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					  VADA/Nova, Inc Newsletter                                  Volume 40 Issue 6                         June 2011

Halt at X                                                        believe that it is important for all of us to, at times,
                     On thinking big                             "think big" - to look for the highest quality we are
                                                                 able of producing, to provide some of the best
          On June 3-5, VADA/Nova hosts its summer                young horses and their riders in our area a chance
licensed dressage show at Morven Park. In addition               to compete at a great venue with enthusiastic
to serving as a qualifying competition for the North             volunteers, to showcase what we (and they) can
American Junior and Young RIder Championships                    do. It's why we watch top clinicians and riders
and the USEF Developing Horse program, this show                 and, even though we might never ride at that level
has for the past 2 years (and again for 2012) been               or own such a horse - we dream of what it might be
selected by the USEF as the site for the USEF/Markel             like and try a bit harder to raise our standards. I'll
East Coast Selection Trial for the Young Horse                   never sit on a horse like Totilas or Ravel, but I
Championships (one of three sites in the US) - quite             watch them and try to make my horse a bit lighter
an honor for VADA/Nova. Selection Trials must,                   and more expressive, and sit up a bit taller and
however, be run under USEF rules as a "Level 4"                  quieter. In short, it's a good thing to sometimes
competition (on par with Regional Championships in               "think big".
terms of requirements) and the Young Horse classes                       Here's to a great show - let's show the
are judged by three FEI judges, two selected by USEF             VADA/Nova hospitality and expertise we are so
that judge each Selection Trial, and one chosen by the           well-known for!
host show. Thus, the show puts an extra burden on
VADA/Nova, not only by requiring additional volun-
teers but also by the added costs of the FEI judges,

and extra day of showing and the obligatory "extras"
such as a free competitors' party. In the lead up to the
show, we have been actively fundraising to try to
cover some of the addition expenses.
          On occasion, I am asked about this extra effort
- is it really worth it? VADA/Nova does extremely
well with its schooling shows and regular licensed
show - why go the next step? Because I firmly

                        VADA IS A
                                                                 In This Issue……..
     Publication Deadline in Piaffe & Passage is the 20th.          Minutes from April Board meeting
    VADA/Nova WEB SITE: http://www.vadanova.org                     VADA/Nova June, August schooling show prize lists
            Membership Applications should be sent to               Results of the May Schooling Show
                     Barbara Pickering                              Member of the Month
                        PO Box 354                                  Report on the Linda Zang clinic by Anne Harrington
                 Haymarket, VA 20168-0354
                                                                    Calendar of Events
                                                                    Classified ads
            All other inquires should be sent to:
      VADA/Nova Inc., P.O.Box 398 Hamilton, Va., 20159
                                               VADA/NOVA BOARD MEETINGS
 All VADA/Nova Board of Directors‘ meetings are open to the general membership; the Board welcomes any visitors. The
meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at Morven Park International Equestrian Center (in the
classroom next to the lounge ). For directions, you may contact any of the Board members or go to our website at
www.vadanova.org and click on ―Shows‖ There you will find a link with directions to Morven Park.

                 2011 VADA/Nova Officers                                                              Laura Serkes
                                                                       Diann Landau
               President ~ Alison Head                                                                 703-608-8583
            V. President ~ Barb Pickering                                                         lserkes@vadanova.org
              Secretary ~ Diann Landau
         Treasurer ~ Carolyn “Dilly” Jackson                                                          Nancy Stover
                                                                       Laurel Minnick
                                                                   lminnick@vadanova.org              703-860-9187
  Board of Directors                  Alison Head                                                   stovnan@aol.com
                                      540-338-7810                    Melissa Palmer
      Laura Celia              lookingglassfarm@mac.com                540-338-1421                  Holly Wilmoth
     802-233-7404                 ahead@vadanova.org               mpalmer@vadanova.org               540-539-0181
 lcelia@vadanova.org                                                                             hwilmoth@vadanova.org
                                    Joanne Hodges                     Barbara Pickering
    Donna Gatchell                   407-620-7184                        703-754-8506           Rebecca Woodward-Davis
     703-594-2480                jhodges@vadanova.org             goldenmorgan@verizon.net           540-338-4573
dgatchell@vadanova.org                                             bpickering@vadanova.org    rwoodwarddavis@vadanova.org
                                      Dilly Jackson
   Jessie Ginsburg                    304-283-6959                     Barbara Pratt
    703-538-4282                 cjackson@vadanova.org                 703-590-3176
  sardburg@aol.com                                                  bpratt@vadanova.org
                                      Sheli King
      Judy Grass                     703-256-8582
     703-620-4923                 mking@vadanova.org
                                                                                       Web Sites:
                                                                              VADA/Nova www.vadanova.org
                                   Michelle Lachner
                                                                            VADA State www.virginiadressage.org
                                                                              Region 1 www.usdfregion1.org

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          Phone: 703-754-8506 Email: goldenmorgan@verizon.net

             PRELIMINARY SUMMARY MINUTES –                             guidelines may need to be updated/ re-edited/simplified
             VADA/Nova Board Meeting                                   since the Board wants to encourage new managers/
             April 11, 2010 – Morven Park Lounge                       secretaries for future shows.
                                                                       VADA/Nova will be adding a second ring for our June
            The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.                show at Compass Rose.
There were 12 Board members present and 6 excused. There               There will be special prizes for costumes at the October
was one guest.                                                         show, but no teams. Possible categories may include Most
                                                                       Creative, Best Horse & Rider Costume (pair), Most Outra-
The April Minutes were accepted by the Board.                          geous/Funny, Judge‘s Choice.
Treasurer‘s Report:
Regular account: $ 29,140.23                                           Schooling shows are filling up fast. The Board discussed
Special account: 8,774.80                                              what to do about people who send in their entries many
                                                                       months before opening dates. Several ideas were discussed
Total 37,915.03                                                        and this will be addressed further at the next meeting.

Licensed Shows:                                                        The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
The Board is arranging for an additional new judge‘s stand ,
as there aren‘t enough available for future shows and we               Respectfully submitted,
need to have better facilities for the judges. The Board voted         Diann Landau
to approve ordering a new stand.
Volunteers are still needed for this and other Summer shows.
Please contact the respective show managers for schooling
shows, or Donna Gatchell for licensed shows. (see page 7 in
this issue)
The rings for the June Show will have to be laid out and
dressed by Thursday morning.
Sheli King is still looking into catering for the Saturday night
show party.

Sheli King requested that members send her their ideas for
additional sponsors, including contact information. She also
needs help with follow-up calls to prospective sponsors to
confirm their donations.

On-line Entries: We have received good feedback from the
company who handles the on-line services. The system is
working well and the people who run it are very accommo-

Membership: As of May 9th there are 351 members. This is
a bit behind last year‘s tally on this same date, but new mem-
bers are being added all the time.

Newsletter: Joanne Hodges will take over for Holly
Wilmoth to interview the ―Member of the Month‖ for the
June issue. Ann Harrington will do an article about the
Linda Zang clinic for the June newsletter.

Schooling Shows:
Kingland Farm Schooling Show is full, with a wait list. Trish
DeRosa is the new judge as Jessica McTaggert had a family
Board discussed Emergency information, including who to
contact, directions to the show sites, other pertinent infor-
mation that should be available at all times for the show
The Board discussed guidelines for managing shows. Current

                           2011 VADA/Nova Schooling Shows

 Show Date: June 25, 2011
 Opening Date: April 25, 2011                                Entry Due:          June 13, 2011
 Place: Compass Rose, Haymarket, VA

 Manager:       Laura Celia                                Secretary:       Judy Grass
                laura.celia@gmail.com                                       2901 Fox Mill Road
                note that Laura’s email is incorrect in Greenbook           Herndon, VA 2017
                1-802-233-7404                                              703-620-4923
 Judge: Jaclyn Sicoli L Graduate
 Directions: From Fairfax: Rte. 50 West. Turn left onto Rte. 15 South, 4.7 miles, turn left onto Logmill
 Rd. (701). Continue 1.7 miles, turn R into farm entrance. From Warrenton: Rte. 29 North, turn left
 onto Rt 15 North. Follow for 17 miles, turn right onto Logmill Rd. (701). Continue 1.7 miles, turn
 R into farm entrance.

  Phone # to reach management team on the day of the show only: 703-915-3060 or 1-802-233-7404

    Tests offered: Intro through Grand Prix, Para-Equestrian, MFS Training through Grand Prix,
                                    Pas de Deux, USEA Eventing

Show Date: August 13, 2011
Opening Date: June 13, 2011                                 Entry Due: August 1, 2011
Place:      Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, VA
Manager:       Dilly Jackson                        Secretary:     Alison Head
               304-283-6959                                        38595 Purple Martin Lane
               mandrakefarm@gmail.com                              Hamilton, VA 20158
Judge: Debbie Bowman, L graduate
Directions: From Rt.7 W: Exit at Rt 9 (Charlestown), right off ramp. Go Past Rt 704 (approx. 4.5 miles),
continue to left turn on Rt 738 (Hampton Rd), go approx. 1 mile to top of hill, go left on Purple Martin
Lane. Go past indoor and follow signs for parking. From Rt 7 E: Exit at Purcelville, take Rt 287 N
toward Lovettsville; cross under 7, take right on Rt 711 (Piggott Bottom Road); at intersection, go straight
(becomes Rt 738–Hampton Rd); take next right on Purple Martin Lane. This is the best route for big rigs.

            Phone # to reach management team on the day of the show only: 540-729-4847

   Tests offered: Intro through Grand Prix, Para-Equestrian, MFS Training through Grand Prix,
                                   Pas de Deux, USEA Eventing

                                    VADA/Nova Schooling Show at Kingland Farm
                                                   May 14, 2011
                                        Judge: Trisha DeRosa (L Graduate)
Intro Level Test B                                           TOC
1. Nancy Noble          LH Jitterbug (Lucy)     70.000       1. Karen Conk           Shaman (2-3)         67.143
2. Cathy Sholten        Apollo                  65.625       1. Sadie Davis          Richmond (4-1)       67.143
3. Laura Serkes         Winterstoltz            64.375       3. Jen Moran            Cadence (4-1)        66.571
                                                             4. Lise Katz            In Like Finn (4-1)   65.714
1. Nancy Noble LH Jitterbug (Lucy) (Intro A)    68.750       Fourth Level Test 2
2. Cathy Sholten      Apollo (Tr-1)             53.333       1. Jen Moran            Cadence              67.027
                                                             2. Lise Katz            In Like Finn         62.973
Training Level Test 2
1. Renee Carter         Wrocky                  70.000                        High Score for the show:
2. Hannah Bauer         At Liberty              68.571                           (excluding Intro)
3. Claire Firebaugh     Baytrebuchet (Bonsai)   67.500
4. Allison Reichel      Pippa                   65.714                    Renee Carter and Wrocky
5. Brenda Bracuto       Don Diego               65.357
                                                                        Training Level Test 3 74.800%
5. Abigail Bauer        Sir Schaumburg          65.357
    Jacqui Gerhard      Mr. Brightside          65.000

Training Level Test 3
1. Renee Carter         Wrocky                  74.800
2. Hannah Bauer         At Liberty              69.200                Many thanks to our volunteers
3. Abigail Bauer        Sir Schaumburg          68.000                        for this show.
3. Kate McPartlan       Dienhard                68.000            You always come through when needed!
5. Claire Firebaugh     Baytrebuchet (Bonsai)   66.400
5. Jacqui Gerhard       Mr. Brightside          66.400
5. Allison Reichel      Pippa                   66.400                    Tracy Grady : manager
5. Karen Conk           Procreate               66.400                   Holly Wilmoth: secretary
   Brenda Bracuto       Don Diego               65.200                  Sadie Davis: scribe/clean up
                                                                       Betsy Dove: set up/ break down
First Level Test 1
                                                                          Chelsea Gabriel : runner
1. Chelsea Gabriel    Vulcano                   66.207
2. Karen Conk         Procreate                 65.517                    Michelle Gabriel: scorer
3. Betsy Dove Spring Hollow Limited Edition     64.483                      Lydia Wentz: scribe
4. Lara Hazzard       Sandusky                  62.759                   Bruce Wilkinson: parking
                                                                        Torrey Wilkinson : steward
First Level Test 2
1. Chelsea Gabriel    Vulcano                   67.568
1. Betsy Dove Spring Hollow Limited Edition     67.568
3. Bob Clements       Rosebud                   64.324
4. Lara Hazzard       Sandusky                  58.378

1. Karen Conk           Shaman (2-1)            68.571
2. Bob Clements         Rosebud (1-3)           66.452
3. Kimberly Garvis      Zinfandel (1-3)         66.129

1. Terry Lockhart       Mondeuse (4-2)          67.027
2. Jen Moran            King (I-1)              65.789
3. Terry Lockhart       Mondeuse (4-1)          64.286

          Congratulations to our second group of VADA/Nova members who qualified for the
                            November 5th Championship Schooling Show.
          Complete details and requirements may be found in your Greenbook on pages 56-57.

                                                   First Level Test 3
                                                   Bob Clements/Rosebud
Intro Level Test B                                 Kimberly Garvis/Zinfandel
Cathy Sholten/Apollo

      Training Level Test 3                                Intermediaire 1
      Abigail Bauer/Sir Schaumburg                         Jen Moran/King
      Hannah Bauer/At Liberty
      Brenda Bracuto/Don Diego
      Renee Carter/Wrocky
      Jacqui Gerhard/Mr. Brightside
      Kate McPartlan/Dienhard

                        Calling All Volunteers!                 Your Help is Needed!
                          We always need a large number of people to help run out Licensed shows,
                                  with the June show requiring even more than usual.

                          Contact Donna Gatchell at sporthorseuk@patriot.net or
                            703-303-3446 if you can help at any of the following:

               June 3,4,5 Summer Dressage which includes the Young Horse selection trials.

          Youth Team Competition July 23-24 for which you may earn either VADA hours or
                                       VADA/Nova hours

                              July 30 and 31 Summer Breed shows I and II

                                          September 10-11 Autumn I

    For schooling shows, contact the show manager listed on the individual prize lists.
    We have two shows coming up:

    June 25 at Compass Rose           Manager Laura Celia 1-802-233-7404 laura.celia@gmail.com

    Aug 13 at Looking Glass Farm Manager Dilly Jackson 304-283-6959 mandrakefarm@gmail.com

                    For volunteering you will receive: VADA/Nova Volunteer Hours,
                   Volunteer Bucks, breakfast, lunch, a gift, and of course our thanks!!
                  We couldn‘t run our shows without the generosity of our volunteers.
                             Sign up early to get the position of your choice!

                                           Looking Glass Farm
                                2011 DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOW SERIES
                                        38595 Purple Martin Lane
                                             Hamilton, VA
SHOW DATES:                    6/11                         6/12                               8/14
CLOSING DATES:                 6/6                          6/6                                8/8

Judges:                    Sally O’Conner (S)                  Betty Thorpe (r)          Jaralyn Finn (L graduate)

                                  * *Please include current Coggins & payment(s). * *
Manager:       Alison Head, 540-729-4847
Secretary:     Alison Head, 38595 Purple Martin Lane, Hamilton, VA 20158, lookingglassfarm@mac.com

Fees:          $30/test         $10 post entry fee       $25 Non-competing horse (must bring Coggins)
Checks:                  Make check payable to Looking Glass Farm
Classes:       Intro through FEI, USEF and FEI freestyle, USEA Event tests
Other info: NO DOGS ALLOWED, NO EXCEPTIONS. Approved safety helmets required when mounted. Food will
be available. Indoor arena and ample grass areas for warm-up. Standard size arena with excellent sand footing for
competition. Times available on website www.lgfsporthorses.com the Wednesday prior to the show; directions also
on web site.
Awards: Jr. and Sr. High Score awards at each show (excluding Intro). Series high score awards and prizes (attend
        two or more shows, highest average score).

                  For entry form and directions, see the web site www.lgfsporthorses.com
       Entry form also available on the VADA/Nova web site: www.vadanova.org (see calendar page)

                                                                     ―My grandfather put me on my first pony when I was three
       Member of the Month                                           years old,‖ remembers Bev Thomas, a retired teacher from
                                                                     Prince William County and an avid VADA/Nova volunteer. It
                                                                     took 44 years, but Bev finally bought a horse of her own. His
name was Senator, and he was an 18 year-old Quarter Horse who could do it all. ―I was so excited the day I picked him up. I
know my grandfather was there, too. I could feel his presence.‖
             After spending 34 years in the classroom, Bev now teaches piano on the side to help keep herself in britches and her
horses—she‘s now up to three—in hay. Although she and Senator started out jumping, Bev used to attend the dressage clinics
that were being held at the barn where she boarded. It didn‘t take long before the pair was hooked on the dressage journey.
―I finally retired him at 29," says Bev, "but I truly believe dressage is what kept him going for so long.‖
             Bev was lucky enough to find Jefferson, an 11-year-old,
15.3 hand, Appendix Quarter Horse, who, quips Bev, has ―a walk to
die for.‖ Working with trainer Donna Gatchell, Bev and Jefferson
have been working the training scale for about a year and have made
great strides. Jefferson and Donna will debut at Training Level at the
Homestead Farm Schooling Show the end of May.
             ―I don‘t show any more,‖ says Bev, ―but that just gives me
more time to volunteer." And volunteer she does. The first year she
worked VADA/Nova horse shows, she did it as a favor to her friend
Trish Conk. Now she spends her abundant volunteer bucks before she
ever leaves the show grounds.
             Bev's favorite show job is runner because it gives her the
chance to talk to everyone as well as to see rides she‘s particularly
interested in. She has a number of funny stories to tell about her
volunteer days, but remembers one show in particular with a smile:
"Trish was driving the golf cart up Vendor Hill at Morven Park. Half
way up the hill, we hit a bump, and I almost came out of the cart. We
laughed and laughed. With Trish driving, those carts need seat belts!‖                            Bev and Jefferson

                            VADA/Nova Schooling Show
                                  October 15, 2011
                          Compass Rose Farm, Haymarket, VA

        photos by Judy Grass

                          Format:                                   Nancy Lowey, R
       We’ve added a little twist to our regular schooling
show. We will be offering our usual array of classes but
are encouraging participants to wear costumes.
       In addition to the ribbons for 1st-6th places, we will            Prizes for:
also be awarding special prizes. All rides will be as              Most creative costume
individuals-there will not be any team categories                Most outrageous costume
       Entry fees are still the same: $30 for members, $40      Best horse/rider combination
for non-members. Members will be given priority in filling            Judge’s favorite
                 Start planning your costumes now.
          Opening date for entries is Aug. 15, 2011

                                          Compass Rose Farm
                                   2011 DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOW
                                            2714 Logmill Rd
                                         Haymarket, VA 20169

                       Show date: Sunday, June 26, 2011         Closing date: June 15, 2011
                       Judge: Jan Garlitz (L Graduate)
Managers: Candy Allen & Judy Grass                           Secretary: Candy Allen
zues10@aol.com/ grass@ccr.org                                4460 Lynn Forest Dr
703-753-8430/ 703-620-4923                                   Gainesville, VA 20155
                                                             703-753-8430     zues10@aol.com
Fees: $30/test $10 post entry fee $25 Non-competing horse (must bring Coggins)
Checks:       Make check payable to Compass Rose Farm LLC
                *Please include current Coggins with payment(s). * *

Classes: USDF/USEF Intro-FEI and Freestyles, Para-Equestrian, USEA Eventing

Other Info: Our dogs will not be here show day, so please leave yours at home. Protective Helmets required when
mounted. Tests ridden in standard sized arena with sand/rubber footing. Sand rings available for warm-up. Times
will be posted on the farm website the Wednesday before the show: www.compassrosefarm.com.
         Each rider must sign a liability waiver from Compass Rose Farm. Riders under age 18 must have a waiver
signed by a legal guardian. We will have these for you on show day. For young riders who will be accompanied by
only a trainer, we can email you a form to have signed by a parent or other legal guardian

Awards: High score and Reserve High Score (excludes Intro and MFS).
                    see website: www.compassrosefarm.com for entry form and directions
  Prize list and entry is also available on the VADA/Nova web site: www.vadanova.org (see calendar page)

                             Deciphering the 2011 USEF Dressage Tests with Linda Zang
                                                                           - Anne Harrington

          When VADA announced that Linda Zang had agreed to give a clinic on the 2011 USEF tests, word swept through the
dressage community that this was the ‗must attend‘ event of the spring. Based in Davidsonville, Maryland, Linda is one of only four
U.S. and 20 worldwide FEI ‗O‘ judges, and most recently was the head of the ground jury at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. An
international competitor, FEI Judge, FEI Technical Delegate, clinician and leader of national and world-wide organizations, Linda
Zang is also a member of the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame. She has a reputation as an outstanding clinician that is
clearly deserved. In fact, the clinic, which was hosted at the Morven Park Equestrian Center on April 23rd, was really multiple
clinics held simultaneously.

         The day began with a one hour lecture for Judges and L Graduates on how the new tests affect judging. The 18 participants,
including ‗r‘, ‗R‘, and ‗S‘ judges and L Program graduates, had an opportunity to discuss the new approach for the rider collective
score (three separate marks each with a coefficient of ‗1‘ for the rider score rather than one mark with a coefficient of ‗3‘), as well as
many other test elements that will affect judging for the next three years. Interaction with the judges‘ group continued throughout
the day so riders and auditors also were able to benefit from her judging insights. This also allowed participants to get USDF
University credit for the day. Karen Conk, who rode the First Level demo test said, ―I enjoyed listening to Linda talk to the
judges. The training scale is there for a purpose. It's not only to support riders working through the levels but a guide for judging. I
know now that when training and showing at the lower levels, I can attain those skills without having a hundred thousand dollar
warmblood from Germany. Follow the training scale. Learn the basics.‖

         The Morven indoor arena was nearly filled to capacity for the clinic, with over 120 attendees. Other than for Intro Level,
for which one rider both demonstrated movements and the Intro C test, the other levels (Training through Fourth) each had one rider
demonstrating movements and one who rode a test. (See page 13 for a list of the demonstration horses and riders.) This allowed
auditors and riders to experience two more levels of analysis while Linda explored the movements in both training and performance

         Stacy Pattison, the demo rider for Fourth Level, Test 2, commented, ―Linda Zang is first and foremost an amazing
woman. Her energy and fun loving nature keep your attention and make you want to do the right thing. Her very keen eye accompa-
nied with the energy and drive of the rider to be spot on have always motivated me to feel where I can and have to go on any of the
horses I have had the privilege to ride with her.‖ ―Linda sees everything -- eyes in the back of her head‖ , said Anne Aloi, who
demonstrated the Fourth Level movements. ―I found my brief time with her extremely constructive. I ride mostly on my own and
have no mirrors. She was able to "catch the moment" in the transitions and help me find a better half halt several times. Also, making
sure my horse is straight prior to going across the diagonal for medium and extended trots helped him keep the balance better. I am
very glad we got to participate!‖

         Being a demo rider at any clinic can be intimidating, but the prospect of riding for one of the world‘s leading dressage
experts might have been daunting, had it not been for Linda‘s positive, encouraging comments and her great sense of humor. ―I very
much enjoyed the clinic with Linda,‖ said Torrey Wilkinson, who rode Training Level, Test 3. ―I wasn't sure how I would like being
scored live while riding a test, but I found it really educational and inspiring. I was able to make changes to improve my perfor-
mance and get results (in the form of scores from Linda) on-the-spot to know if I was doing it correctly. She was very encouraging
and gave me the confidence that we are on right track in our training.‖

        The riders all benefitted from Linda‘s quick eye and sharp analysis. Nancy Pettet, who was the demo rider for Training
Level movements remarked, ―I was so honored and felt so fortunate to ride with someone of Linda's caliber. It was amazing to me
how quickly she addressed all of the riders‘ and horses‘ issues and then "fixed" just as quickly. I for one felt my riding improved
immediately and I took these skills home to much happier and better performing horses!‖

         Throughout the day, Linda demonstrated how attention to details can produce a big result, often to the applause of the audi-
ence as we all observed some really dramatic improvements. Candy Allen captured what impressed us all: ―What relatively small
adjustments in the rider's body position greatly affect the way the horse goes!‖ And Linda found great images to explain what she
wanted the riders to feel. ―"Fill your hands with his (the horse's) hind legs," was how she described the feeling of the horse moving
forward with impulsion into the rider‘s connection.

          As one of the riders who needed some ‗fixing,‘ I learned that ‗lying on the bed‘ (to better position my seat bones in the
saddle) and ‗swinging on a swing‘ (to unlock my hips and allow me to better follow the canter movement) made all the difference in
the quality of my horse‘s trot and canter.

         Both riders and auditors drew many lessons from the day. Hats off to VADA and VADA/Nova and all the volunteers who
made this clinic such a fabulous educational experience. And thanks especially to Linda Zang, for her dedication to the sport and
willingness to share he knowledge and insights with VADA and its members.

Intro Level                                                  Second Level
Jennifer Torres/Wichita II   (Intro C and discussion)        Danielle Rowland/Action Ace (Movements from the tests)
                                                             Anne Harrington/That Darn Houdini (Second Level 2)
Training Level
Nancy Pettet/ Whirlwind (Movements from the tests)           Third Level
Torrey Wilkinson/Talisman (Training 3)                       Candy Allen/White Bacardi (Movements from the tests)
                                                             Sandy Johnson/Davignair (Third Level 3)
First Level
Erin Sweeney/Sanford (Movements from the tests)              Fourth Level
Karen Conk/Shaman (First Level 3)                            Anne Aloi/Doc (Movements from the tests)
                                                             Stacy Pattison/Ridley (4th Level 2)

                                Here are some photos from the clinic.
                     Thanks to Dianne Boyd, Sheli King and Jocelyn Pearson for
                                          supplying them.
                    As you can see from the lower one, the bleachers were packed!

                                          Willow Way Riding Stables
                             2011 DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOW SERIES
                                      1600 Loudoun Drive, Haymarket, VA

SHOW DATES:                             7/9                                     10/29*
CLOSING DATES:                          7/1                                     10/22
Judges:                                 Jessie Ginsburg, L graduate             Jocelyn Pearson, L graduate

                              *Please include current Coggins & payment(s). * *

Manager:      Jennifer Moran, 703-999-8040
Secretary:    Jen Moran, 1600 Loudoun Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169, 703-999-8040,
Fees: $30/test $10 post entry fee
Checks:         Make check payable to Willow Way Riding Stables
Classes:      Intro through FEI, USEF and FEI freestyle
*October 29, show will have special Halloween costume contest prizes. See website for more details.

Other info:     NO DOGS ALLOWED. Hard hats required. Refreshments available. Large grass warmup
area as well as grass round pen for lunging. Ring is bluestone base with riversand. Entries must be complete
with show form, current coggins and fees. Times available on website at www.willowwayridingstables.com
after 5pm on the Wed. prior to the show or call the secretary. NO DOGS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Awards: High score and reserve at each show (excluding Intro). Series high score awards and prizes
        (participate in two or more shows).
                For entry form and directions, see the web site www.willowwayridingstables.com
         Entry form also available on the VADA/Nova web site: www.vadanova.org (see calendar page)

                      JUNE KICKS OFF
                  SCHOOLING SHOW SERIES
                  AT LOOKING GLASS FARM!

June 11: LGF I       Judge: Sally O’Connor (S)

June 12: LGF II      Judge: Betty Thorpe (r)

       (third show in series is Aug 14)

       Top judges, friendly atmosphere,
         lots of warm up, good footing.
                  Food available
     Ride in two of the three shows and be
      eligible for LGF Year End Awards!

   Looking Glass Farm is in Hamilton, VA
           just off Rt. 7 and Rt. 9

   Forms on web site : www.lgfsporthorses.com
          click on “Clinics and Shows”

        Several nice young horses for sale
   540-729-4847 or lookingglassfarm@mac.com

     Boarding at Bright Moon Farm
          Located near Winchester, VA
          Minutes from Rts. 81, 7 and 50

           Indoor and outdoor rings
      Monthly Dressage Clinics w/FEI Rider

              12 x 12 stalls w/ fans
         Wash stall w/ hot and cold water

     Tack room for boarders w/ heat and AC
          Professional lives on property
     Dressage and eventing lessons available



       visit www.brightmooneventing.com

                                                                                          Catlett, VA

                                                                     We have lots of great activities planned
                                                                                   for the fall:
                                                                      September 17, 2011—VADA/Nova Schooling Show
                                                                          September 18,. 2011—Homestead Farm Musical
                                                                                  Freestyle Challenge to benefit
                                                                                     ovarian cancer research
                                                                            September 24, 2011—3rd Annual Fun Show
                                                                     October 9, 2011—Homestead Farm Schooling show
                                                                            October 16, 2011—Year end awards picnic

                                                                            See the website for more information

                                           Quantico Riding Club
                                 2011 DRESSAGE SCHOOLING SHOW SERIES
                                        Quantico Marine Corps Base
                                            1792 Purvis Road
                                               Quantico, VA

SHOW DATES:      4/2                       5/7                     6/11                   7/9                        8/27
CLOSING DATES:   3/26                      4/30                    6/4                    7/2                        8/20
Judges:        Aviva Nebesky, L        Jennifer Moran, L       Jan Garlitz, L        Lauren Sprieser                  TBD

                                    *Please include current Coggins & payment(s). * *

Manager:           Nancy Kapitan, 703-398-9262, nkapitan@yahoo.com

Secretary:         Anna Mitchell, 4072 Sapling Way, Triangle, VA 22712, 540-630-2628, qrchorseshow@gmail.com

Fees:      $20 (military+dependents)   $25 (non-military)      $5 office fee

Checks: Make check payable to Quantico Riding Club

Classes:           Intro Levels, Training 1-3, USEA tests. Gaited horses welcome.

Other Info:          SMALL ARENA. Warm-up arena. Civilians are welcomed. Allow extra time in case of high security. Must present
         driver’s license to military police. Year End Awards series. Concession stand available.

                    See website www.quanticoridingclub.com for entry form, directions and times
                   Prize list and entry form are also on the VADA/Nova web site: www.vadanova.org
                                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2011
      Always check the web site: www.vadanova.org
             for any changes or corrections                  Aug. 14 Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, VA
                                                             Alison Head 540-338-7810 lookingglassfarm@mac.com
               Licensed and Special Shows
                                                             Aug. 27 Quantico Riding Club, Quantico, VA
June 3-5 VADA/Nova Spring Dressage, Morven Park              Anna Mitchell 540-630-2628 qrchorseshow@gmail.com
Tina Longaker 540-832-7611 vadvirag8@gmail.com
                                                             Sept. 3 Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA
July 23-24   USDF/Youth Team Competition, Morven Park        Pam Dors 540-955-0529 evergreendors@juno.com

July 30 VADA/Nova Summer 1 Breed Show, Morven Park           Sept. 17 VADA/Nova, Homestead , Catlett, VA
Lori Kaminski 410-398-1740 lori_kaminski@verizon.net         Barbara Zulick 703-339-0570 jbzulick@cox.net

July 31 VADA/Nova Summer II Breed Show, Morven Park          Oct. 8 Kingland Farm, Lovettsville, VA
Lori Kaminski 410-398-1740 lori_kaminski@verizon.net         Holly Wilmoth 540-539-0181 hwilmoth@mindspring.com

Sept 10,11 VADA/Nova Autumn Dressage, Morven Park            Oct. 9 Homestead Farm, Catlett, VA
Dianne Boyd 703-850-9704 greyhorse11@gmail.com               Robin Dannels 540-439-0994 reigndear01@aol.com

                    Schooling Shows                          Oct 10 Willow Way Riding Stables, Haymarket, VA
                                                             Jen Moran 703-999-8040
June 11 Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, VA                     jenifermoran@willowwayridingstables.com
Alison Head 540-338-7810 lookingglassfarm@mac.com
                                                             Oct. 15 VADA/Nova, Compass Rose, Haymarket, VA
June 11 Homestead Farm, Catlett, VA                          Candy Allen 703-753-8430 zues10@aol.com
Robin Dannels 540-439-0994 reigndear01@aol.com
                                                             Oct 29 Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA
June 11 Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA                       Pam Dors 540-955-0529 evergreendors@juno.com
Pam Dors 540-955-0529 evergreendors@juno.com
                                                             Nov. 5 VADA/Nova Championship Schooling Show,
June 11 Quantico Riding Club, Quantico, VA                           Morven Park
Anna Mitchell 540-630-2628 qrchorseshow@gmail.com            Sheli King 540-338-7362 amking91@verizon.net

June 12 Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, VA
Alison Head 540-338-7810 lookingglassfarm@mac.com            * VADA/Nova sponsored activities are in bold print

June 25 VADA/Nova, Compass Rose, Haymarket, VA
Judy Grass 703-620-4923 grass@ccr.org

June 26 Compass Rose, Haymarket, VA
Candy Allen 703-753-8430 zues10@aol.com

July 9 Quantico Riding Club, Quantico, VA
Anna Mitchell 540-630-2628 qrchorseshow@gmail.com

July 9 Willow Way Riding Stables, Haymarket, VA
Jen Moran 703-999-8040
jenifermoran@willowwayridingstables.com                                   Pics
July 23 Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA                                        Of
Pam Dors 540-955-0529 evergreendors@juno.com

Aug. 13 VADA/Nova, Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, VA
Alison Head 540-338-7810 lookingglassfarm@mac.com
Aug. 13 Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA                       www.PICSOFYOU.com                  John Robinson
Pam Dors 540-955-0529 evergreendors@juno.com

          MISCELLANEOUS                             HORSES FOR SALE OR LEASE                                  SADDLES FOR SALE

                                                                                                    Stubben Juventis Dressage: 17‖, med. tree,
Part time barn help/groom wanted.                Procreate: 13 yo TB. Geld, 16.1h, gray. Al-        black w/ burgundy trim. Very attractive, com-
Small, private dressage barn in Purcellville/    ready successful in new dressage career. Scor-     fortable, specifically designed for junior rider.
Middleburg area. Must have experience, be        ing 65% at 1st lvl. Good natured, clips, loads,    Ex. cond. Matching youth leathers, 22‖ girth
reliable, enjoy working w/ horses. Approx.       trail rides. Needs loving forever home. See        included. $800. 703-771-0955 Email for pics
20hrs/week, $12/hr or trade for lessons/         www.brightmooneventing.com for pics and            ms.mckitrick@verizon.net          (7,11)
boarding. Melissa: 540-338-1421                  info or call 571-296-1949              (7,11)
melissa@echohillfarm.net        (7,11)                                                              Rembrandt dressage: 17.5‖, black, med.
                                                 Quarter Pony dressage prospect: Super tal-         width, vg. cond., new billets, $850 obo.
1998 Cotner: 2-horse w/ ramp, alum. skin.        ented, 14.2h, 10yo, chest. QH mare. Very           Hennig Sofa dressage: 2006, 17.75‖, black,
Custom made summer doors for above               smart, athletic, easy to work with. Great ground   new point billets, ex. cond., currently set wide
ramp. Lg area in front of horses for tack        manners. Easy keeper, sound barefoot. Great on     but fully adjustable. $4500 obo. Laura 703-
trunk, supplies. Floor/tires all in good cond.   trails. Asking $3500 304-261-1461 (6,11)           608-8583 or laura@asmandl.com (6,11)
$4K. Jenny: baymoon85@hotmail.com or
703-400-7209. Email for pics (7,11)                                                                 Sankey Barracuda Dressage: 17.5‖, wide,
                                                                                                    black, ex. cond., very lightly used. Handmade
Do the math, w/ gas prices and travel time                                                          in Scotland. For more info on saddle see:
why not board at Cheshire Horse Hills?                                                              www.bornesaddlery.com. Retails for $3600,
Only 15 min. from Alexandria, and 17 mi.                                                            asking $2000. Sheli amking91@verizon.net
from White House, our premier facility has                  MISCELLANEOUS                                                              (6,11)
everything you could want and need. 301-                                                            Antares Monoflap dressage: Gorgeous, like-
372-6302 www.cheshirehorsehills.com                                                                 new, 17.5‖, 1R flap w/ m-w tree. Deepest seat
                                      (6,11)     Boarding: Haymarket, VA. 1 stall avail.,           w/ beautiful black calfskin. The most com-
                                                 full size ring, lights, auto waterers, small       fortable saddle you will ever ride in.
Wanted: cob size double bridle. Used or          paddock turn-out, trails, cross country, show-     $3200obo KbergLF@gmail.com (6,11)
new is ok sadsac01@yahoo.com 703-594-            er, training, lessons by Silver Medalist, USDF
3325                             ( 6,11)         L Grad. www.willowwayridingstables.com             Stackhouse monoflap dressage:(custom)
                                                 Jen 703-999-8040                         (7,11)    17.5/18‖ seat, mw/w tree, long flaps, $4200
                                                                                                    Scheulteis dressage: 17.5‖ seat, med tree,
                                                 1996 Deluxe Kingston trailer: 2-horse,             lightly used, $950 5470-338-4506 (6,11)
                                                 bumper pull, dressing room, new tires, prof.
                                                 painted roof, tail gate coated w/ line-X. Over-
                                                 all condition-very good. Asking $6500. Cell #
                                                 703-505-0962 Bonnie ddsport1@verizon.net
                                                 Volunteer Opportunities: Loudoun Thera-
                                                 peutic Riding at The Morven Park Equestrian
                                                 Center in Leesburg. Please call 703-771-2689
                                                 or email: volunteer@LTRF.org
                                                 Laurie Dove-volunteer coordinator (6,11)

Newsletter Editor Barbara Pickering
PO Box 354
Haymarket, VA 20168-0354

                    J UNE

                                           VADA/Nova Member

      Upcoming Events
      June 3-5 VADA/Nova licensed show at
               Morven Park

      June 25 VADA/Nova schooling show at
              Compass Rose                                    photo by Pics of You


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