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Ms Selama Abdulnoor
Tel: +44(0)7930461985 | Email: | Address: London (UK)

Objective                                                      Technical Skills
To obtain a challenging position as an Interactive Media       Adobe Creative Suite:
designer where I can combine my extensive creative and         Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, InDesign & Premiere.
technical design skills to contribute to the overall success
and design experience of your company.                         Macromedia packages:
                                                               Flash (SwishMax), Dreamweaver, Fireworks &
Qualification summary                                          FreeHand.
More than 7 years of diverse hands-on media design
experience including identity & graphic design, web            Scripts:
development, flash animation, video & audio editing,           Html, Xml, Dhtml, CSS, java script, ActionScript,
interactive CD/DVD-ROM and print.                     & ftp, (Currently studying php & mysql).
I am well organized and detail-oriented individual with
excellent work ethic plus strong time management and           Video& Audio production software:
interpersonal skills. Ability to create designs concepts and   Adobe Primer, Dazzle, InterVideo, WinDVD Creator,
sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles         Cool Edit & Cubase.
and visual design concepts, with extensive knowledge of
design techniques and tools.                                   Excellent knowledge of MS Office packages

Experience                                                     Education
Freelance work 2005 – To - date                                2000 - 2003 Middlesex University (London)
Media designer, responsible for coordinating and               Upper Second Class Honours (2:1)
producing a variety of media designs to publish online and     BSc Information Technology
to print. This includes all types of media format such as:     Modules included:
websites, ads, newsletters, covers, brochures, slide shows        - Internet and web technology
and banners for the purposes of promotion and sales. This         - Developing internet applications
on-going experience of media design has enabled me to             - Data communications and networking
develop practical organisation and communication skills           - Operating systems for networked computers
that are valued in the corporate environment.                     - PC applications in business
Online portfolio                                                  - Systems analysis and design
Web:                                    - Ethical, legal and professional issues of
                                                               .    computing
Brief client list:                                                - Computer architectures and operating systems
                                                                  - Undergraduate computing project
Street 94.4 FM
                                                               1998 – 2000 Kingsway college (London)
Radio station based in London, I regularly edit videos to
                                                               BETC National diploma in science, Grade: Merit
be published on Youtube to promote up-coming artist.
                                                               Modules included: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IT &
For the last 3 years I have voluntarily created and I am       Retail & sell Experience
responsible for This is a                  1998 – 2005
community website based in London which I have to              Operator (Call centre): Care line services, answering
update regularly. It contains details of local events and      calls for daily mail newspaper and NHS direct
has contributions from members of the Habeshan UK              Retail & sell: Vision express, Dixson, WHSmith,
(East African) community. News items covered including         J’ Sainsbury, JD Sport, Tesco and M&S.
sports and education.
                                                               2004 – 2007 ( Artist website)                        Awards / Training
                                                               Prince trust: Programme to start up in business      (Beats for sell website)             NES: New Entrepreneur Scholarships Programme
                                                               Commissions / Projects                                    Unltd: Designing, developing & upgrading
E-card Muslim Greeting card                                    regularly community website,
Event decoration website                                       Crisis:
                                                               Scarman trust: Created interactive DVD-ROM
                                                               software to help dyslexic people to enhance
                                                               their writing skills.
Please contact me to discuss my services, availability, and rates. Although I live in London
(UK) I can relocate immediately; please don't let geographical location prevent you from
contacting me regarding your post.


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