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					Pastor Corey J. Hodges is the Senior Pastor of New Pilgrim Baptist Church. A native of St. Petersburg,
Florida, he was called to pastor NPBC on February 22, 1998. At the age of 28, he was the youngest pastor
to lead the congregation. NPBC membership has grown tremendously under his guidance and has become
one of the leading churches in the state of Utah. Pastor Hodges has initiated numerous ministries,
including: Multicultural, Health and Fitness, Theatre, Awana (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed),
Family Life and Community Outreach. He has licensed and ordained several ministers, bringing the NPBC
pastoral staff to 13. The NPBC website and the bi-monthly newsletter Wings, were launched under his
leadership. He was instrumental in the negotiations that led to NPBC retiring its mortgage several years
before maturity and in 2003, he unveiled “Vision 2010”, a 7-year plan to build the Salt Dome, a multi-level
dome-shaped worship and ministry facility.

In recent years, Pastor Hodges has taken deliberate steps towards growing a multicultural church. The
churches motto was changed to “A Multicultural Christian Fellowship”, the Puerto-Rican native, Lillian
Montes, was appointed Pastor of Ethnic Affairs and flags representing NPBC membership nations were
erected in the sanctuary. Pastor Hodges also began appointing more culturally diverse leadership and
challenged existing leaders to deliberately diversify their ministries and committees. NPBC’s annual
leadership training also continues to include cultural sensitivity and diversity training. As a result of Pastor
Hodges' efforts, the membership has grown to include people from over 20 different nations, and the
church is receiving national recognition from religious and political leaders.

Pastor Hodges is a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune’s weekly Faith section on moral and religious
issues; the Salt Lake Tribune is Utah’s largest daily newspaper with a circulation that exceeds 140,000. In
2006, Utah Supreme Court Justice, Christine Durham, appointed Pastor Hodges to serve on the board of the
Initiative on Utah Children in Foster Care (IOU). In 2000, the Governor of the State of Utah, the Honorable
Michael O. Leavitt, appointed Hodges to sit on the Olene Walker Board of Economic Development. He
served on the board for several years, and upon his resignation, the Governor honored him for his

Pastor Hodges served two consecutive terms as President of the tri-state Intermountain General Baptist
Convention, Inc. and was on the Board of Directors of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Prior to
pastoring NPBC, he served as the Minister of Christian Education and Evangelism at Bethel Metropolitan
Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Dr. Henry J. Lyons, former president of the National
Baptist Convention USA, Inc., was the Senior Pastor.

When NPBC called him to be their pastor, Pastor Hodges was a student at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg,
Florida majoring in Pastoral Studies and Music. He holds an Associates Degree in Business Administration
from American InterContinental University and is currently working on his Bachelors Degree in

Pastor Hodges is married to the former Ms. Benita Newkirk also of St. Petersburg, Florida. Together they
have three sons, Quentin Lamar, Cameron Steven and Aubrey Jamir.

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