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					                           Local group meeting report 3 - Palermo
                       Projet Grundvig – Learn about us through culture

Date : 11 of july 2008 – 17 :00

Venue : Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Office, Palermo

Subject : Community Mapping

Participants :
Caterina, Italy
Simona, Italy
Roberta, Italy
Cinzia, Italy
Amedeo, Italy
Sarah, England
Marie, France
Marco, Italy
Mohamed, Morocco
Raluca, Romania
Carmen, Venezuela
Mamma Africa, Ivory Cost
Jacob, Burkina Faso
Reka, Hungary

Community Mapping:
“We give you the papers and you have to draw the city of Palermo, or your AREA, or your
road or a part of the city to see where, according to you, immigrants live, underlining the
different origins of immigrants and if there are different and separated place where each
community stay. Also you have to draw where you have seen only immigrants, where
immigrants and Palermo’s people meet themselves, when and in which occasions”.
“We share ourselves in two groups between local people and immigrant people to explore
the different perceptions about the city.”.
This was the question of the staff.
Between the two groups there are not differences but the immigrant group marked a
community mapping full of details, showing a greater knowledge of Palermo’s social
The summarize of this work was:
     - There are in Palermo different areas frequented by specific communities and in
        specific days of a week: Poland communities go to English Garden on Tuesday and
        Thursday afternoon; Romanian communities frequent the central station every day
        during the evening; African people always stay in Ballaro’s district because most of
        them live there; Bangladesh immigrants live and work in via Maqueda and Chineses
        live and work near Central Station; besides Latin American people live not in
        Palermo’s centre.
     - The places where all communities can meet are: the bus because most of them move
        by bus, the church, the beach, the market, the italian schools.
     - In spite of most of communities live in the historical centre of Palermo in general there
        is not communication among them.
                             Foto community mapping to be add

After the work of Community Mapping we started a reflection on the information acquired
aimed to define where is the best place to organize the intercultural event in order to involve
more as possible immigrants and local communities.
We decided to put a Community Mapping’s evaluation off till the next meeting to dedicate
a right time to explore reflections and new awareness.

The next meeting of the « Community Mapping: evaluation» will be on:
       24 of july 2008 at 17 :00 in the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Office, Palermo

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