Management of Asperger Syndrome in Children by anamaulida


									In treating a child with Asperger Syndrome, it is very helpful if all
members of the family are involved, also their teachers, close friends,
and anyone who cares for them.      They must also inform health
providers who are caring for their child what others are doing in the
treatment. With the help and care given in a child, he or she may
experience like a normal children.

  Therapy that focuses in social skills training is very important to
improve the problem in social interaction. The effective way of training
is by training by groups. In social skills training, patients are given
smaller and simple tasks that are appropriate to their age and they can
easily remember. Various methods are used teach training, like direct
instructions, role playing, modeling, and support of positive
interactions. Allow your child with Asperger do this.      Training
includes communication therapy where it teaches about conversational
skills. It is helpful in improving nonverbal communication and social
awareness. Parents must provide clear explanations to their children of
why there are having unusual behaviors or mannerism, and they must teach
rules for those odd behaviors. Parents should encourage their child to
learn how to interact with other people, what to do when spoken to, and
explain its importance, start by greeting strangers, introducing
themselves, starting and maintaining conversation, joining conversation,
and ending conversation.      Treatment of Asperger Syndrome is primarily
non-pharmacological and essentially supportive.       A cooperative play
skills which includes: initiating play games in a group, joining in game,
and dealing of losing or winning in a game, and ending a game activity.
Parents should encourage their child to participant to every game
activity. Another is friendship management skill which includes: dealing
with peer pressure, calling someone on the telephone, and answering
telephone calls.      Another useful therapy for children with Asperger
is the emotional management skills.      Parents must help their child
understand others' feelings by role-playing and watching and discussing
human behaviors seen in movies or on television. Provide a model for
their child by telling him or her about their own feelings and reactions
to those feelings. It teaches Asperger children to recognize and
understand thoughts and feelings of themselves and others. It composed of
self-regulation where the tasks are recognizing feelings, keeping calm,
problem solving, understanding and dealing anger. Next is empathy, like
cheering up a friend when he or she is upset. Last is the managing
conflictual situation or conflict management, where task are accepting
criticism, dealing with rejection or left out, and having a respectful
attitude.      Overall, parents play a large role in managing children
with Asperger syndrome. Treatment for these children makes every effort
to improve the abilities of children to interact with other people and to
function effectively.       For more transforming strategies for ADHD,

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