The Smart Cold Sore Remedies by anamaulida


									I wanted to talk to you about the smart cold sore remedies that you can
use to help deal with an outbreak. There are a lot of people that have
issues with outbreaks because they occur on a regular basis. The look of
a cold sore can be quite unattractive since it can look very contagious.
The reason it looks contagious is because it actually is. The virus that
creates cold sores is designed to spread and nothing more. The cold sore
is one of the main outlets for spreading. I want to talk to you about
smart cold sore remedies that you can utilize to stop an outbreak.      I
think the most important part of dealing with the cold sore is keeping
things clean. The sore is designed to spread and create more sores, this
is the real problem. The hard part about stopping an outbreak is stopping
the actual spread of it. Your immune system has to fight back in the more
sores and has to fight the longer it's going to take to fix this problem.
This is why it is important to keep the actual sore clean and also
keeping your hands clean because you can very easily spread it.

  Another one of my smart cold sore remedies is using tea. By drinking
tea you get a specific antiviral chemical into your body. It is designed
to prevent the actual virus from spreading. When the virus stop spreading
your immune system can immediately fight with you currently have and
things will be fixed faster.      Learn how to Cure Cold Sores

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