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Drug Addiction Treatment Helps Addicts Conquer Addiction

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					If someone asks if drug rehabilitation is worth the cost, they simply
need to measure the health and incarceration costs of those that are not
willing to seek treatment. People able to recover become contributing
members of society and can live a healthy life. The steps in treatment
include physical detoxification, inpatient and outpatient therapy. All of
these steps are designed to remove the addiction and prevent a relapse.
The freedom attained by surviving the addiction can be
inspirational.DetoxThe first step in the process is getting the drugs out
of the body. This step is called detoxification. During this step, the
individual may have severe physical and emotional problems that require a
medical team trained to deal with the problems. The physical problems are
often alleviated by using other non-addictive drugs that help the body
adjust to a new type of existence. The emotional stress during this
period may cause violent outbursts and deep depression. Often, this takes
place in a medical facility or a center with medical
staff.TherapyInpatient therapy begins building coping skills. During this
time, the person is dealing with feelings of isolation and the need for
the drug. Through the sessions, they are able to talk with others dealing
with similar issues. This helps by building a support system and teaches
stress coping skills that point to healthy outlets like physical
activities instead of drugs.Outpatient TherapyThe outpatient therapy
happens when the patient and staff feel the person is ready to reenter
society. This can be a very scary step for any addict. The fear of going
back to a world that includes free access to the drugs that destroyed
their life can be stressful. The counselors will be in constant contact
to monitor their progress. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
meetings are very helpful in providing the support system the patient
experienced in group therapy while going through inpatient processes. The
point is to reenter society and avoid the situations that cause the
desire for drugs to arise.Time FrameTherapy lasts as long as needed. To
put a specific time on the treatment would limit its ability to provide
successful and lasting effects. Most people will spend from one to many
months in the inpatient system. Once they are ready to reenter society,
they will struggle to avoid returning to old habits that caused the
addiction in the first place. Most survivors will explain that the
treatment lasts the rest of their life as they work hard to avoid a
relapse.RelapsePeople relapse for various reasons. It is extremely
important for a person to learn how to appropriately cope with different
stresses in order to survive in life. The family drug addiction
counseling programs work hard to teach these coping skills and provide
the support needed in aftercare. However, if a person reenters life in a
situation where others around them continue to use drugs and alcohol it
can be very difficult for him or her to abstain.

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