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					Energy vampires and toxic people are EVERYWHERE these days! How to you
deal with this ever increasing and challenging phenomena!       There is
the problem of energy drain when in the company of psychic vampires.

  Energy vampires are a drag! Plus toxic people can bring you down on the
emotional side. There is a lot you can do to protect yourself and stay
positive. Many of these psychic protection methods you can apply right
now.      The nature of a psychic vampires is to feed upon the energy of
other people. Not a nice thing to do but it is the reality since these
folks cannot sustain their own internal energy vibration and so they must
steal it from others.       You have two types being those who do it
unconsciously that is they are unaware they are doing it to you. The
second and more dangerous kind of people drainer is the one who does it
with complete awareness of their actions with the intention to take as
much life force from you as possible.       Here are psychic insights on
how to stop toxic people and their life depletion activities upon you:
1. As soon as possible identify who is the psychic vampire. This will
begin to empower you immediately once you know who is the source of the
psychic attack.       2. Next keep any kind of association to a minimum.
If you can avoid all negative environments where such folks hang out.
3. Carry a crystal of black tourmaline on you to block any kind of
negative energy. A stone of black tourmaline will deflect all kinds of
bad vibrations and send them back to its source. Keep it close to your
body as it needs to be inside of your aura to work most effectively.
4. Take lots of showers. When moving water, as in a shower, washes over
the body it cleans away much of the negative energy out from your aura.
This is the metaphysical reason many feel better after a nice shower.
5. Do whatever you can to keep your own personal energy up and vibrant.
Drink herbal teas, meditate, and associate with upbeat folks.        6.
Mentally state, do it silently, an affirmation of power. You can use
something like this affirmation: This personal energy is mine to keep not
yours. Your intention is to use your mind, body, and spirit resources.
Mentally demand respect and good vibes.       7. Do any kind of positive
act you believe will assist you to handle the psychic attack better.
8. Know that all kinds of metaphysical attacks can be stopped and their
sinister life draining activities halted. Many before you have blocked
and fixed up negative vibrations from others and so can you.       9. Know
that on a karmic level all who facilitate any form of psychic vampire
attack will suffer sever karmic consequences down the road of life.
10. Do what you can to have some fun. Begin to bring the joy back into
your home and family life. The positive emotions melt away the negative
ones.      Psychic insight shows there is much we can do to block, or
fix, any kind of a psychic attack. We all have far more power inside of
us than we apply and use. These methods will help you triumph over energy
vampires and toxic people.       There is a lot of ACTION you can take
about energy vampires and toxic people. A real ACCURATE psychic reading
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