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               Ikapia Magazine Page 57
V.I. Chebithes                                                                                               AKRON #2
During the past year, we have mourned the loss of two         Jan. 2004 Our annual membership luncheon was en-
beloved members in Akron, Steve Charnas and Angelo            joyed by members, family & friends. The buffet featured
Plakas. Their spirits will remain eternal among us.           platters of delicious, delectable, mouth watering foods.
                                                              We now have 19 new members! Our membership is up to
Aug. 2003 Some Akron families attended an Ikarian
                                                              58. This month we also hosted a successful Reverse
picnic in Broadview Heights, Oh. We enjoyed music,
                                                              Raffle at Anthe’s restaurant in Akron. Several hundred
dancing and loukoumades. The authentic paniyiri atmo-
                                                              people attended and our Master of Ceremonies, Pete
sphere was celebrated by all!
                                                              Rizopoulos, kept the event moving along with his signa-
Sept. 2003 The 100th anniversary of the Ikarian Brother-
                                                              ture style of humor.
hood was held in Pittsburgh, Pa. Our chapter was very
                                                              March, 2004 We were pleased to welcome guests Maria
well represented and we all had an exciting time. We
                                                              Chimbidis, Liberty and Steve Mitchell, and Nick Manolis
danced until the wee hours of the morning.
                                                              from Warren, OH and Detroit, MI respectively.
We enjoyed an Ikarian Glendi at the home of Argie and
                                                              Finally, The V.I. Chembithes chapter extends a warm
Larry Miner. It included a lamb roast, lots of food, lively
                                                              thank you to Ms. Evangelia Spithas, a young member
music and dancing, fellowship, and perfect weather.
                                                              who has undertaken the design and construction of a
Approx. 80 people attended!
                                                              website that chronicles the history of our chapter and its
Oct. 2003 Mr. George Tonies was the guest speaker for
                                                              current events, too. We invite you to view our piece of
our monthly meeting. He presented information regarding
                                                              the national website!
financial planning and entertained questions afterward.
Nov. 2003 During this meeting, we were pleased to             Submitted by Argie Miner
welcome Ikarian friends Louie and Rose Loizos from
New York and Steve Lardas from California. During the
meeting, final arrangements for the reverse raffle were

PHAros                                                                                                 CLEVELAND #3
Chapter Pharos began our new year with the election of        We were saddened by the loss of many members and
new officers in Nov. The officers are Pres. Maria             fellow Icarians this past year: Manolis Zizis, Clara
Tripodis; Vice Pres. Vasilis Glaros; Sec’y Maria Bratsis      Kavourias, Maria Panas, Tom Stoner, Athena Kalovis,
Asser; & Treas. Maria Parianos.                               Haralambos Collaros, and Kalliopi Tripodis.
In December we hosted our annual Christmas party for          Our building committee continues with their endeavors to
the children. Over 40 children spent the afternoon with       improve our hall. Our plans are currently on hold, while
Santa and his helpers. We hosted our annual New Year’s        the city continues road and sidewalk improvements that
Eve party with a prime rib dinner and live entertainment.     should be completed shortly.
In March a benefit spaghetti dinner was given for a
                                                              We currently have 134 paid members. This fell a bit short
family in Ikaria. More that 80 members participated and
                                                              of our goal, but we are still actively recruiting members.
over $3900 was raised. Also, in March our membership
participated in the annual Greek Independence Day             In the next few months we are planning some new
Parade in Cleveland’s Tremont area. On that same day we       activities, especially for our younger Icarians. We would
had our Greek Independence Day Dance that was at-             like to host a Halloween party for our teens and pre-teens.
tended by over 400 people. We danced the night away to        Plans are also being made for a Bouzoukia night.
the notorious violi of Panagiotis Karnavas form Chicago.
In August we had a very successful picnic, attended by        Submitted by President Maria Tripodis
over 300 people. Everyone feasted on our famous
souvlakia cooked by Vangelis Konstas and delicious
loukoumades prepared by Katina Zizis. We are blessed in
Cleveland not only by the support of our members, but
also of other fellow Greeks who attend our functions.
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Page 58 Ikapia Magazine
PHAros                                                                                                         CLEVELAND #3
CHAPTER NEWS - Greetings from the members of                          Article published June 28, 2004 Toledo Blade
Cleveland Chapter Pharos. Having just returned from the
Chicago convention, we are all excited about the upcom-               Step by step, city man honors 9/11 victims and soothes
ing events here in                                                    his soul - N.Y.C. Marathon will end 3-year tribute
Cleveland. We had a
                                                                      He doesn’t need to know their names.
great time in Chicago
                                                                      Step by step, mile by mile, it’s enough for Constantine
and thank the members
                                                                      Chrysochoos to know that moms and dads sent their
of Chapter Foutrides
                                                                      children off to school that sunny Sept. 11, 2001, morning
for a job well done.
                                                                      but never returned for good night kisses.
Here in Cleveland we                                                  That dozens of emergency workers rushed in one last
had a pretty quiet                                                    time and never made it to another roll call.
summer. However, on                                                   That medical examiner staff in New York continue today
August 8th we                                                         - nearly three years after planes slammed the World Trade
celebrated our Ikarian                                                Towers, the Pentagon, and a quiet field in Shanksville,
heritage with our                                                     Pa. - the painstaking task of identifying more than 11,100
annual picnic. We had                                                 shreds of still-unidentified human remains.
over 300 in attendance.       Vangeli Konstas cooking the souvlakia   “Someone told me last year: ‘Come on, it’s been two
                                       at the Ikarian picnic.         years. Can’t we move on? Get over it?’ ” says Mr.
We spent the afternoon feasting on delicious souvlakia                Chrysochoos, a longtime runner and fifth grade teacher at
and salad, and topped it off with Kyria Katina’s famous               Northwood’s Lark Elementary School who is now
                                            loukoumades.              running a mile for every victim of the attacks. He shakes
                                            Our young                 his head. “I don’t want to forget.”
                                            members had               With less than five months to go before the New York
                                            a great time              City Marathon, Mr. Chrysochoos, 36, is nearing the end
                                            dancing well              of a three-year, 3,033-mile quest that began in the pre-
                                            into the night            dawn stillness the day after the attacks.
                                            and we all                Unable to sleep, Mr. Chrysochoos sat on the front steps of
                                            can’t wait till           his West Toledo home and stared at a bright moon.
                                            our next                  Inside, his wife, daughter, and newborn son slept. He
                                            event.                    wept.
 Mrs. Zizis and Mrs. Tsigas preparing their famous
                                                                      “I thought of my kids,” he said. “I wanted to know what
         loukoumades at the Ikarian picnic.                           kind of world are we in now.”
                                                                      He stood, and his size 10 1/2 ASICS hit the sidewalk.
                                                                      Mr. Chrysochoos began to tally each mile: one mile, he
                                                                      vowed that morning, for each victim.
                                                                      The number of victims has been adjusted several times -
                                                                      the current count is just under 3,000 - but Mr.
                                                                      Chrysochoos quickly settled at the number he heard again
                                                                      and again following the attacks: 3,033 victims.
                                                                      Running later that year, another idea struck. Returning
                                                                      home, Mr. Chrysochoos grabbed his running log book, a
                                                                      calendar, and a calculator, and quickly figured he’d finish
                                                                      his goal on the fourth anniversary of the attacks.
                                                                      His goal further solidified, he kept running.
                                                                      “Then one day he says to me ‘I think I should run the
                                                                      [New York] marathon,’ ” his wife, Tracy, recalls. “So then
              Dancing the Kariotiko at the Ikarian picnic.
                                                                      he figured out he could finish the miles in a marathon.”
Chapter Pharos will be hosting a Supreme Lodge meeting                Now armed with a 735.2-mile marathon training sched-
on October 23, and our members are looking forward to                 ule, Mr. Chrysachoos says his finish line has begun to
this. We are also planning a Halloween party for our                  materialize.
young Ikarians.                                                       On Nov. 7, Mr. Chrysochoos will join about 35,000 other
Submitted by Chapter President, Maria Tripodis                        runners for the 26.2-mile run through New York. (cont.)
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PHAros                                                                                                        CLEVELAND #3
If he follows his running schedule, his final footsteps that   As he retires each pair of shoes, he pens the number of
day will complete the 3,033 miles.                             miles on each with a permanent black marker.
Granted, it’s not unusual that marathon runners are driven     He measures his time in other ways too. Daughter,
by a memory or charity, but those athletes usually are         Lauren, 8, now keeps pace with him on her purple
seeking awareness or funds or a public tribute for their       bicycle. Son, Dominick, 2, rolls along in the jogging
cause, said New York Marathon spokesman Maeve                  stroller.
Mullally.                                                      On the quieter runs, he thinks of the youngsters who
Rather Mr. Chrysochoos’ quest is more of a personal            never saw their parents again, or the grown children who
catharsis: “It’s almost my way,” he says, “of dealing with     never made it home that Thanksgiving. Nameless, they
it a little each day.”                                         nonetheless accompany him on each run.
He seems surprised when asked if it’s odd that he’s            “At night, if I’m alone and it’s a cloudless sky, I’ll look
running in memory of people he’s never met. They were          up: ‘I’m doing this for you guys,’ ” he said. In the coming
like most of us, he explains simply.                           New York run, “I know they’ll be pushing me toward the
“They went to work that day, and then …,” he shrugs,           end.”
leaving the thought dangling.                                  By ROBIN ERB TOLEDO BLADE STAFF WRITER
At the marathon’s office, Ms. Mullally said she’s sur-
prised at Mr. Chrysochoos’ dedication. Though many             Submitted by Dr. John Chrysochoos
athletes ran in memory of the Sept. 11 victims during the      Pharos Chapter
2001 event, “since then, it has become less of a subject.”
She said she has heard of no one this year who is running
in memory of those victims.
These days, Mr. Chrysochoos’ commitment can be
measured in painstaking exactness: 2,305.8 miles as of           Constantine Chrysochoos is running 3,033
Thursday, more than a dozen running shirts, and five              miles in three years, many of those while
                                                                  pushing his son, Dominick, and with his
pairs of ASICS.                                                         daughter, Lauren, by his side.

daedalos                                                                                                        WARREN #4
CONVENTION REPORT                                              Center where we hold our meetings. We gathered for our
Our Chapter had quite a year. In a wonderful burst of          annual Christmas dinner which, as usual, was very well
energy, several new members have joined our small              attended. We always look forward to visiting with friends
chapter: a few next generation youth, some old friends         and family and sharing holiday cheer. Mid-July, we
returning, and several members rediscovering their             sponsored the annual artoplasia and the hospitality coffee
Ikarian heritage. We welcome everyone who visits our           after church in honor of the Agias Marinas, Ikarian
covered dish meetings to stay and share a meal and our         Independence Day, and the Brotherhood.
                                                               We now also maintain a website for the chapter at
This winter, our chapter secretary, George Raptis married      www.dedalos.net on which we post notices and photos
Melissa, a lovely teacher from Texas, and we celebrated        and communicate with other Ikarians. Most of our
with a beautiful Kariotiko glendi. Congratulations and         members have internet access. Please check the photos
welcome Melissa to Warren. We also celebrated the birth        posted from the May Supreme Lodge visit to Warren. We
of little Maria to Gus and Anna (Tsahas) Glaros grandpar-      were honored this year to host a Memorial Day weekend
ents are John and Athina Glaros of Warren).                    Supreme Lodge meeting also well attended by other
                                                               chapters in our district. We thank member Foti Raptis for
We, as a club and individually, again supported annual
                                                               the wonderful meal and use of his restaurant for the
local community activities such as the Vasilopeta and
Greek Independence Day Parade. We provided the woven
blanket (purchased at Pittsburgh convention) showing           We wish Chicago the best as host of this year’s events,
Ikaria as a banner for the senior’s parade float…and the       and we wish our Supreme Lodge many more years of
other “nisiotes” wanted to know where they could get one       good work. “Kai tou hronou”.
made! Elias Glaros again planted and maintained flowers
                                                               Respectfully submitted, Koula E. Glaros King, Chapter President
donated by our club members for the church Community
Page 60 Ikapia Magazine
PANDIKI                                                                                                   NEW YORK #5
New York Chapter Pandiki wishes the Pan-Icarian               Mar. 28, 2004 – On Sunday, March 28, with Supreme
Brotherhood and Chicago #8 a successful Convention!           George Horiates in attendance, Chapter Pandiki #5 along
                                                              with Chapter Nea Icaria # 15 took part in the New York
The year 2004 has been a very successful one for Pandiki      City Parade commemorating March 25, 1821, Greek
#5. The continuous support from our Women’s Auxiliary,        Independence Day. More than 100 Icarians marched and
Youth Association and members has resulted in many            showed their Ikarian pride. After the parade a tasteful
successful events that have enabled us to grow as a           luncheon was served at our clubhouse, which had a very
chapter. The most noteworthy events are the following:        successful turnout.
Oct. 18, 2003 – Pandiki held a successful “Fall Dance”        April 23, 2004 – Pandiki held its annual Spring Dance.
with many Icarians and friends in attendance. There was       After the loss of our beloved brother and Pandiki Past-
a large youth presence, and Supreme President George          President Stamatios Stenos, Pandiki rescheduled its
Horiates along with Governor #1 Nikolaos Pasamihalis          Spring Dance from March 20 to April 23. About 100
attended the dance. The famous young Icarian violinist        Icarians and friends in attendance made it a successful event.
Nikos Fakaros performed as well.                              June 27, 2004 – Pandiki Youth held its 4th annual
Nov. 28, 2003 – Pandiki Youth held its annual “Baraki         Barbeque with many Youth members, families and
Night”. Many Icarians and friends made this a successful      friends in attendance. Leski’s parking lot was turned into
event.                                                        a mini-festival with our youth engaging in basketball, and
Nov. 30, 2003 – Pandiki held an Icarian Thanksgiving          jousting all while feasting on chicken, burgers, and cotton
gathering with many treats and refreshments for its           candy. We congratulate our Youth Association for orga-
members.                                                      nizing this successful event!
Dec. 21, 2003 – Pandiki, alongside with the Women’s           July 18, 2004 - To commemorate the Independence Day
Auxiliary, hosted their annual Christmas Party. All of the    of Ikaria, July 17, 1912, Chapter Pandiki held memorial
kids received a memorable gift from Santa Claus and the       services on Sunday, July 18 at the Holy Cross Greek
sweets from the Women’s Auxiliary made it an event to         Orthodox Church. Following the services, breakfast,
remember.                                                     refreshments, and desserts were served in the community
Dec. 31, 2003 – Pandiki held its annual New Year’s Eve        room of the church.
Gala. Many Icarians with their families and friends chose     I am pleased to announce that this year we were able to
Pandiki’s warm environment to celebrate and welcome           maintain once again over 200 members (216). Although
the New Year. There was a full course dinner and compli-      there has been a small decline in membership, we are
mentary wine and champagne for everyone. Famous               proud to still be a united and strong chapter. We are also
Icarian violinist Nikos Plakas alongside with Leonidas        extremely blessed with the presence of our active youth
Tsantiris and the band Nysiotes kept the glendi alive until   who will continue to uphold the traditions and legacy our
the morning hours.                                            ancestors have given us. In closing, I would like to thank
Jan. 31, 2004 – Pandiki held its annual elections. The        all of our Pandiki members for their continuous support
newly elected board is as follows:                            and contributions to our Chapter. Pandiki wishes all
Pres: Apostolos Malachias; Vice Pres: Stephen                 Icarians a prosperous year, and may our 101 year anniver-
Mavronicholas; Treas: Stephen Lukes; and Secretary:           sary have the success that it deserves. Thank you.
Lefkie Fradelos. The members of the Executive Board           Submitted by Lefkie Fradelos, Secretary
are: George Paralemos, John Karoutsos, Blanca Katinos,        CHAPTER NEWS
Leonidas Papalas, Sideris Karoutsos, and Kostas Tsachas.      Greetings from your friends in New York!
Feb. 13-15, 2004 – Pandiki Youth held its 4th annual Ski      Sunday June 4, 2004 - Pandiki Youth held its 4th annual
Trip. Many youth members, alongside with friends and          friends and family summer BBQ. It turned out to be a
fellow Ikarians from all over the east coast made it a        great afternoon with members competing on an inflatable
successful getaway at Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont. A          joust and feasting on food and drink all day long.
special thanks to Peter Panagiotakos and Francesco            Sunday July 17, 2004 - Pandiki hosted a service celebrat-
Portelos for organizing this memorable trip.                  ing Ikaria’s Independence at Holy Cross, in Flushing
Mar. 6, 2004 – Pandiki Youth held its “Aegean Night”          Queens. Members gathered in the church hall after the
party. Many Icarians and friends came together to share a     liturgy for a tasty brunch.
few laughs and drinks in our beautiful leski.                 In closing Pandiki youth would like to invite all Ikarians
                                                              and their friends to our annual ski trip. See flyer for
                                                              complete details.                                    (cont.)
                                                                                                       Ikapia Magazine Page 61
PANDIKI                                                                                           NEW YORK #5
                                                         Zeno’s Arrow
                                                         I sail when I can, which is not an hour a week
Congratulations to Constantine Contogenis who has        but a day a year. It’s plenty, really.
published a book of poems entitled Ikaros through Word   The days come quickly, and most every year
Press.                                                   I make way against the wind. The masthead
Ikaros is a collection of poems                          tenses, sketches lines as high as I can see
about Ikaria and Contogenis’s                            but never flies. The boat keeps to water,
relationship with his father —                           comes about to face the wind.
all interwoven with the myth
                                                         Just because I return to where I leave
of Ikaros.
                                                         doesn’t mean I contradict the wind.
Contogenis’s poems are de-
                                                         I don’t believe it takes offense. We both obey
scribed as “a journey through
                                                         arbitrary laws. When tacking we try
culture both high and low”. In
                                                         to keep the sail between us but—each time
these poems the world is frac-
                                                         it seems unnatural—the wind
tured and reassembled, broken
                                                         can’t help coming over to my side.
and rebuilt, to fit Contogenis’s
wry and serious vision.                                  For more information, go to http://www.word-press.com/

Page 62 Ikapia Magazine
DOLICHE                                                                                               STEUBENVILLE #6
The Doliche Chapter of Steubenville, Ohio, presented its         Congratulations to Leah Maria Pappas on her graduation
annual scholarships to local high school students. This          with honors from Poland Seminary High School in
year’s recipients were Valerie Alexandra Caras, Jackie           Poland, Ohio. Leah gradu-
Hart, and Leah Pappas. These outstanding recipients              ated 10th in her class of 227
were very active in school activities and in church.             with a 3.95 GPA. Her
Awards were presented by Pete Caleodis, chapter secre-           impressive academic record
tary and Father Dean Dimon, at Holy Trinity Greek                included Advanced Place-
Orthodox Church in Steubenville, Ohio.                           ment courses along with
                                                                 taking post secondary
Valerie Caras is the daughter
                                                                 coursework while in high
of Mr. Constantine and Dr.
                                                                 school. She is a “Maxima
Maria Michell Caras of
                                                                 Cum Laude” recipient from
Greenville, Delaware. Valerie
                                                                 the National Latin Examina-
graduated from the Sanford
                                                                 tion, held membership in the
School in Hockessin, Dela-
                                                                 National Honor Society,
ware. She will attend
                                                                 Delta Society, 4 yr National
Dickinson College in
                                                                 Honor Roll, 4 year Who’s Who Among High School
Carlysle, Pennsylvania.
                                                                 Students, and Leadership. Leah was involved in numer-
Jackie Hart is the daughter of                                   ous extracurricular activities including Ski Club, Latin
Dave and Georgianne                                              Club, Speech Team, Concert & Show Choirs, Marching,
(Pasvanis) Hart of                                               Concert, Symphonic, Jazz &Pep Bands, Science Club,
Steubenville, Ohio. Jackie        Valerie Alexandra Caras        Peer Mediation, and Drama Club. She was treasurer of
graduated from Steubenville                                      the Drama Club and held lead roles in the school’s
High School in Steubenville, Ohio. She will attend Ohio          productions. Leah actively participated in community
State University in Columbus, Ohio.                              service being a vocalist for community benefits, singing
                                                                 the national anthem for the Youngstown Phantoms,
Leah Pappas is the daughter of Tom and Anna (Tsouris)            neighborhood Christmas caroling, painting at Ronald
Pappas of Poland, Ohio. Leah graduated from Poland               McDonald House and a committee person for America’s
High School. She will attend Duquesne University in              Walk for Diabetes and for Relay for Life. Leah’s talents
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.                                        in vocal and trumpet playing earned her many superior
submitted by Stacey Kotsanis                                     ratings with Ohio Music Education Association. She also
                                                                 was a 1st place winner in junior and senior divisions of
                                                                 the Lion’s Club Talent Show. Owing to her accom-
                                                                 plished vocal talents she was the featured vocalist at her
                                                                 High School Commencement. Leah displays her deep
                                                                 commitment to her church and has been an active choir
                                                                 member for the past 10 years.
                                                                    Leah now attends Duquesne University in Pittsburgh,
                                                                 Pa where she was awarded two prestigious renewable
                                                                 merit based scholarships worth $11,500 per year. She is
                                                                 enrolled in the Physician Assistant program. Her proud
                                                                 parents Thomas and Anna (Tsouris) Pappas along with
                                                                 Grandparents Sarandos and Stella Tsouris and V. Rever-
                                                                 end George and Evangeline Pappas wish her God’s
                                                                 Blessings KAI SENOTERA.
       Left to right: Pete Caleodis, Doliche Secretary; Jackie
               Hart, Leah Pappas, Father Dean Dimon.

                                                                                                        Ikapia Magazine Page 63
Icaros                                                                                                       PITTSBURGH #7
CONVENTION REPORT                                                                                               Chapter Officers
Pittsburgh’s Icaros Chapter #7 extends its best wishes to                                                       L to R: Treasurer
                                                                                                               Cathy Pandeladis,
the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood and wishes Chicago’s                                                                 Corresponding
Aristides Foutrides Chapter #8 a successful Convention.                                                          Secretary Anna
                                                                                                              Aivaliotis, President
   Once again our chapter has had a prosperous year.                                                          George Halvas, Vice
After the Centennial Convention held in Pittsburgh                                                             President Michelle
(where it all began), we had numerous successful events.                                                      Recording Secretary
A thriving community of over 200 members, we enjoyed                                                              Tom Conaboy
our monthly meetings and Makaronades/Dinners, Mem-
ber Appreciation Dinner, Children’s Halloween Party,           L to R: Henrietta Johnson,
                                                                     Maria Aivaliotis,
Pizza with Santa Party, Bouzoukia Night, New Year’s                Mary Mamatas, Argie
Eve Glendi, Super Bowl Party, our legendary Memorial           Xilas, Joanne Melachrinos,
Day Celebration with the 4th Annual Steve Manners                  Alea Mavrogeorgis,
                                                                    Calliope Gemelas,
Icarian Open and the 29th Annual Mini Convention              Becky Zaras, Mary Kalogeris,
Memorial Day Dance and Icarian Day at PNC Park to                    Stella Vassilaros
commemorate Icaria’s Independence Day. As you can
see, our chapter is growing in new directions!
Submitted by Vice President Michelle Marie Kotsagrelos
                                                                Stergios Kalogeris & Tom
                                                                 Conaboy, Grillmasters
Greetings from Pittsburgh’s Chapter Icaros 7. We had a
great time at the 2004 Pan-Icarian Convention and send
our congratulations to Chicago’s Chapter Foutrides 8!
At this year’s national convention, Chapter Icaros do-
nated two non-recurring scholarships of $1200 each to
the Pan-Icarian Foundation. We are happy to report that
every student who applied for a scholarship this year
received one.
We are also happy to report that Chapter Icaros was once
again recognized as the largest Chapter in our Brother-
Chapter Icaros continues to be an active chapter with
monthly meetings and frequent activities. On July 18,
2004, Chapter Icaros members enjoyed a day at the                 L to R: Calliope Gemelas, Stathis Mamatas,
                                                                  Hermione Malachias, Zoe Lardas, Michelle
ballpark to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the           Kotsagrelos, Cathy Pandeladis, Maggie Mamatas,
                                         Florida Marlins.        Tina Kouknas, Leia Tsouris, Marsha Tsouris,
                                                                                 Jackie Aivaliotis
                                         On September 11,
                                         2004, we held an
                                         “End of Summer”
                                         Picnic at
                                         Community Park.
                                         It was a beautiful
                                         day and everyone
                                         had a great time!
L to R: Kleanthis Lardas, George Vassilaros,
   Nick Malachias, Lee Mamatas (holding
   Christos Mavrogeorgis), John Gemelas,
George Halvas, Dimitri Lardas, Tony Zaras,                        front, L to R: Christos Mavrogeorgis, Athena
     Jack Kalogeris, Stergios Kalogeris                        Kalogeris, Zacharias Lardas, Marika Johnson, Jim
                                                               Johnson back, L to R: Nicholas Kalogeris, Michael
                                                              (Kalogeris) Conaboy, Iaian Johnson, Dimitri Lardas,
                                                                     Alexa Kalogeris, Victoria Mavrogeorgis

Page 64 Ikapia Magazine
Icaros                                                                                                   PITTSBURGH #7
On October 3, 2004, a spaghetti dinner was hosted by the       Congratulations go out to the following Chapter Icaros
Champagne, Lardas, Plutis, Theofilis, and Tsambis              members:
families in memory of Nick and Helen Plutis, Harry
Plutis, Georgia Tsambis, and Tony Theofilis. We also           • Andrea Contes, 2004 graduate of the University of
hosted an early Halloween party for our children. We are         Pittsburgh School of Law.
hoping to gather a group for Youth Day at the Pitt vs          • Ioanna (Chiotis) and Kevin Payne on the birth of their
Rutgers homecoming game on October 23, 2004. A                    son Zander, born June 18, 2004.
dinner is planned for November 21, 2004, which will be         • Angela (Kouknas) and Bob Schafer, who were married
hosted by Maria Aivaliotis and family. Our annual Santa          on August 21, 2004.
Pizza Party is scheduled for December 11, 2004.                • Lisa (Frentzos) and John Kristian on the birth of their
Chapter Icaros made donations of $250 each to the                son Tom, born September 16, 2004.
                                            American           • Holly (Hudale) and John Guna on the birth of their
                                            Red Cross            daughter Isabelle, born September 19, 2004.
                                            (Disaster          Submitted by Corresponding Secretary Anna Aivaliotis
                                            Relief Fund)
                                            and the
                                            Russian            Georgette Christine Kotsagrelos and Brian Thor Nelson,
                                            Ministries         ESQ., were married on Saturday, October 23, 2004 at St.
                                            (Terror Relief     Nicholas Greek Orthodox
                                            Fund).             Cathedral in Pittsburgh.
                                                               Georgette is a Manager of
                                                               Engineering Programs at
                                                               Concurrent Technologies
                                                               Corporation and Brian is
On October 3, 2004, Chapter Icaros hosted an early             an Environmental Risk
 Halloween party and costume parade for the kids!
                                                               Manager at Marsh &
Our long-time Ikarian Hall manager and                         McLennan Companies.
cook extraordinaire, Maggie Mamatas, has                       Georgette is the daughter
                                                                                                 Brian and Georgette
decided to step down after many years of                       of Tasso and Estair
service to Chapter Icaros. We would like                       Kotsagrelos of Bethel Park, PA.
to thank Maggie for her dedication and                         Congratulations and Best Wishes!
hard work!

foutrides                                                                                                   CHICAGO #8
CONVENTION REPORT                                              activities. The members of Aristides Foutrides are
Since last September, our chapter held an annual Wel-          looking forward to hosting the 101st anniversary celebra-
come Back Pot Luck Dinner Party hosted by Elaine               tion of the Brotherhood. The Chicago Convention
Karnavas and Kay Karnavas.                                     Committee and all the members of our chapter are very
On October 25, 2004 we held our annual Halloween               excited to have you all here and we hope that you and
Party hosted by Annette Kelaiditis, Maria Vatouyios and        your families will see this city for its unique beauty and
Maria’s daughter, Sofia.                                       character. Finally,
On December 31, 2003 we held our annual New Year’s             we hope that you
Eve Gala at the Orland Chateau. This event was hosted by       will participate in
Marianthi Rousos and was attended by over 230 guests.          the weekend’s
During 2003, we were instructed by the local fire depart-      events that have
ment to install a fire alarm system, which was quite costly.   been planned for
This project, undertaken by John Janis, was achieved           your enjoyment.
through the kindness and generosity of our members.            Thank you.
Since the beginning of 2004, Foutrides Chapter held            Chapter President        Father Byron Papanikolaou accepting
monthly meetings regarding chapter and convention              Rozina J. Karnavas honorary Icarian plaque from John Janis at
                                                               (cont.)                          Chicago Convention

                                                                                                       Ikapia Magazine Page 65
foutrides                                                                                                 CHICAGO #8
Thank you to Elaine Karnavas and Vasilia Karnavas for        Despina Karnavas, daughter of Nick and Vasilia
hosting our “Welcome Back Pot-Luck” get-together             Karnavas of Justice, Illinois, graduated recently from the
Saturday October 2, 2004.                                    University of Illinois at Chicago. She received a Bach-
                                                             elor of Arts Degree in Teaching of History, with an
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES:                            endorsement for teaching at the middle school level
                                                             through the secondary level. Despina received an award
Maria Elaina Spanos, daughter of Nick and Dalia              of Excellence in Modern Greek, scholarships from the
Spanos of Crown Point, Indiana, graduated from Purdue        Hellenic Link Midwest and the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood.
University, receiving the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.         Throughout her University studies, she tutored reading
Her internship included working for the Methodist            and was a member of the Hellenic Student Association
                          Hospitals, Wishard Children’s      and the History Club. She volunteered to assist coaching
                          Hospital and Eli Lilly Pharma-     dancers for the Greek Dance troup and enjoys arts and
                          ceutical Company of Indianapo-     crafts, cooking and traveling.
                          lis. After spending five weeks
                          this past summer in Ikaria,        Annette Kelaiditis and Nicki Vessol will host our annual
                          Maria is now living in Chicago     Halloween Pizza Party on Friday, October 29th. Everyone
                          and is working for Walgreen’s.     is encouraged to wear costumes and we get to enjoy our
                                                             children all dressed up in their costumes. Proceeds from
                                                             this night will go toward the victims’ families in Russia
                                                             through the Russian Patriarchate, OCA/IOCC.
                                                             Our next meeting will be in November. New Year’s Eve
                                                             is being planned at the Orland Chateau. Elections will be
    Maria Elaina Spanos                                      coming up in January.

spanos/areti                                                                                               DETROIT #9
CONVENTION REPORT                                            and Theater Arts, the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Supreme
Greetings to all “Ikariotes”. Our chapter had a productive   Lodge, along with Chapter Spanos-Areti, the Paideia
year, with membership increasing from the prior year. We     Society of Michigan, and The Pontian Federation of US
met at least once a month at our clubhouse for dinner        and Canada. The Ikaros statue was donated by Emeritus
meetings.                                                    Professor of Art, John Nick Pappas, who stated, “The
Our New Years Eve party and our makaronada were both         mythical image of Ikaros has fascinated me since I was a
very successful.                                             child. The power of the image of Ikaros has always
Our chapter is proud to congratulate Dr. Dean Mourselas      symbolized freedom, strength, imagination, science,
for his graduation from dental school, Antonia               hope, and man’s fallibility”.
Kyrlangitsis, who graduated form Michigan State Univer-      To help Professor Pappas bring his vision of Ikaros to
sity, and Julie Hardaloupas for her high school gradua-      reality, the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood, the Paideia Society,
tion. “Kai se anotera!”                                      and the Pontian Federation donated the marble base to
We also wish Dean and Kerry Mourselas best wishes for        this project. It is the largest, single piece of Greek marble
their wedding.                                               ever to be shipped and installed in this region. It comes
This year we also lost 3 beloved members of our chapter,     directly from a quarry in Kozani, the ancestral region of
the Past Supreme President, Nicholas Tsouris, Elaine         General Demetrios Ypsilanti (namesake of the city of
Charnas, and Robert Pingilley. God bless their souls.        Ypsilanti).
We had many activities this summer, such as our success-     The efforts were coordinated by Vice President of Aca-
ful 2nd annual golf outing, and a picnic to celebrate the    demic Affairs of Eastern Michigan University, our own
independence of Ikaria.                                      Dr. Ellene Tratras Contis, Professor John Pappas, and by
The highlight of our chapter’s activities was the dedica-    the Dept. of Communications and Theater Arts.
tion of the IKAROS statue in front of the Quirk-Sponberg
Theaters at the Eastern Michigan University campus.          Submitted by PSP George Contis, Chapter President.
This event was planned by the Dept. of Communication

Page 66 Ikapia Magazine
spanos/areti                                                                                               DETROIT #9
                                                               A GREAT JOB organizing the 2004 Olympic games.
Our chapter, Spanos-Areti # 9, congratulates the Chicago
                                                               Other members of our chapter went to Greece to see the
chapter for a excellent memorable convention. The
                                                               games including John & Eleni Lygizos, John & Kathy
members of the Chicago chapter did a Great job in
                                                               Mourselas with their family, Betty Kyrlangitses, and
organizing the 101st Pan-Icarian Convention (Largest
                                                               many more.
Ikariotiko Family Reunion).
                                                               Our chapter has scheduled at least one meeting every
We are proud to inform the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood that
                                                               month. We have dinner & card meetings, our Halloween
two of our chapter members & Past Supreme Presidents,
                                                               Party for our young Icarians, and like every year, our
went to Greece and worked as volunteers at the Athens
                                                               very successful New Year Eve Party.
2004 Olympic Games.
                                                               One of our main goals is to increase our membership
Our Past Supreme Presidents Ellene (Nina) Tartras Contis
                                                               this year. All of us are eager to work to meet that goal.
& George N. Contis went & worked in different venues
                                                               We wish to all Icarians to have a productive year.
in Athens. During the next few chapter meetings they will
                                                               The members of our chapter would like to wish to all
show us the memorable pictures from the games at our
                                                               Ikarians MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2005 !!!
                                                               Submitted by George N. Contis, Chapter President

therma                                                                                              WILMINGTON #10
CONVENTION REPORT                                              CHAPTER NEWS
Greetings from Chapter #10. Our Chapter had been very          Greetings from Chapter Therma, in Wilmington, NC.
busy over the last year. Last October, the Supreme Lodge       We’re pleased to report that we have survived the hurri-
officers, along with our convention chairmen, toured the       cane season with no damage here in Coastal Carolina. We
convention facilities in Myrtle Beach. Afterwards,             hope our brothers and sisters in Florida are all well and
everyone enjoyed a good old southern Pig Pickin’, which        have weathered the storms away.
was donated by Arthur Patelos.                                 Our convention delegates returned from Chicago, and
Our Chapter was busy again, preparing for the New              updated our chapter members on all of the convention
Year’s Eve Dance. The dinner/dance was a great success,        happenings. We were happy to hear that the Chicago
which we hope to emulate for years to come.                    convention was successful. We were also pleased to learn
In Jan., we held a Prime Rib Dinner and Meeting, which         that our chapter was presented and award for our recent
was well attended.                                             increase in chapter membership. Thank you!
The spring brought elections to our chapter. Our new           Our chapter is hard at work with preparations for the
officers include: Emmanuel Koklanaris- President; Kay          2005 convention. We recently held a committee chairmen
Skandalakis- Vice President; Sophia Tracy-Secretary; and       meeting to ensure that all systems are go. Save the date!
Sophie Johnson-Treasurer.                                      Mark your calendar for the 2005 Pan-Ikarian convention
In April, the convention chairmen, along with all the          in Myrtle Beach, SC. Carolina Style!
committee chairmen went to Myrtle Beach for a meeting
and walk through of the hotel and facilities. The hotel and    Dr. Nikki Koklanaris and William Scott Sanders were
grounds will be a wonderful setting for the 2005 Convention.   married on October 17, 2004 at St. Stefanos Greek
Again, in July, our chapter hosted a Dinner Meeting. The       Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, Fla. It was a beautiful
moussaka was a hit, and the meeting was successful.            day in Florida as the guests celebrated by sunset at the
During each meeting, the 2005 convention has been a            Don CeSar beach
major topic of conversation. Our chapter is very excited       resort. Nikki is a
to be hosting next year’s convention.                          second-year fellow
And, as such, our membership is continuously growing.          in high-risk obstet-
We are actively recruiting new and old members all the         rics at NYU Medical
time. Our chapter membership is now at 88 paid members.        Center. Scott is a
On a final note, we wish Chicago a very successful             senior account
convention, and we look forward to seeing all of you at        executive in the
the 2005 Carolina style convention in Myrtle Beach, SC.        federal government
And as we say, nothing could be finer than to be in            group of SumTotal
Carolina!                                                      Systems. Nikki is the daughter of Lambra and Dr.
Respectfully submitted, Sophia Tracy, Chapter Secretary        Emmanuel Koklanaris. Congratulations!
                                                                                                     Ikapia Magazine Page 67
atheras                                                                                                    PHILADELPHIA #12

On behalf on my Chapter, I would like to congratulate               Before our
our hosts Foutrides Chapter No. 8 of Chicago for all                summer
their hard work in planning this first Convention of our            hiatus, the
organization’s Second Century. The entire Atheras                   Chapter
membership wishes both Foutrides and all the Pan-Icarian            enjoyed a
Brotherhood the very best success!                                  great Icarian
    To begin, our Chapter officers - President Theologos            Picnic. We
Horiates, Vice-President Fabian Phillippoussis, Secre-              were blessed
tary Vasilios Hatzinakis and Treasurer Nickolaos S.                 with a bright       (L to R) Christina Horiates, Alexandra
Pasamihalis - have led our +90 members with youthful                and breezy summer Pasamihalis, and Vaseliki Houtrides
                                                                    day. The Ladies of        enjoy the summer afternoon.
asm.                                                                Agia Marina prepared a delicious spread of barbecue
With our                                                                                         meats and various side
partners,                                                                                        dishes for us. All the
the Ladies                                                                                       children had fun giving the
of Agia                                                                                          clubhouse swing-set a
Marina, we                                                                                       thorough workout.
have                                                                                                  When the membership
enjoyed                                                                                          returns this fall, we will
the success                                                                                      begin to plan for a series of
of numer-      (L to R) Chapter officers - Treasurer Nickolaos S.                                events including our Third
ous events,      Pasamihalis, Secretary Vasilios Hatzinakis &
                     President Theologos Horiates preside
                                                                                                 Annual Atheras Golf Tour-
fundraisers and        over the June meeting of Atheras.                                         nament in late September.
clubhouse projects.                                                                              We invite you all to attend,
   Atheras started the year with an inaugural kick-off                                           especially the golfers from
party for the new Supreme President, George G. A                                                 our neighboring Chapters.
Horiates. We all enjoyed his hospitality and the wonder-             (L to R) Hrisoula Horiates and
ful live Greek music that filled our clubhouse. Other                      Vaseliki Houtrides
                                                                      work together over the hot
major Chapter events included our Second Annual Golf                        barbeque grill.
Tournament, our Ikarian Fishing Trip, our Annual
Superbowl hoagie sale and our Annual Ikarian Dinner/                Atheras is again poised to
Dance.                                                              return to the sand and
                                                                    surf of the Jersey Shore
                                                                    for another fishing trip in
                                                                    late October. We will
                                                                    also be working on our
                                                                    upcoming Dinner/Dance.
                                                                        In closing, the
                                                                    Chapter once again
                                                                    congratulates the Pan-      Atheras Pres. Theologos Horiates
                                                                    Icarian Brotherhood for            and his wife Christina
                                                                    a memorable and              send greetings to the Chapter from
                                                                                                       the Olympic Stadium.
                                                                    successful 101st Convention.
                                                                    With you, we continue to celebrate our shared Icarian
                                                                    heritage and the works of this organization. While we
     Lisa Horiates and family look on as her husband George
                                                                    enjoyed a wonderful stay in Chicago, Atheras hopes that
              blows out a birthday cake prepared by                 you will soon join us for a Supreme Convention in
                      Theologos Horiates.                           Philadelphia to experience all the attractions our Great
                                                                    City has to offer. Best wishes to all.
                                                                    Submitted by District #1 Governor Nikolaos J. Pasamihalis
Page 68 Ikapia Magazine
oinoe                                                                               SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA #14
The Officers and members of Chapter Oinoe #14 send          Chapter Oinoe Officers Meeting-
their warmest Congratulations and Best Wishes to the        A stop at Asiminas and Andreas home was enjoyed with
Aristides Foutrides Chapter for a successful 101st Anni-    their gracious hospitality. Then the Chapter Oinoe
versary Convention. It will also be memorable as this is    Officers proceeded to Shakers Rest for a dinner meeting
the year of the Athens 2004 Olympics. There is no           on May 22, 2004.
competition greater than the Olympic Games. We shared       A Chapter Dinner Meeting was held on June 27, 2004 at
just a bit of history with the passage of the Olympic       the St. Anthony’s Fellowship Hall in Pasadena, CA.
flame from Los Angeles. Many Chapter Oinoe members          Main topic addressed was the 101st Anniversary Conven-
gathered in front of the Saint Sophia Cathedral on          tion including the importance of the Album ads and
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 to witness the Relay. It was a     reservations. Delegates and alternates were selected.
celebration. Following the Relay, Chapter Oinoe Mem-        And, many other future Events discussed. Chapter Oinoe
bers along with other community members attended the        Officers Meetings have been held periodically.
Dodger Baseball Game; compliments from the Consulate        Our Annual Event, Icarian Independence Day and Agia
General of Greece in Los Angeles, Many Chapter Oinoe        Marina’s Day Celebration was held on the actual date,
Members are attending the Athens Olympics and have          July 17, 2004 at the Eddy Park in South Pasadena. The
planned to fly from Athens directly to the Chicago          heat did not stop the great attendance. Dr. Nikitas
Convention.                                                 Tripodes chaired this enjoyable and successful Event with
Chapter Oinoe 2004 paid membership now is 200, last         a Barbeque. The chef, Tony Horaites did an outstanding
year was 194.                                               job along with his brothers, Jim and George. Some
 On Saturday, October 4, 2003, our Annual Fund Raiser       Icarian food was also brought by some members and
“Icarian Day at the Races” was orchestrated and chaired     others which made the Celebration more Icarian. Again,
by Jim Bornino, Vice President. It was held at the Santa    the Icarian Music by Len Tsantiris was played throughout
Anita Turf Club in Arcadia CA with great success. Santa     the day; the presentation of the Icarian Books from Chris
Anita Park honored the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of           Aivaliotis made the day special. Members were re-
America “Icaros”, and Chapter Oinoe by dedicating a         minded of the importance of the Chapter Dues, and many
Race to our Chapter and listed us in the Daily Program,     were collected that day. A 50-50 Raffle made the picnic
and also announced the name of our Chapter and Brother-     more exciting.
hood prior to the Race. A group picture was taken by        The names of two worthy Chapter Oinoe Members were
Santa Anita of the attendees that made it in time to the    submitted for Merit Based Scholarships. We wish them
Winner’s Circle. Following the Races, Chapter Oinoe         good luck.
held a meeting with dinner at St. Anthony’s Fellowship      Kudos for District 5 – Governor PNP George Achedafty.
Hall in Pasadena CA. Future Events were discussed, but,     George was recently honored as “The Ahepan of the
the main Topic was the Memorable Centennial Pittsburgh      Year” by the National Order of Ahepa. Indeed a great
Convention. Announcement was made of the newly              honor bestowed on him. Chapter Oinoe offers their
elected Supreme Officers, District Governors, and           warmest Congratulations!
Foundation Officers. The celebration, opening ceremo-       Many future Events have been planned and/or are in the
nies, fireworks, dances, banquet, etc., all of the events   planning. “Icarian Day at the Races” has been confirmed
were spectacular, including the eloquent speeches.          for October 2, 2004 with a Chapter Dinner Meeting at St.
Pittsburgh made history.                                    Anthony’s Fellowship Hall. The last Chapter Oinoe
Due to many Events during the weekends in the begin-        Meeting for 2004 will be held in December. Chapter
ning of 2004, the first Chapter Meeting was held on         Oinoe will be greatly honored with the presence of our
March 7, 2004 at the Bornino Residence with Chapter         Supreme President, George G. Horaites. Of course other
Elections and dinner. A group picture was taken by Nick     Supreme Officers will be welcomed. Chapter Oinoe is
James of most of the Member attendees, which were over      looking forward to this visit.
50. We received many new Chapter Oinoe Members on           On behalf of Chapter Oinoe, I send my best wishes to the
this day. The picture was published in the Icarian Maga-    Aristides Foutrides Chapter for a memorable and success-
zine and in the St. Anthony Album, 2004 Jubilee.            ful 101st Anniversary Convention. Chapter Oinoe is
Leonidas Tsantiris Icarian music CD’s entertained us, and   looking forward to seeing all of you in Chicago.
the presentation of the Icarian books from Chris
Aivaliotis were well received.                              Submitted by Bessie Bornino, President
                                                                                                 Ikapia Magazine Page 69

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