Secrets of Washing Buses and Limousines

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					   Secrets of Washing
  Buses and Limousines
How do you wash a bus? Well, there are many types of buses such as:
School Buses, Charter Buses, Church Buses, Shuttle Buses, Military
Buses, Greyhound Type Buses and there are the buses that do tours,
custom, gigantic buses that are really plush. The fronts of the buses
always have lots of bugs and they are hard to clean. But generally they
are not as hard to clean as the sides. And the greyhound style buses are
hard to clean because they have those little ripples in the skin. Every
time you hit another bodyline it is hard to get it clean. What you have to
do is soap from the bodyline down by hand with a mit. There is no other
way to do it. You can try brushing it sideways, but that is just not going
to be as easy as you think.

Some of the buses that work for the cities have advertising on them.
When you are cleaning the advertising you want to make sure you do not
blast it at too close a range or use too much harsh soap on it because you
will discolor their advertising and that makes them upset. The stainless
steel part of the bottom of some buses is really hard to clean, so what you
need to do is go back and forth and hand soap it. You have to really
watch this part because you get a little corner and you will miss a spot. It
really shows up every time you miss any little spot on a bus, so you are
going to have to hand soap the sides and brush the backs and you are
going to have to use a little extra chemical cleaners. And pay extra
special attention to what you are doing. The fronts are rather easy.
However you are going to have to rinse and dry off every single window.
What a pain in the neck. Even if you are using de-ionized water, when
you spray the top of a bus it usually has soot and things like that that roll
back down and get on the windows. If you do not rinse and dry the
windows this will leave water streaks.

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