub, soft weeping habit, blue grey foliage.
               MELALEUCA incana
2009/362                                WET    2m       WB        SL      Fl. creamy yellow July-Oct. Winter wet              A
               Grey Honey Myrtle
                                                                          depressions and swamps. Frost tolerant.
                                                                          Dense, low branching, dark foliaged tree,
               MELALEUCA lanceolata                              Most     hardy, resistant to salt spray, fast growing.
2010/365                                       5-8m     WB,CO                                                                 A
               Rottnest Tea Tree                                 soils    Fl. white Jan-Sep. Spectacular in flower.
                                                                          Branching erect shrub sometimes to
               MELALEUCA lateriflora
                                        WET                               6m.Fl.white Nov-Feb. Salt flats, winter wet
2013/1786      Oblong Leaf Honey               1-2.5m   WB       S,CL                                                         A
                                        SALT                              areas and creek lines. Will take semi dry
                                                                          Erect compact shrub, windbreak. Fl .long
               MELALEUCA lateritia
2012/366                                WET    1.5m     WB,W     SL,C     orange/red spikes Sept-Apr. Swampy areas,           A
               Robin Redbreast Bush
                                                                          water logging. Frost hardy.
               MELALEUCA linariifolia                                     Small tree with attractive white paperbark,
               Narrow Leaved                                              low branches, dense canopy. Fluffy white
2015/546                                       5-10m    WB        SL                                                          A
               Paperbark or Snow in                                       perfumed fl. Dry/boggy conditions, frost
               Summer                                                     hardy
                                                                          Large shrub, attractive foliage. Fl. pink purple
               MELALEUCA nesophila                               Most
2017/369                                       4m       WB,CO             pompoms Sept-Jan. Hardy/fast growing                A
               Showy Honey Myrtle                                soils
                                                                          windbreak, tolerates dryness.
              SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                    Soil                                                        PRICE
CODE                                          HEIGHT WB-CO               Characteristics
              NAME                     SALT                    Type                                                        CODE
                                                                         Bushy crowned paperbark tree Fl. white
              MELALEUCA preissiana
2018/945                           WET        2-8m     WB        SL      spikes Nov-Jan .Wet swampy non-saline              A
              Moonah or Modong
                                                                         Spreading dainty shrub, unusual claw like
              MELALEUCA pulchella
2019/942                               WET    0.5-3m           S,SL,L    flowers. Fl. pink purple May-Jul/Oct-Mar.          A
              Claw Honey Myrtle
                                                                         Sandy soils, swamps, sand plains.
                                                                         Erect shrub, dense. Fl. pink mauve fluffy
              MELALEUCA radula
2040/1785                                     1-2m             S,C,L     Sept-Nov. Suited to most soils with good           A
              Graceful Honey Myrtle
                                                                         drainage. Showy in flower
              MELALEUCA                                                  Bushy often many stemmed tree or shrub,
2021/371      rhaphiophylla                   5m       WB        SL      papery bark, dense crown, shade. Fl. white         A
              Swamp Paperbark                                            Jul-Jan. Salt tolerant/waterlogging. Swamps.
                                                                         Erect shrub, pointed leaves, tolerates shade.
              MELALEUCA teretifolia
2031/1433                              WET    2.5m     WB        SL      Fl. white Oct-Jan. Winter wet depressions          A
                                                                         and swamps.
                                                                         Small shrub, coastal conditions. Fl. bright
              MELALEUCA thymoides
2038/1394                         SALT        1m       CO        S       yellow Sept-Jan. Often exposed to sea winds        A
              Sand Wattle Myrtle
                                                                         and on coastal cliffs/damp areas.
              MELALEUCA trichophylla                                     Straggly rounded shrub. Fl. pink, purple Aug-
2027/1045                                     0.5-1m            S,G                                                         A
              Pretty Honey Myrtle                                        Dec. Bird attracting.
                                                                         Erect multi stemmed shrub. Fl. pale yellow
              MELALEUCA uncinata       SALT
2029/376                                      3m       WB        SL      Jul-Dec. Saline/winter wet areas, sand             A
              Broombush                DRY
                                                                         plains. Frost hardy.
                                                                         Dense bushy windbreak shrub or small tree.
              MELALEUCA viminea        WET
2030/377                                      4m       WB,CO    SL,C     Fl. white Jul-Dec. Near creeks, wet                A
              Mohan                    SALT
                                                                         depressions, sandy or clayey soils.
              ANIGOZANTHOS flavidus                                      Tall strappy leaved plant with green/yellow fl.
151/45        Tall Green Kangaroo             1-2m                       Sep-Jan. Hardiest of kangaroo paws, mass           A
              Paw                                                        plant bird attracting. Best in full sun.
              ANIGOZANTHOS flavidus                                      Tall flowering stems, multi flowers, clump of
156/2032      red                             1m                 SL      strap like leaves Fl. red Sep-Jan. Hardy,          A
              Tall Red Kangaroo Paw                                      tolerates wet/dry.
              manglesii                                                  WA Floral Emblem. Fl. red and green Sept-
153/47                                        1m                 SL                                                         A
              Red & Green Kangaroo                                       Nov. Needs sandy well drained soil.
              ANIGOZANTHOS viridus                              Most     Small kangaroo paw. Fl. bright green Aug-
155/1238                               WET    50cm                                                                          A
              Green Kangaroo Paw                                soils    Oct. Tolerates damper conditions.
                                                                         Grass with green serrated strappy leaves.
              CONOSTYLIS aculeata
801/1399                                      50cm             S,SL,L    Vivid yellow fl. heads on long stems Sept-         A
              Prickly Conostylis
                                                                         Oct. Use as border plants. Sunny position.
                                                                         Narrow clumps of silver-grey foliage, clusters
              CONOSTYLIS candicans
800/1312                                      30cm     CO      S, SL,L   of yellow fls on long stems Aug-Sept. Use          A
              Grey Cottonheads
                                                                         in rockeries. Full sun.
                                                                         Wiry rush with brown flower spikes on stem
              FICINIA nodosa           WET,
2850/1242                                     1m       WB,CO     S       in Summer, drought tolerant. Prefers moist         A
              Knotted Club Rush        SALT
                                                                         soils. Full sun/light shade. Soil stabiliser.
                                                                         Sparse dark green pointed leaves, dark
              JUNCUS kraussii          WET,
3302/1243                                     1m       CO      SL, S     brown fls .in loose clusters Nov-Dec. Grows        A
              Dune Slack Rush          SALT
                                                                         in saline areas.
              JUNCUS pallidus
                                                                         Wetland sedge. Needs full sun. Fl. pale
3301/2094     Pale Rush                WET    2m               SL, S                                                        A
                                                                         yellow Oct-Nov. Hardy in wet areas.
              (Giant Rush)
                                                                         Evergreen slender sedge. Heavy
                                                               Most      soils/swampy areas. Fl. bronze-brown Oct-
              JUNCUS subsecundus
              Finger Rush
                                       WET    0.3-1m           soils,    Jan. Sun/part shade. Suits bog gardens and         A
                                                                clay     ponds.
                SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                       Soil                                                         PRICE
CODE                                            HEIGHT WB-CO                  Characteristics
                NAME                     SALT                       Type                                                         CODE
                PATERSONIA                                                 Small native grass, generally hardy. Fl.
                                                                   SC, CL,
2100/1179       occidentalis                    40cm                       purple Aug-Jan. Variety of soils, winter wet           A
                Native Iris                                                areas. Spectacular flower display.
                                                                              Erect slender shrub Fl. yellow, red, brown
2916/1834       AOTUS gracillima         WET    0.5-2m             SC,S C     Aug-Dec. Peaty sand, swamps, winter wet             A
                ASTARTEA fascicularis                                         Small erect shrub, small tea tree flowers,
201/511         white                    WET    1m                            hardy, fast growing. Fl. white Jun-Mar.             A
                Astartea                                                      Adapts to most soils. Good cut flower.
                                                                              Silver-grey shrub. Fl. cream, yellow grey
                ATRIPLEX cinerea
2907/2330                                       1m        CO        S, Li     Sept-Dec. Tolerates salt and found on saline        A
                Grey Saltbush
                                                                              sand coastal areas, cliffs.
                ATRIPLEX isatadea               0.5-                          Erect shrub. Fl. Mar-Jun .Salt tolerant. White
2908/                                    SALT             CO          S                                                           A
                Coast Saltbush                  2.5m                          sand, coastal dunes. Prevents soil erosion.
                                                                              Attractive showy red bottlebrush fls. Jan-Apr
                BEAUFORTIA sparsa
350/74                                   WET    2m                  S, SL     growing perpendicular to the stem. Prefers          A
                Swamp Bottle Brush
                                                                              moist well drained sites.
                BOSSIAEA eriocarpa                                            Erect or straggly shrub. Fl. brown/ yellow pea
452/1245                                        1m                   SL                                                           A
                Brown Pea                                                     Jul-Oct. Sandy soils.
                                                                              Erect shrub. Fl. red and yellow pea Jul-Dec.
                BOSSIAEA linophylla
451/1239                                        3m                   SL       Coastal limestone and dunes, granite                A
                Golden Cascade
                                                                              Tree or shrub, dense crowns of pine like
                CALLITRIS preissii                                 S, L, G.
2750/118                                        5-8m      CO, WB              foliage. Male and female cones on same tree         A
                Rottnest Island Pine                                  Li
                                                                              Fl. Oct-Nov. Salt lakes.
                CALOTHAMNUS                                                   Erect multi stemmed shrub with pine like
603/586         graniticus                      1-2m      WB         C,G      foliage. Fl .red Jun-Aug. Floral emblem of          A
                Granite Claw flower                                           Busselton Shire.
                CALOTHAMNUS                     0.5-                          Erect slender shrub. Fl. red. Prefers grey or
602/                                                                 S,C                                                          A
                lateralis                       1.5m                          black peaty sand or clay.
                CALOTHAMNUS                                                   Red claw like one-sided flowering spikes,
600/120         quadrifidus                     2m        CO,WB      SL       needle like leaves, screen plant Fl. red Aug-       A
                One Sided Bottlebrush                                         Dec. Fast growing in open position. Hardy.
                                                                              Erect to open spreading shrub. Fl. red Mar-
601/938         sanguineus                      2m                  S, Li                                                         A
                                                                              Nov Sand plains or limestone ridges.
                Blood Red Net Bush
                CARPOBRUTUS                                                   Succulent groundcover, sand binder, useful
2600/811        virescens                                CO           S       in rockeries or near the coast. Fl. pink, white,    A
                Coastal Pigface                                               purple Jun-Jan. Drought and salt tolerant
                                                                              Erect straggling shrub, shade or sun. Fl.
                CHORIZEMA cordatum                                            orange/red Jul-Dec. Found near rocky
700/142                                         1m                 SL, G, C                                                       A
                Heart Leaved Flame Pea                                        outcrops and along water courses. Colourful
                                                                              Rhizome, tussocky perennial grass or herb.
                GAHNIA trifida           WET,
2853/2328                                       1.5m      CO        S ,CL     Fl. yellow, brown Aug-Oct. Swamps, creeks,          A
                Coast Saw-sedge          SALT
                                                                              sometimes saline soil, moist habitat
                                                                              Largest grevillea, fast growing shade tree,
                GREVILLEA robusta
1301/270                                        15-20m             SL, SC     timber. Young growth rust coloured. Fl.             B
                Silky Oak
                                                                              orange Oct-Nov. Bird attracting, most soils.
                HARDENBERGIA                                                  Vigorous native climber, clusters of small
1400/283        comptoniana                     Climber   CO         S, L     purple pea flowers Jul-Sep. Common in               A
                Native Wisteria                                               bushland, tall scrub and forest.
                                                                              Slender shrub. Fl. blue, purple, white Aug-
                HOVEA elliptica                                     Most
1550/1405                                WET    3m                            Dec. Found on rocky outcrops, sand dunes.           A
                Tree Hovea                                          soils
                                                                              Found in Karri, Jarrah and Marri forest.
                                                                              Erect pungent shrub. Fl. blue/purple May-
                HOVEA pungens                   20cm-               Most
1551/1400                                                                     Nov. Found on granite outcrops, sand                A
                Devil's Pins                    1.5m                soils
            SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                       Soil                                                      PRICE
CODE                                        HEIGHT WB-CO                  Characteristics
            NAME                     SALT                       Type                                                      CODE
            HOVEA trisperma                 10cm-               Most      Weak straggly shrub needle like leaves. Fl.
1552/1957                                                                                                                  A
            Common Hovea                    70cm                soils     blue/purple May-Nov.
            HYPOCALYMMA                                                   Erect multi stemmed plant, fine soft foliage.
1600/944    angustifolium                   1m        CO        S, SC     Fl. white/pink Jun-Oct. Found along water        A
            White Myrtle                                                  courses and hillsides. Profuse flowering.
                                                                          Erect shrub. Fl. pink or red. Prefers sandy
1601/       robustum                        1m                  S, SC                                                      A
            Swan River Myrtle
            JACKSONIA furcellata                                          Irregular shaggy shrub. Fl. yellow/orange/red
2914/1689                                   3m        CO          S                                                        A
            Grey Stinkwood                                                Oct-Mar. Found in swampy and sandy areas.
                                                                          Twining or trailing shrub or climber. Fl.
            KENNEDIA coccinea
1750/301                                    Climber             SLG       red/yellow/pink pea Aug-Nov. Found on            A
            Coral Vine
                                                                          sandy soils
            KENNEDIA prostrata                                            Prostrate or twining shrub. Fl. red pea Apr-
1752/1963                                   Runner              SLG                                                        A
            Running Postman                                               Nov. Usually found on sandy gravelly soils.
                                                                          Hardy robust shrub with bright red
            KUNZEA baxteri
1801/305                                    2m                   SG       bottlebrush fl. Jul-Mar. Sandy soils, granite    A
            Baxter's Kunzea
                                                                          outcrops, hills. Good windbreak/hedge.
                                                                          Erect shrub. Fl. yellow, cream Jul-Dec.
            KUNZEA ericifolia
1803/1432                                   3m                  S, SL     Found on seasonally wet swamps and moist         A

            KUNZEA glabrescens                                            Shrub. Fl. yellow Oct-Nov. Edge of swamps,
1805/1401                                   1.5-4m              C, S                                                       A
            Spearwood                                                     lakes and rivers.

                                                                          Erect shrub. Fl. pink purple/white cream
1806/       KUNZEA micrantha                                    S,C, L    Sept-Dec. Likes winter wet                       A
                                                                          depressions/peaty soils.
                                                                        Erect or ascending shrub. Fl. pink/mauve
            KUNZEA recurva
1804/523                             WET    2m                 S, SL, G Aug-Nov. Winter wet depressions and rocky          A
            Mauve Kunzea
                                                                          Erect shrub. Fl. white Sep-Dec. Found on
2904/1406   ellipticum               WET    3m                  C, S                                                       A
                                                                          swampy sandy well drained soil.
            Swamp Tea Tree
                                                                          Fast growing plantation tree. Prefers good
            PINUS radiata                                       Most
2200/610                                    30m                           drainage, tolerates frost, grows on slopes       B
            Radiata Pine                                        soils
                                                                          Used for timber/pulp
                                                                          Slender shrub 1-2m high. Fl.
            PULTENAEA skinneri                                            yellow/orange/red Jul-Sept. Sandy or clay
2914/1416                                   1-2m                S, C                                                       A
            Skinner's Pea                                                 soils, winter wet areas. Floral emblem of
                                                                          Capel Shire.
                                                                          Erect shrub. Fl. pink purple Jan-Dec. Winter
2502/1789   REGELIA ciliata          WET    1.5m      WB          S                                                        A
                                                                          wet depressions, white or grey sand.
            SPYRIDIUM globulosum                                          Tall dark erect shrub Fl. white Jun-Nov.
2905/1422                                   3m        WB, CO    S, Li                                                      A
            Basket Bush                                                   Found on coastal sand dunes and limestone
            VIMINARIA juncea         WET,                                 Erect weeping shrub. Fl yellow Oct-Jan.
3150/1244                                   5m        CO       S, SL, C                                                    A
            Swish Bush               SALT                                 Near swamps and winter wet areas.
                                                                          Ornamental small tree with dark flaky bark,
            XYLOMELUM occidentale                                         woody fruit Fl. cream Dec-Feb. Slow
2915/2334                                   8m        CO          S                                                        B
            Woody Pear                                                    growing, prefers sun, good drainage and
                                                                          mulched roots.
                                                                          Small bushy shrub or tree. Fl. bright orange
            BANKSIA ashbyii
300/58                                      1-8m      CO          S       Feb-Sep/Dec. Suits dry areas. Fast growing       B
            Ashby's Banksia
                                                                          great cut flower. Coastal areas/sand.
            BANKSIA attenuata                                              Common tree, narrow serrated leaves,
313/59      Candlestick or Slender          7-10m               S, Li     rough bark. Fl. slender bright yellow spikes     B
            Banksia                                                       Oct-Feb. Grows on sand dunes and plains
            SPECIES/COMMON            WET/                      Soil                                                      PRICE
CODE                                         HEIGHT WB-CO                 Characteristics
            NAME                      SALT                      Type                                                      CODE
                                                                          Small shrub Fl .large woolly brown/yellow
            BANKSIA baueri
319/1791                                     0.5-2m               S       May-Oct. Fast growing understorey plant.         B
            Possum Banksia
                                                                          Sun or light shade. Range of soils.
                                                                          Shrub, quick growing, sits on top of the
            BANKSIA blechnifolia                                          ground. Loves deep sandy soil, drought
326/                                         0.7m                 S                                                        B
            Fern Leaf banksia                                             resistant. Fl. red/pink and cream/orange
                                                                          red/brown Sep-Nov.
                                                                          Small tree or shrub beautiful cut flower.
            BANKSIA coccinea
302/1227                                     2-4m      CO         S       Squat scarlet flower heads May-Jan. Coastal      B
            Scarlet Banksia
                                                                          sands or swamps.
            BANKSIA dallanneyi
                                                                          Prostrate. Fl. yellow-brown/cream-pink Jun-
324/        (D.lindleyana)                   0.3m               S, G                                                       B
            Couch Honeypot
                                                                          Tree or shrub (south coast). Leaves for
            BANKSIA grandis
304/61                                       8m                   S       floristry, cones for wood turning. Fl. yellow    B
            Bull Banksia
                                                                          green Sep-Jan. Understorey, good drainage
            BANKSIA hookeriana                                            Dense shrub. Fl. yellow orange Apr-Oct.
325/                                         0.5-3m    CO         S                                                        B
            Hooker’s Banksia                                              Ornamental/cut flower.
                                                                          Tree or shrub. Fl. yellow/orange Mar-Aug.
            BANKSIA littoralis
306/                                  WET    1.5-12m              S       Grows in low lying or seasonally damp            B
            Swamp Banksia
                                                                          Shrub or tree with attractive two-toned acorn
            BANKSIA menziesii                                             type flowers Fl. orange/red Feb-Aug. Fire
307/64                                       10m                S, SL                                                      B
            Firewood Banksia                                              tolerant.
                                                                          Well drained sandy soils.
                                                                          Dwarf form, attractive shrub. Fl. orange/red
            BANKSIA menziesii dwarf
308/65                                       4m                   S       Feb-Aug. Hardy, flowers used in floristry.       B
            Dwarf Menzies Banksia
                                                                          Needs good drainage.
                                                                          Small dense, erect shrub. Fl. gold May-Sep.
            BANKSIA nivea                                      S, L, C,
320/1792                                     0.5m                         Hardy if soil is cool and well drained. Sandy    B
            Couch Honey Pot                                       G
                                                                          clay or gravel soils.
                                                                          Shrub or small tree, Fl. cream orange Feb-
            BANKSIA prionotes
310/825                                      6-10m     CO         S       Aug. Frost hardy/fast growing. Used as cut       B
            Acorn Banksia
                                                                          flower. Sandy coastal plains.
                                                                           Prostrate shrub. Slow growing, hardy. Fl.
            BANKSIA repens
321/1228                                     0.4m      CO       S,G       brown yellow orange Sep-Nov. from the            B
            Creeping Banksia
                                                                          ground. Unusual leaves. Coastal
                                                                          Large fast growing tree. Fl. yellow orange
            BANKSIA seminuda                                              red Mar-Aug. Prefers sites close to water or
318/1424                              WET    25m               S, L,C                                                      B
            River Banksia                                                 underground moisture in Jarrah or Marri
                                                                          Attractive fast growing shrub, saw toothed
            BANKSIA speciosa                                              leaves.
312/71                                       8m                  S,C                                                       B
            Showy Banksia                                                 Fl. yellow green cream May-Jan. Moderately
                                                                          frost tolerant. Needs good drainage.
                                                                          Shrub or small tree, prickly leaves, good
            DRYANDRA sessilis
322/2335                                     4-6m              S, Li, G   source of nectar. Fl. cream yellow May-Nov.      B
            Parrot Bush
                                                                          Erect slender shrub, smooth grey bark. Fl.
            HAKEA amplexicaulis
1362/2336                                    1-3m              C,L,G      white cream pink Aug-Oct. Strong sweet           B
            Prickly Hakea
                                                                          scent Drought and frost tolerant.
                                                                          Upright shrub. Attracts birds, spectacular
            HAKEA bucculenta                                    Most
1350/279                                     4m        WB,CO              long red fl. spikes May-Oct. Sun/part shade.     B
            Red Pokers                                          soils
                                                                          Drought/frost tolerant
                                                                          Erect few branched shrub with cup- like
1364/       HAKEA cucullata
                                             4m                   G       leaves. Fl. pink to reddish pink May-Nov.        B
            Scallops or Cup Hakea
                                                                          Tall erect stiff shrub/small tree. Fl. showy
1366/       HAKEA francisiana                                   S,SL,
                                             3-8m                         clusters of large spikes deep red or pink.       B
            Grass-leaved Hakea                                  SG,C
                                                                          Frost tolerant. Likes free draining soil.
               SPECIES/COMMON            WET/                       Soil                                                            PRICE
CODE                                            HEIGHT WB-CO                      Characteristics
               NAME                      SALT                       Type                                                            CODE
                                                                           Tall open shrub, forms dense thickets. Fl.
1363/2337      HAKEA lasianthoides       WET    6m       WB        SL , SG white cream Sept-Nov. Wildlife habitat, frost             B
                                                                                  Small ornamental tree, pretty pink/red pin
               HAKEA laurina                                         Most
1351/280                                        5m       WB                       cushion type fl. Apr-Aug. Hardy, tolerates         B
               Pin Cushion Hakea                                     soils
                                                                                  frost. Well drained soils. Attracts birds.
                                                                                  Erect to sprawling pungent shrub Fl. white
               HAKEA lissocarpha
1359/821                                        1m       WB          SG           pink Jun-Sep. Understorey plant. Drought           B
               Honey Bush
                                                                                  and frost tolerant. Revegetation.
                                                                                  Upright coastal shrub or understorey. Fl.
               HAKEA oleifolia                                       Most
1353/281                                        5m       CO,WB                    large white Aug-Oct. Frost/salt spray              B
               Olive-leaved Hakea                                    soils
                                                                                  tolerant. Shade, wood products.
                                                                                  Erect to spreading shrub, prickly leaves.
               HAKEA prostrata                                       Most
1357/1457                                       3m       WB                       Masses white cream scented fls. Aug-Nov.           B
               Harsh Hakea                                           soils
                                                                                  Wildlife habitat, revegetation.
                                                                                  Dense prickly shrub. Has sweetly scented
               HAKEA ruscifolia
1360/822                                        1-3m                 S,G          white flowers Dec-Jan. Understorey, hardy,         B
               Candle Spike Hakea
                                                                                  drought tolerant. Revegetation.
                                                                                  Dense shrub. Fl. whitish pink Apr-Oct.
               HAKEA trifurcata                 0.5-               S, L, G,
1365/                                                                             Strongly scented and attracts birds/bees.          B
               Two-leaved Hakea                 2.5m                  Li
                                                                                  Good cut flower.
                                                                             Large shrub, slightly prickly. Fl. White/cream
1361/823       HAKEA varia                                         S, SL, C, Jul-Nov.
                                         WET    3m       WB                                                                          B
               Holly Leaved Hakea                                      G     Seasonally wet areas, frost tolerant. Sun/part
                                                                             shade. Hedge or revegetation.
                                                                                  Erect slender shrub with unusual and
               HAKEA victoria                                                     colourful foliage. Stiff variegated leaves. Fl.
1367/                                           1-2.5m                S                                                              B
               Royal Hakea                                                        Creamy white Jul-Oct.
                                                                                  Rapid growth- best in full sun.

                                       BOYANUP BOTANICAL PRICES FOR 2012
                                      Orders will be available from the 1 of June.
                                       All prices are current for this season only

                                                       CODE A
                               Full tray of one species (64 cell tray) $43.00 (GST Inc.)
                            Full tray of two species (32 of each variety) $57.00 (GST Inc.)
                                  Pick & mix your own seedlings-$1.50 per seedling.

                                                       CODE B
                            Full tray of one species (63 deep cell trays) $65.00 (GST Inc.)
                            Full tray of two species (Banksia & Hakea) $84.00 (GST Inc.)
                                  Pick & mix your own seedlings -$2.75 per seedling

                                     Plus a refundable tray deposit of $5.00 per tray.
                                        (Receipts for refunds must be presented).

             When placing your order please write the plant code number as well as the plant name to
                                      ensure you receive the correct seedlings.
              Please write the approximate date you will be picking them up or need them delivered.
            Orders will only be taken for amounts of Half or Full Trays (same species)-smaller amounts
                 will be available in our Pick and Mix Section at the Nursery after June 1 2012.
             Orders cancelled after June 1 2012 will be charged at normal prices. Please ensure all
              orders are picked up by 31 August 2012 unless a prior arrangement has been made.

                            BOYANUP BOTANICAL
                  SEASONAL NATIVE TUBE LIST FOR 2012

            Tube size is 50mm and all tubes need to be pre-ordered
             before January 31st 2012. Price per tube will be $2.80
                                (GST Inclusive).
             Discount will apply to orders above 100 tubes-please
                              contact us for price.
              SPECIES/COMMON           WET/                    Soil                                                         Price
CODE          NAME                     SALT
                                            HEIGHT WB-CO
296           ADENANTHOS meisneri           0.2-
                                                      WB,CO   L, S, G     Erect or semi prostrate shrub.                    $2.80
              Prostrate Woolly Bush         1.5m
                                                                          Erect rush, brown seed heads. Fl. brown Oct-
              BAUMEA juncea            WET,
2851/819                                    1m                   S        Mar. Waterlogged soil. Full sun/light shade. $1.65
              Bare Twig Rush           SALT
                                                                          Suits bog garden
                                                                          Twining climber or shrub to 1m. Blue bell like
472                                                            Most       fls in Dec-Feb. Fleshy blue fruits, bush
              heterophylla                  Climber   CO                                                                    $2.80
                                                               soils.     tucker. Hardy, low screen. Needs sunny
              Bluebell Creeper
              BRACHYSEMA                                                  Evergreen spreading shrub with long thin
2920/         celsianum                               CO       S, SG      branches. Fl. clusters red pea Aug-Nov.           $2.80
              Swan River Pea                                              Tolerates part shade/light frost.
                                                                          Tall shrub or small tree. Abundant multiple
              CALLISTEMON                                      Most       heads of crimson fl. Spikes in
108                                         4m                                                                              $2.80
              Kings Park Special                               soils      Spring/Summer. Likes moist to wet soil, full
                                                                          sun. Tolerates dry.
                                                                          Erect small branched shrub. Fl. orange red
              DAVIESIA decurrens
1100/2310                                   1m                L, C, G     Jun-Sept. Prefers well drained slopes near        $2.80
              Prickly Bitter-Pea
                                                                          Blue green upright foliage, grows in clumps
              DIANELLA revoluta                                Most       Dominant understorey plant. Fl. pale blue
2855/1404                                   1m                            Aug-Jan/Apr. followed by blue berries.            $1.65
              Blue flax-lily                                   soils
                                                                          Hardy. Sun/part shade.

                                                                          Hardy shrub to 2m. Long tubular fls. Yellow,
              EREMOPHILA glabra                                Most       green or red Mar-Dec. Bird attracting, suits
1259                                        2m                                                                              $2.80
              Tar Bush                                         soils      dry climates. Tolerates moderate frosts, long
                                                                          Dense groundcover with silvery grey leaves.
              EREMOPHILA                    Prostrat                      Perfect foliage contrast. Yellow tubular fl. In
622                                                  CO       S, CL, Li                                                     $2.80
              Kalbarri Carpet               e                             Spring/Summer. Suits hot dry spots in
                                                                          garden. Salt spray tolerant.
                                                                          Erect shrub Fl. yellow pea Jul-Jan. Coastal
2912/2333     tomentosum                    1m                  S, Li                                                       $2.80
                                                                          limestone and sand dunes.
              Hairy Yellow Pea
                                                                          Dense dark green carpet with conifer like
              GREVILLEA crithmifolia        Prostrat           Most       foliage. Strongly scented cream flowers in
934                                                  CO                                                                     $2.80
              Green Carpet                  e                  soils      Spring. Vigorous ground cover. Drought
                                                                          tolerant. Full sun/part shade.

              GREVILLEA crithmifolia        0.6-                          Dense upright shrub. Fl. white pink Jun-Nov.
264                                                   CO,WB     S,Li                                                        $2.80
              Upright                       2.5m                          Likes coastal limestone soils.

              GREVILLEA thelmanniana        0.3-                          Spreading shrub. Fl. pink-red May-Nov.
1569                                                          S,SC, L                                                       $2.80
              Spider Net Grevillea          1.5m                          Drought tolerant, bird attracting.
            SPECIES/COMMON            WET/                     Soil                                                      Price
CODE        NAME                      SALT
                                           HEIGHT WB-CO
                                                                        Erect sprawling prickly shrub with white
                                                                        flowers most of year. Tolerates frost, heavy
1872        GREVILLEA vestita              0.5-3m    CO        S, Li                                                 $2.80
                                                                        pruning. Suits dry climates. Hedge with many
                                                                        Erect sprawling shrub. Fl. yellow buttercup
            HIBBERTIA cuneiformis
289                                        1-3m      CO,WB     S, L     like Jan-Mar or Jun-Nov. Found on coastal        $2.80
            Cut Leaf Hibbertia
                                                                        dunes, swampy plains.
            KENNEDIA                                                    Trailing or twining shrub/climber. Fl. unusual
1754/1241   nigricans                      Climber   CO          S      black and yellow/orange pea Jul-Nov. Large       $2.80
            Black Kennedia                                              mid green leaves. Coastal dunes
                                                                        Compact habit. Leaves soft white, fl. yellow
            LEUCOPHYTA brownii                                          heads fading to white all year depending on
335                                        0.35m     CO,WB     S,Li                                                      $2.80
            Cushion Bush                                                rainfall. Drought tolerant, tip prune. Highly
                                                                        exposed areas, limestone and sand drift.
                                                                        Erect much branched shrub, silvery green
1308/1308   OLEARIA axillaris                                           foliage.
                                                     CO        S, Li                                                     $2.80
            Coastal Daisybush                                           Fl. yellow Jan-Jul/Nov-Dec. Coastal dunes,
                                                                        Numerous spikes of sky blue flowers Aug-
            ORTHROSANTHUS laxus
2913/2329                                  0.5m                S, L     Oct. Clumps of strappy leaves. Free draining     $1.65
            Morning Iris
                                                                        soil, suits rockeries or borders.
                                                                        Clump forming grass. Spikes of blue flowers
            polystachyus                   0.6-
2918/2668                                                      CL,S     Sept-Nov. Prefers part shade, water in hot       $1.65
            Many Spike                     1.2m
                                                                        and dry weather.
                                                                        Erect dense shrub. Dome shaped, plants
            PIMELEA ferruginea                                          covered in pink fls. Sept-Nov. Like protected
414                                        0.8-1m              S,Li                                                      $2.80
            Coast banjine                                               areas, full sun, tip prune to keep shape.
                                                                        Adapts to variety of soil types.
                                                                        Spreading shrub. Fl. cream/yellow green
            RHAGODIA baccata                                  S,L ,G,
2503/1790                                  0.5-2m    CO                 Feb/May-Oct/Dec. Red berries. Found on           $2.80
            Berry Saltbush                                      Li
                                                                        coastal rocky areas and sand dunes.
            SCAEVOLA                                                    Erect or spreading shrub. Fl. blue/white Jul-
2921        crassifolia                              CO        S, Li    Dec or Jan-Feb. Found on coastal dunes and $2.80
            Thick-leaved Fan-flower                                     limestone cliffs.
                                                                        Multi branched shrub, grey to green oval
            TEMPLETONIA retusa                                SL, C,    leaves
2400/547                                   1-2m      WB, CO                                                              $2.80
            Cockies Tongues                                    G, Li    Fl .red/white/yellow Apr-Nov. Coastal cliffs
                                                                        and roadsides.
                                                                      Rounded shrub 50cm x 50cm.Grey-green
            VERTICORDIA plumosa
830                                        0.5m               S,CL, G leaves. Pink flowers in Spring. Likes moist        $2.80
            Plumed Feather Flower
                                                                        Small rounded shrub, suits coastal situations.
            WESTRINGEA dampieri            0.5-
1306                                                 WB, CO    S, Li    Fl.white Jun-Dec or Jan. Prefers sandy well    $2.80
            Shore Westringea               1.5m
                                                                        drained soil. Hardy.
                                                                        Rounded shrub 2m across. White fls.most of
            WESTRINGEA fruiticosa                              Most     the year, abundant flowers in Nov. Hardy in
498                                        1.5-2m    WB, CO                                                              $2.80
            Coastal Rosemary                                   soils    any situation, resistant to salt spray. Useful
                                                                        screen plant, suitable for hedge.
                                                                        Small compact dwarf cultivar reaching 1m
500         WESTRINGEA                                         Most     x1m.has silvery grey foliage with soft blue
                                           1m        WB, CO                                                              $2.80
            Jervis Gem                                         soils    mauve fls. Mainly in Spring. Needs little
                                                                        Summer watering once established. Hedge.

                        KEY FOR SOIL TYPES
            S-Sand, L-Loam, C-Clay, G-Gravel, Li-Limestone
                      WB-Windbreak, Co-Coastal

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