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									    Shop Stewards: Themes

 Definition
 Role

 Constituencies

 New Union Rules
 Union Stewards: Organisation of the Union

             General Meeting

   Sub-                            The
committees                       Committee

             Working Groups
     Article 23 (unchanged; becomes Art.26)
a)   The Committee shall be assisted in its work by Union
     Stewards, elected by the officials (who are Union members)
     of their respective branches, field offices or other units,
     which shall be arranged in constituencies for that purpose.
     The Staff Union Committee shall keep informed and consult
     each Union Steward on matters of particular concern to his
     or her constituents.
b)   The term of office of the Union Stewards shall be two years.
c)   In the event of the resignation or transfer of a Union
     Steward, a new election shall be held in the constituency
     which he or she represented.

  The       Focal     Union
Committee   points   members

   In theory
   In practice
  Nouvelles dispositions statutaires

Article 27 (new) Role of Union Stewards

The Union Stewards shall communicate the views and
concerns of the staff of their constituency, especially Union
members, at the Union Committee and at the General Meeting,
so that these bodies will take the appropriate steps.
 Nouvelles dispositions statutaires
Article 27 (continued)

     i) They shall represent, subject to the individual rights
     of members, the interests of Union members of their
     consituency at Union meetings.

     ii) They shall communicate decisions and information
     from the Union Committee and the General Meeting to
     all the Union members of their constituency.
 Nouvelles dispositions statutaires

Article 27 (end)

  iii) They shall inform members of staff about the Union’s
  activities and participate in recruiting new Union

  iv) At the request of one or several members of staff of
  their constituency, they shall intervene in the handling of
  disputes and other procedures.
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