EVMS Executive Training


                                Earned Value Management System
                                   (EVMS) Executive Overview

       Training Course Outline
       Duration: 3 hours

       Target Audience: Executives and senior managers requiring a solid understanding of earned value
       methods and the benefits of such to the organization	

       Purpose and Description

       For any initiative to succeed in an organization, executive support is absolutely essential. This training
       course has been tailored to introduce senior managers to the most pertinent Earned Value (EV)
       concepts necessary in providing such support. While earned value is an intricate subject, the
       executive and senior management team needs to understand only certain key elements in order to
       perform their role in directing and supporting the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and its
       team members.

       This course isn’t a generic EV summary class; rather it focuses specifically on the role that senior
       management performs. It’s designed to help them drive the process with informed insights and
       pertinent questions that will ensure continued commitment and success throughout the life-cycle of
       earned value programs.

       Course Outline

          •   What is Earned Value?
          •   What Does it Look Like?
          •   Key Roles in EVMS Implementation
          •   Key Elements of EVMS
          •   What does EVM Bring to the Table?
          •   The People, Processes and Tools Involved
          •   What Types of Variances are There?
          •   What the Typical EVMS Implementation Plan Looks Like?
          •   Why Does EVMS Fail?

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