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					It is a notion of unquestionable legality to wonder what exactly happens
to the humans after they die. There is a study that spiritual leaders
have tried to use each day in order to evaluate this concept. The out of
body experience is a feeling characterized by floating nature outside the
hosts body. This has been interpreted as the same feeling one would have
whenever he or she is just about to die. The apparition(s) is a book
written by G.N.M Tyrell back in the year 1943 and is consecutively
connected with the out of body experience theory. Tyrell's book was
adopted by many academics who wanted to understand more about soul travel
and spiritual walk. Out of body experience has become a reason for
scientists to understand more on the existence of humankind. Their
greatest challenge is however connected to understanding the way the
human soul functions in addition to its composition. Despite the asserted
challenge, it appears as if there are in fact some scientists who claim
to be making a breakthrough in that they can stimulate an out of body
experience by playing doctor on a particular part within the human brain.
It is believed that at least one in every ten people may have actually
had an out of body experience. Although we have stated that the
characteristics are more related to the floating feeling, people who may
have experienced an out of body experience usually are in no position to
explain what had taken place during that time since whatever happens is
something they may never have experienced before.       Although in some
people the occurrence may be spontaneous, to others the relation may be
connected to mental stress, one may be overly dehydrated or even
completely overloaded.

  There are methods that spirit walkers have come up with that can be
used during the induction of this feeling. Most of these methods are
connected with meditation. Out of body experience is not that difference
from astral travel. In fact this is one and the same thing with just a
few differences. Astral travel also known as astral projection is the
process by which an individual can leave the physical body and assume the
astral spiritual body. It is also said that an individual who is engaging
in astral travel can actually travel outside the body. This is achieved
under complete silence during meditation. When the astral body is on the
verge of performing its astral travels, the journey to the different
world is usually known as astral dimension. This is because this is a
different world that cannot be interlinked with the world that the
physical body participates in.       The astral dimension or commonly
known as the astral plane has been connected with the belief of the
afterlife. This is the life that living things especially humans are said
to assume once they die. The study of the astral dimension which is a
complete different world from the world that we know of has also been
connected with the stars. It is said that the composition of the stars
are particularly very different in relation to the earth's four common
elements. Astral dimension, the other universe that supports the
existence of the spirit of a person who is on the astrological travels it
is further said the so called psyche human had the same origin as the
stars. It is referenced that this concept has in particular been there
for many years. Although this gift is just as free as life itself, not
very many people seem to be aware of the benefits. In the garden of Eden,
God gave man ground rules that he was supposed to follow however later a
woman entered into his head and convinced him to disobey these rules
after she enlightened him of the knowledge and benefits on forth. With
astrology, there is power, the meaning of life in the physical body is
brought to our understanding and thus who tend to fear death end up
gaining more courage by seeing it for ourselves. The concept here is that
death is merely a transition to another dimension and thus the reason why
it is usually termed as crossing over. The same aspect can be connected
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