Get Shapely Legs With These Thigh Toning Exercises by anamaulida


									For more shapely legs and hips, thigh toning exercises that work do not
have to be tedious. There are lots of activities women could do to target
the problem areas and improve all around fitness as well. Many of the
exercises will not be difficult for the majority of women and can be
accomplished in the comfort of home when desired.The best advice would be
to combine the lower body workout with a cardio exercise such as
bicycling, rollerblading, or stair climbing. No matter which physical
activity is selected it should be conducted for several minutes at an
intensive pace and then followed by periods of targeted toning. This kind
of activity will need to be undertaken five days per week.The second
recommendation is a yoga movement known as sun salutation. The movement
begins by lying face down on the floor and slowly rolling the upper body
upwards. Eventually the individual pulls one knee up and then gradually
rises to a standing position. The arms are then brought straight upward
and then a slightly curved position of the body produces a gentle pull on
your hamstrings. The entire process reverses until eventually the person
has returned to lying face down on the floor.Yet another great movement
is the flamingo. It starts by standing on one particular leg with the
other stretched out behind the body. The person then touches the floor
even while staying on one foot. This movement can be repeated on the same
leg a couple of times prior to doing it again with the alternate
leg.Scissor kicks are thigh toning exercises that exercise both the inner
and outer muscles at the same time. These movements are carried out while
lying on the floor or on a mat facing upward. The legs are raised about
six inches off the ground while crossing one leg over the other one and
then repeating with the opposite leg. The lying abduction movement is a
simple but effective movement that has been around for a very long time.
When executed properly the movement can be felt in the outer hip area.
Individuals who would like to work their inner thigh can try bending the
knee of the leg on the top and then lifting the bottom leg. The movement
is small. Even just raising the leg several inches off the floor will
produce a tension that is felt.Leg circles exercise all the muscles of
your upper leg. They can be done until eventually the leg starts to feel
fatigued. Squats, side lunges, and forward lunges can also be helpful. To
help keep from becoming bored these movements may be alternated. Add some
music to get a basic but effective overall workout that includes thigh
toning exercises that target the upper areas of the legs.

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