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					                                      Glenmont Elementary PTA
                                         PTA Meeting Minutes
                                      October 27, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.

In attendance:
Dawn McMahon, President; Sue Clarke, Vice President; Suzy Sodergren, Corresponding Secretary; David
Cooper, Treasurer; Stephanie Sellers, Recording Secretary; Kristin Cooke, Education Standing Chair; Alison
Fisk, Community Spirit Standing Chair; Grace Bennett, Teacher Representative; Laura Heffernan, Principal.
Colleen Bonacci; Candice Clark; Darienne Dickson; Kerry Duffy; Jude-Ann Gargiula; Amy Scharf; Paula
Labargel; Connie Constable; Jennifer Byrnes, Peter Rawitsch, Teacher; Val Falco, Teacher

Meeting called to order 7:03 p.m.
   Information for Review: Committee Reports, Financial Statements, and June Minutes.

    June 2009 Minutes – Motion to approve made by Alison Fisk; 2nd - Colleen Bonacci; Motion passed.

    Committee Reports – Suzy Sodergren – See Attached Committee Report.
     Sue Clarke, Fundraisers: Wrapping Paper orders will be available for pick up on November 19th.

    Dawn McMahon, PTA President – provided an activity/business log (see attached); will be posted
     on website with minutes.

    2008-09 Audit Report & 2008-09 Treasurer Report – Yolanda Caldwell supplied 3 copies of the
     Audit report, completed on July 15th, 2009 and signed by the 3-person audit committee: Ilyse
     Weinstein, Laurie Harder and Darcy Hynes. No 2008-09 Annual Report submitted.

    Principal’s Report – Laura Heffernan
        o Selkirk Fire Department visit to school in October went will except for rain. Possibly
            scheduling another visit in the Spring so students can climb on truck.
        o Nature’s Classroom was a huge success – students had a wonderful time.
        o Peaceful Bus Program – Program has begun – first meeting was in October. There will be 6
            meetings per year. Last year was a huge success – students and drivers were able to get to
            know one another better and positive results have been seen on the buses.
        o Book Fair - NEW! Grandparents’ day ran smoothly – grandparents/special others were invited
            to bring in a lunch and eat with students; they were allowed to shop at the book fair – it was a
            special day for all.
        o Spirt Day – October 30th – many students/staff wore orange and black to show their school
            spirit – fun day!
        o November Events: Nov. 2nd – Transportation Department will present and bring Buster the
            Bus to the assembly; Nov 4th – Mrs. Quirk’s class will perform a skit; Nov. 16th & 17th – 5th
            grade testing
        o Leadership theme is growing throughout school; more opportunities will arise as the year
            progresses. It will take time to take a deep rooting but is going successfully.

    State of Finances/Current Budget – Dave Cooper
        o (Financial Reports Attached)
        o Thanked Jenny McNay for her dedication and hard work with the finance committee.
        o November 9th 6:30 p.m. Finance Committee Meeting
        o With new financial software the committee is trying to keep reports in the “just right mode” for
            all to understand.
 Fundraising – Sue Clarke
     o (Fundraising Report attached)
     o Spirit Wear is in display case; size examples are in main office; orders are due on November
        10th; will have orders back before holidays for gift-giving.
     o Student artwork contest for spirit wear fundraiser will take place in the spring.
     o Fundraising to date has brought in approx. $7,300
     o Special thanks to Colleen Morelli for booking Applebee’s for breakfast fundraiser to benefit
        the class of 2011 (offset Nature’s Classroom & 5th Grade Expenses). To join the 4th Grade
        Fundraising Committee please contact Debbie Sgroi, Colleen Morelli or Sue Clarke.

 Fall Family Picnic – Huge thanks to Jude-Ann Gargiula for all her hard work bringing in raffle items
  and donations, etc. for the picnic. This was Jude’s last year organizing the picnic – be on the lookout
  for a new recruit/volunteer.

 School Supplies – Thanks to Bonnie Gold for organizing; this first year went well. Will tweak next
  year so that students can pick up their supplies the week before school begins.

 Teacher Grants - $100 grant checks delivered to all 19 classroom teachers & 4 Specials (Library,
  Music, Art and PE)– many Thank You cards (& receipts) have been received by the PTA from

 Special Funding Grants – request letter has been received from Jean O’Donnell; $113.90

 School Directory – Thanks to Suzy Sodergren and Jude-Ann for compiling the book and selling ads
  to fund. Saved 1/3 of the cost this year using a new printer – Ship, Copy & More.

 Building Community Through Dance – Peter Rawitsch
     o Presented short informational movie on the Building Community Through Dance Program that
         was started at the school three years ago. Last year the program was funded by grants and was
         a huge success. Mr. Rawitsch working with Val Falco and Mrs. Seebode to establish grant
         funding for the ’09-’10 school year. Program is growing bigger and better every year.
     o Last year buddy up with Troy school district for dance – fun but not an easy task. Would like
         to focus on our district to grow program and reenergize the schools.
     o Yearly Goal:
              Find funding for program – recruiting 2 parent grant writers
              Would like to have the same dancers – Evita and Michael again
              Schedule program for two full weeks of school year
              Last year had approx. 1hr contact time with students; this year would like to have 2hr.
                 contact time with students
              Schedule an adult/family program in the evening
              Include live music (new this year) – trying to schedule Alan Thompson’s Little Big
                 Band for 2 days
              Budget $15,000 – looking into Charles Lefite; First Niagara; Oprah and Ellen shows for
                 any opportunities
              Build the program out to the entire district
              5yr. Plan – have Town Dance Festival

 4th & 5th Grade Math Night – February 25th
      o Darcy Hynes, math teacher (other district) and Glenmont Parent volunteer will chair this event;
         communication will be forthcoming for volunteers, details, etc.
      o Special thank you to our friends at Slingerlands Elementary and Elsmere Elementary for their
         willingness to share information regarding this event.
      o Volunteers needed to run a K-1 and 2-3 Math Nights. If interested, please contact volunteer
         coordinator Sue Clarke.
    Halloween Ball – October 30th
        o Ann Burdick/Amy Scharf – Planning coming along well.
        o K-2 helping them navigate through event
        o 3-5 on their own
        o Thanks for everyone’s hard work in planning; volunteers present at PTA meeting were
           awaiting their assignments. Amy said she’d coordinate with Ann Burdick.

    P-T-Awesome – (formerly P-T-A-Purple)
        o For details of this program, please see the PTA website.
        o Nominations can be made on line or sent into the PTA Inbox (front office)
        o Three random names are drawn monthly from the nominations.
        o A $5 Gift Card to Panera is given to the winners.
        o Winners are listed in the Glenmont Glimpse to show parents who wins & why!
        o Join in the fun of sharing ALL of the little details that make Glenmont the special school that it
          is! Contact Amy Scharf

    New Business
       o Lunch Schedule – students are allotted 50 total min. for recess and lunch. 25min. for each.
          Some of this time is used for washing hands after recess and purchasing lunch/milk in the
          cafeteria. Kindergarten students are assisted by their teachers the first week as they acclimate
          to the cafeteria environment.

          o Big Back Yard – Colleen Bonacci
               - Looking into Eagle Scout to do work (Paul Malone) – troop leader does not think the
                  project large enough to qualify – still in the works. (Larger scope project available)
               - Grace Bennett shared that if the trails are maintained, teachers are more likely to utilize
                  the resource.
               - Several names were given to Colleen from former BBY Chair Dawn McMahon,
                  including Husband and Wife team Tom & Heather Mocerine (Thank you!).
               - If interested in volunteering, please contact Colleen Bonacci. First meeting date is
                  projected for February.
               - Use caution when mowing/maintaining – Kindergarteners have a patch that was mowed
                  by George Steele – to see what looks like when they are in 5th grade. These sensitive
                  areas should be fenced /marked off and not disturbed
               - Amy Scharf suggested that she look into Girl Scouts – they work on similar awards
                  with their sr. leaders.

    November 24th PTA Meeting
        o This will be a voting month – any requests for funding/budget changes must be submitted 2
          weeks prior to this meeting date
        o Updates on Fundraiser and Committee reports

Meeting adjourned 8:25 p.m.
                                       COMMITTEE REPORTS
                                         Submitted by: Suzy Sodergren
                                             October 27th, 2009


Spirit Wear
    Order forms have gone home and are due November 10th. Display in the glass case in the front foyer.
    Spirit Wear will be celebrated in a two part process:
           o This fall, similar to Eagle & Hamagrael, Glenmont will offer products such as sweatshirts,
               fleece jackets, hats, a blanket, etc. Like the other schools, tax is included in the price and
               Glenmont PTA will receive a 15% rebate for processing the orders. Embroidery options will be
               offered, both specific to Glenmont Elementary and BC School District.
           o This winter, the Spirit Wear Committee will collaborate with our school’s Leadership theme,
               by creating an opportunity for students to participate in an art design program. The design will
               be unveiled this spring. Spring- and Summer-weight products will be offered at that time.
    Based on the 2009-10 Budget, our goal is to generate $300 to assist in funding PTA-sponsored events.
       If you are interested in being part of the Spirit Wear Team please contact Sue Clarke.

Future fundraisers
     SEE'S Candy fundraiser   (January 2010)
     Bike-A-Thon              (April 2010)
     Spring Spirit Wear       (May 2010)
     Plant Sale               (May 2010)

4th grade Fundraising
         Applebee's Pancake Breakfast 11/21/09 8am-10am.

Membership & Directory Drive, Suzy Sodergren
   232 Members; 203 Directories
   Directory has been printed – will be distributed Wed. 10/28.

Directory Ads, Jude-Ann Gargiula
    Brought in $1200 in ads!


Social Committee
    Halloween Ball: Fri. Oct. 30th.
    Upcoming: Movie Night (Nov.10) and Glenmont GIVES Reading Night (Nov.16); no socials in
    Social committee Meeting: Nov.2 at 6:45 pm

School Banking, Kristin Cooke
    A great success. We have between 25-30 bankers a week, and anticipate this number increasing as we
       received a large number of requests for new accounts.
    I have met with Laura to develop a leadership opportunity for the 5th graders to assist with banking

1,000 Books
     Another great success. Approximately 75 of the 100 bags are currently out with students being read.
     We have wonderful participation with the kindergarten and 1st grade classes, and are supported by the

Educational Assemblies, Dawn McMahon
   THANK YOU to all the staff members that provide the PTA with guidance. Our goal is to support
      your goals! Please keep it coming.
       Gale Derosia, our Art Teacher, provided information on Picasso People.
       Glenmont’s 1st-graders learn about Picasso after winter break.
       Gale shared that when Elementary-aged students are asked to name an artist, many recall Picasso.
       Elsmere and Hamagrael have recently invited these folks to their schools. Reviews were good.
       Dates of future assemblies are being discussed. The cost is $1,200 for two 45 minute back to back
         assemblies to accommodate our 402 Glenmont Elementary student and staff population.
  Author Visits
       Mrs. Bartkowski, (Mrs. B) our librarian has been in touch with the other elementary librarians.
         More information to follow.
       Mrs. Zoraida DelValle, Glenmont Elementary & School’s Out staff- member suggested Magician
         Jim Snack.
       He has been seen at Albany’s Steamer 10 Theatre. He promotes himself as the region’s most
         renowned magician and a master of sleight of hand.
       He does everything from close-up tricks you can watch from a few feet away, and not be able to
         figure it out, to stage filling magic. In 2007-08, the PTA sponsored a magician to kick off Field
         Day. Cost and additional details to follow.

Parents as Reading Partners (PARP), Carolyn Daggett
      PARP Information was sent home at the end of September with a calendar for both Oct. and Nov. Calendars
       are available on the website.
      Meeting was held on September 30th at 7PM at the Perfect Blend to brainstorm regarding the event scheduled
       for Dec. 7th. Carolyn, Stephanie Sellers, Christine Zemsky and Kristin Cooke were present.
      Stephanie will contact Mrs. B the librarian and see if she would come and read her favorite book to the group;
       it is our understanding that she will be retiring this December.
      Our main concern or question is how many people will be participating and, of those people, how many will
       actually attend the event scheduled for Dec 7th? We have a storyteller lined up for the event who will work on
       storytelling through games, etc.
      Our estimate is 60 students at the event. Last year’s chair said she got anywhere between 10 and 25 at her
       events. We would like to send home an RSVP-type form in mid-November and ask for a yes or no because the
       difference between 25- and 200 is A LOT!! We can then also ask for parents who might be willing to help with
       groups as we rotate through the stations.
      Another question that we have been thinking about is siblings attending the event? When the storyteller was
       booked, I told them that it should be directed at an audience of K-5. Stephanie and I briefly discussed asking
       for volunteers to read to the younger ones in an area in the back of the cafeteria while the main event is
       occurring. We are open to any other ideas as well.
      Right now we are waiting to collect the October calendars (due Nov 3rd) and hoping that they will give us a
       slightly better estimate as to how many students are participating.
After School Enrichment, Yolanda Caldwell
    After School Enrichment...Calling All Glenmont Leaders has begun.
    There are 83 leaders participating in the fall session of 8 classes. We did have to cancel the Hola La
       class due to low enrollment.
    This year's on-site coordinator is Erin Cavanaugh. She is available on Tuesday and Thursday to assist
       Class Instructors, Weekly Room Parents and Parents. Thank you Erin!
    If you have any ideas for classes for the next session of After School Enrichment, please share them at Thank you, Yolanda Caldwell, After School Enrichment Coordinator.


School Pictures
      School pictures were a great success (thanks to volunteers & Kathi Davey).

Grants & Donations
    Panera Bread one of our great community partners has committed to providing the following treats this
         o Mon, Nov 16 (Glenmont GIVES): brownies & blondie bars (**the blondies contain
            macadamia nuts**)
         o Mon, Dec 7 (Reading Celebration): cookies
         o Tues, Feb 9 (Hoops for Heart): raffle basket
         o Thurs, Feb 25 (Math Night): cookies
         o Mon, Mar 8 (Book Fair): brownies/ cookies
         o Thurs, Mar 25 (Staff Appreciation Luncheon): raffle basket or “bread for a year” certificate
         o Fri, Mar 26 (Learning Fair): most definitely! Not sure yet what we will bring, yet.
         o Tue, Apr 13 (PTA General Membership Meeting): cookies
         o Tues, Jun 8 (Art Show): brownies/ cookies

Volunteer Needs
    Still in need of chairs/committee-members for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and the Field Day

Please See Next Page for Finance Reports.
                                      STATE OF THE FINANCES AS OF 10/26/09

                                   Balance in Checking as of 10/26/09: $35,090.14 (1)

INCOME                                                                                    ACTUAL
Budget Item                                        Budget               Income           Expenses         Net         Variance

          Directory Ads & Printing                 $      600.00 $       1,200.00 $         (191.19) $     1,008.81 $    408.81
          Membership/Directory Drive               $   1,000.00 $        2,167.00 $         (812.00) $     1,355.00 $    355.00
          Donations from Individuals               $     300.00 $          494.00 $               - $        494.00 $    194.00
          General PTA Fundraising                  $ 10,710.00      $ 14,901.00      $     (7,564.09) $    7,336.91 $ (3,373.09)
                           Beth. Discount Cards                     $    1,580.00 $         (790.00) $       790.00
                           Fall (Great American)   $   5,000.00     $ 11,614.00      $     (6,271.40) $    5,342.60 $     342.60
                           Pizza Fundraiser        $      500.00 $       1,277.00 $         (502.69) $       774.31 $     274.31
          Spiritwear (2)                           $      300.00 $         430.00                    $       430.00 $     130.00
          Fall Book Fair                           $   2,000.00 $        8,911.56 $        (6,683.67) $    2,227.89 $     227.89
          Retail Promotions (3)                    $     900.00 $           43.50 $                - $        43.50 $     (856.50)

          School Supplies (4)                                       $    2,615.00 $        (2,548.11) $         66.89 $     66.89

          Fall Family Picnic (5)                                    $ 1,395.50       $    (1,104.40) $     291.10     $    291.10

          Interest Inc                             $     65.00      $     24.11                      $      24.11     $   (40.89)

                NET INCOME TO DATE:                                                                  $ 29,371.03

(1) The balance of our CapCom account when opened on 8/10/09 was $20,346.77
(2) Pending Expenses: Spiritwear merchandise order
(3) Pending a Retail Promotion Deposit
(4) Pending invoice verification
(5) Adjusted for $60 facility use expense

EXPENSES                                                                                 ACTUAL
Budget Item                                        Budget               Income           Expense          Net         Variance
          5th Grade PTA Contribution               $    (750.00)                     $      (750.00) $     (750.00) $            -
          Teacher Gifts (Start-of-Year)            $   (1,950.00)                    $     (1,950.00) $   (1,950.00) $           -
          P-T-Awesome                              $     (150.00)                    $       (150.00) $     (150.00) $           -

           Donations & Grants                      $ (3,000.00) $            -       $     (680.00) $     (680.00) $ (2,320.00)
                           Teacher's Gifts (6)                      $            -   $      (350.00) $     (350.00)
                           Nature's Classroom
          Scholarships                                              $            -   $      (330.00) $     (330.00)

          Afterschool Enrichment Fall (7)          $      (50.00) $      3,610.00 $        (3,684.42) $       (74.42) $    (24.42)
          Nature's Classroom (8)                   $   (2,500.00)                 $        (2,125.00) $   (2,125.00) $    (375.00)
SOCIAL                                      $ (1,700.00) $          -    $     (434.00) $     (434.00) $       (1,266.00)
          Halloween Ball                                                 $     (412.00) $      (412.00)
          Morning Coffees                                                $      (22.00) $        (22.00)

          Insurance                        $    (250.00)                 $      (250.00) $     (250.00) $              -
          Supplies & Postage               $    (250.00)                 $      (226.42) $     (226.42) $         (23.58)

CLASS OF 2010 (5th GRADE)
          5th GRADE ACTIVITIES               $ (3,683.38) $         -    $     1,275.00                    $ (2,408.38)
                      Nature's Classroom (9) $ (1,360.00)                $    1,275.00 $     1,275.00      $    (85.00)
            NET EXPENSES TO DATE:                                                        $ (6,639.84)

(6) To make up for shortfall in budget for Comm.Spirit:Teacher Gift line item.
(7) Pending a $51 deposit recorded on 10/26/09
(8) PTA Nature's Classroom Commitment of $25/student. $25 x 85 students = $2125
(9) 5th Grade Team Nature's Classroom Commitment of $16/student. $16 x 85 = $1360

                               Balance in Savings as of 10/26/09: $2,084.17

Budget Item                                Budget              Income        Expenses        Net           Variance
          CAFETERIA PROJECT (9)             $ (1,812.35) $ 3,500.00      $    (5,300.00) $   (1,800.00) $       (12.35)

          SCHOOL SUPPLY PROJECT             $   (95.97) $           -    $         -    $          -       $    (95.97)

          BIG BACK YARD GRANT FUNGS         $ (1,974.18)

          INTERST ON SAVINGS                               $      1.67
                                                                                                           $ 2,084.17

(9) $3500 = Cap Comm Grant
                                      Notes from the PTA President

June 9: 2009 - 2010 Budget Approved by PTA membership at large.

June: Recruited Laurie Harder, Ilyse Weinstein and Darcy Hynes as the 2008-09 Audit Committee; audit
      performed after the close of the books, June 30, 2009.

June 11: District-wide Meeting, Mike Tebbano: “5th Grade Experience”. Follow-up meeting scheduled for
         August 2009.

June 12: Meeting, Laura Heffernan, School Advisory Council (SAC): notes from Stephanie Sellers.

June 15: District-Wide School Supply Meeting, Jody Monroe.

June 16: Panera sponsored pastries for our Art Fair. **Special Thank You to DeeAnn McAuliff for picking
         up the treats** (Possible future collaborative effort with Genoveffa Vitale for Students playing
         music during the art show.)

June 24: Second draft of Calendar of Events due to Laura/District.

June 26: Finance Committee Meeting. Discussions include assessing current finance practices and future

June 29: Yolanda Caldwell communicated that she is not staying on as the PTA Treasurer for 2009-2010.

June 29: 2009-2010 PTA Executive Committee planned the 2009-2010 Calendar of Events.

June 29: Details to close 08-09; Roles/Responsibilities of EC & EB 09-10; Calendar of Events 09-10; other.

June 30: Yolanda reconciled the 2008-09 bank statements through June 30 and forwarded the new software
         and records to Suzy Sodergren.

June 30: Year End for 2008-09 Treasurer & PTA record keeping.

July 5: Inventoried & straightened the PTA closet. **Thank you to Laurie Harder! **

The PTA Executive Board expanded to include the Executive Committee plus 3 additional Standing
Committee Chairs. These include: Educational Standing Committee Chair: Kristin Cooke; Social Standing
Committee Chair: Nicole Vaccarino; Community Spirit Standing Committee Chair: Alison Fisk. Please
check the website to see the committees these folks oversee. The Committee chairs have been oriented and
have been working with the committee chairs currently in place.

National PTA email support to move bank via the Executive Committee: Executive Board Recommendation
to move to Capital Communication.

Emailed: PTA insert for Parent Handbook to Laura Heffernan

Executive Committee Appointed David Cooper, 2009-2010 Treasurer
A donated laptop computer refurbished and the software purchased by Yolanda Caldwell (08-09 Treasurer)
loaded for PTA Treasurer use; computer can be passed from year to year to ease the treasury role.
PTA bank was closed at First Niagara (Delaware Ave) to Capital Communications (RT 9W- across from the
school). *$205 left for funds to clear.
July 8: Email to M.Tebbano; copy of my notes from the June 5th Grade Experience meeting.

July 8: Email to M.Tebbano; clarification on the BC Endowment Fund.

Email follow-up July 12: 1) The BC Endowment Foundation is operated by an independent group from the
school district. The BOE at the last meeting did recognize the work of the Endowment and endorsed their
work in securing funding for school programs and scholarship money. A donation can certainly be in any size
or amount. If there are people or organizations that wish to contribute to a specific fund within the
endowment, such as a scholarship or a particular program they would make that known at the time they
contribute to the fund.

July 12: Meet & Greet
July 15: Due date for School Supplies; tested the newly created tracking forms from the Finance Committee.
July 16: Jenny McNay details: how $200 Walmart Gift Cards & $25 Price Chopper Gift Cards were spent.
July 17: Email content: Thank you everyone for the summer effort:
       Calendar of Events submitted
       Cleaned out the PTA Closet
       Introduction Gathering
       2008-2009 Audit complete
       New software will be installed/programmed
       Convenient Bank location, change in early August

Aug 12: Rose Golden has been successful in getting a $3,500 donation. The funds will be utilized to finish
        the cabinets in Glenmont’s Lunchroom/Community Room. BOE accepted Capital Communication
        $3,500 donation from Grant writing committee, Chair Rose Golden, to finish the Cafeteria
        improvement project. Congratulations to Rose and Team!!

Aug 13: Trained Carolyn Daggett, Parents as Reading Partners, gave PTA website for additional support of
this National Program.

Aug 16: Planning Meeting
Aug 17: PTA Summer letter sent home School-Wide; promote 1) Membership & 2) first School Wide Social.
Aug 19: Finance Secretary & Treasurer reviewed all Treasury forms. Reviewed how mail is to be handled to
        accomplish the PTA treasury tracking goals.

August 20: District Wide follow up meeting to “5th Grade Experience”. Darcy Hynes attended as the 5th
           Grade Parent Representative.

Aug 20: Sent Capital Communications required PTA information to accept a donation.
Aug 20: Received minutes from Mike Tebbano from 5th Grade Experience meeting.
Aug 25: Greeting Glenmont Families inviting to register on line for membership; be in the school wide
        directory; register for the picnic & sign up to volunteer for committees.
Aug 25: Submitted Large Space Request forms for the year. **CHAIRS- PLEASE write in any special
        instructions that you need for you event! Thank you!!!
Aug 26: Class list request to deliver School Supplies and begin the Directory.
Aug 29: Room Parent Guidelines
Aug 31: Roots & Wings backpack donation & school supply stuffing. Stephanie Sellers represented
        Glenmont Elementary.
Aug 30: Post updated treasury tracking information on the website.
Aug 31: Close the loop with A.Kourt: continue with Pizza fundraiser; 5th Grade will be invited to participate.
Aug 31: First Check request from new account; First Niagara inactive since transfer of funds.

Aug 31/Sept 1: Communication from Laura Heffernan that transportation costs for Nature’s classroom which
                 have historically been absorbed by the school (@ a cost of $.30/mile) are now the
                 responsibility of the families at a cost of $2.32 /mile (Plus $35 per hour for the bus driver):
                 cost $2,427.84.
Sept 1: District informed us through Laura that the schools will charge $2.32 a mile for transportation to field
        trips, including Nature’s Classroom. Historically the schools have charged $.30/mile.
Sept 4: Capital Communication Grant check arrived; deposited.
Sept 14: President Advisory Council Meeting: Key Details:
Sept 14: District reviewed the need to increase the cost to the schools/families for transportation. Mike
         Tebbano reviewed that the $2.32 included the cost of the bus drivers.
Sept 15: Email from National PTA with Treasury Guidelines. The 2009-10 Executive Committee is
         comfortable that we are in compliance with the guidelines. (email from Karen Parlapiano)
Sept. 18: School Advisory Council (SAC): Glenmont’s starting budget $3,668. $1,660 spent on George
           Steele in September. Teachers pleased with George Steele. Balance $2,008. Laura is deciding
           process for Awarding money to Teachers. Grade 4 Field Trip to the Capital Children’s Theater is
           done; the endowment is depleted. School’s Judy Fund has $880. Laura has spreadsheet for cost of
           transportation to field trips. Teachers not interested in classroom fundraising. Talk of asking
           parent to pay for field trips if any are taken.

PTA Enrichment Fund: In 2007-08, Co-Presidents gave the $3,000 enrichment money to the SAC to combine
with the $7,000 from the district. In 2008-09, President offered to do the same; however the district froze the
$7,000, so the PTA utilized the funds to benefit all of the Glenmont Students including morning and afternoon
Kindergarten and author visits to bridge the K-5 reading/interest gap. In 2009-10, Laura asked what the PTA
intended to do. The PTA Enrichment Committee is currently looking for ideas on how to best utilize these

Sept 19: Laura reviewed that the $2.32 cost per mile does not include the cost of the bus driver; that cost is
         $35.00 hour.

Sept SAC meeting; looking for input for the entire handbook. Suggestions from the PTA: Peaceable Bus.
Laura is looking to include Glenmont Gold details in the handbook. Suggestions on how to describe
Glenmont Gold.

Sept 29: Recruited Melissa Nettleton to serve on district committee multiage classroom committee meeting

Sept 29: Revisit the Budget: Standing Committee chairs collecting information for planning meeting, 10/27,

Sept 29: Executive Board Donation 2009-10 approach. Like last year, Glenmont’s PTA has submitted the
2009-10 Year at a Glance to (1) Panera, (2) Price Chopper, (3) Hannaford and (4) Walmart. Panera has
submitted their response to our donation request. Like last year, Walmart slated Glenmont’s PTA with four
(4) $50. The contact expressed that the Teachers/Staff from Glenmont Elementary may also apply in writing
for financial contributions. The local store usually decides the donation recipient list approximately 60 days
in advance. Hannaford donated 1,000 cups for the Halloween Ball and Glenmont GIVES reading night. They
are also working with Cindy Dering to participate in the learning Fair, March 26th. Price Chopper gave a $50
gift card to support the Pennies for Peace, 3 Cups of Tea initiative with boxes of tea bags. They are open to
ideas for 2009-10.

Oct. 3: Reached out to Molly Fusco & Laura Heffernan to inquire about possible Glenmont Elementary
students that might benefit from an Enrichment program offered that might need scholarship or financial
Oct. 4: Post answer to question what is the difference between a PTA Meeting and a PTA Open Board

Oct. 7: Laura Heffernan provided the Room Parent List. The names of the room parents are highlighted in
the PTA directory. 26 Room Parents in all. The PTA is able to reach all 18 or the 19 classrooms via email.
Patty Quirk’s room parent is not listed in the directory, did not supply information.
Oct. 8: Room Parents were contacted via email asking them to please be in contact with Kathy Koch, PTA
Yearbook Chairperson to possibly assist with the yearbook. They were asked to contact Kathy at 439.7737 or

Oct. 12: At the October 27th PTA Meeting at large Kristin Cooke will raffle off the Yankee Candle products
that were ordered in 2008-09 and payment was not received.

Oct. 13: sent email to Room Parents to express shared wished about Teacher Gifts based on working meeting
with Grace Bennett and Laura Heffernan.

Oct.15th: Sent email to folks interested in creating a Math Nigh K-1 & 2-3.

Oct 15th.: Sent survey to Grace Bennett asking our teacher rep to touch base with the various staff about
collaborate ideas, grants & donation, etc.

Oct. 19th: Reviewed First Niagara’s mail requirements with Committee Chair Kristin Cooke. First Niagara
mail is not to be opened by the school or the PTA. The envelopes need to arrive sealed as these are real bank
accounts oversee by the FDIC.

Oct. 22: Sent Laura letter to share with staff about Special Funding Grants.

Oct. 26: The 4th Grade Fundraising Team had their first meeting.

Oct. 27: PTA Membership at large meeting with presentation from Peter Rawitsch and Val Falco.

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