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Edwards Ferry Comes Back to Life Hospital Coming to Upcounty


									November 4, 2011

                                    A Biweekly Newspaper                       November 4, 2011                     Volume VIII, Number 17.

   A tragic event shocks the
                                    Hospital                             HealthCare, which purchased
                                                                         land in 2002 in hopes of build-
                                                                                                               ect merged health care, educa-
                                                                                                               tion, and economic development
  Upcounty, in Local News on
            page 7.
                                    Coming to                            ing a hospital in Clarksburg.
                                                                              The approximately eigh-
                                                                                                               in a unique way.
                                                                                                                    “We are ready to move,”
                                    Upcounty                             teen-acre site will include a traf-
                                                                         fic circle, parking garage, and
                                                                                                               Holy Cross president, Kevin
                                                                                                               Sexton, said. He said the eco-
                                        By Kristen Milton                medical office building as well       nomic benefit will include 1,100
                                                                         as the hospital. Right-of-way         construction jobs in the short
                                         A site plan for the Upcoun-     dedications for future road con-      term and a minimum of 1,500
                                    ty’s first new hospital in decades   struction were also discussed.        hospital jobs.
                                    was approved by the Montgom-              Planning chair, Françoise             The facility will be the first
                                    ery County Planning Board in         Carrier, advocated for signage        new hospital in Maryland since
                                    October.                             that would assist drivers who         1979 and is intended to serve the
                                         At the October 20 hear-         might otherwise find themselves       growing and aging Upcounty
                                    ing, the board approved four         further on campus. “To me this        population. Public involvement
                                    motions for a ninety-three-bed       is a troubling issue,” Carrier        in the project has been intensive.
                                    hospital on Observation Drive to     said. “When people are looking        Civic groups, including Boyds
                                    anchor Montgomery College’s          for an emergency room, they           Civic Association, Clarksburg
                                    planned biotechnology business       shouldn’t have to switch from         Civic Association, and Clarks-
                                    park at its Germantown cam-          one road to another.”                 burg Town Center Advisory
   Read Tidbits on page 18 to
                                    pus.                                      Planning coordinator, Rich       Committee, had supported the
  see how Bill and Janet Bliss
                                         In January, the Maryland        Weaver, said the visibility of        Adventist project while Holy
    celebrated their sixtieth.
                                    Health Care Commission               the hospital from Middlebrook         Cross received the support of
                                    granted Holy Cross Hospital the      Road would eventually make            the Germantown Alliance, the
                                    Certificate of Need necessary to     the path clear to people over         Gaithersburg-Germantown
                                    build the new hospital, ending       time.                                 Chamber of Commerce, and
                                    the years-long debate between             Holy Cross attorney, Robert      Montgomery Hospice, among
                                    Holy Cross and Adventist             Dalrymple, noted that the proj-       others.

                                    Edwards Ferry
                                    Comes Back to
   William Price hands Frank
 Jamison his prize for winning
 the Lions putting contest with         By Rande Davis
a 75 foot putt. See more pictures
    in Family Album page 2.              The National Park Service
                                    hosted the grand reopening
                                    of the historically-renovated
                                    Lockhouse 25 at Edwards Ferry
                                    on October 22. The building is
                                    part of the Canal Trust program
                                    to open facilities along the C&O
                                    Canal for overnight use. The
                                    three-story, white, brick build-
                                    ing has been restored with the
                                    theme of life during the 1860s.
                                    Originally built in 1830, atten-
                                    dants living in the house oper-
                                    ated Lock 25 (30.8 miles from                 The exploits of Thaddeus Lowe and his Civil
                                    Washington) for commerce and                 War Balloon Corps came to life during the grand
 Workers and supervisors are        travelers on the canal. Its rustic             reopening of Edwards Ferry Lockhouse 25.
busy at a recent Helping Hands
    project. Read about it                   -Continued on Page 19.
          on page 10.
November 4, 2011                                              The Monocacy Monocle                                  Page 2

                                                                                                Chip Smallwood, Father
                                                                                            O’Reilly, and Chip Dunn handled
      The Girls on the Run team from Monocacy                                               cooking chores at St. Mary’s Ham
  Elementary School practiced at Whalen Commons.                                              and Turkey Fall dinner. In this
   Moms and a brother were there to give support.               Brandon Kocur built this     case, too many hands certainly
                                                            seasonal snowman—just in time        did not spoil the soup.
                                                                    for Halloween!

Don and Mary Lou Hoffacker set
 up the condiments for the folks
 at St. Mary’s Ham and Turkey

                                      Senior Jonique D. Lyles was
                                    crowned the PHS 2011 Queen of
                                   Homecoming. She is accompanied
                                      by her date, senior Ean Hill-
November 4, 2011                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                                                         Page 3

  Daytripper                          visiting the key places of interest
                                      has been made easy.
                                                                              of Lincoln, who was killed at the
                                                                              Battle of Balls Bluff, was taken
                                                                                                                    next time out-of-town guests ar-
                                                                                                                    rive, give them the map/brochure,
                                           This wonderful publication         after his mortal wounds. Another      send them on their way, and let
                                      has been launched to coincide           site tells the story of the Union     them see for themselves that there
Surprise! Think                       with the 150th anniversary of
                                      the Civil War and is entitled
                                                                              Signal Corps, who stood ready to
                                                                              monitor Confederate movements.
                                                                                                                    is so much more to our little town
                                                                                                                    than meets the eye.
Poolesville                           Poolesville: On the Road to the Civil
                                      War 1861-1865. It lets you in on
                                                                              You may be surprised to learn of
                                                                              the many functions of the nearby
    By Rande Davis
                                      the role of Poolesville in the Civil    Methodist Church building. Right
     Daytripper usually takes you     War, identifies the buildings of        outside that building, you can
to great places to visit within       significance, and provides brief        find historical tombstones from
ninety minutes of Poolesville.        information on the role of each         a previous cemetery for soldiers.
This time, Daytripper tells you of    location.                               Just wait to you hear about the
a place you may not have even              Perhaps you aren’t familiar        intriguing things that occurred at
considered before. It is right        with all the historical aspects of-     the Presbyterian Church.
here: Poolesville. We have always     fered in the town, so you may be             The brochure even explains
known our town is a great place       surprised to learn about the very       how you can download a special
to live and, now, let the word go     important role Poolesville played       app to facilitate your tour. The
forth, it’s a great place to visit.   during the war between the              map is being distributed to retail-
     Maryland Heritage Area,          North and the South. Now, that          ers throughout town and can be
Heritage Montgomery, and the          history is right at your fingertips     obtained at the Poolesville Town
Town of Poolesville have joined       in one simple brochure.                 Hall.
together to publish a new bro-             In addition to the listing              To get even more detail on
chure/map on the Civil War in         of the buildings, there is also a       the sites in Poolesville and in the
Poolesville that is simple, enjoy-    concise history of Poolesville          immediate surrounding area,
able, and highly informative.         along with a larger map pin-            you can also visit historicmedley.
     With the help of the His-        pointing even many more his-            org,, or
toric Medley District, Inc. (HMD)     torical places of note outside of The
and many other friends named          Poolesville in the Upcounty. The        National Park Service has placed
in their newly-published bro-         walking tour of Poolesville has         eight historical markers with
chure/map and walking tour of         eleven stops along the way. One         historical narratives and pictures
Poolesville, grasping the histori-    stop is the place where the only        throughout our area.
cal significance of Poolesville and   sitting senator and close friend             Take the tour yourself, and
November 4, 2011                                                   The Monocacy Monocle                                                       Page 4

  Commentary                           last six years, or maybe ever. It
                                       doesn’t take much to be declared
                                       an apostate, and once one has
                                       apostatized, one has to start back-
     Learning to Love                  pedaling.
        Apostasy                             Global warming was an
    By John Clayton                    example of this; it had little effect
                                       on the polls, but it is illustrative.
     It is Halloween, and there is     Two candidates have said in
snow on the ground (you down           so many words that the scien-
county readers will just have to       tific record suggests that global
take my word for that). Baseball       warming is occurring and that
season is over, and the Redskins       human activity is likely con-
and the Terps have finally turned      tributing. This is not supported
into what we suspected they were       by current right-wing dogma,
all along—losing teams. Thanks         and they had to backpedal. Rick
to the National Basketball As-         Perry, who is about as right wing
sociation players’ strike or own-      as I would ever want anyone
ers’ lockout (does it really matter    to be, was turned into Dennis
which one it is?) the Washington       Kucinich overnight when he had
Wizards are enjoying their least       to backpedal over immigration
embarrassing season in years. I        reform and the horror of his plan
don’t really follow hockey too         to extend tuition benefits to the
closely, so I am grateful for the      children of undocumented (sorry,
presidential race to keep the news     illegal) immigrants. I suppose
interesting.                           it would be difficult for a Texas
     The race boils down to this:      governor to just wash his hands
The Democrats have Barack              of these issues, but if he wanted
Obama, for better and for worse,       to be the Republican candidate,
and are comfortable with the           he would have been better off
policies and initiatives that he       lathering up. There is a myriad
believes in and wants to pursue.
That is the good news. The bad
                                       of examples—I could go on. Mitt
                                       Romney’s past transgressions
                                                                                 Rande(m) Thoughts
news is that even his most loyal       against the party line could keep                                              commissioners tried the whole
supporters have to admit, if only      us here all week.                       There You Go Again!                    approach last time and ended up
behind closed doors over a plate             The question is: Which of             By Rande Davis                     with crumbs scattering and a mess
of warm brie, that he is making a      these people understands that a                                                all over their faces (hmm, maybe
hash of things and might not be        lot of this is just campaign non-            Who would have thought the        there is a message to national lead-
the type of personality that can       sense and if you get the big job, it    Poolesville Commissioners would        ers here, too).
thrive in this most unforgiving of     goes out the window? Obama has,         do it again. On Monday, Novem-              So now they start with one
jobs. Admit it: George W. Bush,        to his credit, continued a number       ber 7, the challenging process to      slice at a time, with perhaps the
whatever his shortcomings, what-       of policies from Mr. Bush that he       update the Town Charter will           most contentious issue last time
ever his mistakes, looked pretty       lambasted during the campaign,          begin again. When they tried           around: postponing final approval
comfortable at the controls, and       causing many of his supporters to       eighteen months ago, they tried        of the budget until all actual rev-
knew exactly who he was. Do you        rend their garments. Every good         to do everything all at once. The      enue data is provided by the state,
get that feeling from Mr. Obama?       president does this and apparently      result was a confusing, complex        county, and elsewhere.
No, but you are not worried about      some not-so-good ones as well.          document that opened the door to            Why do they want to do that?
what he believes.                      You have to deal with the situa-        confusion allowing opponents to        Better to finalize a budget with
     The Republicans, however,         tions you face and pitch some of        obfuscate the issue resulting in a     actual numbers than estimated
are quite concerned with what          the stuff that got you elected into     referendum petition, which only        guesses during these uncertain
their candidates believe. They         the hamper. Are we going to elect       added to the confusion and, at         times. What’s the problem with
not only worry about what their        candidates who will stray from          times, misled voters in the intent     that? Doing so doesn’t leave
candidates believe now, they           the constraints of the party plat-      and purpose of the charter revi-       enough time for a voter petition
worry about what they believed         form for the greater good? Will         sions.                                 and referendum process prior to
back then, in their various pasts.     such a person ever get the chance            As the commissioners go back      the July 1 start of the fiscal year.
The Republican right wing, which       to compete in front of the general      to the drawing board, they have             Here’s the catch. The peti-
is calling the shots, maintains a      electorate? I sincerely hope that       learned a lesson. This time they       tion option in the old and the new
tight playlist of issues and answers   the presidential race boils down to     will do it piece by piece. By offer-   proposed charters kicks in only
to which candidates must strictly      two tickets populated by people         ing up the changes one at a time,      when the budget meets or exceeds
adhere, now, then, and forever.        who will move beyond the plati-         their contents and purposes can        a seven percent increase in rev-
Orthodoxy is all. Over the course      tudes to embrace the complex-           be followed more accurately. You
of the last six months I think I       ity of our problems and discuss         can have your cake and eat it too,
                                                                                                                                 -Continued on page 22.
have read the word “apostasy” in       workable solutions. Is that really      but better to cut the cake in slices
print more times than I have in the    asking for too much?                    rather than offer it up whole. The
November 4, 2011                                    The Monocacy Monocle          Page 5

  In the Garden

End of Garden
Season Thoughts
    By Maureen O’Conell
                                           The last few flowers await the
     I have just come in from my                 coming of winter.
evening walk in the garden. As
usual, my two sous-gardeners,             and about doing their important
Labs Sam and Tom, accompanied             pollination work. But this year, it
me. A different mood has furtive-         was the early spring rain and cool
ly crept in and has settled around        weather and the torrid mid-sum-
the roses, annuals, and perenni-          mer heat that did the most dam-
als. It is not the same feeling as        age to my plants. Watering was
‘‘there is a touch of fall in the air.”   no help; the plants shut down the
In the early spring and summer            process of photosynthesis. Even
months, hope and delusions of             my usually very tolerant and glo-
grandeur overtake our view of             rious David Austin roses refused
our gardens. We are full of energy        to bloom. The only flowering
and enthusiasm; sap is rising, the        plants that completely thrived in
birds are singing, and we are in          the intolerable heat were my lan-
control. We trim, prune, and stake        tanas. They grew almost to three
our plants into total submission.         feet and never stopped blooming.
If we prune a little too heavily,         If you haven’t tried these annual
a few days’ growth will cover             winners, do so next year.
our mistakes. We insert our wills              In late September to mid-Oc-
and referee boundary squabbles            tober, autumnal decline arrived;
between unequal neighbors. We             the garden started to take con-
are the masters of our garden             trol of its life and I let it. I have
world. Then comes the solid part          stopped trimming, deadheading,
of summer—heat, drought, pests,           and pruning for now; I will deal
and plant diseases—and we                 with all those chores after the first
slowly (and sometimes quickly)            or second frosts. My beautiful
lose our control over our little          white ‘David’ phlox now has few
patch of Earth called our garden.         blooms, and its leaves have a bit
By August, many once dedicated            of powdery mildew. My annuals
gardeners “throw in the trowel”           are giving it “one more go,” but
and go on vacation, both liter-           they have spread out into quite
ally and figuratively. I start to         a tangle. I always say that it is a
feel guilty; I have abandoned my          good year for my roses if I still
friends. To be more ecologically          have blooms by my daughter’s
responsible, I sprayed for pests          birth date, October 26. This year,
and diseases only twice this year,        there are a few scattered buds
and that was early in the morn-                         -Continued on page 22.
ing when the bees were not out
November 4, 2011                                                  The Monocacy Monocle                                                     Page 6

   Youth Sports                        tational on September 24.              Alison Gaynor sixty-
                                            The Division II leading           ninth. That accounted
                                       Poolesville boys’ cross country        for a team score of 244.
Poolesville                            team stepped up to the big time             “The boys are 3-0,”
                                       and competed well against the          says Vollmer. “We have
Cross Country                          large 4A schools. “The Bull Run        defeated Damascus,
                                       Meet was at Hereford High              BCC, and Magruder.
Team Runs                              School, the site of the state meet,”   The girls are 0-3 but are
                                       says Head Coach James Vollmer.         continuing to improve
Large                                  “We ran in the large school divi-      and make strong show-
    By Jeff Stuart                     sion. Because of homecoming            ings. When we ran
                                       the small school race was in the       against Magruder at
     Thirty-one members of the         afternoon.”                            home on Tuesday, Sep-          The   Poolesville High School Cross
Poolesville High School cross               Austin Hayslett of Urbana         tember 27, new school                     Country Team
country team competed in the           finished first in 17:03.Chase          and course records were
Poolesville Day 5K run, spon-          Weaverling led Poolesville, fin-       set on the boys’ and                   the boys’ team was led by Joey
sored by the Poolesville Area          ishing fifth in 17:47. Joe Werble      the girls’ side. Weaverling broke      Werble in a time of 16:58 in a
Chamber of Commerce. Even              finished a close seventh in 17:49.     Psaltakis’s record that was set        sprint to the finish with teammate
running against tough and seri-        Jordan Psaltakis finished four-        when we ran against Damascus.          Jordan Psaltakis. Werble finished
ous competition in and out of          teenth in 18:03. TariqBeidleman        The old record (lasting less than      first in 16.58. Psaltakis finished
our area, they had nine of the top     finished fifty-first and William       two weeks) was 17:08. Chase            second in 16:59, and Weaverling
finishers. Jordan Psaltakis (16:46),   Stamm finished fifty-fifth, al-        ran the course in 17:03. Pennello      third in 17:09. Beidleman and
Chase Weaverling (16:57), Joey         lowing the Falcons to post a           ran it in 20:27 breaking her old       Stamm finished sixth and seventh
Werble, Tariq Beidleman, William       team score of 126. Freedom High        record which was also set during       as the boys won, 19-36. There was
Stamm, Patrick Krisko, Daniel          School of Virginia finished first      the September 14 meet against          only a spread of 1.04 between
O’Reilly.                              with a team score of 90. Chelsie       Damascus.” The boys defeated           Poolesville’s first and fifth place
     Chelsie Pennello, the top lady    Pennello led the Poolesville girls     Damascus, 19-42. The girls lost a      runners.
finisher, placed twentieth.            at the Bull Run finishing seventh      close contest, 29-27.                       A third place finish by Chel-
     The PACC 5k was great             in 21:35. Megan Gerdes was forty-           On September 20 against           sie Pennello led the girls’ team in
preparation for the second place       fourth, Meaghan Harkins sixtieth,      B-CC at Candy Cane City in                        -Continued on page 21.
performance at the Bull Run Invi-      Emily Murphy sixty-fourth, and         Meadowbrook, Rock Creek Park,
November 4, 2011                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                                                         Page 7

   Local News                                                                          the gas station and         he still owns considerable hold-
                                                                                       saw that Lopez and          ings in the area. A steel chain
                                                                                       William had visited         stretched across an entrance to
Missing Boy                                                                            the establishment on        a field on Clarksburg Road. The
                                                                                       October 1.                  owner pointed out a path that
Found Slain in                                                                              Police believe that    led to the edge of a field and to a
                                                                                       William had spent the       wooded area with heavy under-
Clarksburg                                                                             night of September 30       brush and bramble. It was in this
    By Jack Toomey                                                                     away from home and          area that William’s body had
                                                                                       was not aware of his        been concealed. Ironically, this
     When the Germantown                                                               mother’s murder that        location is less than a mile from
Panthers gathered for warm-ups                                                         may have happened           the Montgomery County Correc-
before their game on October 1,                                                        on that evening. Lopez      tional Facility in Clarksburg.
coaches and parents noticed that                                                       then picked him up,              Friends and relatives estab-
William McQuain, one of their                                                          went to the storage         lished a roadside memorial near
star players, was not on the field.                                                    facility, and then to the   the gas station, and people were
A parent called his mother’s cell                                                      Liberty Gas Station.        seen coming to the site all day
phone and William answered.              The double homicide of William and Jane       Then, under some            leaving messages, footballs, flow-
She asked whether he knew that           McQuain has resulted in the arrest of her     pretext, they walked        ers, and photographs.
the Panthers were playing that                     husband, Carlos Lopez.              into the woods where             The funeral for Jane and Wil-
day, and William told her that he                                                      Lopez killed William.       liam McQuain was held on Octo-
wasn’t coming to the game. At                                                           A Monocle reporter         ber 29. At press time, Lopez had
                                       lotte police led to a motel where
that very time, William had just                                           visited the area after the discov-      yet to be returned to Montgomery
                                       Lopez was located. Contact was
hours to live.                                                             ery of the body. The owner of the       County. Prosecutors are study-
                                       made with Montgomery detec-
     When William did not show                                             property, who did not want to be        ing Maryland law to determine
                                       tives about the circumstances of
up for school on October 3, no                                             named for publication, explained        whether the death penalty can be
                                       the discovery of McQuain’s car.
one thought much of it, but after                                          that he owned a large parcel of         sought in this case.
                                       Montgomery detectives obtained
four days of absence, the Mar-         a warrant charging Lopez with       property that at one time con-
tin Luther King Middle School          first degree murder, and he was     tained the land where the Clarks-
automated system began call-           arrested on the morning of Octo-    burg Town Center is now located.
ing the home of Jane McQuain,          ber 13. He refused to provide any That parcel was developed, but
William’s mother. The calls were       information about the location of
not returned, and Montgomery           his stepson.
County Public School officials              In the meantime, police
later said that school counselors      obtained surveillance video from
began calling emergency contact        a storage facility on Wisteria
numbers in an attempt to find out      Drive in Germantown. The video
why William was not attending          showed that Lopez and William
school.                                had visited the facility on Octo-
     On October 12, a friend of        ber 1, and that William appeared
Jane McQuain contacted the             to be unharmed as he was seen
Montgomery County Police and           riding on his skateboard. Police
reported that she was concerned        also began focusing their search
about her friend. Police went          in the Clarksburg area based on
to McQuain’s apartment in the          cell phone records that they had
13100 block of Briarcliff Terrace in   obtained from Lopez’s provider.
Germantown and found the door          Officers, detectives, K-9 officers,
locked. They used a ladder to get      and some citizens participated in
in a window and found Jane Mc-         the searches. On the morning of
Quain dead inside the apartment.       Tuesday, October 18, a police K-9
An autopsy revealed that she had       officer and his dog, and a han-
been stabbed and beaten. In the        dler from Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S.
meantime, police were looking          Search and Rescue were in the
for McQuain’s husband, Carlos          woods just off of the 23300 block
Lopez, in hopes that he had cus-       of Clarksburg Road when they
tody of William. An Amber Alert        discovered the body of a young
was issued for William and for         boy who was later determined to
Jane McQuain’s car.                    be William McQuain. The loca-
     On the morning of October         tion was just fifty yards from the
12, a woman driving Jane Mc-           Liberty Gas Station at Route 355
Quain’s car was involved in a          and Clarksburg Road. Detectives
minor wreck in Charlotte, North        reviewed surveillance tape from
Carolina. An inquiry by Char-
November 4, 2011                                               The Monocacy Monocle                                                     Page 8

  Local News                         event manager, had decided to
                                     step down and announced her
                                                                           background in
                                     decision at the PDC dinner. “I        event planning.
                                     feel blessed to have worked side-         Among her
More Changes                         by-side with Brice and the rest
                                     of the Poolesville Day Commit-
                                                                           many contri-
                                                                           butions was
With the                             tee over the past five years. We
                                     have a spirited, hardworking, and
                                                                           the creation of
                                                                           the sponsor-
Poolesville Day                      dedicated committee, and it has
                                     been wonderful to see the fes-
                                                                           ship package,
                                                                           Falcon Lane,
Committee                            tival blossom into an event that
                                     really showcases our community.
    By Rande Davis
                                     I feel proud to have been a part of   ment concept,
     Although normally the sound     Poolesville’s history and believe     Whalen Com-
advice to “leave the party early”    that the future Poolesville Day       mons layout
is spot on, sometimes sticking       Committee is in good hands un-        including the               Bridget Burke (shown here with Brice
around can prevent a problem as      der the leadership of Faith Ether-    food court, and        Halbrook) co-chaired Poolesville Day for five
well. As a sponsor of Poolesville    idge and Gina Beck,” Bridget told     she was also                                 years.
Day, the Monocle was pleased         the Monocle. “I would love to see     in charge of
to enjoy the festivities during      the festival still going strong ten   the marketing and                     able for some consultation, she
the Poolesville Day Committee        to twenty years from now!”            exhibitors. This background and       leaves a very big hole in the
sponsor appreciation dinner, but,         Bridget attended Poolesville     her legendary attention to detail     administration and management
alas, we had to leave early. In so   High School with Jake Perkins,        are unlikely to be matched by any of the event.
doing, we missed an important        the previous PDC chair. His           replacement. As is her wont, she           The committee is going to
announcement and change to           untimely death coupled with her       will be leaving behind an exten-      need a number of new volunteers
the committee that resulted in       love of the community prompted        sive manual for the committee to      to fill in the gaps. The PDC has al-
a regretful oversight in report-     her to volunteer on the commit-       guide her replacements. We use        ready heard from Link Hoewing,
ing the change of leadership in      tee. She felt it was a great way to   plural in this regard because it      who, in leaving his commissioner
the last issue. Bridget Burke,       honor Jake and help her home-         is unlikely any one person will       position, promised he would stay
who has served on the commit-        town. She brought so much more        be able to pick up with all of her    close, and he has already fulfilled
tee for five years, notably as the   than goodwill and desire, she also    responsibilities.
                                     brought a highly-professional and         While she still will be avail-                 -Continued on page 19.
co-chair and more recently as the
November 4, 2011                              The Monocacy Monocle                                                                         Page 9

 Youth Sports                      with 1:35 left, he methodically
                                   moved the Falcons downfield,
                                   aided by some heavy duty run-
                                   ning by Nickolai Henze. Par-
Falcons Football                   rott’s one-yard touchdown run
                                   with twenty-three seconds cut
Whatever It                        the Panthers lead to 20-19. New
                                   Head Coach Will Gant raised two
Takes                              fingers, electing to go for two
                                   points and the win. Henze (108
     By Jeff Stuart
                                   yds) bulled his way in, and Coach
     Either Kirby Carmack or       Gant’s Falcons had their first win.
Deandre Parrott like losing. Both  “I am extremely proud of our
had brashly predicted a 14-0       players,” said Gant. “Through a
record before the season. Then     difficult beginning of the season,
fate took hold, Carmack, among     they have continued to work very                         The 2011 PHS Football Team
the county leaders in passing, and hard. Seniors Robert Winning
Jonah Hessels, among the leaders and Chris Oyer have been tre-
in receiving, were both injured.   mendous leaders of our football       Gotta Feeling.”                        consuming drive, aided by critical
Leading rusher, Thomas Gray,       team.” Parrott, a senior who also          The Falcons scored first on a     Falcon penalties. They scored on
also sat out most of the game.     plays varsity basketball for PHS,     ten-yard pass from Parrott to Joe      a six-yard run and completed a
Parrott was going to have to share came out for football for the first   Cho. Josh Womack added the ex-         pass for the two-point conversion
more of the load if Poolesville    time this season. Deandre (3-10-      tra point, but at halftime and after   to retake the lead, 20-13, with
was going to beat visiting Pikes-  1-2) completed only three passes      three quarters, PHS trailed, 12-7.     less than two minutes remaining.
ville on Thursday, October 6. De- and was intercepted twice, but         Parrott scored early in the fourth     That set the stage for the dramatic
andre stepped in at quarterback    on this night, he and his team-       on a two-yard run to give PHS          comeback.
and stepped up nicely, running     mates—and Coach Gant—were             a 13-12 lead. Poolesville’s first
for two touchdowns; running        not going to be denied. It was “a     two-point conversion attempt
and throwing for another. With     good, good night,” as in the lyrics   of the game failed. Pikesville
Poolesville trailing by seven      of the Black Eyed Peas song, “I       responded with a long, time-
November 4, 2011                                                  The Monocacy Monocle                                                   Page 10

   Police Blotter: Past and Present

By Jack Toomey                         option laws. Sheriff Plummer
                                       visited his house and arrested him
Current Crime                          after a police officer purchased
Assaults: 17400 block of               ten gallons of corn whiskey from
Hoskinson Road, 19800 block of         Gregg.
Beatriz Avenue.                        November 8, 1926 It was
Theft from vehicle: 19500 block        reported that Officer Joseph
of Fisher Avenue                       Oldfield did not suffer a fractured
Disorderly conduct complaints:         skull as was first feared. He
17000 block of Tom Fox Avenue,         had been chasing an automobile
19500 block of Conlon Court,           on the Rockville Pike when
19600 block of Fisher Avenue,          his motorcycle crashed into a
17200 block of Elmer School            pedestrian in Rockville. The
Road.                                  woman suffered a broken leg.
Past Crime                             November 10, 1925 Dr. Henry
November 4, 1925 During a              Dixon was charged with
session of Police Court, Judge         manslaughter in the death of
Riggs passed the following             Mary DeVoe. Miss DeVoe, 26,
sentences. In a case that involved     and a nurse from Washington,
interfering with an officer,           died at a Montgomery County
Raymond Riley of Seneca was            sanitarium while under the care of
fined $50. It was said that Riley      Dr. Dixon.
interfered with an officer who         November 16, 1925 Lee
was trying to arrest Riley’s friend.   Smith and Paul Scream, both
Kenneth Krischler, who said that       of Dickerson, were arrested by
he was a marine, was sent to jail
for thirty days for operating his
                                       Officer Roy Bodmer and Game
                                       Warden Clyde Smith on a charge
                                                                               Local News                          appearance of our facilities and
machine under the influence of         of hunting on Sunday. Both
                                                                                                                        All five Poolesville-located
liquor. Louis Voltz was fined $50
                                                                             Helping Hands
                                       claimed that they had gone for
                                                                                                                   churches are members of Help-
for operating a vehicle recklessly.    a walk and had simply brought                                               ing Hands-Poolesville: Memo-
November 4, 1925 Algie                 their guns along.                                                           rial Methodist, Our Lady of the
                                                                                   The latest project of Helping
Gregg, well known farmer and           Some material for this article was                                          Presentation, Poolesville Baptist,
                                                                             Hands-Poolesville, the ecumeni-
threshing machine proprietor of        obtained from the archives of the                                           Poolesville Presbyterian, and
                                                                             cal community service organi-
Barnesville, was arrested and          Washington Post.                                                            St. Peter’s Episcopal. A steering
                                                                             zation, occurred on Saturday,
                                                                                                                   committee composed of repre-
charged with violating the local                                             October 15. An interdenomina-
                                                                                                                   sentatives of the five congrega-
                                                                             tional group of fourteen individu-
                                                                                                                   tions envisions expanding its
                                                                             als went to work to paint, repair,
                                                                                                                   community service work beyond
                                                                             and spruce up WUMCO-Help
                                                                                                                   the WUMCO work days and the
                                                                             headquarters near Beallsville.
                                                                                                                   annual Rebuilding Together proj-
                                                                             Tasks accomplished included:
                                                                                                                   ects—the most important aspects
                                                                             gutter repairs; staining of the
                                                                                                                   of HHP’s work to date.
                                                                             exterior walls of the food pantry
                                                                             facility; removal of brush, trees,
                                                                             and undergrowth from a side
                                                                             yard; minor carpentry inside and
                                                                             outside the building; and grass
                                                                             seeding and landscape work.
                                                                             Executive Director Jane Stearns
                                                                             was ecstatic about the accom-
                                                                             plishments of the Second Annual
                                                                             WUMCO Workday. She thanked
                                                                             the group “for your generous
                                                                             contribution that improves the

              Even the younger generation offered helping
                        hands for a good cause.
November 4, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 11
November 4, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 12
November 4, 2011                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                                                       Page 13
                                       did the bad thing, and now ev-          ing spaces which will replace a       which would have added to traf-
  Local News                           eryone can say, ‘Yeah, the devel-
                                       oper’s dead,’ so do you want the
                                                                               single residence on the site. All
                                                                               existing forest will be cleared for
                                                                                                                     fic at the location.
                                                                                                                          No community testimony
                                       project to die or do you want the       septic and storm water manage-        was submitted regarding the
New Developer                          developer to die?”
                                            Flanagan said his company
                                                                               ment facilities, but new trees will
                                                                               be planted. The approximately

And New                                was paying nothing to assume the
                                       project and that he would pro-
                                                                               two-acre lot is located just out-
                                                                               side Germantown but is in the

Church                                 pose changes to “fix an unbuild-
                                       able plan...It’s a very ugly situa-
                                                                               county’s Agricultural/Rural Open
                                                                               Space master plan.
    By Kristen Milton                  tion, but I think Newland’s done            As a condition of approval,
                                       a very honorable thing handing it       the church will have no child care
     A potential new developer is      to us, trying to take care of their     or educational uses on weekdays,
on deck for the troubled Clarks-       homeowners and not just running
burg Town Center but told the          away.”
planning board he doesn’t want              “That’s a pretty sobering
to pay for the sins of his predeces-   speech you’ve got there, Mr.
sor.                                   Flanagan,” Planning Commission
     The big news of the quarterly     chair, Françoise Carrier, noted.
status update required of current           Carrier said she took the “bad
developer Newland Homes by a           boy provisions” seriously since
2006 Plan of Compliance was the        they had been negotiated as a
assumption of the development          replacement for penalties but ap-
by Elm Street Development, re-         preciated Elm Street’s openness
sponsible for the adjacent Clarks-     with its intentions.
burg Village.                               Newland’s vice president,
     Elm Street president, David       Keith Hurand, said the closing
Flanagan, said his company was         date for transferring the property
prospectively taking over the          was December 1.
town development, which he said             Commissioner Norman                                         #128570
was “$10 million underwater at         Dreyfus said he hoped the change
least,” just as the 900-building       would lead to the end of the
permit threshold was reached,          quarterly updates he called “pa-
which triggers retail, road, and       role hearings.”
other requirements.                         Meanwhile, Hurand said
     Work on the 270-acre town         Newland has continued with
center development located at          road paving, tree replacement,
Clarksburg Road and Snowden            home construction, and other
Farm Parkway largely stopped           projects within the development.
years ago when area residents          He also presented a commercial
noticed that construction did          and retail study illustrating the
not match approved plans. After        current economic challenges of
hearings, court challenges, and        the area. The study was commis-
policy changes, it was decided         sioned as a response to board
that the building violations           members who questioned the
would be addressed with a              delay in finding a retail developer
Plan of Compliance negotiated          to begin construction of a gro-
through mediation rather than          cery-anchored shopping center.
monetary penalties.                    A prospective buyer terminated
     Since then, Newland has           negotiations with Newland in
moved—more slowly than many            July, days before its last quarterly
would like—towards completing          update before the board.
its project. The housing downturn           New Church Approved
and recession complicated efforts.          The planning board unani-
     Flanagan said some of what        mously approved plans October
he called “bad boy provisions”         20 for St. Jude African Methodist
in the compliance plan made the        Episcopal (AME) Church which
project economically infeasible. It    plans to construct a hundred-seat
would be two decades before the        facility at the intersection of Brink
project could be built as currently    and Wildcat Roads.
approved, he said.                          The church’s preliminary
     “Some things have to go,”         plan showed a 3,200-square-foot
Flanagan said. “The bad boy            building with twenty-five park-
things killed the developer who
November 4, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 14
November 4, 2011                               The Monocacy Monocle        Page 15

   Local News

PPC Welcomes
New Minister
    By Rande Davis

     The congregants of
Poolesville Presbyterian Church
officially welcomed their new
minister, David Williams, on
Sunday, October 3. Reverend
Williams joins our community
from his home in Annandale, Vir-      Reverend David Williams was
ginia, and to make the commute       welcomed as the new minister of
more fun (and less expensive)        Poolesville Presbyterian Church
you might catch him coming into               on October 3.
town on his bright yellow motor-
cycle.                               at the University of Virginia. He
     Reverend Williams is a native   wouldn’t call it a “call” necessar-
of the D.C. area but went to high    ily, but we think someone must
school in Falls Church, Virginia     have been tapping on his shoul-
where he met his wife, Rachel,       der.
although they didn’t start dating         As with his educational
until both were in college. She is   choice, his early career with the
a vice president with the Coun-      Aspen Institute was a decision
cil of Foundations in Arlington,
     As a young man, he chose to                -Continued on page 16.
study religion and philosophy
November 4, 2011                                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                                    Page 16

    Things to Do                      November 6
                                      Poolesville Baptist Church Spe-      November 7
                                                                                                                  Poolesville Green has received
                                      cial Concert                         Public Workshop on Environ-            many questions about lighting is-
                                      PBC is hosting a free concert by     mental Issues Concerning Light-        sues and, in joining the builder, is
November 4                            the Mwamba Children’s Choir at       ing                                    offering this workshop to answer
Entertainment Night at Cugini’s       6:00 p.m.                            Poolesville Green and Kettler          the many questions on light-
Featuring: Felix Soho Band                                                 Forlines Homes are pleased to          ing’s new requirements and new
9:00 p.m.                             The Mwamba Children’s Choir          sponsor an event, What’s It All        technologies. For more informa-
                                      was started in 2008 by Stephen       About: Lighting, at the Brightwell     tion: or on
November 5                            Sekitende to promote talent and      Crossing model home. Light fare        Facebook.
Annual Christmas Bazaar               to change lives through music.       will be served starting at 6:30. The   Brightwell Crossing model home
Memorial United Methodist             The choir sings in eight different   focus of the evening will be on        at 17919 Elgin Rd. (Maryland
Church – Poolesville                  languages and is composed of         developments in lighting tech-         Route 109) in Poolesville. 6:30
This is a day of fun with vendors     young children ranging from six      nologies and standards, and what       p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
offering holiday gifts, crafts, and   to thirteen years of age. It sings   it means for homeowners and
decorations. There is a special       mostly Christian-based songs         businesses in Upper Montgomery         Commissioners’ Meeting
luncheon and silent auction. 9:00     of hope and inspiration. They        County.                                The meeting features a public
a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                     released two albums in 2007          “It is easy to get confused about      hearing for the purpose of receiv-
                                      and 2008. In addition to singing,    the new lighting products on the       ing public comments on Charter
November 5 and 6                      the children perform traditional     market, plus there’s a lot of mis-     Amendment Resolution 001-11,
Grand Opening of Sugarloaf            Ugandan dances and short skits.      information out there,” says Erin      which will amend the procedure
Alpaca Farm Shoppe                                                         Speck, Assistant Professor of Inte-    and timetable for preparation of
Featuring yarns, sweaters, hats,      They’ve also traveled to Den-        rior Design at George Washington       the annual budget. Copies of this
gloves, etc.                          mark, Sweden, and the U.K.           University and a member of the         proposed charter amendment are
Spinning and weaving demostra-        During the 2008 tour in Denmark,     Illuminating Engineering Society       available at Town Hall.
tions                                 the choir raised enough money to     of North America (IESNA). Ms.          7:30 p.m.
1347 Buckeystown Pike, Adam-          buy six acres of land in Uganda      Speck, who will be leading the
stown                                 on which to build a school.          evening’s discussion, will touch       November 11
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.     There will be a free will offering   on the future of incandescent          Veterans Day Observation
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.       collected.                           light bulbs, CFLs, and LEDs, as        American Legion Post #247 –
                                                                           well as lighting color and appear-
                                                                           ance, energy usage, and safety                      -Continued on page 17.

                                                                                    “Welcome PPC Minister”
                                                                                     Contined From Page 15.       highly involved in Sunday school
                                                                                                                  teaching and their outreach mis-
                                                                           based on pursuing personal             sions for indigent and mentally ill
                                                                           interest as opposed to be-             persons. He finally acknowledged
                                                                           ing “career” oriented. The Aspen       that ministry might be on his hori-
                                                                           Institute mission is twofold: to       zon and became a deacon there (do
                                                                           foster values-based leadership,        we now hear the sound of a loud
                                                                           encouraging individuals to reflect     backslap this time or is this what
                                                                           on the ideals and ideas that define    you call a bear hug?).More recent-
                                                                           a good society, and to provide a       ly, Reverend Williams has served
                                                                           neutral and balanced venue for         at Trinity Presbyterian Church of
                                                                           discussing and acting on critical      Bethesda, similar to Poolesville in
                                                                           issues. He may have left Aspen         that it is a small congregation. He
                                                                           to pursue pastoral goals, but he       chose Poolesville Presbyterian as
                                                                           has never left them far behind.        he found the congregation to be,
                                                                           After obtaining his Master’s in        although small in size, a group “of
                                                                           Divinity at Wesleyan Theological       positive people working to do a
                                                                           Seminary in the District, he has       lot.”What he was looking for was a
                                                                           continued to further his education     church that emphasizes “warmth,
                                                                           through a doctorate program in         laughter, and support.” Sounds
                                                                           leadership.With a career steeped       like he found it in PPC and, judg-
                                                                           in helping others and working for      ing from a man who has a warm
                                                                           good causes, there still seemed to     smile, has spent a career in and out
                                                                           be something missing, and it was       of the clergy helping others, and
                                                                           his wife who encouraged him to         who drives a yellow motorcycle,
                                                                           return to attending church more        PPC has found it in him. Married
                                                                           often (do we hear another tap-tap      for twenty years, the Williamses
                                                                           here?). In going back to the church    have two children, Samuel (13) and
                                                                           of his youth, New York Avenue          Elijah (11).
                                                                           Presbyterian Church, he became
November 4, 2011                               The Monocacy Monocle                                                                          Page 17
       “Things to Do” Continued      Saturday Matinee: 2:00 p.m.             for Government Relations at the        sponsorships and advertising are
                   From Page 16.                                             University System of Maryland          available. Participants get $50,000
                                     November 14                             and former State Senator from          in “fun money” and catering by
Poolesville                          A Public Forum on the Maryland          District 39 (Montgomery County),       Geppetto’s. Included is a glass of
There will be a brief ceremony to    Dream Act                               will argue for the bill. Mr. Patrick   wine, beer, or soda. There will be
honor and remember those who         A public forum will be held on          McDonough, State Delegate from         a live auction, as well. For more
have served in the U.S. Armed        the Maryland DREAM Act at the           District 7 (Baltimore and Hartford     information, contact Dawn Albert
Forces. The public is encour-        Poolesville Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.      Counties) and honorary chair of        at or
aged to share in this special and    The DREAM Act—which would               the Stop the Dream Act Petition,       Dreama Hemingway at ddmon-
solemn event.                        allow some illegal immigrants           will argue against the bill. The
11:00 a.m.                           (who have graduated from a              event is open to the public.           Admission: $75.00 couples, $40.00
                                     Maryland public high school and                                                single
November 12 and 13                   whose parents can prove they            November 17                            Potomac Hunt Club
Joseph and the Technicolor           paid Maryland taxes) in-state or        Storytime                              Peachtree Road
Dreamcoat                            in-county tuition at Maryland           Poolesville Library                    7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Cast members and production          colleges—was signed into law by         Pre-school and kindergarten pro-
staff from Memorial United           Governor O’Malley on May 10,            gram of finger plays, music, and       Entertainment Night at Cugini’s
Methodist Church present their       2011. A petition drive succeeded        other fun activities.                  Featuring: Jay Summerour
version of the highly-popular        in getting the Maryland In-State        10:30 a.m.                             9:00 p.m.
musical, as they get ready to        Tuition Referendum placed on
begin the holiday season. The cast   the November 2012 ballot, so the        November 18                            November 19
has been hard at work for many       DREAM Act has not been enacted          50th Anniversary MES PTA Ca-           Entertainment Night at Cugini’s
weeks to present this family fun     and remains in a pending status.        sino Night and Auction                 Featuring: In-Kilter and Monica
presentation. You will not want      The Rural Women’s Republican            Join in the milestone celebra-         Boagley
miss seeing many of your friends     Club has invited two knowledge-         tion in recognition of the fifti-      9:00 p.m.
and neighbors perform.               able speakers, representing both        eth anniversary of Monocacy
Admission: $15.00 for adults,        sides of this issue, to present their   Elementary School. Business
$10.00 for children under twelve,    positions and answer questions
$40.00 per family                    from the community. Mr. P.J.
Friday Evening: 7:00 p.m.            Hogan, Associate Vice Chancellor


                                                                               Subscribe to the Monocacy Monocle
                                                                                           $31.80 per year
                                                                                       The Monocacy Monocle
                                                                                              POB 372
                                                                                    Barnesville, MD 20838-0372
November 4, 2011                                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                            Page 18

                                                                                  Sixty Years of Bliss
  Tidbits                            from the budget, housing, envi-
                                     ronment, and jobs. Following the             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bliss of
                                     conference in the Old Executive         Poolesville are celebrating their
                                     Building, guests were invited to        sixtieth wedding anniversary. Bill
     Hoewing Recuperating from                                               and Janet were married October
                                     the White House for a reception.
Home Accident                                                                22, 1951. They are blessed with
                                     President Obama greeted the city
     Ray Hoewing had an accident                                             four children, eight grandchil-
                                     leaders during the reception.
while doing home maintenance                                                 dren, and three great-grandchil-
                                          The Maryland Municipal
on October 25 resulting in a frac-                                           dren. They divide their time be-
                                     League was asked to recommend
tured pelvis and other hairline                                              tween their homes in Poolesville
                                     city and town leaders from their
fractures, a gashed forehead, and                                            and Grasonville, Maryland. A
                                     organization. From this list, the
a jammed elbow. He was taken to                                              family dinner was held at Dutch’s
                                     White House selected the guests.
Suburban Hospital for immedi-                                                Daughter restaurant in Frederick.
                                     Mr. Kuhlman was grateful for the
ate care and then transferred to
                                     opportunity, stating, “It was such
Adventist Rehabilitation Center
                                     an honor to represent Poolesville,
on October 28. He is expected to                                                                                  Bill and Janet Bliss
                                     attend the meeting, and having
start in-home physical therapy
                                     the chance to shake the hand of a
by November 6. Although having
                                     United States president.”
painful injuries, he exhibited his
                                          Honoring Local Heroes
usual good nature and sense of
                                          In 2002, Bob Ouellette,
humor. He told the Monocle how
                                     then the Montgomery County
grateful he was “for the outpour-
                                     American Legion Commander,
ing of support which is typical
                                     established a banner in Selby’s
of the good people of Poolesville
                                     market saluting those from the
and for the many cards, phone
                                     Poolesville area serving in active
calls, and expressions of prayers
                                     duty in the armed forces. There
and support offered to him and
                                     are fifty-eight persons so recog-
the family.” The recovery process
                                     nized. Now the recognition of
may take up to three months,
                                     military service will be expanded
but for the person most recently
                                     to all who have served in the
selected as grand marshal of
                                     military and were honorably dis-
the Poolesville Day parade, the
                                     charged. Bob Ouellette and Amer-
community appreciation that his
                                     ican Legion Post 247 Commander
injuries were not more severe is
                                     Bill Poole are working on identi-
held by all his many friends in
                                     fying persons to be included and
the area.
                                     also to find a permanent memori-
     Kuhlman Attends White
                                     al to Poolesville’s heroes. It can be
House Function
                                     expected that some veterans will
     Eddie Kuhlman, president of
                                     humbly not step forward to be so
the Poolesville Town Commis-
                                     honored; t herefore, if you know
sion, attended a conference held
                                     of any local persons who have
by the National League of Cities
                                     served, you can contact Bob or
for mayors at the White House
                                     Bill on behalf of those persons. To
on October 27. David Agnew,
                                     get more information or to submit
Deputy Director of Intergovern-
                                     a name for inclusion, please write
mental Affairs, and Senior Advi-
sor Valarie Jarrett were among the
speakers covering topics ranging
November 4, 2011                                                   The Monocacy Monocle                                                    Page 19
                    “Edwards Ferry                                                                                              “More Changes with
    Reenactment” Continued from          sharing stories of supplies and       inventors, scientists, and entre-         Poolesville Day Committee”
                               page 1.   groceries arriving by canal boat.     preneurs. One of his patented                 Continued from page 8.
comfort (no electricity or indoor                                              inventions in ice-making made
                                              The folks of Edwards Ferry
plumbing) is for guests to experi-                                             him a millionaire. He moved to
                                         saw their share of Civil War his-                                          that promise by coming forward
ence life in the bygone era of the                                             California, built a 24,000-square-
                                         tory. From June 25 to June 27,                                             to join the group.
C&O Canal with authenticity. For                                               foot home, and incorporated the
                                         1863, General Joseph Hooker of                                                  As the committee meets to
those intrigued by the concept of                                              Pasadena and Mount Wilson
                                         the Army of the Potomac, using a                                           plan for 2012, the Monocle will
stepping back in time, a stay here                                             Railroad Company. Alas, the
                                         1400 foot pontoon bridge, crossed                                          help by publicizing the slots
will be illuminating in spirit for                                             railroad went in to receivership
                                         his 75,000 troops on their way to                                          that need filling along with task
history buffs. The six-room build-                                             and he died at eighty, living with
                                         Gettysburg. Rebel raiders also                                             requirements. If you agree that
ing has two comfortable living                                                 his daughter. The legendary man
                                         used the crossing on three differ-                                         Poolesville Day is the highlight of
areas on the first floor with two                                              also had one more legend that
                                         ent occasions during the war.                                              festivals and celebrations in town,
bedrooms upstairs that can sleep                                               remains unsubstantiated: suppos-
                                              Additionally, Thaddeus                                                hopefully you will consider join-
eight comfortably. All the furni-                                              edly he served as the model for
                                         Lowe’s Balloon Corps was based                                             ing the group by volunteering for
ture reflects the stark efficiency of                                          the ballooning professor in the
                                         at Edwards Ferry from December                                             one of those slots. Consider your
the times.                                                                     Wizard of Oz.
                                         1861 until March of 1862. The                                              talents and advise the PDC where
     Tom Kettler of Poolesville                                                     It’s been over one hundred
                                         intelligence-gathering role of                                             your assistance may be most use-
was one of a party of six in the                                               years, but Edwards Ferry has
                                         ballooning had its most impor-                                             ful. Please note that this writer
inaugural night stay on October                                                come back to relive the glory days
                                         tant role in serving to safeguard                                          has done just that and holds a
22. He was enthralled with the                                                 of the canal and its dramatic wit-
                                         Union troops from surprise attack                                          highly-respected role with the
experience which included sitting                                              ness to history. You can experi-
                                         at various times during the war.                                           committee and plans to continue
around a campfire outside roast-                                               ence it for yourself and obtain
                                              Bringing authenticity to the                                          as the Official Porta-Potty Coor-
ing hot dogs and s’mores while                                                 all necessary information at the
                                         event, the ol’ professor (balloon-                                         dinator, so if you were hoping for
sharing stories. Inside, the Park                                              website,
                                         ists at the time were also entitled                                        that slot please consider another
Service, in partnership with Canal
                                         professors) encamped just outside                                          position. Otherwise, let the com-
Trust, provides a number scrap-
                                         the lockhouse on the other side of                                         mittee know of your interest and
books depicting various epochs
                                         the canal. Well, it wasn’t actually                                        get included in the flow of com-
of life at Edwards Ferry and other
                                         Lowe himself but rather a group                                            munication on upcoming meet-
historical artifacts.
                                         of re-enactors specializing in                                             ings by emailing poolesvilleday@
     When asked if they had any
                                         the exploits of his balloon corps.                               
ghostly experiences, he laughed.
                                         There, Lowe (enacted by Major
Despite there being no rebel or
                                         Kevin N. Knapp, U.S. Army,
union troops walking around,
                                         retired) greeted visitors pleased
they did have an amusing experi-
                                         to learn more about Lowe’s role
ence. As the group retreated close
                                         at Edwards Ferry and elsewhere
to the riverbank to watch the sun
                                         during the war. Lowe, who is rec-
set over Leesburg, the dim light
                                         ognized as the father of military
seemed to show a ghostly figure
                                         reconnaissance and U.S. Chief of
on the western shore in a flowing
                                         Aeronauts during the Civil War,
white dress. Turned out, though,
                                         brought a small contingent of
she was a just bride with her
                                         his company. Joining him were
groom getting pictures of their
                                         Captain Cyrus Comstock (a.k.a.
wedding on a golf course across
                                         John Boyer), one of his privates
the way.
                                         (a.k.a. Mark Tennison), and his
     In the mid-1800s, Edwards
                                         father Clovis (a.k.a. John De-
Ferry was a little town where
                                         perro) who handled maintenance
lockhouse keepers also helped
                                         of the balloon. For an aviator,
run the redbrick Jarboe Store lo-
                                         maintenance is the essential key
cated fifty yards south. The build-
                                         to success, requiring a trusted
ing was a center of commerce
                                         individual. Who better to trust
where residents could obtain sup-
                                         than his father?
plies, and travelers could replen-
                                              In full union uniform and
ish their stock of groceries and
                                         dress of the day, the balloon
other essentials. The Jarboe Store,
                                         corps pitched a tent, displayed
while far too dilapidated for full
                                         a replica of the balloon baskets
restoration, has been cleaned up
                                         used at that time, floated a mini-
and structurally made sound. It
                                         replica of the original forty-five-
provides an additional glimpse of
                                         foot-tall reconnaissance balloon,
life and commerce at the location
                                         and shared war stories of Ameri-
from 1836 to 1906. The grandfa-
                                         ca’s first military aviators.
ther of Doris Poole, Marion Beall,
                                              While Lowe only lived in our
was the last Lockhouse Keeper,
                                         area a short time, he went on to
and Doris remembers the family
                                         become one of America’s premier
November 4, 2011                                                      The Monocacy Monocle        Page 20

                           Commercial Display
                                                                              Welding, LLC
                                                              COMMERCIAL, FARMING, &
                                                               RESIDENTIAL WELDING
                                                                   We service snow plows
                                                                 17612 Elgin Road – Poolesville

                            S&S Improvements
                               “Plus” Inc.
                             No Job Too Small! 

       Bathrooms – Shower Doors – Kitchens‐ Painting 

      Replacement windows  – Gutter cleanup – Hauling 
          Yard cleanup – Yard Mowing – Ceiling Fans 
     Licensed and Insured                       MHIC#67678 
November 4, 2011                                The Monocacy Monocle        Page 21

“Cross Country” Continued From        Libertytown, the boys placed
                        Page 6.       first, beating nine other teams.
                                      Weaverling finished in second
                                      place (17:02). Psaltakis was
20:08. Megan Gerdes continues to      fourth (17:29). Werble placed fifth
show strength finishing four-         (17:30), Beidleman sixteenth, and
teenth in 22:30, followed closely     Stamm twenty-second.
by Megan Harkins and Alison                The girls were led to a sec-
Gaynor. Emily Murphy finished         ond-place standing by Pennello’s
in 24:14 as PHS’s fifth runner.       first-place finish (20:19). Follow-
Unfortunately, they lost to B-CC,     ing her were Gerdes at thirteenth
18-45.                                (22:52), Gaynor fifteenth, Murphy
     On Wednesday, September          nineteenth, and Larson twenty-
27, the Falcons hosted Magruder.      fifth. Oakdale High School placed
The boys won, 19-39. Weaver-          first, beating PHS by nineteen
ling’s record run was followed by     points, 54 to 73.
Psaltakis and Werble. Biedelman            Cross country could be called
finished fifth overall. Stamm was     the solitary sport, athletes who
next in eighth place with a time      work hard and perform out of
of 18:31. Patrick Krisko ran in       the lime-light. Through grueling
18:45. Nick Stopak ran a fabulous     summer training and on-going
race finishing in 19:04. The score    practices, all the members of the
was 19-39 with Poolesville win-       Poolesville cross country team
ning. Following Penello’s course      exhibited a determined effort to
record, Megan Gerdes ran 22:25        excel. During scheduled practices
for fifth place, followed by Alison   and on their own private time,
Gaynor in 23:07. Emily Murphy         these students can be proud,
ran a great race in 24:07 with        knowing this sport is something
Denise Larson in eleventh place.      they can take with them through-
Magruder won, 22-35.                  out their lives. Good luck next
     On Thursday, October 6           year at the PACC 5K.
at the Oakdale Invitational in
November 4, 2011                                                     The Monocacy Monocle                                                        Page 22
“Rande(m) Thoughts” Continued                                                              “End of Garden Season”
                  from page 4.                                                             Continued From Page 5.         before digging up your dahlias.
                                       and age, if they do raise taxes, I
                                                                                                                          Cut down the stems to a height of
                                       think the voters have one thing to
                                                                                 and open blossoms, but they look         six to eight inches; rinse the dirt
enue. To be clear, petitioning your    say: “Go ahead, make my day.”
                                                                                 somewhat like things on a stick. It      off of them; let dry in the sun and
representatives for a referendum            Along with the importance of
                                                                                 is okay to let your garden go for a      then store for the winter. Store
is an important tool in democratic     representative government, there
                                                                                 bit. The first frost will arrive soon,   them in an area that will stay
governance. The difference in the      is something of equal importance:
                                                                                 and we can close the door on our         between forty and fifty degrees,
proposed change is that by man-        participatory government, oth-
                                                                                 2011 garden.                             not too warm but not too cold.
dating a commissioner-approved         erwise known as citizen involve-
                                                                                       Enough of sad thoughts; let        For me, my basement is a good
resolution requiring them to hold      ment. The upcoming town meet-
                                                                                 me tell you about the darling            location.
to the less than seven percent         ing has set a time to hear from
                                                                                 of the fall garden, the dahlia. If            Now is the time for you and
increase, the petition process         citizens on the matter of changing
                                                                                 you are one of my readers who            your garden to have a little rest.
becomes moot and the budget does       this part of the town charter. This
not have to be finalized prior to      is your best time to learn more           followed my advice last spring
having the crucial financial infor-    and to be heard. No need to listen        and planted some dahlia tubers,
mation.                                to me or to wait for a petitioner         you are now enjoying their
     It’s a management thing, not      to buttonhole you at Selby’s. You         beauty. In fact, they are, in my
an insidious attempt to circum-        say you have lived in town a long         mind, the only truly beautiful
vent voter power to increase taxes     time and have never attended a            flowering plants for a fall dis-
every year forever. If they do         town meeting? The right time is           play. In our climate zone, dahlia
not resolve to hold to the restric-    now and this is your time.                tubers should be dug up in the
tions, they still will have to allow        Just because you do not take         fall, divided, and stored over
enough time for a petition for         an interest in politics doesn’t mean      winter and re-planted again in
referendum process.                    politics won’t take an interest in you!   the spring after the last frost.
     As the legislative arm of the     — Pericles (430 B.C.)                     Some people say that dahlias can
town government, the commis-                                                     survive left in the ground over
sioners have always had the abil-                                                the winter if they are heavily
ity to increase or decrease taxes.                                               mulched. I have tried that for two
Nothing has changed. That’s a                                                    years; they don’t make it. If the
decision they are elected to make.                                               cold doesn’t kill them, the wet
On the other hand, in this day                                                   winters will rot them. Wait at
                                                                                 least one week after the first frost
November 4, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 23
November 4, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 24

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