Find the Path to Tranquility and Body Regeneration with an Indian Head massage!

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					If you feel stressed and have frequent headaches, then you should
definitely try an Indian head massage session. This type of head massage
has its origins in an Indian technique that is commonly known as
Champissage. This amazing massage technique's origins can be traced back
to the Ayurvedic healers. They have been using it for thousands of years
for the relief of stress and tight muscles, and for improving the quality
of sleep and strengthening the body. Specialists claim that the Indian
head massage technique stems from an alternative medicine principle that
has to do with energy flow and chakras.The Champissage style massage
combines various movements and strokes on your upper back, shoulders,
neck, scalp, face as well as hands. The masseuse does not need to use oil
in this case. The massage session is usually carried out while the client
is seated in a comfortable chair. Also, the recipient can keep his or her
clothes on, since the main area of focus remains the head. You will feel
completely relaxed and invigorated when the hands of the masseuse will
start doing the refreshing movements on your head and shoulders, using
the relaxing techniques of the Ayurvedic healers. Specialists recommend
the persons who have received such a massage to rest for at least 20
minutes after the session has ended.The Indian head massage is
recommended not only for adults - babies can also draw many benefits from
it. It will stimulate their head circulation and will trigger appropriate
brain development.The benefits of this massage can be observed
immediately. You will feel free of worries and full of energy. The secret
is the pressure applied on the nerve endings in the area. Such pressure
relaxes your head and neck and increases the healing process all over
your body.Performed on a regular basis, the Indian head massage will
balance your energy flow. This will bring you more peace and tranquility,
and it will help you leave behind, at least for a while, the problems you
confront every day. Among other benefits of this type of head massage one
can also mention the fact that it helps you get rid of toxins, restores
muscle tone and contributes to your joints' flexibility. In addition, it
increases the oxygen and glucose supply to the brain, improves
circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and even boosts your immune
system.There are also beauty benefits to this type of massage. Since the
blood flow will be channeled toward the key areas of your head, your
scalp will regenerate, your hair follicles will strengthen and you will
observe a general improvement in your hair texture. So, the symptoms of
hair thinning can be easily eliminated due to this effective massage
technique. There will be no need to try expensive treatments and
chemical-based hair products. Your hair will grow faster and healthier,
and its texture will be richer.So, prepare yourself for a unique
experience and try an Indian head massage - it will regenerate you body,
mind and spirit!

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