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									                              HARRIS COUNTY                                                                 Job No.
                                        BID COVER SHEET                                                  __10/0038
 BID FOR: Term Contract for Turf Establishment, Vegetation, Mowing, and Irrigation for Minor
 Maintenance Sites for the Harris County Flood Control District (For one year beginning approximately May
 1, 2010)

DUE DATE:                       February 15, 2010
                                Due no later than 2:00 P.M. local time in Houston, Texas.                   Bids received later
                                than the date and time above will not be considered.

OFFERORS NOTE:                  Carefully read all instructions, requirements and specifications. Fill out all forms
                                properly and completely. Submit your bid with all appropriate supplements and/or
                                samples in an appropriately sized envelope or box. PACKAGE MUST SHOW
                                THE JOB NUMBER, DESCRIPTION AND BE MARKED "SEALED BID".
                                1001 PRESTON AVENUE, SUITE 670
                                HOUSTON, TEXAS 77002

                                Buyer: Nancy Garcia at (713) 755-6790

Total Amount of Bid:            $

Company Name:

Company Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Taxpayer Identification Number (T.I.N.):

Telephone:________________________ Fax:_____________________ e-mail:_____________________________

Do you carry Health Insurance on your employees?                  Yes        No     If yes, what % of employees: ____%

Signature:                                                        Print Name
[Your signature attests to your offer to provide the goods and/or services in this bid according to the published provisions of this
Job and certifies that all statements made by you are true, complete and correct. All prices and signatures must be typewritten
or written in ink. When an award letter is issued, it becomes a part of this contract. Contract is not valid until Purchase Order is
Accepted by:_______________________________________                                Date: _____________________________
Revised 11/09

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                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

This bid/proposal package includes the components checked below. If the item is not checked, it is not applicable to
this bid/proposal. Offerors are asked to review the documentation to be sure that all applicable parts are included. If
any portion of the documentation is missing, notify the Purchasing Department immediately.            Offeror should be
thoroughly familiar with all of the following items applicable to the bid/proposal before submitting an offer.

__X__ 1.        Cover Sheet - Complete this page, sign IN INK and return it.

__X__ 2.        Table of Contents - This page lists the applicable components of this bid/proposal documentation.

__X__ 3.        General Requirements - It is offeror’s responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with the General

__X__ 4.        Special Requirements/Instructions - This section provides information needed in order to make
                an offer properly. Special requirements supersede General Requirements when applicable.

__X__ 5.        Specifications - This section contains a detailed description of the goods/services sought by the

__X__ 6.        Pricing/Delivery Information - This form is used to solicit exact pricing of goods/services, delivery,
                and other costs.

__X__ 7.        Attachments
                __X__     a.      Tax Form/Debt/Residence Certification - Complete this form and return it with
                                  your offer.

                __X__        b. Bid Guaranty & Performance Bond Information & Requirements - This form
                                applies only to certain bids/proposals. All public work contracts over $25,000
                                require a Payment Bond and over $100,000 must also have a Performance Bond, in a
                                form approved by the County. Please read carefully and fill out completely.

                __X__        c. Bid Check Return Authorization Form - This form applies only to certain
                                bids/proposals. Read this form carefully and fill it out completely.

                _____        d. Vehicle Delivery Instructions - Included only when purchasing vehicles.

                __X__        e. Minimum Insurance Requirements - Included in specific requirements when
                                applicable (does not supersede “Hold Harmless” section of General Requirements).

                _____        f.   Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage Rule 110.110 - This requirement
                                  is applicable for a building or construction contract.

                _____        g. Financial Statement - When this information is required, you must use this form
                                or submit acceptable financial documents.

                __X__        h. Reference Sheet - When references are required, you must use this form.

                _____        i.   HIPAA Requirements

                __X__        j. Equipment List
                __X__        k. CPI-W Based Price Adjustment Calculations
Revised 11/09

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                                         GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BIDS


General Requirements apply to all advertised bids; however, these may be superseded, whole or in part, by the SPECIAL
your bid package is complete.

In special circumstances, vendor may be required to allow duly authorized representatives of Harris County, the Harris County
Hospital District or the state and federal government access to contracts, books, documents, and records necessary to verify the
nature and extent of the cost of services provided by vendor.

When specifications are revised, the Harris County Purchasing Department will issue an addendum addressing the nature of the
change. Offerors must sign and include it in the returned bid package.

The successful offeror may not assign, sell or otherwise transfer this contract without written permission of Harris County
Commissioners Court.

Harris County reserves the right to award this contract on the basis of LOWEST AND BEST OFFER in accordance with the
laws of the State of Texas, to waive any formality or irregularity, to make awards to more than one offeror, to reject any or all
bids. In the event the lowest dollar offeror meeting specifications is not awarded a contract, the offeror may appear before the
Commissioners Court, Hospital District Board of Managers, the Juvenile Board or other applicable governing body and present
evidence concerning his responsibility after officially notifying the Office of the Purchasing Agent of his intent to appear.

Fill out and return to the Harris County Purchasing Department ONE (1) complete bid form in an appropriately sized envelope
authorized representative of the offeror should sign the Bid Cover Sheet. The contract will be binding only when signed by
Harris County, funds are certified by the County Auditor and or the Hospital District, as applicable, and a Purchase Order

Offerors must return all completed bids to the Harris County Purchasing Department reception desk at 1001 Preston Avenue,
Suite 670, Houston, Texas before 2:00 P.M. LOCAL TIME IN HOUSTON, TEXAS on the date specified. Late bids will
not be accepted. Electronic bids requiring documentation, samples, etc. which cannot be uploaded must be received in the
Purchasing Office by the due date and time. Signatures requiring confirmation will be confirmed by the Purchasing Office.

If this bid requires submission of bid guarantee and performance bond, there will be a separate page explaining those
requirements. Bids submitted without the required bid bond or cashier's checks are not acceptable.

The Contractor certifies by execution of this Contract that it is not ineligible for participation in federal or state assistance
programs under Executive Order 12549, "Debarment and Suspension." The Contractor further agrees to include this
certification in all contracts between itself and any subcontractors in connection with the services performed under this
Contract. Contractor also certifies that contractor will notify Harris County in writing immediately if contractor is not in
compliance with Executive Order 12549 during the term of this contract. Contractor agrees to refund Harris County for any
payments made to the contractor while ineligible.

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Determination of colors of materials is a right reserved by the using department unless otherwise specified in the bid.
Unspecified colors shall be quoted as standard colors, NOT colors which require up charges or special handling. Unspecified
fabrics or vinyls should be construed as medium grade. If offeror fails to get color/material approvals prior to delivery of
merchandise, the using department may refuse to accept the items and demand correct shipment without penalty, subject to
other legal remedies.

Harris County Commissioners Court must award the contract and the County Judge or other person authorized by the Harris
County Commissioners Court must sign the contract before it becomes binding on Harris County or the offerors. Department
heads are NOT authorized to sign agreements for Harris County. Binding agreements shall remain in effect until all products
and/or services covered by this purchase have been satisfactorily delivered and accepted.

Renewals may be made ONLY by written agreement between Harris County and the offeror. Any price escalations are limited
to those stated by the offeror in the original bid.

If offeror obtained the bid specifications in digital format in order to prepare a response, the bid must be submitted in hard
copy according to the instructions contained in this bid package. If, in its bid response, offeror makes any changes whatsoever
to the County's published bid specifications, the County's bid specifications as published shall control. Furthermore, if an
alteration of any kind to the County's published bid specifications is only discovered after the contract is executed and is or is
not being performed, the contract is subject to immediate cancellation.

Upon signing this bid document, an offeror offering to sell supplies, materials, services, or equipment to Harris County certifies
that the offeror has not violated the antitrust laws of this state codified in Texas Business and Commerce Code §15.01, et seq.,
as amended, or the federal antitrust laws, and has not communicated directly or indirectly the bid made to any competitor or
any other person engaged in such line of business. Any or all bids may be rejected if the County believes that collusion exists
among the offerors. Bids in which the prices are obviously unbalanced may be rejected. If multiple bids are submitted by an
offeror and after the bids are opened, one of the bids is withdrawn, the result will be that all of the bids submitted by that
offeror will be withdrawn; however, nothing herein prohibits a vendor from submitting multiple bids for different products or

Vendor affirmatively consents to the disclosure of its e-mail addresses that are provided to Harris County, the Harris County
Flood Control District, the Harris County Hospital District including its HMO, the Harris County Appraisal District, or any
agency of Harris County. This consent is intended to comply with the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act, Tex.
Gov’t Code Ann. §522.137, as amended, and shall survive termination of this agreement. This consent shall apply to e-mail
addresses provided by Vendor, its employees, officers, and agents acting on Vendor’s behalf and shall apply to any e-mail
address provided in any form for any reason whether related to this bid/proposal or otherwise.

Evaluation shall be used as a determinant as to which bid items or services are the most efficient and/or most economical for
the County. It shall be based on all factors which have a bearing on price and performance of the items in the user
environment. All bids are subject to tabulation by the Harris County Purchasing Department and recommendation to the
appropriate governing body. Compliance with all bid requirements, delivery and needs of the using department are
considerations in evaluating bids. Pricing is NOT the only criteria for making a recommendation. The Harris County
Purchasing Department reserves the right to contact any offeror, at any time, to clarify, verify or request information with
regard to any bid.

A multi-year lease or lease/purchase arrangement (if requested by the Special Requirements/Instructions), or any contract
continuing as a result of an extension option, must include fiscal funding out. If, for any reason, funds are not appropriated to
continue the lease or contract, said lease or contract shall become null and void on the last day of the current appropriation of
funds. After expiration of the lease, leased equipment shall be removed by the offeror from the using department without
penalty of any kind or form to Harris County. All charges and physical activity related to delivery, installation, removal and
redelivery shall be the responsibility of the offeror.

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In the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of these requirements and the specifications, the specifications
shall govern. In the event of any conflict of interpretation of any part of this overall document, Harris County's interpretation
shall govern.

This bid solicitation is governed by the competitive bidding requirements of the County Purchasing Act, Texas Local Government
Code, §262.021 et seq., as amended. Offerors shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
Offeror is further advised that these requirements shall be fully governed by the laws of the State of Texas and that Harris County
may request and rely on advice, decisions and opinions of the Attorney General of Texas and the County Attorney concerning any
portion of these requirements.

Any contract entered into by the County that is to be paid from grant funds shall be limited to payment from the grant funding
and the vendor/provider understands that the County has not set aside any County funds for the payment of obligations under a
grant contract. If grant funding should become unavailable at any time for the continuation of services paid for by the grant,
and further funding cannot be obtained for the contract, then the sole recourse of the provider shall be to terminate any further
services under the contract and the contract shall be null and void.

Offeror agrees to comply with the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information of the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, PL 104-191, 45 CFR Parts 160-164, as amended, and the Texas Medical
Records Privacy Act, Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 181, as amended, collectively referred to as "HIPAA", to the
extent that the Offeror uses, discloses or has access to protected health information as defined by HIPAA. Offeror may be
required to enter a Business Associate Agreement pursuant to HIPAA.

Contractor, the successful offeror, shall indemnify and hold Harris County harmless from all claims for personal injury, death
and/or property damage resulting directly or indirectly from contractor's performance. Contractor shall procure and maintain,
with respect to the subject matter of this bid, appropriate insurance coverage including, as a minimum, public liability and
property damage with adequate limits to cover contractor's liability as may arise directly or indirectly from work performed
under terms of this bid. Certification of such coverage must be provided to the County upon request.

Harris County reserves the right to inspect any item(s) or service location for compliance with specifications and requirements
and needs of the using department. If an offeror cannot furnish a sample of a bid item, where applicable, for review, or fails to
satisfactorily show an ability to perform, the County can reject the bid as inadequate.

Offerors shall submit an original invoice on each purchase order or purchase release after each delivery, indicating the purchase
order number. Invoices must be itemized. Any invoice, which cannot be verified by the contract price and/or is otherwise
incorrect, will be returned to the offeror for correction. Under term contracts, when multiple deliveries and/or services are
required, the offeror may invoice following each delivery and the County will pay on invoice. Contracts providing for a
monthly charge will be billed and paid on a monthly basis only. Prior to any and all payments made for goods and/or services
provided under this contract, the offeror should provide his Taxpayer Identification Number or social security number as
applicable. This information must be on file with the Harris County Auditor’s office. Failure to provide this information may
result in a delay in payment and/or back-up withholding as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Maintenance required for equipment bid should be available in Harris County by a manufacturer-authorized maintenance
facility. Costs for this service shall be shown on the Pricing/Delivery Information form. If Harris County opts to include
maintenance, it shall be so stated in the purchase order and said cost will be included. Service will commence only upon
expiration of applicable warranties and should be priced accordingly.

Under the "Hazardous Communication Act", commonly known as the "Texas Right To Know Act", an offeror must provide to
the County with each delivery, material safety data sheets which are applicable to hazardous substances defined in the Act.
Failure of the offeror to furnish this documentation will be cause to reject any bid applying thereto.

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Specifications may reference name brands and model numbers. It is not the intent of Harris County to restrict these bids in
such cases, but to establish a desired quality level of merchandise or to meet a pre-established standard due to like existing
items. Offerors may offer items of equal stature and the burden of proof of such stature rests with offerors. Harris County
shall act as sole judge in determining equality and acceptability of products offered.

All products and/or services furnished as part of this contract must be compliant for the present year and forward. This applies
to all computers including hardware and software as well as all other commodities with date sensitive embedded chips.

An outside consultant or contractor is prohibited from submitting a bid for services on a Harris County project of which the
consultant or contractor was a designer or other previous contributor, or was an affiliate, subsidiary, joint venturer or was in
any other manner associated by ownership to any party that was a designer or other previous contributor. If such a consultant
or contractor submits a prohibited bid, that bid shall be disqualified on the basis of conflict of interest, no matter when the
conflict is discovered by Harris County. Potential bidders are advised that they may have disclosure requirements pursuant to
Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176. This law requires persons desiring to do business with the County to disclose
any gifts valued in excess of $250 given to any County Official or the County Official’s family member, or employment of any
County Official or the County Official’s family member during the preceding twelve (12) month period. The disclosure
questionnaire must be filed with the Harris County Clerk. Refer to Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176 for the details
of this law.

Prices for all goods and/or services shall be firm for the duration of this contract and shall be stated on the Pricing/Delivery
Information form. Prices shall be all inclusive: No price changes, additions, or subsequent qualifications will be honored
during the course of the contract. All prices must be written in ink or typewritten. Pricing on all transportation, freight,
drayage and other charges are to be prepaid by the contractor and included in the bid prices. If there are any additional charges
of any kind, other than those mentioned above, specified or unspecified, offeror MUST indicate the items required and
attendant costs or forfeit the right to payment for such items. Where unit pricing and extended pricing differ, unit pricing

The successful offeror shall not deliver products or provide services without a Harris County Purchase Order, signed by an
authorized agent of the Harris County Purchasing Department. The fastest, most reasonable delivery time shall be indicated by
the offeror in the proper place on the Pricing/Delivery Information form. Any special information concerning delivery should
also be included, on a separate sheet, if necessary. All items shall be shipped F.O.B. INSIDE DELIVERY unless otherwise
stated in the specifications. This shall be understood to include bringing merchandise to the appropriate room or place
designated by the using department. Every tender or delivery of goods must fully comply with all provisions of these
requirements and the specifications including time, delivery and quality. Nonconformance shall constitute a breach which
must be rectified prior to expiration of the time for performance. Failure to rectify within the performance period will be
considered cause to reject future deliveries and cancellation of the contract by Harris County without prejudice to other
remedies provided by law. Where delivery times are critical, Harris County reserves the right to award accordingly.

Harris County encourages the use of products made of recycled materials and shall give preference in purchasing to products
made of recycled materials if the products meet applicable specifications as to quantity and quality. Harris County will be the
sole judge in determining product preference application.

If in its response, offeror either electronically scans, re-types, or in some way reproduces the County's published proposal package,
then in the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of the County's published proposal package, or any portion
thereof, and the terms and provisions of the response made by offeror, the County's proposal package as published shall control.
Furthermore, if an alteration of any kind to the County's published proposal package is only discovered after the contract is
executed and is or is not being performed, the contract is subject to immediate cancellation.

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If any section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or word of these requirements or the specifications shall be held
invalid, such holding shall not affect the remaining portions of these requirements and the specifications and it is hereby
declared that such remaining portions would have been included in these requirements and the specifications as though the
invalid portion had been omitted.

The apparent silence of specifications as to any detail, or the apparent omission from it of a detailed description concerning any
point, shall be regarded as meaning that only the best commercial practice is to prevail and that only material and workmanship
of the finest quality are to be used. All interpretations of specifications shall be made on the basis of this statement. The items
furnished under this contract shall be new, unused of the latest product in production to commercial trade and shall be of the
highest quality as to materials used and workmanship. Manufacturer furnishing these items shall be experienced in design and
construction of such items and shall be an established supplier of the item bid.

Offerors are responsible for including all pertinent product data in the returned bid package. Literature, brochures, data sheets,
specification information, completed forms requested as part of the bid package and any other facts which may affect the
evaluation and subsequent contract award should be included. Materials such as legal documents and contractual agreements,
which the offeror wishes to include as a condition of the bid, must also be in the returned bid package. Failure to include all
necessary and proper supplemental materials may be cause to reject the entire bid.

Harris County is exempt from all federal excise, state and local taxes unless otherwise stated in this document. Harris County
claims exemption from all sales and/or use taxes under Texas Tax Code §151.309, as amended. Texas Limited Sales Tax
Exemption Certificates will be furnished upon written request to the Harris County Purchasing Agent.

If the contract is intended to cover a specific time period, the term will be given in the specifications under SCOPE.

Harris County reserves the right to terminate the contract for default if offeror breaches any of the terms therein, including
warranties of offeror or if the offeror becomes insolvent or commits acts of bankruptcy. Such right of termination is in addition
to and not in lieu of any other remedies which Harris County may have in law or equity. Default may be construed as, but not
limited to, failure to deliver the proper goods and/or services within the proper amount of time, and/or to properly perform any
and all services required to Harris County's satisfaction and/or to meet all other obligations and requirements. Harris County
may terminate the contract without cause upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Harris County has the option to terminate this contract immediately without prior notice if offeror fails to perform any of its
obligations in this contract if the failure (a) created a potential threat to health or safety or (b) violated a law, ordinance, or
regulation designed to protect health or safety.

Title and Risk of Loss of goods shall not pass to Harris County until Harris County actually receives and takes possession of
the goods at the point or points of delivery. Receiving times may vary with the using department. Generally, deliveries may
be made between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offerors are advised to consult the using department for
instructions. The place of delivery shall be shown under the "Special Requirements/Instructions" section of this bid package
and/or on the Purchase Order as a "Deliver To:" address.

Offeror and offeror's insurance carrier waive any and all rights whatsoever with regard to subrogation against Harris County as
an indirect party to any suit arising out of personal or property damages resulting from offeror's performance under this

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Offerors shall furnish all data pertinent to warranties or guarantees which may apply to items in the bid. Offerors may not limit
or exclude any implied warranties. Offeror warrants that product sold to the County shall conform to the standards established
by the U.S. Department of Labor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. In the event product does not
conform to OSHA Standards, where applicable, Harris County may return the product for correction or replacement at the
offeror's expense. If offeror fails to make the appropriate correction within a reasonable time, Harris County may correct at the
offeror's expense.

                                       VENDORS OWING TAXES OR OTHER DEBTS
Pursuant to TX Local Government Code 262.0276, Harris County Commissioners Court has adopted a policy which requires
that vendors’ taxes and other Harris County debts be current as of the date bids/proposals are due. Bidders with delinquent
county taxes or other county debts on the due date will not be eligible for award. Whether or not a vendor’s taxes are
delinquent will be determined by an independent review of the Tax Office records. Prior to submitting an offer, vendors are
encouraged to visit the Tax Office website at, set up a portfolio of their accounts and make their own initial
determination of the status of their tax accounts. Vendors who believe a delinquency is reflected in error must contact the Tax
Office to correct any errors or discrepancies prior to submitting their offer in order to ensure that their offer will be considered.
Furthermore, if, during the performance of this contract, a vendor’s taxes become delinquent or a vendor becomes otherwise
indebted to Harris County, Harris County reserves the right to provide notice to the Auditor or Treasurer pursuant to Texas
Local Government Code §154.045. This policy is effective for all bids/proposals due on or after November 1, 2009.

Revised 11/09

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                              SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS

The following requirements and instructions supersede General Requirements where applicable.

1.     Application
       Should this contract apply to other governmental entities, references to “Harris County” and the “Harris
       County Commissioners Court” may apply to one or more of the following:
       --“Harris County Flood Control District” governed by “Harris County Commissioners Court”
       --“Harris County Hospital District” governed by its “Board of Managers”
       --“Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department
       --“Community Health Choice, Inc.” wholly owned subsidiary of the Harris County Hospital District

2.     Delivery
       If delivery is required, all items must be packaged so as to be protected from damage during shipping and
       handling. Any item(s) damaged in shipping must be replaced in kind, or repaired, by the contractor, at the
       discretion of, and at no additional charge to, Harris County.

3.     Usage Reports
       Harris County reserves the right to request, and receive at no additional cost, up to two (2) times during
       the contract period, a usage report detailing the products and/or services furnished to date under a
       contract resulting from this bid. The reports must be furnished no later than five (5) working days after
       written request and itemize all purchases to date by Harris County department, description of each item
       purchased, including manufacturer, quantity of each item purchased, per unit and extended price of each
       item purchased, and total amount and price of all items purchased.

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                                                                                             Seeding Rate
     Seed Plan           Planting Dates                      Plant Species
  Term Contract for Turf Establishment, Vegetation, Mowing, and Irrigation for Minor Maintenance
                         Sites for the Harris County Flood Control District

Harris County is soliciting bids for a term contract for turf establishment, vegetation, mowing, and irrigation for
minor maintenance sites for the Harris County Flood Control District for one year beginning approximately
May 1, 2010.

A pre-bid conference is scheduled for February 9, 2010, at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room of the Office of the
Purchasing Agent, 1001 Preston, Suite 670, Houston, Texas. Attendance is not mandatory but all bidders are
strongly encouraged to attend in order to have a better understanding of the requirements of this bid. Persons
with disabilities requiring special accommodations should contact the Office of the Purchasing Agent at 713-
755-5036 at least two (2) days prior to the conference.

For information regarding the bid process, contact Nancy Garcia of the Office of the Purchasing Agent at (713)
755-6790, or for technical information concerning the products and/or services described in this bid, contact
Robert Reagan of the Harris County Flood Control District at (713) 684-4230.

Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment and materials, including fertilizer, necessary to establish turf
through various means and methods as defined herein and assist Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD)
in the management of the vegetation for minor maintenance repair sites throughout Harris County. The minor
maintenance repair sites vary in sizes; however, no individual site shall exceed five (5) acres.

A. Turf Establishment Requirements – Turf establishment shall be performed as soon as practical after
   construction activities. Long-term exposure of bare earth will not be permitted. HCFCD may stop work
   on the project until exposed areas receive the designated turf establishment. Work will not be permitted on
   areas that are so wet that equipment operation causes tracking and compaction of the ground or when the
   soil is in a non-tillable condition. HCFCD will identify project sites as they are available and ready for turf
   management. The contractor is required to mobilize and begin work on each site within seventy-two (72)
   hours of notice from the HCFCD.

    HCFCD will approve turf establishment projects when specified planting method is complete. Contractor
    will repair areas damaged until the turf establishment is accepted by the HCFCD. Repairs include, but are
    not limited to, damage due to erosion, rilling, traffic or other deleterious acts.

General requirements for seed and seed planting – Seed shall comply with the Texas Seed and Plant
Certification Act and Standards, Section 21.0, 31.10, 21.11 and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rules and
Regulations – Federal Seed Act. Seed bags shall have tags affixed for inspection in the field. Bags without tags
will be rejected. Seed shall be tested and certified by a commercial or state laboratory not more than nine (9)
months prior to the date of planting. Tags on seed bags shall show the name of the seed, locality and year of
harvest, percentage purity, germination and dormant seed, Johnson grass content and noxious weed content.
Seed shall be provided in clean, unopened and undamaged bags. Seed(s) shall be provided with no
objectionable material, such as sticks, stems and unthrashed seed heads, which will hinder proper distribution.
Seed that is wet, moldy, starting to germinate or otherwise damaged, will not be accepted by HCFCD.
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                                           *"KY-31" Tall Fescue                               15
                                           Common Bermudagrass (60% Hulled
                October 1 to March 31                                                         60
    1                                      and 40% unhulled by wt.
                    As Directed
                                           *"Gulf" Annual Ryegrass                            15
                                           Crimson Clover & Inoculant                         20
                                           * Foxtail Millet                                   15
               April 1 to September 30
    2                                      Common Bermudagrass (60% Hulled
                     As Directed                                                              60
                                           and 40% unhulled by wt.
    3                 As Directed          Hulled Common Bermudagrass                         60
    4                 As Directed          Crimson Clover & Inoculant                         20
    5                 As Directed        "Gulf" Annual Ryegrass                               30
                                         *"JY-31" Tall Fescue                                 15
                                         Common Bermudagrass (60% Hulled
    6                As Directed         and 40% unhulled by wt.
                                         Winter Oats                                          40
                                         Crimson Clover & Inoculant                           10
  Seeding shall be applied in accordance with the following:

* Indicates the maximum application rate allowed.
       Planting dates referenced are approximate, HCFCD will determine which seed plan to use prior to
        the start of seeding.
       Seed plan 1 is used when the average maximum daylight air temperature for the preceding two
        calendar weeks is less than 75 degrees F.
Seeding rate is for “Pure Live Seed (PLS)”. Percentage of purity germination and dormant seeds, as shown
on the seed tag, shall be used to determine the actual application rate of bulk material to obtain required
amount of PLS per acre. PLS = (% germination + % dormant seed) x % purity.
Prior to over-seeding, hydro-seeding with mulch, or dry seeding for turf establishment, contractor must
prepare seed beds to support turf grass and/or sod, approximately six (6) inches in depth , except over-
seeding which is one (1) inch in depth, below the design surface or as directed by the HCFCD.

       Contractor is required to correct irregularities in finished seedbed surfaces to eliminate
       Seedbed(s) shall be disked, harrowed, raked or graded until it/they are free of clods and roots.
       All roots and woody plants over one (1) inch in diameter must be removed.

       The final surface shall be left in a roughened condition.

       Prior to turf establishment, contractor must disk, harrow or rake seedbed to loose soil surface if
        rainfall or compaction causes the seedbed to crust.
       Seedbed(s) adjacent to existing turf grass or pavement for areas receiving sod must be graded to
        permit the sod to be flush with adjacent surfaces.
       Prepared seedbeds must be protected from damage by pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

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       Once the seedbed is prepared, contractor must obtain inspection and acceptance from HCFCD
        prior to other turf establishment activities.

Methods of turf establishment include the following applications:

        1. Dry Seeding –
            a. Seeding – Plant seed with a broadcast seeder or a culti-packer seeder. Plant grass seed no
               deeper than ¼inch, with the distance between rows of 12 inches or less. Seed must be
               distributed uniformly. Planted seedbed(s) must be rolled with a culti-packer immediately
               after seeding and prior to applying mulch cover. Seed may be broadcast by hand for small
               areas or areas inaccessible to seeding equipment, as approved by HCFCD. Areas seeded
               by hand shall be rolled or lightly compacted, if possible.

            b. Mulching
               1.  Spread straw or hay mulch to seeded areas with a slope steeper than 6H:1V
                   immediately after application of seed.
               2.  A minimum rate per acre of ½ inch thick straw or hay mulch must be applied to
                   create a uniform mat of coverage to protect the seedbed(s).
               3.  Secure straw or hay mulch with hydro-mulch or other approved method(s). If
                   applying hydro-mulch, it shall consist of an homogeneous aqueous mixture of
                   recycled paper fiber, water and tackifier, to achieve a rate of one-thousand (1,000)
                   pounds of paper fiber mulch per acre over the straw mulch. Apply guar gum tackifier
                   at a minimum rate of fifty (50) pounds (dry weight) per acre. Application rate of
                   other tackifier/soil binder compounds shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s
                   recommendations and approved by the HCFCD.

                Mulch requirements – Mulch products must be free of noxious weeds, foreign material,
                mold and/or rot. The following type mulch will be required by HCFCD:
                 Commercial quality paper mulch consisting of paper cellulose fiber mulch made from
                   post-consumer recovered paper materials such as Pro-Mat® or approved equal.
                 Commercial quality wood fiber mulch consisting of wood cellulose fiber mulch made
                   from recovered wood materials such as Silva-Fiber® or approved equal.
                 Straw mulch made of oat, rice or wheat stem or other straw approved by the HCFCD.
                 Hay mulch of prairie grass, Bermuda grass or other hay as approved by the HCFCD.
                 Screened, mature compost or other organic materials as approved by the HCFCD.

                Tackifier requirements – Provide organic biodegradable tackifier manufactured from
                muciloids or guar gum. Other soil binder compounds, such as Soilmaster-WR® or Soil
                Sement®, may be applied when approved by the HCFCD. Contractor must submit product
                and manufacturer’s name along with application recommendations for tackifier and soil
                binders when requested by HCFCD.

        2. Hydro-seeding with Mulch – Hydro-seeding with mulch is the application of an homogeneous
           aqueous mixture of seed, water, dye, wood fiber mulch and tackifier/soil binder to the
           a.   Apply guar gum tackifier at a minimum rate of fifty (50) pounds (dry weight) per acre.
           b.   Apply wood fiber mulch at a rate of two thousand (2,000) pounds (dry weight) per acre.
           c.   Application rate of other tackifier/soil binder compounds shall be in accordance with
                manufacturer’s recommendations and approved by the HCFCD.
           d.   Refer to Item A-1.b above, Tackifer requirements, for further details.

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3. Over-seeding – Over-seeding is the broadcast application of seed (See Seed Plan 4, 5 or 6
   above) to an area with existing vegetation. HCFCD, from time to time, may provide the seed
   for the over seeding applications.

   a.    Site shall be mowed prior to over-seeding at the direction of HCFCD (See Item 7, Mowing,
         for details).
   b.    Lightly disk or harrow soil surface no more than one (1) inch deep.
   c.    Culti-pack or lightly rake area to cover seed with a ¼ inch of soil.

4. Sod – Sod requirement minimums for Bermuda grass or St. Augustine grass sod and staples.
   Provide live, growing Bermuda grass or “Raleigh” St. Augustine grass sod, as required by
   HCFCD. Shall be dark green sod with a healthy vigorous system of dense, thickly matted roots
   throughout the soil of the sod for a minimum depth of one (1) inch (+/- ¼ inch), excluding top
   growth and thatch. Sod shall contain no more than five (5) percent noxious weeds and other
   crop and weed contaminations and be free of disease and harmful insects. Sod shall be cut in
   uniform panels; broken panels or panels with torn or uneven ends will not be accepted. Sod
   panels shall be strong enough to support their own weight and retain size and shape when
   suspended vertically from a firm grasp on the upper ten (10) percent of the panel. Harvest,
   deliver and install sod within a thirty-six (36) hour period. Sod not planted within this time
   period will be inspected and approved by HCFCD prior to installation. Sod that has been
   allowed to dry out by exposure to the sun and air is unacceptable and will be rejected. HCFCD
   reserves the right to reject any unacceptable table sod. Staples used for sod shall be 6 x 1 x 6
   inch, 11 gauge steel “u” staples. Sod shall be placed in areas as shown on the site plans or as
   directed by HCFCD.

   Contractor must complete the following requirements when placing sod panels.

   a.    Lightly water prepared seedbed immediately prior to placing sod.
   b.    Place sod panels tightly against each other in rows. Lateral joints shall be staggered.
         Exercise care to ensure the sod is not stretched or overlapped and joints are butted tightly
         with no spaces between strips.
   c.    Place a minimum of four (4) staples per sod panel.
   d.    Tamp or roll the sod after placement to ensure good contact with the seedbed(s).
   e.    Lightly water sod during installation to prevent excessive moisture loss.
   f.    Immediately after installation of sod, remove extraneous clumps of sod or soil on sod and
         rake or wash off plant remnants on sod or adjacent pavements.
   g.    Provide irrigation for a minimum of sixty (60) days in accordance with Item 8, Irrigation.
   h.    Contractor will replace any dead sod panels for a period of sixty (60) days after installation.

5. Topsoil – Topsoil will be import topsoil. Topsoil shall be easily cultivated, free from objectionable
   material including, gravel, large roots, stumps, wood, brush, debris, hard clods, clay balls, hardpan,
   refuse or other deleterious materials and be of reasonable uniform quality. On-site or nearby source
   topsoil is the surface layer of material containing decaying vegetable matter and roots. It is not
   necessary to strip all soil containing fine hair-like roots, only soil containing moderate to heavy root

   Imported topsoil shall satisfy the following property values:

        Item                    Test Description                       Unit                 Value
          1     Soil reaction                                          pH                   6-8 (a)
         2      Passing No. 4 sieve                                     %                   95-100

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        3      Sand size: 2.0-0.05 mm                                %                 Oct-70
        4      Silt size: 0.05-0.005 mm                              %                  0-40
        5      Clay size: <0.005 mm                                  %                  20-50
        6      Easily oxidizble organic matter                       %                2.5-10 (b)
       i.     Determine pH by Method A, pH meter. If the imported topsoil does not satisfy the
              specified pH range, achieve the desired pH by applying soil amendments as
              recommended by the certified agronomist’s report of soil sample analysis.
        ii.   Soil testing company shall identify test method used if different than listed below
              under Item A.5.d., References. HCFCD must approve alternate test methods.

   a.   Imported Topsoil – HCFCD may direct the contractor to import topsoil if on-site topsoil is
        of insufficient quantity or quality.
   b.   Delivery, Storage and Handling – Deliver, stockpile and handle topsoil in such a way as to
        not contaminate the material with other soils or objectionable materials.
   c.   Topsoil Placement – Prior to placing topsoil, scarify the subgrade to a minimum depth of
        four (4) inches until it is loose and uncompacted to provide bonding of topsoil layer to
        subgrade. Place top elevation of topsoil at the design finish grade elevation shown on the
        site plans. Do not spread topsoil when it is excessively wet or dry.
   d.   References – The following items are used for evaluation of topsoil.
                 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO
                  T 194) – Determination of organic matter in soils by wet combustion.
                 American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM D 422) – Particle-size analysis of
                 American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM D 4972) – pH of soils.
   e.   Submittals – As requested, contractor must submit a letter of compliance signed by an
        authorized official of the supplier for imported topsoil. The statement shall attest that the
        topsoil satisfies requirements stated in Item A.5 of this specification. Samples of topsoil
        may be requested by HCFCD. When samples are requested, contractor must submit
        sufficient samples of topsoil for testing. The samples shall be submitted at least sixty (60)
        days prior to delivery or placement of topsoil and they must be from the same source or
        stockpile as the topsoil for the project.

6. Fertilization – Fertilization is the broadcast or aqueous application of organic fertilizer applied
   at the manufacturers recommended rate as directed by HCFCD.

   Fertilizer requirements – Shall be an organic pellet or granulated fertilizer and must meet the
   following minimum specifications as well as conforms to the fertilizer laws in effect as
   regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Contractor shall apply (pounds per acre)
   fertilizer according to the manufacturers product label or as directed by the HCFCD
          Contains a minimum N – P – K formula of 4 – 2 – 2 that is manufactured by organic
          The fertilizer must be acceptable for use in organic production.
          The fertilizer must meet the National Organic Program requirements for organic
          Fertilizer must be approved by one of the USDA National Organic Programs
             recognized agencies for organic production.

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          Contractor will provide fertilizer in bags clearly labeled with name and address of the
           manufacturer, weight and guaranteed analysis. Fertilizer shall be delivered on job
           locations in clean, unopened and undamaged bags. HCFCD will reject fertilizer
           containing objectionable materials that may hinder proper distribution as well as caked
          The product label rates for pounds per acre can be used or as directed by the HCFCD.
          Product must be completely soluble in water and pose no change to aquatic plants,
           wildlife nor affect water quality.
          No products derived from human waste may be utilized.
          Prior to award, bidders will be required to provide product literature and specifications
           for the organic fertilizer which will be utilized with this contract.
          Contractor is required to use only the product approved by the HCFCD prior to award
           of contract. Any changes in products during the contract period must be submitted for
           approval prior to use.

7. Mowing – HCFCD may require mowing of selected areas. If so, the following must be applied:
       General Requirements
       a. Contractor shall mow areas including the top of berm, from right-of-way to top of
          slope, channel side slopes and channel bottom.
       b. Mower cutting height shall be adjusted to no less than six (6) inches.
       c. For mowing prior to over-seeding, mowers shall be adjusted to the minimum cutting
          height of the equipment.
       d. Mowing of heavy brush with stems up to three (3) inches in diameter may be required
          in areas of dense vegetation.
       e. In dry conditions, cut all vegetation in the bottom of the channel. Cut vegetation
          adjacent to the wet areas from the toe line extending a minimum of two (2) feet into the
          channel bottom, if deemed necessary by HCFCD.
       f. Mower operators shall establish a cutting path to traverse one hundred (100) percent of
          the designated area. Re-cut missed stands of vegetation or areas not uniformly cut at no
          additional cost to the HCFCD.
       g. Mowing will not occur when soil conditions cannot support the weight of the
          equipment and mowing causes rutting of the soil or slope.
       h. Cut or remove vegetation around drainage interceptor structures, outfall pipes,
          surrounding bridge guardrails, pilings and other obstructions where mowers are unable
          to cut at no additional costs to HCFCD. Leave a six (6) inch vegetated buffer zone
          along fence lines to avoid damage to the fence.
       i. Equipment must not be left within thirty (30) feet of streets during non-working hours.
          Materials and/or equipment stored on-site shall be stored in an orderly manner.
       j. Contractor is responsible, at no additional cost to HCFCD, for any damage caused by
          the mowing operation.

       Field Quality Control – HCFCD will determine all “Restricted Maintenance Zones”. The
       “Restricted Maintenance Zones” will be mowed as directed by HCFCD and if damage to
       these zones occurs, the contractor will be responsible to restore them to their original
       condition. The HCFCD representative will determine which turf establishment sites will be
       mowed. The contractor will receive written notification of the units that need mowing.
       Contractor shall contact HCFCD representative when units are completed.

       Equipment - Mower decks must be equipped with safety chains to prevent damage to
       property from flying debris. Sickle or line trimmer equipment will be used for removing

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        vegetation and debris from around bridges, culverts, guardrails, fences, poles or other
        obstructions not easily accessible with large mowing equipment. Mowers and equipment
        must be in good operating condition and maintained to provide a clean, sharp cut of the
        vegetation. HCFCD reserves the right to inspect any and all equipment prior to or during
        the contract period.

8. Irrigation – When irrigation is required by HCFCD, contractor shall utilize watering equipment
   that provides a uniform water distribution and a controllable rate of water application. The
   irrigation system shall be installed per manufacturer’s recommendations. Irrigation shall be
   done at intervals to promote and sustain vegetation while preventing wilting. Implementation of
   frequent and shorter applications of water shall be used immediately following seeding and
   germination to ensure growth. Irrigation water shall be distributed evenly across the irrigated
   area(s) with the use of sprinkler heads that apply a fine, even spray. Contractor must avoid
   watering impervious surfaces, including but not limited to, concrete paving, roadways and
   buildings. Contractor must also avoid irrigation practices that create run-off and/or ponding of
   water. For projects less than five (5) acres, the use of a water truck or hydro- mulching
   equipment, rather than a temporary stationary irrigation system, is acceptable when approved by

        a. Site Access – Contractor must maintain vehicular access throughout the site during
             progress of the work. Protect irrigation pipes crossing top of berms and access roads.
        b. Irrigation Length – Once irrigation commences, contractor must continue irrigation for
           a minimum of sixty (60) days or until instructed by HCFCD to discontinue and remove
           the irrigation system.
        c. Damage Repair – Contractor is responsible, at no cost to the HCFCD, to repair damage
            caused by the irrigation operation.
        d. Water Supply – Water will be supplied by the contractor as specified in the quantities
           estimated in the Pricing/Delivery Information Sheet.
        e. Submittals – Contractor must submit an irrigation plan prior to the start of work.
           1. As a minimum the irrigation plan shall include:
               proposed method of irrigation,
               layout of irrigation pipes, sprinkler-heads, related equipment and location of
                 irrigation water supply,
               source of irrigation water supply,
               evidence of approval from local water authorities to connect to potable water
               pressure versus flow rate plotted curves for each field source of irrigation water
                 including, but not limited to, fire hydrant statistics,
               irrigation system equipment information including supplier, backflow prevention
                 device and related attached devices,
               proposed watering schedule,
               planned vehicular access route.
           2. Contractor must submit water meter logs and/or water invoices to support each
              application for payment.

9.   Tractor with attachments – From time to time, the HCFCD may need additional turf work to
     be performed on a limited basis that will require the contractor to provide tractors and a variety
     of equipment attachments. The following is a list of attachments that are commonly used by
     HCFCD: rotary mower(s), chisel plow(s), disk harrow(s), fertilizer/seed spreader(s), rake(s)
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                and culti-packer(s). However, the contractor may be required to provide other attachments not
                listed above if requested by HCFCD.

            10. Common laborer – A common laborer, or a crew of two common laborers, may be required to
                perform labor task(s) that are beyond the specific description of this contract. Examples would
                be trash pick-up, debris removal or similar manual labor operations. The contractor will be
                required to provide supervision to manage the common laborer crews to assure the work is
                completed as required. Contractor will also be required to provide hand tools, if needed, such
                as shovel(s), rake(s), hoe(s), broom(s), etc. to be used by the common laborers.

Use of Right-Of-Way – The HCFCD will attempt to obtain access rights in restricted areas. However, the
contractor may have to use whatever right-of-way is available, if no additional access is authorized. The work
area is defined as the right-of-way available to work within to carry out the work of the contract.

Where the encroachments are not directed to be removed by the HCFCD, the contractor will be expected to
utilize the open right-of-way. Contractor cannot enter private property without proper authority from the owner
and HCFCD.

COE (Corps of Engineers) Permits – Each project site has been investigated for environmental impacts. The
HCFCD determines whether an activity is jurisdictional or non-jurisdictional and, therefore, will or will not be
subject to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit requirements. The contractor must follow applicable
provisions of the permits in accordance with the nationwide conditions.

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Bid Submittals

    1.   Contractor must submit with their bid the following items:
           a.    Complete and return Tax Form/Debt/Residence Certification as required in attachment a, Tax
                 Form/Debt/Residence Certification,
           b.    Bid bond or cashier's check as required in attachment b, Bid Guaranty & Performance Bond
                 Information & Requirements, as well as Attachment c., Bid Check Return Authorization Form, if
           c.    Proof of insurance as required in attachment e, Minimum Insurance,
           d.    References as required in attachment h, References,
           e.    List of equipment as required in attachment j, Equipment List.

     2. Once the bid is awarded, the successful contractor must submit the following item(s) prior to
        commencement of work:
           a.    A performance bond for the full amount of the bid is required from the successful bidder(s)
                 prior to commencement of contract,
           b.    An irrigation plan (prior to irrigation effort),
           c.    Letter of compliance regarding imported topsoil as requested,
           d.    Identify the tackifier, manufacturers name and application recommendation, if requested.

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                                        PRICING/DELIVERY INFORMATION

I.     Pricing: Bidder should complete open boxes to right of double vertical lines. Quantities are estimated,
       Harris County may require more or less. In case of discrepancy between unit and extended pricing, unit
       pricing governs.

       Item                        Description                 UM          Qty         $/UM            Ext $
        A.       Turf Establishment
         1       Dry Seeding                                   Acre        50
         2       Hydro- seeding                              Sq. Yd.      45,000
             a   Soil Stabilizer                               Acre         5
         3       Over-seeding                                  Acre         25
         4       Block sod with staples                      Sq. Yd.      2,000
         5       Imported topsoil                            Cu. Yd.       100
         6       Fertilization                                 Acre        90
         7       Mowing                                        Acre        200
         8       Irrigation
             a   Water Supply                                1,000 Gal.   1,000
                 Temporary irrigation equipment (setup in
             b                                                 Acre         5
                 place, acre/month)
                 Tractor with attachments
         9                                                     Hr.         10
                 (mower, disk, harrow, rake, etc)
        10       Labor
                 Common laborer
             a                                                  Hr.        10
                 (With tools, without supervision)
                 Common laborer crew
             b                                                 Hr.         10
                 (Two laborers with supervision and tools)

                 Grand Total                                                                      $

II.      Payment Discount: Indicate the payment discount(s) available depending on when invoices are paid. For
         example, 1/30 means a 1% discount if paid within 30 days, 2/15 means a 2% discount if paid within 15
         days, etc.

III.     Renewal: Harris County may request to renew the original contract, as amended from time to time, at
         the same terms, conditions and with future pricing, for labor only, revised according to Attachment k.,
         CPI-W Based Price Adjustment Calculations. Each renewal will be in one (1) year increments, not to
         exceed four (4) years.

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Job No.:10/0038                                                                                              Attachment a.
                                   TAX FORM/DEBT/RESIDENCE CERTIFICATION
                                                     (for Advertised Projects)
Taxpayer Identification Number (T.I.N.):

Company Name submitting Bid/Proposal:

Mailing Address:

Are you registered to do business in the State of Texas?      Yes      No
If you are an individual, list the names and addresses of any partnership of which you are a general partner or any
assumed name(s) under which you operate your business

I.      Property: List all taxable property in Harris County owned by you or above partnerships as well as any
        d/b/a names. (Use a second sheet of paper if necessary.)
Harris County Tax Acct. No.* Property address or location**

 * This is the property account identification number assigned by the Harris County Appraisal District.
** For real property, specify the property address or legal description. For business personal property, specify the
   address where the property is located. For example, office equipment will normally be at your office, but
   inventory may be stored at a warehouse or other location.

II.       Harris County Debt - Do you owe any debts to Harris County (taxes on properties listed in I above,
          tickets, fines, tolls, court judgments, etc.)?

                Yes       No          If yes, attach a separate page explaining the debt.

III.      Residence Certification - Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2252.001 et seq., as amended, Harris
          County requests Residence Certification. §2252.001 et seq. of the Government Code provides some
          restrictions on the awarding of governmental contracts; pertinent provisions of §2252.001 are stated below:
          (3) "Nonresident bidder" refers to a person who is not a resident.

          (4)    "Resident bidder" refers to a person whose principal place of business is in this state, including
                   a contractor whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of
                   business in this state.

                 I certify that                                  is a Resident Bidder of Texas as defined in Government
                                      [Company Name]
                 Code §2252.001.

                 I certify that                                 is a Nonresident Bidder as defined in Government Code
                                     [Company Name]
                      §2252.001 and our principal place of business is                                  .
                                                                    [City and State]
Revised 11/09

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                                                                                                Attachment b.

                                   INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS

A guaranty shall be submitted with each bid that the bidder will, if required, execute and furnish
performance and/or payment bonds within ten days after award of the contract and receipt of contract and
performance and/or payment bond forms. Guaranty may be submitted in either of these forms:

          A.      Individual bid bonds payable to Harris County for 5% for each separate bid, or

          B.      Bank cashier's check payable to Harris County for 5% for each separate bid.

If the successful bidder submits a bank cashier's check, as guaranty, Harris County may elect to hold the
check until all provisions of the contract have been completed, or require the contractor to make payment
and/or performance bonds. The bond(s) shall be in the amount of 100% of contract price, and shall be
executed by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Texas. The prescribed form of
contract and bond application(s) are available to the bidder from Harris County, and are the only form(s)
Harris County will accept.

If the payment and/or performance bond forms and related documents are not returned to the Harris
County Purchasing Agent, 1001 Preston Avenue, Suite 670, Houston, Texas 77002 within ten days,
Harris County has the right to render the award ineffective. Written verification of the validity of the
bond shall be received by the Purchasing Office from the Contractor's Surety before any payments will be

Revised 6/5/03

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                                                                                                 Attachment c.

                           BID CHECK RETURN AUTHORIZATION FORM

Offeror must complete this form and attach to bid check. All bid checks must be for the required amount
and be payable to Harris County, not payable to any individual.

If a bid, the County Clerk may retain the bid checks of the three lowest bidders until after the award and
approval of the contract, receipt of a performance bond, and, if required, receipt of a payment bond. The
County Clerk shall return the bid checks of all other bidders at any time within seventy-two (72) hours
following the opening of bids. If an RFP, all bid checks will be retained by the Office of the Purchasing
Agent until after the award and approval of the contract, receipt of a performance bond, and, if required,
receipt of a payment bond.

Authorization is hereby granted for Harris County to return the bid check via regular mail without liability
of any kind or nature to the address listed below if:

          1. we are an unsuccessful bidder, or
          2. a performance bond, and payment bond, if required, has replaced the bid check, or
          3. upon completion of contract.

Bid for: _______________________________________                    ______________________________

Cashier's Check Number _______________________, Drawn on ______________________________

Bank of ____________________________________, Dated _________________________________
in the amount of $____________________


Business Address:


Mailing Address:

City & State:                                                               Zip Code:

Telephone: _____________________ Email:

                            For Use of County Clerk/Purchasing Agent Only:

Date Check Mailed:                                   By:

Ledger Number:                                       Dept:
Revised 11/09

                                                                                                 Attachment e.

                                                                                                    Page 22 of 27
                               MINIMUM INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS

•        The contractor shall, at all times during the term of this contract, maintain insurance coverage with
         not less than the type and requirements shown below. Such insurance is to be provided at the sole
         cost of the contractor. These requirements do not establish limits of the contractor's liability.

•        All policies of insurance shall waive all rights of subrogation against the County, its officers,
         employees and agents.

•        Upon request, certified copies of original insurance policies shall be furnished to Harris County.

•        The County reserves the right to require additional insurance should it be deemed necessary.

A.       Workers' Compensation (with Waiver of subrogation to Harris County) Employer's Liability,
         including all states, U.S. Longshoremen, Harbor Workers and other endorsements, if applicable to the

         Statutory, and Bodily Injury by Accident: $100,000 each employee. Bodily Injury by Disease:
         $500,000 policy limit $100,000 each employee.

B.       Commercial General Liability Occurrence Form including, but not limited to, Premises and
         Operations, Products Liability Broad Form Property Damage, Contractual Liability, Personal and
         Advertising Injury Liability and where the exposure exists, coverage for watercraft, blasting collapse,
         and explosions, blowout, cratering and underground damage.

         $300,000 each occurrence Limit Bodily Injury and Property Damage Combined $300,000 Products-
         Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $500,000 Per Job Aggregate $300,000 Personal and
         Advertising Injury Limit. Harris County shall be named as "additional insured" on commercial
         general liability policy.

C.       Automobile Liability Coverage:

         $300,000 Combined Liability Limits. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Combined. Harris County
         shall be named as "additional insured" on automobile policy.

Revised 12/00

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                                           Attachment h.
Reference #1

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:
Services provided:

Reference #2

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:

Services provided:

Reference #3

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:

Services provided:

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                              REFERENCES (Continued)

Reference #4

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:

Services provided:

Reference #5

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:

Services provided:

Reference #6

Organization Name:
Contact Name/Telephone No.:

Services provided:

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                                                                                         Attachment j.
                                                                                        Equipment List

                                        EQUIPMENT LIST

Please provide, on the list below, all equipment owned by your company that may be used to fulfill
the scope of work for this contract. This list will be used in part to determine if you company has the
ability to fulfill the requirements of the specifications. Harris County reserves the right, prior to
award, to view any and all equipment if so desired.

 Item                     Description of Equipment                                     Qty


                                                                                             Page 26 of 27
                                                                                            Attachment k.
                                                                 CPI-W Based Price Adjustment Calculations


For any year in which a current contract is renewed, the renewal year pricing will be determined by
adjusting the current year pricing by the average inflationary/deflationary effect, as reported in the
Consumer Price Index of Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) for Houston, Texas,
between the current or prior year as compared to the year preceding the current or prior year of the
contract. The CPI-W, as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is a measure, over time,
of the average change in the compensation of urban wage earners and clerical workers.

The average inflationary/deflationary effect will be determined by totaling, and dividing by six (6), the
inflationary/deflationary effects of six (6) twelve (12) month periods occurring prior to expiration of the
current contract. Since the inflationary/deflationary effect for the Houston area is calculated by the BLS
every other month beginning in February, and since the intention to renew a contract should be
determined in the ninth of the contract, all required data for calculating the average adjustment rate need
be current only five (5) or six (6) months prior to the scheduled expiration of the current contract.

For example, assuming a contract expires in November or December, the end of the most recent twelve
(12) month period will be June of the year of the current contract. The end of each of the other five (5)
twelve (12) month periods will be the second month before the end of the immediately preceding twelve
(12) month period. Therefore, the six (6) twelve (12) month periods applicable to a contract expiring in
November or December, 2008, are:

       Period #:       1              2               3              4              5              6

       From:          6/07           4/07           2/07           12/06          10/06           8/06
       To:            6/08           4/08           2/08           12/07          10/07           8/07

Period #1 is from June of the first year before the contract period to June of the year of the contract

Period #2 is from April of the first year before the contract period to April of the year of the contract

Period #3 is from February of the first year before the contract period to February of the year of the
      contract period,

Period #4 is from December of the second year before the contract period to December of the first year
       before the contract period,

Period #5 is from October of the second year before the contract period to October of the first year before
       the contract period,

Period #6 is from August of the second year before the contract period to December of the first year
      before the contract period.

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