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					Hearing Solutions
Summer 2009
Hearing provides
the best hearing
care, the latest
digital hearing
aid technology
and leads the
world in hearing
With so many options available, there’s every reason to hear
your world in perfect harmony.
Our range of hearing aids include the fully subsidised and partially subsidised or ‘top ups’ which
mean you can contribute to the cost of the devices, giving you extra features which will help you to
hear in noisy situations.
You can choose from our fantastic range of accessory products that help you on the phone, hear
the doorbell, alarm clock, the TV, the stereo or for better hearing in meetings, classrooms or face-
Our qualified clinicians will help you find the hearing solution that considers your needs, your
preferences and lifestyle.

We are delighted to launch our summer Hearing      Let us help you improve your hearing in any
Solutions catalogue, showcasing different          listening situation.
products that can help you hear in every part of  Visit any of our 110 hearing centres around the
your life.                                        country to find out more about solutions to help
From hearing aids which enhance speech and you stay connected.
sound in different situations to listening to the
television at your preferred volume.
Hearing devices

motion300                                              motion500
Hear better at family gatherings with the              The perfect device for hearing comfortably in noise.
motion300. Join in conversations and experience        Enjoy hearing others well and take advantage
the convenience of making adjustments using            of the compatibility with Bluetooth technology,
your remote control. Motion300 offers many great       delivering superior hearing performance. The
features, including the ability for your two hearing   motion500 offers great sound and reduction of
aids to communicate with each other for the most       background noise. It also automatically learns your
effective sound (e2e wireless) and the ability to      overall volume preferences.
minimise whistling without reducing speech quality
(feedback blocker).
                                                       • 12 channels
Features                                               • e2e wireless
• 8 channels                                           • Directional microphone
• e2e wireless                                         • Feedback blocker
• Directional microphone                               • Data learning
• Feedback blocker                                     • Range of remote controls
• Range of remote controls
                                            RECHARGEABILITY                                          CONNECTIVITY

                                                   Charger                                                   TEK

                                    •   No more worries about buying and                  • Enjoy the pleasure of listening to TV                 •
                                        handling batteries                                  or music in full stereo sound                         •
                                    •   Stylish and easy-to-use, for two                  •   Use Tek with Bluetooth phones for

motion700                                                              options
                                        instruments at a time                                 receiving and making calls
                                    •   Just five hours of charging

                                            All Motion BTE, Pure and                                 All Motion, Pure and
The best in natural sound, sound comfort andActive RIC devices
                                                learning.                                                 Life devices
                                                                           Adjust your hearing aids with
Within the motion range, the motion700 has the
greatest capacity to enhance speech, reduce noise and                      a remote control
pick up the subtle differences in sounds, helping you to                   Even though your hearing aids cope well in many
enjoy music more.                                                                                                    Accessory Guide
                                                                           different situations there may be times when
Unlike other hearing devices, the motion700 helps you                      you would like to adjust the volume or change
determine the location of sound from front and back.                       program. With a remote control, you can do this
It also enhances the perception of higher frequencies                      easily and discreetly without having to touch your
and ‘learns’ how you like your hearing aid to sound in                     hearing aids. Please ask us about our range of

different settings.                                                        remote controls.

                                                                           Recharge your hearing aids
• 16 channels              •   e2e wireless
• TrueEar                  •   Sound Brilliance                            Australian Hearing offers the option of a recharger
• Directional microphone   •   Feedback blocker                            with many Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids.
• Sound learning           •   Range of remote controls                    Alleviating the need for battery changes. You
                                                                           simply place your hearing aids on the recharger –
                                                                           just like a mobile phone. Simple, hassle-free and
                                                                           environmentally friendly. See our centres for more
Entertainment and phone

Enjoy television at your                                Wireless headphones
preferred volume                                        for all your audio needs
There’s no longer any need to turn the TV down to       Enjoy wireless freedom, stereo sound and speech
accommodate others. Avoid family feuds and enjoy        intelligibility with Sennheiser’s award-winning
the sound quality of the Sennheiser Set 840-TV. These   headphones for people with a moderate hearing
wireless headphones enable you to set the volume at     loss. Wander the house and hear through walls
any level and sit back and enjoy your own personal      and ceilings, block out background noise and
sound sensation. Ideal for television and other audio   adjust the left and right to suit you. Compatible
equipment, such as the radio and stereo. Sound even     with the TV, MP3 players and laptops. Recharging
transmits through walls, so never miss a moment of      is simple and comes with a two-year warranty.
your favourite show, even if you get up to go to the
kitchen.                                                Product: RS 140 wireless RF
Product: 840-TV Stetoset RF                             headphone system

RRP: $446                                               RRP: $449.95
(A t-switch compatible model is also available)         buy a second set of headphones
                                                        for $299.00
Listen to music in stereo                         Hear better on the phone
via your t-switch
Hear true stereo sound with the Music Link        Increase volume and sound clarity on your phone
Freedom Stereo. Simply select the t-switch        with a telephone coupler. Simply attach this small
on your hearing aid or BTE cochlear implant       portable device to the earpiece of your telephone
processor and tune into your favourite tracks.    to amplify the incoming sound to your preferred
The discreet inductive hooks sit behind the ear   volume. Compatible with the t-switch on your
and the 3.5mm plug fits into any product with a   hearing aid, the coupler can be used on standard
headphone jack.                                   and cordless telephones and payphones (not
Product: Music Link Freedom
Stereo                                            Product: Telephone coupler
                                                  strap on TA-1
RRP: $89
                                                  RRP: $80
Personal listening and FMs

Amplify sound without                                          No more sleeping in, or
hearing aids                                                   missing the phone
Turn up the volume with your own personal amplifier.           Wake up to the Oricom Alarm Clock and Shaker
Simple to use, the Bellman Audio Maxi provides clear and       which can vibrate, flash and sound, depending
crisp sound through headphones, earbuds or a stethoclip.       on your preferences. It can also connect to your
Clarify speech and reduce background noise with this           phone, so you can see when someone is calling.
fantastic alternative to hearing aids.                         It’s simple to use, with extra loud volume, a
                                                               flashing strobe light and a vibrating shaker. The
Connect straight to your multimedia equipment with the
                                                               oversized time display makes, for easy reading.
audio cable kit, which comes as an optional extra. Provides
excellent stereo sound directly from your TV or music player
to your ears. An external microphone is also available,
                                                               Product: Alarm Clock and Shaker
which is ideal for the car or speaker of your TV.
                                                               RRP: $110
Product: Bellman Audio Maxi
Optional accessories: external microphone and audio cable

RRP: $279 - $337
$29 (extra microphone), $49 (cables)
Never miss the front                                   Turn up the volume
doorbell again                                         one to one
Someone at the door? This portable device              Want a direct communication link between you and
sounds and flashes, letting you know exactly when      your partner, teacher or any other individual? Hear
your visitor has arrived. Simply attach the doorbell   someone over a distance or in a noisy environment
button to your front door and then take the            using a wireless FM system, which delivers sound
receiver around the house as you wish. It’s simple     directly to your ears. Ideal for the classroom,
to install and comes with seven distinct sounds.       meetings, busy restaurants, in the car or on the
                                                       phone. The speaker wears a small microphone
Product: Wireless Door Chime                           and transmitter and the hearing aid user wears the
                                                       receiver. It’s just like a personal one-to-one radio
RRP: $70                                               system. Perfect for managing a mild hearing loss
                                                       or for use in conjunction with hearing aids.
                                                       All our FM systems come with a free charger and
                                                       two year warranty. Ask our staff about our range of
                                                       FM systems.

                                                       Cost: $1,200 - $1,900
                                                       (subsidised for children and some adults)
Accessing our services

At Australian Hearing, our highly                                   Unlimited batteries
                                                                    and repairs
trained staff offer professional
advice in conjunction with our                                      Receive unlimited batteries and repairs
                                                                    on your hearing devices with our Hearing
usual services, which are free                                      Services Card. Our maintenance services
                                                                    include mechanical and electrical repairs,
for eligible* people.                                               earmould and shell renewal and repair,
                                                                    cord replacement and microphone
                                                                    replacement. We can also clean your
Our services include:
                                                                    hearing aid and make sure it’s delivering
- rehabilitation programs to effectively manage hearing loss        the best sound for your needs.

- consultations and hearing tests                                   The Hearing Services Card is available at

- fully fitted digital hearing aids                                 our centres for a nominal annual fee.

- unlimited batteries and repairs.

If you or someone you know is eligible for our services, please
                                                                    * Eligible people† are entitled to fully or partially
fill in the Application for Hearing Services Voucher (available     subsidised hearing devices depending on their clinical
                                                                    needs under the Australian Government Hearing
from our centres) and post it to the address shown on the form      Services Program. †To be eligible to receive services
OR take it to your nearest Australian Hearing centre.               under this program, a person must be: an Australian
                                                                    pensioner concession cardholder or their dependant;
                                                                    a Department of Veterans’ Affairs gold or white
You will receive a voucher pack in the mail which entitles you to
                                                                    repatriation cardholder (specifically for war-related
free hearing services.                                              hearing loss) or their dependant; a sickness allowance
                                                                    recipient or their dependant; a referred client of an
You can then phone 131 797 to make an appointment for a free        Australian Government funded vocational rehabilitation
                                                                    service; a member of the Australian Defence Forces; an
hearing assessment with Australian Hearing.                         Australian citizen or permanent resident under 21 years
                                                                    of age; an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
                                                                    aged over 50 years, or who is a current participant of a
                                                                    Community Development Employment Project, or who
                                                                    was participating in this program between 1 December
                                                                    2005 and 30 June 2008.
Australian Hearing
New South Wales                   Toukley        02 4397 7500       Sunshine          03 9311 4580    Cleveland         07 3286 8400
Albury           02 6041 2044     Tweed Heads    07 5599 4899       Warragul          03 5941 4822    Gladstone         07 4972 1358
Bankstown        02 9722 6200     Wagga Wagga    02 6922 2300       Warrnambool       03 5564 6200    Hervey Bay        07 4194 1822
Blacktown        02 9831 8860     Wollongong     02 4254 1200       Werribee          03 8742 8900    Ipswich           07 3202 1844
Campbelltown     02 4621 6300     Woy Woy        02 4344 9200                                         Logan Central     07 3299 3366
Canberra         02 6232 3200                                       Tasmania                          Mackay            07 4944 0480
Chatswood        02 9411 4533     Victoria                          Bellerive/Rosny   03 6244 8924    Maroochydore      07 5443 7808
Coffs Harbour    02 6652 0700     Ballarat       03 5333 3925       Burnie            03 6432 6500    Maryborough       07 4120 8300
Dee Why          02 9971 0922     Belmont        03 5245 8983       Glenorchy         03 6273 9178    Mount Gravatt     07 3347 4200
Dubbo            02 6881 2400     Bendigo        03 5445 1400       Hobart            03 6221 9500    Noosa             07 5442 4556
Gosford          02 4324 2088     Box Hill       03 9890 0606       Launceston        03 6332 4700    Palm Beach        07 5599 4899
Grafton          02 6642 4603     Broadmeadows   03 9302 1183                                         Redcliffe         07 3284 9103
Hornsby          02 9482 0800     Caulfield      03 9524 7100                                         Robina            07 5554 8900
                                                                    Western Australia
Hurstville       02 9585 7800     Cheltenham     03 9583 3822                                         Rockhampton       07 4924 8600
                                                                    Bunbury           08 9792 1200
Kempsey          02 6584 1144     Colac          03 5231 6585                                         Sherwood          07 3278 6766
                                                                    Cannington        08 9350 9677
Lismore          02 6623 2100     Cranbourne     03 5341 3822                                         Southport         07 5532 6889
                                                                    Fremantle         08 9431 7790
Liverpool        02 9612 3700     Croydon        03 9724 9144                                         Toowoomba         07 4632 7855
                                                                    Karrinyup         08 9204 4888
Maitland         02 4937 9700     Dandenong      03 9794 5274                                         Townsville        07 4771 9100
                                                                    Morley            08 9275 5077
Miranda          02 9526 5188     Forest Hill    03 9894 8910                                         Wynnum            07 3396 0661
                                                                    Perth             08 9226 7100
Newcastle        02 4962 1388     Frankston      03 8781 3700
Nowra            02 4422 6144     Geelong        03 5222 1277
                                                                    Queensland                        South Australia
Orange           02 6393 0500     Hawthorn       03 8610 4300                                         Adelaide          08 8228 9000
                                                                    Aspley            07 3863 2577
Parramatta       02 9633 6500     Knox           03 9887 5433                                         Christies Beach   08 8383 8800
                                                                    Atherton          07 4030 5900
Penrith          02 4720 3400     Lilydale       03 9724 9144                                         Marion            08 8422 6400
                                                                    Beenleigh         07 3827 7500
Port Macquarie   02 6584 1144     Melbourne      03 8610 4300                                         Modbury           08 8265 8100
                                                                    Brisbane          07 3237 6800
Salamander Bay   02 4962 1388     Moonee Ponds   03 8325 9000                                         Woodville         08 8348 1100
                                                                    Bundaberg         07 4152 3833
Springwood       02 4752 2800     Morwell        03 5134 5500
                                                                    Caboolture        07 5499 2052
Sydney           02 9269 3500     Pakenham       03 5941 4822                                         Northern Territory
                                                                    Cairns            07 4052 3700
Tamworth         02 6768 1900     Reservoir      03 9469 2555                                         Alice Springs     08 8958 3100
                                                                    Caloundra         07 5341 8072
Taree            02 6584 1144     Rosebud        03 5982 0799                                         Darwin            08 8945 5511
                                                                    Clayfield         07 3857 9300
Toronto          02 4979 0600     Shepparton     03 5823 7500

We also have visiting sites located nationwide.
Call your nearest centre to find out which visiting sites are near you. Or call Telscreen, our over- the -phone hearing check on 1800
826 500. If you require an interpreter, you can call 131 450 (TIS National) and ask to be connected to Australian
Hearing. This is a free service.

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