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F451 Symbols Ppt by dfhdhdhdhjr



Manifestation of fear
 and the terrors of
- Mind-numbing, mind-controlling technologica
amusements offered by society -
Characters become the parlor “relatives.”
         - Knowledge and the Mind -
Futility of filling humans with experiences
        that seem worth preserving
      Books are the tools of retention.
Loss of freedoms of speech,
thought, and press
- Mythological multicolored bird of Arabia -
At end of its 500-year existence, it perches on
its nest of spices and sings until sunlight
ignites the mass. A worm emerges from the
ashes developing into the next phoenix.
- Visual representation
        of fire –
     In mythology
it endures the flames
   without burning.
- Temperature at which
  book paper catches
     fire and burns -
  - Self-destruction of
         Society -
- Society’s need to really look at itself
and reflect on the need to change (p 164) -
Mildred saw herself reflected in a mirror
                      right before she died.
                              (p 159)
In literature the beetle, with its prominent black
horns, is connected with Satan. Vehicles,
too, in this dystopian society resemble beetles.
Fire Hose represents
a great serpent, a key
reminder of Adam and
Eve’s temptation to
disobey God.

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