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Is al-Qaeda on It's Last Legs

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					In my humble opinion this seems to be the case. When I look at recent
developments in the war on terror and the fact that they have not been
very successful in conducting terror attacks since 9/11 there seems to be
no other answer. There have been some small terror operations but these
operations have been ineffective for the most part. When they were
effective other Arab people were the usual victims. They are normally
scattered isolated operations which have some kind of a sentimental
meaning but are otherwise insignificant.       I have to give the credit
for whatever techniques that the US is using to gather intelligence for
their military operations. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that
our special operations troops and the CIA have conducted successful anti
terror operations that we will never ever hear about. I am sure that al-
Qaeda has been thwarted time and time again before they could get
operations started. I will give you the two biggest reasons why I believe
that al-Qaeda is incapable of a comeback. The first one is that no one
formally trained by al-Qaeda has successfully launched a terror attack in
the United States since the toppling of the world trade center. There
have been instances of attacks by American citizens which have had a
degree of success but these attacks were not planned by al-Qaeda although
the individuals who conducted them did them for the benefit of that
terror organization. I believe that both instances could have been
avoided if the superiors of the perpetrators had been more in touch with
the situation. There have also been attempts which were bungled but could
have possibly been successful. The major point though is that al-Qaeda as
an entity has not been able to attack the US on American soil.

  Have you ever heard the saying that the best defense is a good offense?
This is essentially what the US has done to al-Qaeda in the war on
terror. This tactic has cost tremendously in terms of stress on our armed
forces and money but it has been successful. We have reached the point
now where the tactics and equipment which we have developed in order to
fight this war are good enough to maintain excruciating pressure on al-
Qaeda without the use of large numbers of ground troops.      Drones and
whatever else that we are using to gather information have been
responsible for the destruction of many high value al-Qaeda targets to
include the death of Osama bin Laden. This is apparent in the fact that
the US is beginning to return control of Afghanistan to Afghan forces. We
have scored significant victories which have to be extremely demoralizing
to al-Qaeda. The first is that we have taken control of the city in
Afghanistan which is the birth place of the Taliban. The fact that they
can't mount a significant retaliation has to be demoralizing to al-Qaeda.
We also have ejected them (for the most part) from Iraq and Afghanistan.
We were also able to go into Afghanistan and kill their leader which had
to be as devastating as anything else.      Some indications that al-
Qaeda is about to lose it's grip are the fact that they are kidnapping
children to use as suicide bombers and lying to them in order to get them
to go through with it. In the beginning of this war there seemed to be no
lack of willing persons who would strap on a bomb and blow themselves up.
There is no shortage of al-Qaeda members and recruits, so why is it so
hard for them to recruit suicide bombers these days? Another sign is that
they have been all but ejected from Afghanistan. They seem to be
relocating to Yemen because there are large areas of that country over
which the Yemeni government has little or no control.      The US has
managed to keep al-Qaeda on its heels for the duration of the war. If
they can keep them backing up they will never be able to mount another
successful offensive. This war is now manageable because we are able to
do so. Constant pressure will cause them to crumble and I do believe
that's exactly what we are seeing.      If anyone has the impression that
we can successfully wipe out al-Qaeda I would like to wake them up and
help them to smell the coffee. Our objectives had to be changed of
necessity to the more realistic goals of containing them and controlling
their actions. Now that we have accomplished that to a certain degree our
focus needs to be on protecting our own borders. Military Ring Express

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