lifeIO Launches Public Beta at Techcrunch50 Conference

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lifeIO Launches Public Beta at Techcrunch50 Conference lifeIO in DemoPit at TechCrunch50

ATTAP Technologies, Inc. (All Things To All People) is launching the public beta of lifeIO (, a new “Personal Portal” application. lifeIO is a Personal Information Platfrom that simply and flexibly aggregates and integrates all of the elements of your daily online life in a single browser window – mail, chat, social networks, calendar, to-dos, notes, contacts, RSS, and shopping. In an exponentially growing and fragmented information stream, lifeIO easily aggregates, filters, organizes, stores and displays what you need, want, and are interested in in real time – in an easy to use, customizable interface, accessible in any browser on your computer or phone.

lifeIO is the brainchild of Bruce Spector, founder & CEO of ATTAP, a New York City-based developer of web-based software aimed at helping to fulfill the promise of the web. "We're all overwhelmed with daily information, notifications and content from many different sources. lifeIO offers a simple way to streamline all of that and display what I want and need in a single browser window from anywhere," says Spector. “We‟ve built lifeIO to become the „Swiss Army Knife‟ of web applications.”


lifeIO Aggregates… • Import and display email, Chat accounts from Yahoo, Google AOL, Microsoft and POP (as many as desired). Send/receive/reply/forward/save email from any or all of them. • Same for calendar(s) • Same for contacts • Same for RSS feeds • Keeps your Notes & To-dos lifeIO is Social… • Aggregate and display status updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. • Update your Facebook and Twitter notifications and follow your friends directly from lifeIO. • Save and Search any social item • Share any lifeIO item to your favorite social network and bookmarking services lifeIO Discovers & Informs… • lifeIO MyStream: A continuously updated stream of news, entertainment and notifications of interest to you because you configure your MyStream just the way you want it. lifeIO helps you Shop… • Search & Shop Amazon, iTunes Store, Yahoo Shopping, Ebay, Craigslist, and Fandango and follow the items you‟re interested in as they‟re updated in real time. lifeIO is Flexible… • Turn anything into anything else: Save any lifeIO item as any other lifeIO facet. • Save an RSS item as an event/note/to-do/email it • Save an email as an event/note/to-do • Save an event as a note/to-do/email message • Save a to-do as an event/note/to-do/email lifeIO Display Mashups – Save it all/Search it all… • Configure your lifeIO display to mix any items you want: i.e. display emails/notes/to-dos in your calendar. Display the calendar events in the to-do list. Display RSS feeds in the calendar.

lifeIO – My life my way.

About ATTAP Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2005, ATTAP Technologies, Inc. (All Things to All People) is a software development company that is building a series of Preference Expression and Management applications. Founded by the team that founded WebCal, maker of the first web-based Personal Information Management system acquired by Yahoo!, Inc. in 1998 (now called Yahoo! Calendar), ATTAP is dedicated to developing applications that will give users control of and easy access to the information, people, products, and services that they want and need.
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