How to Spot Fake Psychics by anamaulida


									You are in a vulnerable position when reaching out for a psychic reading.
You are giving your trust & your money to a person who may or may not
have your best interests at heart. We tend to present psychics with our
most intimate questions, thoughts, and feelings. Reputable psychics and
mediums have a tall order to fill when it comes to maintaining ethics and
professionalism. The following are some red flags to watch out for.Be
aware of psychics who focus on delivering negative information and using
fear. What starts out as a psychic warning you about a curse ends with an
offer to lift the curse for just an additional $99.99. The psychic
session should not consist of offers for "special" candles, pendants, and
what not. Do not pay additional money for the psychic to lift curses.
This is a scam. Your session should not leave you feeling worried,
scared, or vulnerable.Do not provide a wealth of personal information to
the psychic. The best psychics are those who ask you to reply either Yes
or No.For example: an unsavory psychic may say to you "I see an older
person, perhaps a grandmother or great grandmother. I sense an M name.
Mary or Margaret."You reply, "I don't think so. My grandmother's were
Nancy and June. My great-grandmother's were Lora and Minnie. Oh, Minnie.
Is that who you meant? She died of a heart attack when I was real
young."Look at all the information you just provided the psychic to work
with. Based on the information that you provided the psychic can now make
it seem as though Nancy, June, and Lora are coming through. She can talk
about how Minnie died of a heart attack and how this happened when you
were real young. In a reading it should be the psychic that does most of
the talking. Be aware of psychics who manipulate you into revealing
information.Be aware if the psychic reading is full of guarantees. A true
psychic can never promise to connect with a particular person. Psychics
don't have that ability. They are only able to connect with those who
come through. A psychic shouldn't be advertising that they can cure you
of cancer, connect you with your soul mate, or make you rich. That is not
how psychic readings work. Stay away from psychics who advertise "100%
accuracy" or "I satisfy all clients".Pay attention to the cost. You
should not find yourself in a situation where you paid $10 (an extremely
low amount) for a reading and then all of a sudden are propositioned to
pay just $5 for this and $15 more for that. I personally take issue with
psychics who charge upwards of $1,000 for an hour-long reading. That just
feels wrong to me. However, I am aware of completely legitimate psychics
who charge that and more for a reading. My preference is to stick within
the range of $150 - 200 for a 60-minute reading.One of the simplest ways
to protect yourself is to go to psychics who have been recommended to you
by a friend or family member.

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