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                                         Little Gasparilla Property Owners Association
                                                                          PO Box 3643
                                                                     Placida, FL 33946


                                     August, 2009 Coconut Telegraph

As reported in last month’s “Telegraph”, Suzanne Dixon has graciously agreed to share her delicious
hush puppy recipe with us. Those of us who attended the July 4th party know what a real treat these are.
As you may recall, she asked for suggestions from islanders for a name for her recipe. She has decided to
call them “Gasparilla Grabbers”, and thanks everyone who suggested a name. The recipe is attached to
this email.

The LGPOA met at the home of Board Member Phyllis NeSmith on August 22. Several committees gave
Island Services: There will be a coastal cleanup on September 19th from 9 to Noon. Trash cans will be
placed around the island a few days before that, and boats are needed to help haul the trash to Eldred’s
marina, where a dumpster will be provided. If you can help, email David Haynes at
Environmental: There will also be a Scallop Count on September 12th in Lemon Bay. Volunteers are
needed with boats and dive flags. If you can help, email David Haynes.
Planning: Midge O’Hara reported that Charlotte County will adopt the Little Gasparilla Island Zoning
Overlay Act with its new Comprehensive Plan next Spring.
Membership: LGPOA membership is now up to approximately 250. If you know someone who wants to
join, refer them to our website, for a membership form.
Treasurer’s report: Paul Holmes reported that we have $19,000 in the treasury. An anticipated expense
will be the mailing of a survey to all islanders about fire and EMS (see below).
Social: The First Annual Labor Day Weekend Fishing Tournament will be held on September 6th,
followed by a Potluck/fish fry, featuring Sam and Suzanne Dixon’s fabulous fish and hush puppies. See for details. Social Chair Janet Stanke is planning a Halloween party. Look for details in
future editions of the Telegraph.
Tri-Board Committee on Fire and EMS: Several individuals reported on numerous recent
developments concerning the issue of fire and EMS service on LGI. Look for an upcoming Special
Edition of the Coconut Telegraph reporting on these significant developments.

The next meeting of the LGPOA will be on September 26th. You will get a reminder early that week with
the time and place.

Two iguanas were trapped on the north canal this month and another was shot near the center of the
island. If you see any more iguanas, especially if you can determine the location of their burrows, contact
Environmental Committee chair Susan Leydon at 698-0772. She has traps and information on how to

                           Be a part of your future! Be an LGPOA member!
trap and dispose of iguanas. As you know, they are a serious pest on Boca Grande. Let’s hope we can
stop them here!

John Chaplin, the Gasparilla Marina manager, has expressed concern about unpermitted cars parked in
the marina lot and large amounts of garbage in the dumpsters. It appears that the marina management is
seriously underestimating the number of their customers who are LGI homeowners (John’s estimate was
50!). If you will let me know by replying to this email that you are a marina customer, I can give him a
more accurate number. The marina needs to know that Little Gasparilla Islanders are a large portion of
their customer base and our interests must be taken into account.

                          Be a part of your future! Be an LGPOA member!

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