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                           [HPADM] Summary: du/bdf


From: Sweetser, Joseph P. − PW Fleet (
Date: 08/05/03

To: "'hpux−'" <hpux−>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:44:04 −0600

Gang −

Consensus is that open files are probably the issue. I'd buy this, except
for the fact that lsof only shows 3 directories being "open" as cwd's.
One thing I will test is to umount and remount the filesystem, but that
has to be after hours since I can't readily restart the processes that
show up in lsof.

Bill "what the heck does *he* know about HP−UX?" Hassell stated:

The difference is due to sparse files. These are files that are only
partially populated with data. bdf shows the directory structure
info which includes data areas that could be occupied if the areas
were filled in. du shows the actual space. If you copy the /home
directory to another location, the sparse files will be filled in
and then bdf and du will agree.
If the umount/mount shows the same results as I am seeing, I will try this,

Many thanks to:,
          Ling C. Ho [],
          Johnson, Craig E [],
          Rita Workman [],
          Paul LaMadeleine [],
          Steve Bonds [],
          rossi.ettore [],
          Bill Hassell [],
          Eef Hartman []
Original Post:
I have a small /home filesystem that I need to monitor fairly closely.
I understand the long term solution is to grow/recreate it. That said,
here's my issue. The bdf command shows the following:

sweets:ORCL:/home > bdf .
Filesystem kbytes used avail %used Mounted on

[HPADM] Summary: du/bdf                                                         1
                              HP−UX−Admin: [HPADM] Summary: du/bdf
/dev/vg00/lvol5 20480 12544 7936 61% /home

And du shows the following:

sweets:ORCL:/home > sudo du −sk .
9920 .


sweets:ORCL:/home > sudo du −sk *
184 STA
32 backup
608 colemad
520 lewisyh
0 lost+found
328 mohlejc
32 operator
6008 oracle
56 orayhl
1968 sweets
176 young

Sooo, bdf is telling me that ~12mb are used while du is telling me ~10mb.
Any idea where to look for the missing 2mb. Is this just a "rounding"

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