Oblivion Elder Scrolls Skyrim Alchemy Obsession! I admit it, I'm hooked! by anamaulida


									Yes Yes, I admit it! I got hooked on Skyrim hard core! I have only been
playing it for a few weeks but my wife has kissed me goodbye and my son
and I keep fighting for XBOX time! He with his Modern Warfare 3 and me
with my Skyrim. Do the publishers do this intentionally? Purposefully
cause family disharmony by releasing such competing games simultaneously?

  I don't know about that but I do know this: Skyrim (and most RPG's)
usually come down to one thing...GOLD! If you get a bunch of it, the
game goes easy, if you stay poor too long, the games sucks. Sometimes,
this has to stay in balance, if you have too much gold, then things are
too easy. As far as Skyrim goes, I haven't gotten that far, but I have
found a way to relieve my Money troubles. Potion making it seems is the
answer, or at least one answer. It's easy to do and useful ingredients
are fairly easy to come by...I mean they are virtually growing at the
side of the road (pun intended).    So Grab every flower, spore and
butterfly you see and go to this page to Make gold in Skyrim with Potions
and Alchemy     The cool thing about this is that every time you make a
really hard potion it boosts your Alchemy skill tremendously. Make as
large a variety of potions as you can. That way you will discover the
many effects that each ingredient has. You can then make the potions
from memory with using the calculator. But the calculator is still the
best way to figure out the most profitable potions to make with what you
have. OK...So now where do you sell them? The problem with Skyrim is
most of the vendors have so little cash. You have to get your speech
skill up to the point where you can sell anything to any vendor. Once
you do that you can fast travel between towns a reap gobs of cash. I
sell Invisibility and Slow potions for 2K each now! (Alchemy Skill at 97,
Speech at around there as well) The one vendor that seems to always have
10K+ gold for me is the trader in Riverwood. I think he only has this
after you do the Golden Claw quest. (I also Invested in his shop) Check
it out. And Good Luck!

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